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The eyes of the old bald man instantly lit up as he asked hurriedly, "Who taught you this?"

Chu Yang floundered and said with some difficulty, "This is my privacy… Can I… I… not reveal?"

The old bald man gave a sharp look and suddenly shouted, "I'll kill you if you don't say!"

The atmosphere suddenly turned oppressive, as if the sky had suddenly collapsed. The imposing posture that he held was truly unmatched!

And, he had a strong spiritual enchantment power within him! This was the most effective technique of interrogating criminals in the Law Enforcement Hall, and it had never failed before!

Chu Yang slammed his ass onto the ground and he almost collapsed… his two eyes turned white, his mouth foamed, his limbs twitched and his entire body shivered, and he shouted inarticulately, "I'll say… I'll say… I'll say everything… everything…"

"Then say it quickly!" the old bald man yelled again like a villain, but again it was full of the power of spiritual enchantment.

"It was a sunny morning. I was outdoors when I came into a hill…" Chu Yang fixed his eyes and started to talk unconsciously…

The old bald man continued to use his spirits to locate Chu Yang's consciousness, heartbeat, pulse… His face revealed a satisfied smile. He had a hundred percent certainty that Chu Yang's mind was already under his control. At this circumstance, even gods… could not lie!

As Chu Yang continued, the old bald man and Qin Baoshan slowly widened their eyes and revealed an incredible look…

Because what Chu Yang said and what they had heard earlier on were as different as heaven and hell.

"… I recognized a cave and I went in. Suddenly, I fell down. It turned out that there was a stone room beneath it…" Chu Yang said faintly with two eyes that had turned blurry, "… It was the residence of an elder. When I went in, I saw these words: It is fate that led you here. Inherit my mantle, and save humanity…"

The eyes and mouth of the old bald man and Qin Baoshan skewed up and listened blankly.

"… They're all treatment techniques that have long lost their inheritance… Five Absolute Yin Evil Technique, Seven Poisonous Meridian-Cutting Palm… Yin and Yang Heaven-Stirring Feet, Palm of Hell, King of Hell Technique for Fixing Spirits…"

Chu Yang babbled and made up a series of martial techniques which had successfully bombarded the heads of the old bald man and Qin Baoshan.

What's the f**king matter with this guy?

"Stop!" the old bald man interrupted Chu Yang angrily, "How did you come to the Upper Three Heavens? What have you done in the past?"

If I can't find any clue from his teacher, I shall ask about his background. There're definitely some clues to be found…

This was a fundamental approach to interrogation. Qin Baoshan nodded his head aside.

"My life was bitter… when I was in the Lower Three Heavens… I endured bullying and humiliation…" Chu Yang started sobbing as he described his 'unfortunate life experiences'…

One day he was beaten by a gangster surnamed Li, the next day he was tricked by a rascal surnamed Zhang, and the other day he was thrashed by a hooligan surnamed Sun… The life of this teenager was really very bitter… He was bullied almost all the way from childhood till now…

He gabbled for more than an hour and made up a list of names, more than hundreds of them. They were all small-fry characters in the Lower Three Heavens, and the most powerful of them was actually a boss among the rascals within a street…

The faces of the old bald man and Qin Baoshan turned pale, but they could not interrupt him, so they had to force themselves to continue listening…

"I met my teacher, teacher…" Chu Yang talked rapidly although his eyes were fixed, "… So I became his pupil and traveled everywhere… And finally, there's one day!"

Suddenly he sounded grief and indignant.

"What?" the old bald man's heart jerked, as he felt a great turnaround.

"… I treated the illness of the daughter of Ministry Councillor Liu, and he agreed to marry her to me, but he changed his mind, and not only so… he also beat me, scolded me and tried to drive me away… In the end, I was beaten until I fainted and was thrown into a forest. I was beaten whenever I went back… Whoo whoo whoo…"

The old bald man and Qin Baoshan looked at each other. They could hear that this event had clearly provoked Chu Yang greatly. This was why he became so agitated that he cried when he said this.

Then, Chu Yang became even more agitated and began mumbling curses, as he narrated the unjust treatment he had endured. In the end, he gnashed his teeth in anger as his face reddened and his eyes gleamed brutally. He shouted as he talked about the different motherf**kers, fools, rascals and old bastards that he encountered… And there were two old bastards. Whenever he mentioned them, he would definitely look furiously at the old bald man and Qin Baoshan, and shout, "You two old bastards! You two old bastards…"

Both of them felt really miserable.

He was obviously scolding the 'Ministry Councilor Liu' and 'the wife of Ministry Councilor Liu', but those who were ignorant would definitely think we were being scolded… Motherf**ker!

Chu Yang became even more excited when he had spoken to the part which angered him the most. He suddenly jumped up and held on to the clothes of the old bald man. His face became distorted from agitation and he shouted, "Motherf**ker, motherf**ker! You old bastard, you rascal! Why did you treat me this way? Why did you treat me this way? You rascal, I'll curse all your ancestors and descendants…"

He shouted, scolded and spat out his saliva furiously. He looked as though he was going to explode from extreme anger and hatred.

It was as if there was a downpour over the head of the old bald man; Chu Yang's saliva was all over his head and face. He pulled Chu Yang's hand off his chest in embarrassment and wiped his face profusely. His old face turned into an eggplant and he cursed, "Damn it! Damn it! Such a catastrophe… It's the first time that I've encountered such things as an interrogator for 200 years… Damn it, how unlucky of me…"

Although he was so raged, he knew that Chu Yang did not scold him deliberately, as Chu Yang's spirit was under his own control.

He could only bear such torture.

'Damn it, I'm controlling the mind of a person to allow him to scold me… If this f**king spreads out, my reputation will be blemished…'

The old bald man was extremely miserable and turned his head back to look at Qin Baoshan.

Although Qin Baoshan's shoulder was in extreme pain and he was gasping for breath due to the pain, he could not bear himself to laugh aloud. Damn it, it's so satisfying…

This kid had unconsciously turned this bastard into his greatest enemy and even scolded him so heartily. Such a delight to me…

The old bald man looked at Qin Baoshan sharply. The message within his eyes was obvious: Don't spread this out!

Qin Baoshan laughed as he suffered in pain. He nodded his head and wiped the tears that he had laughed out. Suddenly, he burst into laughter again…

The old bald man was in a frenzy…

Chu Yang seemed to be indifferent and continued to gabble on. He was roaring at a moment, then at the next moment, he went pleading… Then he finally talked about how he managed to get into the cave… and after a while, he talked about how his parents discovered him… then… him arriving at the Upper Three Heavens…

Then, he went on to say that he did not have any field of expertise. He could only implore the elders to open up a medical center, yet never did he know… he met so many injured people…

Chu Yang then happily passed the buck to Chu Feiyan, "Fourth uncle said that we could make use of this opportunity to earn a huge sum of purple crystals to cover for our household necessities. He's right, these people are all rich, and those purple crystals that we earned could also help me for future cultivation…"

He burst into excitement once he talked about himself treating his patients, "I'm rich! I'm really rich hahaha… So many purple crystals, purplish and in piles… Wow… Whoo-hoo… I really don't know which expert injured all these people… If he could come once in a while to attack some people, I would be so blessed… It would be so easy to earn purple crystals hahaha…"

Chu Yang jumped around joyfully. His excitement was further fueled and his saliva was splashed everywhere. Obviously, he was in a very excited state -- this was generally the attitude for any pauper-turned-nouveau riche.

The entire morning had passed when Chu Yang finished his gabbling!

The old bald man and Qin Baoshan looked at each other. Both their faces were black.

They had not even dreamt that such would be the end result.

The old bald man was extremely depressed: I wasted so much effort to control this kid's mind, but I ended up listening to a morning of story.

A story of a miserable childhood, a story of survival of the fittest, a story of bully and humiliation, a… a story of the rise of a nouveau riche…

The timings, locations and names of various people were all said very clearly. Not to mention a person who was mentally controlled, even a normal person absolutely could not fabricate such a seamless story without any preparation! Although the story was ordinary…

It's absolutely not fabricated.

Just because it was not fabricated, this made the old bald man even more miserable.

What's the motherf**king matter?

I can't beat him, neither can I scold him. Do I have to suffer in silence? I was pointed at the nose and cursed so badly… Do I have to forget about it just like this?

I… I'm really fooled…

"What should I do?" the old bald man looked angrily at Chu Yang, as though he really wanted to swallow Chu Yang. But these words were said to Qin Baoshan.

"What else can you do?" Qin Baoshan was also furious, "Quickly wake him up to cure me. Do you still want to kill him? I've been with you the entire morning. Do you know how much pain I've suffered?"

"I suffered from such a round of scolding, and you want me to forget about this?" the old bald man pointed to his own bald head, "Take a look! There's so much saliva on it!"

"If you don't, what do you want to do?" Qin Baoshan was furious, "This kid has various techniques for treating injuries from villainous attacks, and there's no suspicion on him. People like him is a treasure to anyone in the Upper Three Heavens! Moreover… he's not scolding you!"

The old bald man almost choked himself to faint. His lips shivered and said indignantly, "F**k! I'm suffocating!"

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