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Naturally, Sha Xinliang's conditions were found out by the sword spirit under Chu Yang's command.

Actually, after the sword spirit finished his inspections on Sha Xinliang, he told Chu Yang this way, "While Sha Xinliang's meridians carry solid power, his fundamentals are weak, and this is definitely caused by serious injuries that had hurt his primordial qi and his fundamentals; In addition, while the meridians at his heart have some yang hyperactivity patterns, there was a dark-black aura on his face, which obviously shows that he had been attacked by the Yin and Yang Bipolar Poison. But they were not cleared thoroughly and some of it still remained in his body… Although it's harmless and will not affect his longevity, it will nonetheless cause some troubles in the future."

But these conclusions changed completely from Chu Yang's mouth. Sha Xinliang's wits were almost frightened out: I… I only have four or five years of longevity?

I don't want to die…!!!

Chu Yang smiled sinisterly as he looked at the two.

He wouldn't be that kind to cure these two people's injuries… Now that he did not have any foundation and backing, he really had no confidence in living in this Flat Mountain Ridge. Now that there was such a fortuitous opportunity that had brought these two people into his own hands, it would be much more convenient for him to take actions in the future!

Both of them were not ordinary people. One was the general manager of the Law-Enforced Auction Hall; another was the number one commander of the Law Enforcement Hall…

The law-enforcement officers have three halls here, the other was the Blood-Payers Hall.

If Chu Yang held on to these two people, he would be able to gain much influence over the Flat Mountain Ridge.

So, from the beginning, Minister Chu had never thought of letting go these two old bastards.

Damn it, since when do street gangsters need to seek protection from the government? I'm the eldest young master of the Chu clan after all, and should at least get hold of people who carry sufficient weight.

Looking at Sha Xinliang, Chu Yang smiled coldly and said, "How do I know? Before you were injured, even if your face was black then, it wouldn't be as black as it is now, right? Go get a mirror and see for yourself if the blue-black color on your forehead is much darker than the color on your cheeks!"

These were pure garbage. How would the skin of an aged person be as white as his teenage self? What's more for Sha Xinliang, a law-enforcement officer who had spent all his time in a place as atrocious as this Law Enforcement Hall?

It would be really a miracle if he grew more and more like an Adonis. As for the darker skin on his forehead… Damn it, whose skin on the forehead wasn't darker than anywhere else on his face?

Of course, we would know this when put into the context of the 21st century.

But in the Nine Heavens, where should one go to find such a profound theory?

Sha Xinliang's two legs softened and landed his ass heavily on the ground. Cold sweat crept over his entire head. His bald head instantly gleamed.

The duo was dumbfounded.

Looking at them, Chu Yang made an indifferent expression, "Don't tell me that you two… found the same… 'divine doctor'?"

The two nodded gloomily. Now they really wanted to rip that 'divine doctor' into pieces.

"I'm really… really… speechless…" Chu Yang gave a long sigh, "Both of you were really a well-matched pair of brothers. You actually consulted the same quack who would ultimately kill both of you…"

I'm also speechless. In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit was completely rapt in admiration by this sword master's ability to fool people. He's too good at it! That doctor had only resolved the power of the Meridian-Smashing-Finger by a bit to alleviate the symptoms. Although he did not cure it completely, his treatment method was following the correct path. But from the mouth of Chu Yang, the doctor had actually become a murderer who also robbed his patients for their money…

As for Sha Xinliang, although he suffered from fatal injuries that had hurt his fundamentals, it's already excellent of the doctor in bringing Sha Xinliang back to life. Furthermore, how can such injuries that hurt the fundamentals be completely cured? Especially for his age… It's even more impossible…

And as for that poison… Yin and Yang Bipolar Poison, there would definitely be residues if he did not take Nine Tribulations Pill. Besides, the poison has already been reduced to a level that is tolerable to his body, and will no longer threaten his life.

But this has become a murder case from Chu Yang's mouth!

Ah… It looks like I'm also an accomplice…

Actually, we could not blame Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan for their foolishness. On the contrary, they were not foolish, but extremely intelligent characters. How would martial practitioners who had reached the Monarch level ever be foolish?

But, how would anyone treat life-threatening matters with equanimity? Furthermore, Chu Yang's reputation as a 'divine doctor' was already deeply-rooted in them. Chu Yang's diagnosis also seemed logical and well-grounded, just as if everything was visible under his eyes. How could both of them dare to doubt Chu Yang?

We're even more speechless!

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan looked at each other and wanted to cry. Both of them had actually been ruined in the hands of the same quack… Being cheated once wasn't enough; Sha Xinliang had even dragged his good brother with him to be cheated for the second time…

Sha Xinliang sighed, and held Qin Baoshan's hands, "Brother Qin, I didn't expect that both of us to be overthrown in the same ditch…"

Qin Baoshan was also a little speechless: If it wasn't you, how would this happen to me? Motherf**ker, I wanted to find this kid that night, but wasn't it you who dragged me to find the quack instead?

But what's the use of speaking such things here and now? Qin Baoshan could only give a long sigh.

"If I could ever meet that bastard again, I swear that I'll eat him all up!" Sha Xinliang's faced twitched, revealing a vile visage.

The next moment, the duo was startled and turned to look at Chu Yang at the same time, as if they had seen a living Buddha. They asked in unison, "Divine Doctor Chu… Can my injuries… still be cured?"

Chu Yang did not know whether to cry or laugh, "Did I say that they can't be cured?"

At once, the duo began yelling in a strange manner. They were so overjoyed that their eyes glistened with tears and they almost held on to Chu Yang to spin a few rounds.

Motherf**ker, I still have the hope of staying alive!

"Only that…" Chu Yang looked very distressed, and these made the duo panic again; Chu Yang then carried on, "You have been cured wrongly by a quack, and remedying your injuries is as difficult as climbing up the sky. This problem can't be solved overnight, and it also involved a few elixirs… I can only be responsible in helping both of you to have your injuries controlled for the moment being, but as for whether they can be completely recovered, this will have to depend on whether the elixirs can be found… If they are found, I'll be responsible for treating you. Elder Qin can be recovered within one year, while Elder Sha, two years. Even the lost primordial qi can also be restored…

The duo was very delighted, "Is this really true?"

Chu Yang frowned and waved his hands, "Don't be too happy yet. I haven't finished saying… If the elixirs can't be found, I will be helpless…"

The duo panicked again. They looked at Chu Yang anxiously, "What elixirs?" They secretly prayed in their hearts that they were not treasures that were very difficult to find… That would really kill them.

"Purple crystals! … Purple crystals… are here…" At this moment, the sweaty two silver-plate law-enforcement officers ran in. Each one of them had in their hands a massive parcel. Motherf**ker, we had to beg profusely to everyone we could find to borrow those crystals from them, and only then did we manage to gather all 300 purple crystals and send them here as fast as we could…

These two unlucky ones interrupted the conversation at the most crucial moment.

Sha Xinliang and Qin Baoshan turned their heads around in unison and glared at them furiously! They clenched their teeth, as though they wanted to swallow these two creatures alive, and stressed syllable by syllable, "You bastards!"

The two silver-plate law-enforcement officers were startled at once! They didn't even know what was happening.

What's the matter again?

"Put down the purple crystals and piss off!" Sha Xinliang screamed ferociously, "Piss off right in front of me now! I'll blink my eyes and you should be gone"

The two scurried off immediately.

Who would want to be in front of you? Damn it, how will it take so long as the time equivalent to the blink an eye?

Sha Xinliang made a beeline for the two parcels, lifted them smilingly and walked backed. He bent slightly and even spoke in a servile manner, "Divine Doctor Chu, *cough*… Your purple crystals…"

There was even a flattering tone in his voice.

Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, "Elder Sha, I've to admit that I've overdone this… Haha, I guess everyone should understand this. The two really took 60 purple crystals from us, but since the situation has reversed course, I surely needed to teach them a lesson, and so I wanted 300 purple crystals back! Haha… these two elders, please don't feel offended."

"You've done it so right! This kind of scums should be punished this way!" Qin Baoshan nodded his head persistently to agree with Chu Yang.

"Yes! It's only satisfying by punishing this kind of bastards this way!" Sha Xinliang clenched his left fist and hit it onto his right palm, "So satisfying!"

The duo looked at Chu Yang and praised him, "Little brother, you're really a frank and forthright person."

In the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit widened his eyes, utterly speechless. How would this matter develop in such a way? In the blink of an eye's time, Chu Yang automatically confessed everything and even spoke with such sincerity. But in these two geezers' eyes, Chu Yang has become… a frank and forthright person?!

How is he frank and forthright? Why don't I see him this way?

"Of course, it's better to share my joy with everyone than to keep it to myself. Come, come, my two elder brothers, we shall have 100 purple crystals each," Chu Yang called them enthusiastically. Their distances instantly closed up, as the duo had already become Chu Yang's elder brothers.

They shook their heads and showed a sense of displeasure, "Little brother, you're simply insulting us! How can we accept your things?"

If he had said the same words earlier on, not to say 100 purple crystals per person, Chu Yang might not even get one and still have to leave his life here. But by saying it now, he had earned their likings, and furthermore, they would definitely not dare to keep these purple crystals to themselves regardless of how bold they were.

What if this kid changed face again if they keep them? How to deal with him? Our lives are still in his hands…

"The medicines…" Sha Xinliang rubbed his hands.

"Yes, yes, I almost forgot. Do you have any stationery?" Chu Yang patted his forehead, and placed the two parcels of crystals below his ass, sitting on them.

After Sha Xinliang had retrieved the stationery personally, Chu Yang started to write furiously.

"Elder Qin, this is the prescription. You must find these medicines within two months. It's a must!" Chu Yang advised him repeatedly as he wrote.

"I know," Qin Baoshan looked at the names of the medicines with extreme attention.

"Five hundred-year-old Golden Gonaderma, Snow Ginseng, five-hundred-year-old Snow Lotus, Golden Blood Root… Nine-Clover Jade-Gonaderma…" Qin Baoshan felt relieved. Except for Nine-Clover Jade Gonaderma that was quite difficult to get, the other medicines were very ordinary. But… this Nine-Clover Jade Gonaderma shouldn't be very difficult for me to get…

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