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When this sentence was said, Chu Tenghu, who had been standing quietly at one side with his head hung down, secretly raised up his head to take a glimpse at Chu Yang, then he drooped down his eyelids again.

This glimpse was full of envy and chill!

Although Chu Yang's cultivation had not completely recovered, his spirit had almost integrated the divine spirit that the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword carried. He was indeed worthy to be called a number one in the entire world!

Of course, Chu Yang noticed where this gaze came from, as well as the unkindness within it.

But how would Chu Yang put him in his mind? He turned around smartly and left Chu Tenghu and his two brothers behind.

I'm not even afraid of your father, let alone you, a small chap!

Chu Yang spoke with Chu Feiling for a second. Then, under the proud smile in Chu Feiling's eyes, Chu Yang followed Chu Xiongcheng to the inner hall. After they exited out of the hall, they turned onto a quiet path.

"Yang Yang, you looked really skilled with your treatment techniques," Chu Xiongcheng's brows twitched once, and he looked at Chu Yang with a faint smile.

"At first, I'm not proficient at it, but after one night of practice, I'm finally able to handle the treatment with ease," Chu Yang said prudently. He strategically said that the treatment for other clans was just a 'practice' for him. Should Chu Xiongcheng ask about it, he would then say: He was not really confident then…

This way, he had successfully defended himself from Chu Xiongcheng's doubts on him.

Chu Xiongcheng did not expect his grandson to play a mind game with him, as he lowered his voice and asked, "I don't care whether you were practicing or not. But were you involved in the matter which occurred on the night two days ago?"

"A matter on the night two days ago? What is it?" Chu Yang was shocked, and suddenly understood, "Grandpa, are you saying… the various clans being attacked?"

Chu Xiongcheng stared at him tightly like a hawk, and asked with a deep voice, "Were you involved?"

Chu Yang started to shout as though he was wronged, "Grandpa… If I was involved, how could I hide from you? This is a big matter of the life and death of clans! I really didn't do it. It's none of my business."

He said in his heart, I really didn't do it, it's the sword spirit who had done it.

Chu Xiongcheng snorted and said, "Then, how did you know the treatment method?"

"When I was in the Lower Three Heavens, Divine Doctor Du Shiqing gave me a medicinal book; In the Middle Three Heavens, in the Far North Wastelands, I got into a cavern unintentionally, and on the stone walls of it were ways to resolve all the evil martial techniques that existed for these 90 000 years."

Chu Yang did not even blink his eyes once, and said in a heart-opening and sincere tone, and with a face that portrayed himself of being wronged. This was a depressed look of being suspected although he had done something good! And Chu Yang's eyes looked like they were about to burst into tears.

Old Master Chu could not bear to enquire Chu Yang further. Ah, look at… Look at what state I've driven him into… It looks like it's really not him. And he said reassuringly, "Since it's not you, then you shall hide yourself here for this period of time. Even if anyone suspects you, I'll fend for you!"

Chu Yang said naively, "Are they not even grateful to me for saving them? And still want to stand up against me?"

Old Master Chu stroked his beard and sighed, "Such a kind and good-natured child! How will things be so simple in this world? We should, of course, pay forward the gratitude we owe to other people. But this doesn't exist now… What's important now is only one's capabilities."

Chu Yang said angrily, "That's too unjust!"

Old Master Chu patted on Chu Yang's shoulder and said heavily, "Wait till you grow up, you'll understand this."

Chu Yang pursed his lips and appeared to be in a loss, "Why is it so… Why is it so… Why are they like this…"

Old Master Chu heaved a long sigh and felt he was a failure. The truth he said had tainted the pure and innocent soul of his grandson…

This would be a huge blow to the pure-hearted nature of this child. But I do hope that this child will recognize the sins of the world. The earlier he recognizes this, the better it is for him…

The path gradually became more desolate. The two sides of the path were abloom with weeds, and wildflowers swayed in the wind. There were rows of tall trees that were so thick that would need several people to encircle each one. These trees had luxuriant foliage, and they were even crowded with bird nests. The ground was fully covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves. If one would walk on it, there would be rustling sounds. No one knew for how many years had the leaves not be cleaned.

Walking on this solitary path, one would involuntarily feel a supernatural sense of profound silence and that he was removed from the vexations of the outside world.

The duo was not willing to talk about this wonderful feeling. They walked forth in silence all the way, and could only hear the brushing sounds of the footsteps against the ground.

Both had this kind of feeling: By the speed they were walking, they could walk on forever.

The sword spirit sighed sadly, "Look, this should be a place where a strongman should live. Away from vanity, the hustle and bustle, and be alone, accompanying the Heaven and Earth. Day by day, year after year, he tried hard to understand the wonder of lives, natural lives and the law of nature. Until one day, his own flesh and blood withered together with the flowers and trees, turned into soil and breeze, and were returned back to the Earth…"

"For a strongman who acts as a master of the world, is proud and arrogant, as well as unmatched by others, everyone knows how majestic he is. But who will ever think that behind his domineering posture is permanent solitude and unresolvable loneliness…"

There was some kind of sourness and sorrow in Chu Yang's heart. He asked softly, "Did they… not have wives? Not have a lifelong partner? Not have sentiments… that are imprinted in their hearts?"

"Yes…" the sword spirit sighed deeply and said, "But they were like these fallen leaves on the ground; all were past and gone… The only thing that could accompany them were their memories that never faded from their hearts… Otherwise, why is there such a saying 'The higher you climb, the colder it gets'…"

Chu Yang was speechless.

"So, this is why among all the strongmen, only very few couples can reach the peak together. There may not be even one pair in tens of thousands of years."

The sword spirit seemed to be vigilant on something, yet also seemed to be sighing, "So… normally these kinds of strongmen will try to be heartless… Because if they were obsessed with love and after their lovers had passed away, there would only be their past memories of love left to accompany them as they lived through their lives…"

"Thus, in the Nine Heavens, heartlessness is the master of everything!"

The sword spirit was a bit anxious, "But you, you have decided to take the path of sentiment, and this defies the 90 000 years of tradition… I hope that you… will never know your true self…"

As he said, he did not know how to continue on with his words, and could only give a long sigh.

"I see the world with my heart and eyes, and I'm willing to taste the sweetness and bitterness of life; If I didn't become the moon above the Nine Heavens in the first place, how would I fear about the difficulty of rebirth!?" Chu Yang said silently.

The sword spirit became silent and gave a long sigh.

No matter how much I would have to suffer, I would want to be with my lover and brothers. Even if I climbed up the martial hierarchy to become as high as the moon above the Nine Heavens, as long as my lover passes away… I'll accompany her in death!

This was Chu Yang's response.

"Who else doesn't know that love is priceless? But… the nature is heartless. You're so fond of emotions, what would actually happen to you in the future…" the sword spirit thought quietly.

The two people came to an end of the path.

There was a small, shabby yard. The surrounding walls were covered with layers of dry grass, which were yellow or green in color. The grass was so crowded that the soil in the walls could not be seen. Small cracks were pushed open by grassroots, and it looked as if the entire wall was going to collapse.

The grass on the wall top was even lusher. They were a few feets high and they swayed in the wind.

There were two wooden doors obviously made of red sandalwood. After looking at these two doors, Chu Yang then confirmed: This elder was probably more than three or four hundred years old, which he had guessed previously. His minimum age should be six or seven hundred years old…

This was because this hard, red sandalwood already had some spots that did not dry through the natural environment to which it was exposed to, and was full of traces of decadence.

But Chu Yang knew that if this red sandalwood was carefully used and placed within the room, it would not change for a thousand years. Although this wooden door was exposed to air, the fact that it could reach such conditions… was evidence to a long time that it had been exposed.

The only thing he felt very strange was: With no one at this elder's side, how could he live for so long?

Chu Xiongcheng finally opened his mouth, "I'll stop here. You shall go in yourself. The elder only wants to see you."

Chu Yang said, "Yes."

He extended his hand and knocked a few times on the wooden door. There was only silence. Chu Yang exerted some force and the wooden door squeaked open, revealing a yard full of weeds.

Then Chu Yang walked in with one step.

He turned around, and with another squeak, he closed the door, leaving Chu Xiongcheng outside, and at the same time, shutting against the wind, frost and desolation of thousands of years.

Chu Xiongcheng stood blankly for some while before he turned around and left.

Chu Yang turned around.

There was a thick layer of withered grass. The new weeds had grown very high, and they had on average reached his waist level. Chu Yang pushed apart the new weeds carefully and tried to land himself on the withered grass before stepping forward.

There was a soft voice coming from inside, "Step on the green grass, and don't step on my withered grass."

Chu Yang gave a slight start and followed the instruction.

Suddenly, there was some sourness in his heart.

Step on the green grass and don't step on my withered grass… This sentence shows that this elder has sentiments. Or, in his heart, do those lifeless, withered grass… resemble his good old days and his lover and brothers who were already gone?

Chu Yang suddenly understood why the elder did not want people to clean this place.

It's because he couldn't put down his past!

Green grasses fell under Chu Yang's feet, but they rose up again in a lively manner after Chu Yang walked over. Although they were slightly slanted, they were still filled with the same vitality.

There were three thatched cottages in the yard. The wooden doors were opened, and the cracks of the stone steps were covered with moss. On the left was a piece of big green rock that was densely covered with moss, while on the right was a big tank filled with rainwater which had not been cleaned for years. The tank had already become dark green, and tiny red bugs were rolling within…

"Come in," a faint voice sounded.

Chu Yang finally strode in with a step. For this martial teenager, he had stridden into the mysterious and legendary place that a Martial Saint lived.

The room was filled with a fragrance that came from vegetations, and unexpectedly, it was very clean. There were a bed, a table and a chair.

Obviously, this elder did not intend to invite any guest here. So there was even no place to sit.

This was just a world of his own.

There was an ancient painting hanging quietly on the side wall. It was the portrait of a girl with bright eyes and teeth. Her eyes were fully exuded with love and they were silently looking at everything within this thatched cottage.

The elder was in green robe and he silently stood in front of the painting, looking at the portrait.

Did he come through these hundreds of years by looking at his painting?

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