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Chu Feiyan suddenly woke up into reality.

Chu Yang wasn't wrong. He had just come to the Upper Three Heavens. Even if he earned a big fortune, no one would have the nerves to plot against him. And at the current subtle moment, the entire clan also felt that they owed to Chu Yang.

At this time, the clan had not yet given Chu Yang any task, which meant that Chu Yang had no income avenues as of now!

Even for this medical center, Chu Feiling submitted it to the clan according to the market price, so that it would be given to his son. This meant that the medical center was entirely Chu Yang's personal property!

Of course, this was exactly what Chu Yang insisted, but a fact was after all a fact!

On the contrary, if this wealth was within Chu Feiyan's hands, that would be a different case. Chu Feilong would take these purple crystals away simply on the basis of servicing the clan.

Then, what could be used to buy medicines for Le'er? Even though there appeared to be many purple crystals, they were less than sufficient to even buy any one of the eight types of medicinal ingredients!

And… what else could Chu Yang use for his cultivation in the future?

Chu Feiyan sighed disappointedly, "You're right… I'm only a worker here and these are a lot for me already. But… treating Le'er's illness is the priority. How about you taking back these five crystals?"

It looked like Chu Feiyan had said this out of spite, but actually, he had spoken this from his heart. He really wanted to do so.

Chu Yang was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, "Fourth Uncle, we shall use these cracked purple crystals for cultivation purposes in the future. Anyway, their energy and spiritual qi still persist, and… since they are cracked, it's also impossible to spend them…"

"This is true," Chu Feiyan nodded and shouted, "Little punk, tell me first before you do anything! Damn, you're always making your Fourth Uncle angry! So unfilial of you!"

Chu Yang hung his head low.

"You're very tired today, aren't you?" Chu Feiyan said, "Go rest quickly."

"Tired? How will I be tired?" Chu Yang raised his head funnily.

"Say the truth. How long it would take you to cure all these people if you put in your full effort?" Chu Feiyan had always been curious about this. Every time Chu Yang finished treating a patient, he would come out in a way that looked like he was going to collapse. Although Chu Feiyan knew that Chu Yang was acting, Chu Feiyan would still shudder in his heart.

This chap's performance was too good.

"Should be…" Chu Yang frowned and calculated, "Should be no more than two hours…"

Chu Feiyan was speechless.

You could cure more than 60 people within two hours, yet you dragged the whole night off so that these people were tormented until they became half dead…

And yet you can still earn such a big pile of wealth…

At this moment, Chu Feiyan looked at his nephew, full of reverence in his eyes.

"Fourth Uncle, with this amount of capital in our hands, we can start looking for medicines now," Chu Yang hit a purple bamboo with his finger and said slowly, "Inquiring information and offering rewards for various aspects… Fourth Uncle, I shall hand these to you."

"These… Aren't these too little crystals?" Chu Feiyan was taken aback, "Nothing much could be done with these amount of crystals…"

Chu Yang said, "You don't need to worry about this, there will be more to come. I only need you to release this task first! And I also know that a commission is required for releasing tasks. These purple crystals would be more than sufficient to pay for the prior-period commissions for the seven tasks."

Chu Feiyan said, "This is quite right. Which organization do you intend to use? And through what channel?"

"We'll use blood payers!" Chu Yang said heavily.

"Blood payers!" Chu Feiyan was shocked, "The charges for blood payers are the highest. For the release of any task, 50 purple crystals are needed for the commission, and… after the task is completed, another sum equivalent to 30% of the reward offer should be paid as commission. At the final handover of the task, another amount of purple crystals equivalent to one-tenth of the reward offer also needed to be handed as a gratitude fee! This… this would be fine if it's only a single task, but for seven medicines, that would require seven tasks! All of these are treasured medicines! The cheapest would also have a starting price of 3000 purple crystals. As for the most expensive ones, I'm afraid the price would be up to tens of thousands. Calculating everything together, more than 100 thousand purple crystals would be required! How can we afford this?"

Chu Feiyan knitted his brows, "Even the Ye clan, the number one domineering household of the Nine Great Clans, may not have so many purple crystals."

"You don't need to worry about the purple crystals!" Chu Yang's eyes flashed, "I just need you to release the tasks first! The sooner the better!"

He smiled deeply, "Although blood payers are the most expensive to recruit, they are the fastest and most efficient."

Chu Feiyan did not speak for a long time, and finally sighed, "This would be a big adventure… sufficient enough to bring our Chu clan to bust and have our names erased from the Upper Three Heavens!"

Chu Yang said lightly, "You shall post the tasks anonymously! After the tasks are posted, everything will be on me! They would have nothing to do with the Chu clan."

"…?" Chu Feiyan wondered.

"You shall just say that an elder told you to post these tasks." Chu Yang smiled wickedly and said, "You also have to say that this elder… his level of cultivation is unfathomable… In addition, I have another treasure for you to pay the mortgage… After you posted the tasks, I would masquerade myself to follow-up on the progress of the tasks, and at the same time, settle the chaos."

"How would you settle?" Chu Feiyan groaned, "Do you think everyone else is blind?"

"I naturally have my way!" Chu Yang said absolutely, "Fourth Uncle, if you want Chu Le'er to get better, do as I say! I won't implicate the Chu clan nor myself into it."

Chu Yang looked at Chu Feiyan deeply, "Fourth Uncle, you… should just believe me for this time!!!"

Chu Feiyan held himself in the dilemma silently, and finally, he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet, "Good! Fourth Uncle will trust you for this one time!"

Chu Yang nodded and looked into the distance to enjoy the morning breeze. He involuntarily thought about that remote legend: The Matinal Wind Supreme Martial Artist! He sighed slightly, "Fourth Uncle, if people don't have great aspirations, they wouldn't reach their peak! We must earn more than these hundreds of thousands of purple crystals within two years, so as to guarantee complete success."

"This is a huge pressure! But also an unparalleled impetus!" Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, "As long as we're not overwhelmed by such pressure… All the miracles were actually made single-handedly… by men! Who knows whether we can create another miracle with our own hands?"

A lofty spirit filled Chu Feiyan's heart as he said loudly, "That's right!" He gritted his teeth heavily, "Let's do it!"

"This is it my Fourth Uncle!" Chu Yang laughed.

Chu Feiyan smiled and shook his head helplessly, "Small slicker!"

He pondered for a while and said, "Chu Yang, did you feel that you have changed, that the current you isn't the real you?"

Chu Yang sat on a stone bench in the purple bamboos and stroked on the bamboos, "Oh?"

"We've done away with formalities as both of us are sitting here talking! You took control of the Lower Three Heavens when you were there then, being the chilly and reserved King of Hell Chu who wore black clothes and robes. Without putting in any serious efforts, you sent millions of soldiers, who belonged to Diwu Qing Rou, to destruction! How staid and imposing you were then!"

Chu Feiyan carefully selected his vocabulary as he pondered, "But now, you've become slick, and a bit… offbeat. In the eyes of other people, you're like a kid that has never grown up… I don't believe that it's your real personality."

Chu Yang looked at Chu Feiyan in an interesting manner, "Fourth Uncle, do you mean my real personality is like that of the King of Hell Chu in the Lower Three Heavens?"

"That's right," Chu Feiyan said sincerely, "The King of Hell Chu is a legend."

Chu Yang smiled lightly and shook his head, "Fourth Uncle, you're wrong!"

He stroked the purple bamboos lightly as he looked into the distance and said softly, "Different times call for different actions. In the Lower Three Heavens, I had to be so to complete my work. Now, in the Upper Three Heavens, the all-powerful King of Hell Chu has turned into a small-fry character who's weak and could be bullied by anyone."

"If I showcased a staid, imposing and sovereign look, to whom shall I show it to?"

"Even in the Chu clan, nobody would accept me. And they would put in all their efforts to repel me!" Chu Yang was obviously a bit sad, "And, if this spread out, it would leave an impression in other people: This eldest young master that the Chu clan has just found is shrewd and cunning. He's a terrible figure and the Chu clan should take better care of him…"

Chu Yang smiled gently, "This way, I would face threats coming from all ways, and even… be killed before I even grew up."

"But I'm unwilling to remain out of the limelight."

Chu Yang stroked a piece of bamboo leaf with his long fingers, "So, since I'm here and elders are all around me, then what's wrong to act like a small-fry character when I'm precisely one? Any appearance on the outside is superficial. What really matters is the end result."

"The result that can be obtained if I act like a rogue, may not be obtained if I act like a man of honor. The same reason applies: While I took control of the Lower Three Heavens, I have to tuck my tail here in the Upper Three Heavens!"

"I've always been accurate about position-setting for myself. In the Lower Three Heavens, nobody could take me for granted, so, I portrayed myself as a person with foresight and ingenuity in front of everyone. Because only by doing so, people can be convinced by me. But when I arrived at the Middle Three Heavens, I became to be only staid. Because the Middle Three Heavens is again different from the Lower Three Heavens. The Middle Three Heavens is turbulent and being frivolous is a taboo there."

"Now, it was in this Upper Three Heavens that I finally got to know how big the world is! So immediately I changed my positioning: I'm only a teenager who's just going to turn 19! Nothing else! Everyone here is vigilant, shrewd and calculative. Who will care about a slick teenager?"

Chu Yang turned his head around lightly, "Now, it's not the right time for me to be arrogant!"

Chu Feiyan was stunned as he listened, and said repeatedly, "I see! I see!"

After thinking for some while, he still did not give up asking, "Then, which is the real you when you are in these three Heavens?"

Chu Yang slanted his head and thought for a while, and finally smiled, "They're all me! Because no matter where I am, and which role I position myself in, I can quickly appreciate the joy within the role I played! And it is through this enjoyment that I'm able to devote myself into these roles."

"In the Lower Three Heavens, I enjoyed power! It was a delightful process, beginning with me starting from scratch, slowly overcoming the adversities and to finally taking control! In the Middle Three Heavens, I enjoyed crafting secret plots, advancing slowly but steadily, and stirring up its winds and clouds! But what I enjoyed more are brotherhood and friendship; From the role I assumed in the Upper Three Heavens, I enjoyed acting unscrupulously and in an unrestrained manner. It's a kind of frivolousness in which I have completely unfettered myself."

"Actually, in this period while I'm in the Upper Three Heavens, the frivolousness and slickness of being a teenager are things that I've never got to enjoy before…" Chu Yang said heavily and satisfactorily, "Although there are plots and infighting here, it's also here that I have my home, parents, roots and support!"

Chu Feiyan was speechless for a long time.

At this moment, he suddenly felt the sense of desolation within Chu Yang's heart!

Outside, there suddenly came the sounds of galloping horses, like a gust of strong wind…

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