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As Chu Yang and Chu Feiyan heard the fierce galloping sounds, they knew that the people arriving had come to look for Divine Doctor Chu.

"Did you keep the purple crystals well?" Chu Feiyan asked.

"Don't worry, they're much safer with me as compared to having them with you!" Chu Yang smiled, "Of course, they must be spent through you. Thus, if it's someone who has come to me for medical consultation, I'll go to him myself, while you can leave here to post the tasks!"

"You, by yourself?" Chu Feiyan looked at him with uncertainty, "Is it alright?"

Chu Yang smiled mildly, and pointed to his mouth and hands, "I can decide one's life and death with my own medical skills, while my slick mouth can defeat a hundred thousand soldiers! Fourth Uncle, you should believe that I'm the King of Hell Chu."

Chu Feiyan laughed, "I believe! The King of Hell Chu is worthy of his name. He definitely has these capabilities!"

Sounds of footsteps came from the door. It sounded hurried yet rhythmic. It was clear that this was a staid person.

Chu Feiyan smiled as he heard the footsteps, "It's your father."

Sure enough, Chu Feiling's voice rang before Chu Feiling finished his sentence, "Yang Yang, where are you?"

Chu Yang answered, "I'm here!" And he asked strangely, "Fourth Uncle, how did you decipher that it's my father, just from his footsteps?"

Chu Feiyan smiled sheepishly, "Your father has always been walking in such a calm manner since young. When I was young, I would even be with your third uncle at the doorway, betting to each other regarding which sibling of ours do the footsteps we heard belong to. We would never decipher them wrongly."

Chu Yang said an 'oh', with his heart bursting into excitement.

Deciphering a person just by his footsteps. How attentive should one be? This sufficiently shows the fraternal bonds among his few uncles.

Chu Feiyan said sadly, "Actually your Second Uncle… He was originally very cute…"

Before he ended saying, Chu Feiling rushed in and said, "Yang Yang, come back with me. There are many people in our clan who have been injured…"

"No wonder why our people came only now. Second Uncle had gone to search for help," Chu Yang smiled.

"That's not the case," Chu Feiling said, "Your Second Uncle wasn't at home, and nobody knows where he went. When those people were carried back home, they had disturbed our Old Master. He wasted half a night trying to cure them, but to no avail. And then, we heard that you can cure these injuries. But you were busy then, and we were afraid that violent conflict would arise if we carried them to you at that time… So our elder commanded us to come here at a later time, till you finished doing away with other patients."

Chu Yang frowned, "But, they would have to tolerate one more night of pain."

"But if they don't tolerate one more night of pain, a countless number of lives would be lost should a conflict arise. Which choice would be better then?" Chu Feiling said, "Moreover, now that the Chu clan isn't stable, it's not appropriate for us to have a conflict over such a matter."

Chu Yang thought for a while, "I see."

Then he said, "I'll leave some words for Fourth Uncle. Then, I'll go back home with you immediately." Chu Feiling readily agreed.

Chu Yang dragged Chu Feiyan into his own room, and took a big package out from below his bed, "Fourth Uncle, leave quickly."

Chu Feiyan was raged, "You said that the purple crystals would be safe… Why did you put them under the bed so carelessly?"

Chu Yang widened his eyes, "What's wrong?"

Chu Feiyan was raged. He grabbed the parcel, changed his clothes, put on his mask and vaulted over the wall. Followed by the galloping sounds of a horse, off he went like a thunder.

Chu Yang, of course, did not hide it under the bed; that was only a gesture. Actually, he took it out from the Nine Tribulations Space. However, he could not explain this to Chu Feiyan.

Seeing that Chu Feiyan had gone far off, Chu Yang smiled and walked off with Chu Feiling.

Chu Feiling shouted and raged, "This bastard! He rode my horse away! Didn't he know that there are a lot of people waiting for you to cure them? The older he gets, the more offbeat he is!"

Chu Yang was stunned. He just realized that the horse that Chu Feiyan rode away belonged to Chu Feiling.

Chu Yang only felt that his body shook the next moment. He found that he had already risen into the air, and the landscape on both sides of him was brushing back quickly. It turned out that he had already been carried on Chu Feiling's back and they were now flying at full speeds.

"Father, you run really fast!" Chu Yang praised.

Chu Feiling slapped Chu Yang on his ass, "Don't call me!"

Chu Yang miserably extended his hand to rub his ass. He was utterly sad. A son turns out to be treated less well than a sworn brother. At that time, how enthusiastic and sincere his father was. Now, he would easily raise his hands and beat me…

As he thought, he couldn't bear to sigh.

"What are you sighing for?" Chu Feiling asked sensitively.

"I'm thinking… about the things that happened in the Middle Three Heavens… life is really full of vicissitudes…" Chu Yang sighed.

Chu Feiling immediately shut his mouth and continued to dash forward with a flushed face.

He flipped Chu Yang's body and pivoted his son's stomach on his shoulder. Their flight started to become bumpy.

Little punk, how dare you to poke my scar!

Chu Feiling thought sinisterly in his heart.

Big Boss Chu's stomach felt uneasy on his father's shoulders. He groaned 'oh oh oh…' all the way to the Chu clan's house.

I shouldn't have spoken so hastily…

Chu Yang was filled with utter remorse in his heart. I never thought that this man has such a fiery temper. He has unknowingly gone on to fix me…

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feiling had already arrived at the courtyard of the Chu clan's house. His body flashed twice, and he had now appeared in the hall. Chu Yang's energy had not recovered yet. And after being held on his father's shoulder for such a long time, he felt very dizzy and turned three rounds on the spot like a gyro.

He felt uneasy for some time, then finally recovered from his top-heavy state.

It was then he heard shrill screams in the hall.

"Are you Chu Yang? Feiling's lost child?" a refined voice sounded.

Chu Feiling told, "Greet your elder quickly!"

Chu Yang turned his head around and saw a lean and tall elder wearing a body of green robes.

"Greetings to my elder!" Chu Yang walked forward quickly as he kneeled down and bowed down on his head a few times. He knew that while this elder looked to be only sixty or seventy years old, his actual age should be at least three or four hundred years old. He was not only the stabilizer of the Chu clan, and the last person that the clan could count on. He was also the number one expert in the entire clan!

"Please stand," the elder inspected him carefully and frowned, then he said, "You shall look at their injuries first. After you've finished, let your grandfather bring you to look for me."

After he finished, he flicked his green robes and mysteriously vanished from the hall.

Chu Yang then realized that the hall was full of people. His grandfather Chu Xiongcheng was standing not far away from Chu Yang. Chu Xiongcheng looked at Chu Yang gratifyingly.

From the time he started to speak with this elder when he came in, he seemed to be entirely attracted to him and never noticed anything else.

As if the figure with green robes was the core of the entire world.

Other than that, there was nothing.

Chu Yang was aghast: What kind of cultivation does he have?

The sword spirit gave a surprised sound in the conscious space and said, "This elder from your Chu clan has a rather good cultivation. But why did he reside in a corner of the house? Normally, people with this kind of cultivation can completely own a bigger land."

"Erm?" Chu Yang asked.

"The cultivation of this elder is more than ten times the cultivation revealed by Young Master Yu!" the sword spirit said heavily, "He is already about to break through the Heaven and Men State, and is at the sixth stage of Martial Saint! This sublimity that is created inadvertently with his each and every move is the precursor of his breakthrough!"

The sword spirit said, "Actually, he did not do so deliberately. It's because, at such a moment, he could not control his power from leaking out. Which real martial expert would be so arrogant?"

"I see," Chu Yang was really shocked!

"Sixth stage Martial Saint? That means he has already reached the peak of fifth stage Martial Saint?" Chu Yang did not understand, "I've heard that Young Master Yu is a second stage Martial Saint, but the elder is only a fifth stage Martial Saint. How does the 'more than ten times' of difference come from?"

The sword spirit snorted and said, "It's much more than ten times! After one's cultivation reached a Saint's level, for every time of breakthrough, he would be able to detect both the Heaven and the Earth, comprehend the secrets of them and the wisdom of martial arts! Or I should say this way: The earlier third stage Martial Saint would have cultivation and energy twice that of a second stage Martial Saint at his peak!"

"Such a big difference!" Chu Yang was stunned. "I see, at such a martial level, the harder it is to climb up…"

"Otherwise, how will there be cases of Martial Saints who were stuck at the peak and unable to break through it for hundreds of years, and in the end still died with deep regret?" the sword spirit said lightly, "The martial path is naturally more difficult to carry on the further one goes! But the more difficult it is, the greater achievements one can obtain after his breakthrough!"

"This makes sense," Chu Yang asked, "But why did you say it so vaguely? If I didn't remember wrongly, you talked about 'the capability revealed by Young Master Yu', but not 'Young Master Yu's actual capability', why is this so?"

The sword spirit smiled coldly, "Young Master Yu is after all the last living elf on the Nine Heavens! Do you think that gentes secrets are worthless? He does not dare to reveal his true capabilities now!"

"If he reveals, the Nine Great Clans and law-enforcement officers will all seek to kill him! Events like killing another gens can even violate the rules governing the Nine Heavens! Even if there were hundreds of thousands of Young Master Yu, he would ultimately die before he became a grown-up! Thus, he would rather have his cultivation scrapped and practice it all over again than to reveal his real capabilities!"

"I see!" Chu Yang nodded cautiously. He suddenly felt that he was trusted on very deeply: Because Young Master Yu did not conceal his identity in front of him!

Chu Yang dared not to be remiss. Under the assistance of Chu Xiongcheng, he immediately gave treatment to the ten or so injured people, one by one. This time, his speed was much faster, and the patients did not experience much pain when Chu Yang treated them.

Although these people belonged to Chu Feilong, they were after all from the Chu clan. Before he ever had any conflict with Chu Feilong, Chu Yang would definitely give some mercy to Chu Feilong.

He had been alone for two lives. Now that he had finally acknowledged his ancestry and had his own family and identity, no one else could understand the importance of the word 'home' to Chu Yang.

Seeing that everyone was treated, Chu Xiongcheng started to look at his grandson in a more agreeable way. He patted heavily on his shoulder, "Let's go, I'll bring you to see our elder! This is the first time that he requested on his own to see his junior in the family. You must take hold of this opportunity."

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