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The shout by Divine Doctor Chu looked much alike to a freeman selling his talents in the martial society. He was only short of saying: Those who are rich, kindly share some money; those who're not can just help to create some crowd for me, that'll also do…

A bunch of experts from various big clans looked at one another, Damn it, I've long heard that the biggest grandson from the Chu clan had been lost, now that he was found back, look at his posture… Could he be a swindler that uses his mouth to make a living in the martial society?

They looked at Chu Feiyan in a suspicious manner.

Chu Feiyan's face was dried. He was raged but he tried to stand up in a composed manner.

Such a shame, such a shame on me today!

I am still considered a respected figure within the Flat Mountain Ridge. It's hard to imagine that I've now become not only a worker in a medical center which sells aphrodisiac but also an accomplice of a swindler…

Chu Yang even took out a large basin to serve at the cash counter. He squinted at Bao Ping An and smiled, "Steward Bao, please place the purple crystals here. Don't worry, I'll manage my patients well."

Bao Ping An looked at Chu Yang's miserly face angrily. He felt an urge to spit a mouthful of saliva onto Chu Yang's slick mouth.

He put in ten purple crystals into the basin unreluctantly and hurriedly asked one of his attendants to report back to the clan quickly and get more purple crystals. How could he have more than 200 purple crystals with him now? He would be robbed.

Divine Doctor Chu took his time to stride into the medical center. He looked confident.

The patient who had just been carried in was the macho who had shouted at Chu Yang previously.

Chu Yang naturally had to treat him well.

After he entered, he saw the macho already lying on the sickbed.

Divine Doctor Chu waved his hand, "All of you, please go out. I need to provide treatment for this macho." The two other machos dared not say anything and walked out quietly.

Divine Doctor Chu pulled down the curtains.

Then he slapped on that guy's shoulder. The spot where Chu Yang had slapped was the same spot where the guy was struck on previously.

People outside heard such a sound: "Ah~~~Aw~~~Wu…", then there was no more sound.

It turned out that the macho had shouted after suddenly waking up under immense pain. Then, Divine Doctor Chu slapped on the macho's waist, and he fainted again.

He woke up and fainted, then woke up again and fainted again.

Divine Doctor Chu looked at his patient calmly, sympathetically and solemnly, giving him a standard look of 'a doctor having the heart of a parent'. And he appeared as kind-hearted as an angel.

This cycle repeated for exactly nine times.

That macho was already sweating so profusely that even the entire sickbed had turned wet from his sweat. His black face had already become yellowish, and he could not utter a word anymore. Occasionally when he woke up, he looked at Divine Doctor Chu full of pleading in his eyes.

Divine Doctor Chu finally began.

He lifted a leg of the macho and pushed it upwards forcefully. In a moment, the shrill cries resembling that of a ghost in Hell were heard. Then his other leg was lifted up, and with a slap, his body was flipped around.

The macho flipped his eyelids. This time around, he had sunk into a deep coma…

"How dare you scold me…" Divine Doctor Chu muttered to himself, "Motherf**ker, if I don't make you roll around the Hell once, you won't know how the King of Hell looks like…"

Then the real treatment finally began.

He pointed a finger at the macho's throat to form a 'finger hammer', then used it to strike on the macho's shoulder. At the same time, Divine Doctor Chu slapped his other hand on the macho's caudal vertebra and gave it a lift.

A cracking sound drifted from nowhere. The macho, who was still in a coma, revealed a comfortable look. It was obvious that the macho was already all right.

Divine Doctor Chu frowned. He took out a big piece of coptis and with his both hands, smashed it into powder. He used two fingers to grip hold of that macho's nose to make him open his mouth. Then he poured the coptis powder into his mouth.

And he patted his hands satisfactorily. He extended his hands into the water basin next to him and allowed the water on his wet hands to drip onto his own face, so that he appeared to be sweaty.

Then he walked himself weakly out of the room and leaned on the door frame, looking as though he could not stand up straight. Then he said tiredly, "Next… one…"

He looked like a feeble man who had just finished five kilometers of the marathon. The 'sweat' on his face pitter-pattered on the ground.

Everyone was originally terrified as they heard the shrill cries inside to rise and fall. But they took a sigh of relief after seeing the current state of Divine Doctor Chu.

Looks like this injury was really difficult to cure. Even this robust teenage doctor had become so tired of treating it.

Chu Feiyan was taken back, and stood up, "Yang Yang, are you all right?"

Chu Yang said feebly, "I… I can still hold on… Fourth Uncle, those purple crystals… there are no fake ones, right?"

Chu Feiyan suddenly realized that this creature was pretending, and almost couldn't bear to give him a kick. He said irritatingly, "There are no fake ones!"

"That's good… all my hard work is worth it…" Divine Doctor Chu sighed with relief, "Such an evil kungfu from ancient times, it's really too tiring, too tiring to cure…"

Chu Feiyan turned around, pretending that he did not hear Chu Yang.

Bao Ping An asked worriedly, "Divine Doctor Chu, you… you can still hold on, right?" At this moment, there were already some people carrying out the macho who had just been treated. His four limbs were swollen like buns and he looked very feeble. But his previous spasmodic conditions had already disappeared.

Very obviously, this Divine Doctor Chu had cured him.

Bao Ping An went forward to check the macho's pulse and was relieved. He said gratefully, "Divine Doctor Chu is really an expert! You cured his injuries in such a short period of time."

These words caused a huge stir.

Other clans outside were originally just onlookers. Seeing that Divine Doctor Chu's treatment was indeed effective, there was instantly a clamor, "Let us treat first! Let us treat first!"

A macho who was laying on the stretcher cried aloud, "Please treat me, I'm really in pain…" This person turned out to be the son-in-law of the Liao clan's master…

This creature had long lived a comfortable life. He had never suffered so much before! Now that he finally saw some hope, he could not tolerate any further.

Chu Feiyan frowned and shouted, "Queue up! Look at such a mess! This is a medical center, not a market!"

Everyone was afraid of his status and background and dared not to act impetuously.

Bao Ping An put in another ten purple crystals into the basin and said respectfully, "Divine Doctor Chu, I'll need to trouble you again." And with a wave of his hand, his subordinates carried in another person.

Chu Yang walked in unsteadily.

Bao Ping An said sincerely, "Doctor, you look tired. How about sending one of my subordinates to help you?"

Chu Yang watched him with slanted eyes and said, "For people who are injured from such evil kungfu, I can't afford to make any mistake in my treatment. Otherwise, he would be disabled for his entire life! With your clumsy limbs, do you think you have the ability?"

Cold sweat began to drip down Bao Ping An's face, "Then I can only trouble you."

Chu Yang snorted and said, "You think these ten purple crystals are so easy to earn? I… also have to put in all my efforts."

Bao Ping An firmly agreed with Chu Yang.

Divine Doctor Chu's exhaustion doesn't look fake. His face is so pale…

He said gratefully, "Doctor, such great trouble for you." And he said in his heart, 'It'd be better if you little bastard could get tired to death after you treat all the patients from our clan…'

Chu Feiyan was laughing so vigorously in his heart as he gathered purple crystals at one side. He coughed and said, "Please queue up according to the order of payments of the purple crystals! They have to be in the correct amount!"

Everyone despised Chu Feiyan, Look at what kind of uncle he is! In a bid to earn purple crystals, he doesn't even care about the well-being of his nephew. Didn't he see that his nephew is already so tired ?

But of course, nobody said this out loud. Anyway, that doctor is from the Chu clan. As long as he cured all of us, we'll not care whether he's tired to death or not.

Some did not bring enough purple crystals, and so they immediately sent their own people to retrieve some more from home… If this doctor was tired to death, no one else would be cured.

Not for long, piercing screams once again traveled out from inside. This time, it sounded more frightening… After some time, Divine Doctor Chu came out wiping his sweat. He even appeared to be staggering. He looked at Chu Feiyan and gave him a wink.

Chu Feiyan immediately understood, "Next patient!" He smiled happily as he received further handfuls of purple crystals.

My nephew is so great. After all these people here finished consulting him, our revenue would be about the Chu clan's revenue in half a year… He really deserved to be called the King of Hell Chu. A precise expert in making a fortune.

Everyone was blazing in their eyes. How they wished to grab those purple crystals away!

Then after another period of piercing screams…

Not waiting for Chu Yang to come out, he shouted without even raising his head, "Next patient! Wait, please pay the purple crystals! Do you f**king want to cheat us?"

Bao Ping An was utterly speechless.

He could only put down another ten purple crystals. All the 30 purple crystals he had with him were used up, but his clan still did not send in more… He couldn't help but turn really anxious.

Those 30 purple crystals were the total money he had for consulting the doctors…

At this moment, the crowd outside split into two groups as each half stood on both sides. A troop of rough-looking people in blue clothes rode their carriages in. Still, piercing screams were heard in the carriages.

People from the Xiao clan.

The whole area was the Xiao clan's territory, while the messenger was the vice-steward from the Xiao clan who managed the Flat Mountain Ridge. While Chu Feiyan had little interactions with this person, they still knew each other to some extent and Chu Feiyan did not dare to be impolite with him. He stood up and said cordially, "I see, it's Brother Xiao. Is anyone from your clan injured?"

The middle-aged man in front had a square face and large ears. While he looked amiable, his eyes looked cold. He cupped his hands and smiled, "Elder Fourth Chu, I shan't conceal anything from you. Last night, we were dismayed by a surprise attack by an unknown assassin. Such a shame on us!"

Flat Mountain Ridge belonged to the Chu clan, and this steward dared not behave arrogantly. He smiled and changed the topic of conversation, "Fourth Elder Chu, I heard that his medical center belonged to your clan? Nephew? He can treat this kind of injuries? Is it true?"

Chu Feiyan smiled sheepishly and pulled him to one side. He said, "Actually, this nephew of mine had just come back… He doesn't have any background, so we came up with this idea of opening this medical center. This way, we can earn back some daily necessities, and at the same time, get some purple crystals for cultivation purposes…"

He blinked in an 'everyone knows' manner.

The person in blue was obviously clear about the Chu clan's circumstances and gave a long 'Oh'. He cracked into a smile, "I see, this idea is fine."

Chu Yang raised his brows as he heard the commotion outside: People from the Xiao clan?

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