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Chu Yang smiled wickedly. I've injured a lot of people from the Xiao clan last night… Humph, but now, I still don't have sufficient power. Should I save some face for the Xiao clan?

The sword spirit sank into deep thoughts in the Nine Tribulations Space. He said, "By your current capabilities, you still have to gain a foothold in the Chu clan. If you have sudden conflicts with the Xiao clan, you would certainly not be able to compete with them. If the Xiao clan becomes insensible, you can make a concession with them."

The sword spirit spoke these words purely out of good heart, and furthermore, this was the best measure by the current circumstances.

But these words made Chu Yang really suffocated!

He nodded his head heavily and said, "Alright, I'll naturally save them some face on the superficial level."

The sword spirit was confused: On the superficial level?

Does it mean that you're planning to do something secretly? You've already injured twenty or so people, and still you are suffocated? I've never seen such a creature who only wants to gain from others but not willing to bear any disadvantages…

Chu Yang smiled in his consciousness, "Sword spirit, you finally understood the real me."

The sword spirit was shocked, "What?"

Chu Yang said slowly, "My biggest merit is having such temper, that is… try my best to profit at others' expenses, and would rather die than to be in a disadvantageous position!"

The sword spirit was speechless and retreated in defeat.

Outside, after Chu Feiyan saw that his Brother Xiao had already understood more about the medical center, he laughed and talked to the point, "Actually our charge isn't that expensive. For these injuries that no other people would know, my nephew only charged 10 purple crystals per patient."

The man in blue twitched his face, and couldn't help but look back at the carriages behind.

There are a lot of people… If a patient is charged ten purple crystals… then 220 of them would be gone?

"The price is too high…" he shook his head.

"Brother Xiao, you're so wrong," Chu Feiyan straightened his face and said in a low tone, "This is an opportunity to make new friends. Moreover, my nephew had just come back. Brother Xiao, you're an elder to him. You can treat those purple crystals as a welcome gift…"

This 'Brother Xiao' obviously did not want to give any welcome gift, and said with dilemma, "Brother Chu, this is really too expensive…"

Chu Feiyan lowered his voice, "Brother Xiong, since you've come, I would have to give you some face no matter what. How about this way: You shall hand over all the purple crystals. I would then return half of the amount back to you secretly after everything's done… I have to save face for myself too."

Chu Feiyan knew that he had to give some discounts as long as his Brother Xiong wanted so. But he himself needed to save his face and his front could not be dampened too. He could only carry out such clandestine operations.

After all, the Xiao clan was one of the most domineering clans within the Nine Great Clans, and by the Chu clan's current power, it could not afford to have any conflict with the Xiao clan. Furthermore, Chu Yang had just returned to the clan, if it offended the Xiao clan just because of Chu Yang, the Chu clan might probably never ever have any chance to outstand their counterparts.

So, while it appeared on the surface that the Chu clan took the upper hand, it was actually in an unfavorable situation.

Actually, Fourth Elder Chu had calculated in his heart: Five purple crystals per person is also a big sum of wealth! After all, the total number of purple crystals I receive in my family is only 12, one for each month…

Now, even if it was five purple crystals per person, a total of 110 of them would be collected from the Xiao family. Such a huge sum!

This steward of the Xiao clan did not expect such words from Chu Feiyan. Finally, the steward nodded and said, "I'm so grateful for your kindness."

Chu Feiyan laughed and said, "Brother Yulong, you're too polite."

It turned out that this person was called Xiao Yulong. Inside, Chu Yang tortured the macho, who was on the bed, furiously, till he became gasping for breath and half-dead. Chu Yang's pair of ears pricked up as he listened to the conversation outside.


Then I would really suffer a lot…

Big Boss Chu was vexed, and could not bear to increase some strength on his hands. The macho below him screamed, "Mother…" And just as he woke up, he fainted again…

Xiao Yulong's eyes flashed. He smiled as he thought, Motherf**ker, I've never seen such dark price in this world before, and this is still after the discount… Let them cure all our people first, then I'll come to loot them back at night. I believe that you, Fourth Elder Chu, will not be our opponents…

But we need a seamless plan… Who shall I send to come up here?

As he thought, he came to Bao Ping An smilingly, and said genially, "Steward Bao."

Bao Ping An had a bitter face, "Brother Xiao…"

"How many people are left on your side?" Xiao Yulong drawled.

"There's still… still 19. It's very quick…" Bao Ping An wiped away a handful of sweat.

"Do you have enough purple crystals?" Xiao Yulong naturally knew that Bao Ping An would not have a lot of purple crystals when he was out, just by his status.

"I've sent people to retrieve them, and they would be delivered back here soon…"

"Urm… so you don't have purple crystals with you now?" Xiao Yulong revealed a fake smile, "If this is so, does it mean that everyone will have to wait for you? How about… I cut your queue first?"

While he said warmly to indicate that he was not browbeating him, but from his posture, he clearly was! And even after he did so, the adversary was forced into saying: No, no, you didn't bully me.

Chu Yang extremely admired Xiao Yulong, Damn it, this creature is even more shameless than me.

Bao Ping An looked around in a pleading manner, but who would dare to offend this domineering Xiao clan for the sake of a steward from the Bao clan? One by one, they turned their faces around.

There were even people who laughed aloud gloatingly.

Chu Yang had expected this.

"No, no, Brother Xiao has always been kindhearted. How will he bully people?" Bao Ping An really spoke in a submissive manner, "If this is so, I'll queue behind Brother Xiao…"

When these words were out, the 19 people in the Bao clan who were still waiting for treatment started to groan more loudly. My God, such pain's really too intolerable, now somebody even cut our queue…

At once, they felt like dying.

Xiao Yulong said out of guilt, "This… isn't too bad?"

"Why did you say so? Since Brother Xiao is here, even if you don't say, our Bao clan is also willing to take a step back," Bao Ping An said with a great sense of righteousness, although his heart was speaking the opposite words.

Motherf**ker, who else is even this shameless…

"Then… I'll cut the queue… really cut the queue?" Xiao Yulong inquired.

Bao Ping An's face finally began to twitch. With a black face, he turned over his head.

Even Chu Feiyan could not tolerate this anymore. F**k, Bao Ping An had already taken a step back. Yet you're still so unforgiving… Are you planning to hound him to death?

He could not bear to cough.

Inside, Chu Yang sounded just at an appropriate moment, "Next."

Xiao Yulong waved his hand. Everyone from the Xiao clan rushed inside excitedly, carrying the injured with them. Xiao Yulong winked at a person behind him. That person understood him and went into a carriage.

After that, crackling sounds drifted from the carriage.

Then, that person carried a parcel forward.

Xiao Yulong received the parcel and placed it in the basin in front of Chu Feiyan. With a smile, he said, "Fourth Elder Chu, these are 220 purple crystals. Please tally."

With some clattering sounds, all the purple crystals in the parcel were poured out.

A commotion rose from all directions.

Chu Feiyan almost passed out.

There were exactly 220 purple crystals. But, their sizes were precisely half that of the ordinary ones. It turned out that the crackling sounds from the carriage came from the chopping of these crystals.

It's purely an insult!

And, the Xiao clan is throwing their weight around!

Xiao Yulong used this method to express his dissatisfaction towards Chu Yang's expensive charges for purple crystals! And at the same time, he had indicated: The Xiao clan could do whatever they want in this entire region! If anyone dares to challenge them, the consequences would be as grave as tearing apart purple crystals!

Even if it's valuable, I'll tear it apart as long as I want it to be so!

Bao Ping An, who had just been insulted, laughed gloatingly. Everyone turned quiet, as they all wanted to see how Chu Feiyan would manage this issue.

Chu Feiyan's hands started to tremble and his face turned purple. As he was about to lose his temper, the curtains behind him were drawn and Chu Yang walked out unsteadily, almost falling onto the ground, "Fourth… Uncle…"

"What happened?" Chu Feiyan was shocked as he stood up.

"Tired… Fourth Uncle, please help me to recover my body… so many people are waiting, I'm… very worried…" Chu Yang said feebly.

Chu Feiyan rushed forward and exercised his power to help his nephew to recover. Chu Yang fell into his arms weakly. Chu Feiyan felt a pain on his leg and realized he was pinched by Chu Yang.

He came to a tumble instantaneously: At this moment and time, we should not have any conflict with the Xiao clan.

Chu Feiyan slowly calmed himself down.

Chu Yang's cold sweat dripped down constantly from his face as he lay within Chu Feiyan's arms. Chu Yang's face was pale and his lips looked a bit blackened. He looked feebly at Xiao Yulong and said, "Steward Xiao… please don't worry, I'm really… feeble… *cough*… *cough*… and don't have a strong build… Don't take offense, don't take offense, I'll be alright in a while."

Xiao Yulong blinked his eyes and revealed a cold smile in his eyes, saying, "Young Master Chu, I'll give you an arm. Our clan has the purest kungfu in the entire world…"

As he said, he held onto Chu Yang's other hand.

The sword spirit twisted his mouth within the Nine Tribulations Space: The Xiao clan has pure kungfu? Damn it, you're not even fit to do dirty works for the legitimate kungfu masters…

Chu Yang was elated, "Great thanks to Steward Xiao."

When Xiao Yulong held on to Chu Yang's hand, he completely removed his doubts: It's not that this guy has no cultivation, but his cultivation was abolished by someone else! If I transfer my power to him, it would be equivalent to having my power discarded into an endless pit! I can only recover his physical energy. Nothing more!

The sudden occurrence of such mysterious attacks made all the doctors appeared to be helpless. But at such a terrible moment, suddenly came a teenager who could treat these injuries, yet he charged the consultation fee so expensively…

How could Xiao Yulong not be suspicious?

Even if this guy and the shorty fatty did not have master-apprentice relation, they should be somehow related!

Not only him, everyone present had such a doubt. After all, everyone was not a fool. Wait till all the injured ones were cured, this matter should be investigated immediately.

But Xiao Yulong had already concluded at the moment that even if this kid was involved in the matter, his relation to it would not be a very close one: what could such a wrecked person do?

But again, he thought a layer deeper: Even if he wanted to do something, he would do so very secretly. How would he put up such big pageantry?

As such, Xiao Yulong's suspicions slowly subsided.

Now, he had grasped hold of Chu Yang's hand but he could not draw his hands back. How could he do so, when he had already promised to help Chu Yang recover? If he did so, wouldn't that be equivalent to slapping his own face? Xiao Yulong could only frown and transfer his cultivation to Chu Yang unreluctantly.

Chu Yang became spirited in a moment and said happily, "Fourth Uncle, you can release your hands now. Steward Xiao's kungfu was indeed pure. I felt much more comfortable after he transferred his cultivation into my body, as compared to you doing the same. When you transferred yours, there's even some conflict among the forces. I'm really uncomfortable…"

Xiao Yulong's face turned black at once.

Isn't he treating me as his worker now?

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