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Chu Yang groaned comfortably as he enjoyed the power that Xiao Yulong transferred into his body. At the same time, Chu Yang cautiously explained, "Steward Xiao, this kind of malicious injuries is very difficult to cure…"

"I know," Xiao Yulong gritted his teeth, as he continued the transfer his precious power with a blackened and twitching face.

Chu Yang squinted his eyes comfortably, "Erm… so comfortable…"

Xiao Yulong was raged and almost wanted to stop. Are you f**king treating me like a maiden in a brothel?

Chu Yang gabbled on, "Moreover, before the treatment, I need to help the elders to exercise their muscles and joints first carefully. After all, only after the bones have returned to their original position, then can I really continue my final treatment procedures successfully. It may be very painful. You may want to talk to everyone about it first so that they will be mentally prepared. Otherwise, when they start to fiddle about due to the pain, I won't be able to continue the treatment… and please don't take offense on me…"

Xiao Yulong clenched his teeth and said, "We're all martial practitioners and we've all got used to seeing life and death. Who would still be afraid of pain?"

Chu Yang chattered on, "I'll not blame you for offending me. But I'm a bit rusty in my skills. If my patient moves even by a bit in critical moments and I make any slight error in connecting the joints, he would be disabled terminally…"

Xiao Yulong nodded heavily as he turned around and shouted in a low voice, "Have you all heard it?"

"I've… understood…" the injured pressed on to their pain and answered, even though they were already biting their teeth and sweating coldly.

Chu Yang laughed, "Thank you thank you… thank you for your understanding, actually… other than being a bit greedy for money… I don't have other big problems…"

Xiao Yulong was a bit impatient, "You've mostly recovered, haven't you?"

Chu Yang sensed for a moment, "It really works, and your kungfu deserved to be called as a pure one. Fourth Uncle would have to take an hour in helping me to recover. Steward Xiao took only half of a quarter-hour… So magical…"

Chu Feiyan lowered his head in grief and clenched his teeth in his heart: Damn it, you're saying that your Fourth Uncle is too useless… Since when did I help you to recover before? And I actually took an hour to do so?…

Xiao Yulong looked better and said genially, "I'll have to trouble you."

Chu Yang laughed, and in a pure, innocent, kind, honest and sympathetic manner, he said, "No trouble, no trouble, doctors should have a heart of a parent…"

Xiao Yulong twitched his face and then, his entire body. After which, he turned around.

Aside, Bao Ping An, who had similarly been choked by Chu Yang's words of 'doctors should have a heart of a parent', felt that he had just had a cold bath on a hot day. He felt indescribably comfortable…

Serve you right!

'Who asked you to bully us? Now I suppose that you finally appreciated the feeling of eating flies?'

Chu Yang stood up and walked in energetically.

It was a patient from the Xiao clan. The smile in Chu Yang's eyes immediately turned into that of a malignant poison once he entered the door.

How dare you Xiao clan crack my purple crystals?

You're f**king bold! If I f**king don't treat you nicely, how could I stand up to those cracked purple crystals and that much of power I gained from Steward Xiao…

Divine Doctor Chu extended his hands like a villain…

While the Xiao clan was waiting outside, an earth-shattering scream came from inside! Then it suddenly stopped.

Everyone here learned martial arts. How would they not understand that this patient had fainted as he screamed?

And cold sweat involuntarily crept them up: That patient inside is known for not being afraid of death and pain. Yet he still let off such a mournful scream, then… how much pain is he enduring?

The scream coming from inside sounded half-dead. Everyone outside could not help but break out in cold sweats…

After a long while, the patient inside let out a last scream as if his heart was ejected out…

Divine Doctor Chu dragged his feet out of the room and said, "Next… Next one…"

He looked like he was going to collapse again…

Screaming sounds never stopped. This wasn't a medical center! But a slaughterhouse!

The sky had been dark for half an hour already. At this place, the night breeze was accompanied by piercing screams, and the place looked as frightening as Hell…

After he finished four patients, Chu Yang was already drifting his footsteps, and he actually fell down onto the ground…

He did not look for Chu Feiyan, but came directly to Xiao Yulong, smiling sincerely at him, "Steward Xiao… Please help me to recover… Your speed is faster…"

Xiao Yulong's nose twitched immediately.

You've really treated me as a worker here…

But Chu Yang was reasonable for finding him: His speed was faster!

Now that people from the Xiao clan were waiting for treatment, they were all in the abyss of suffering. Being faster would mean that they could suffer less… Thus, they all looked at Xiao Yulong pleadingly.

Xiao Yulong almost crashed his teeth as he gritted on them, and barely squeezed out a smile, "That's the right way." And he continued his job as a worker…

The moment Xiao Yulong began to transfer his power, Divine Doctor Chu let out a modulated moaning sound similar to that of a caterwaul. Xiao Yulong's skins crawled and almost discharged…

Damn it, those who are able to see me, of course, know that I'm helping you to recover. Those who didn't see me will probably think that I'm hustling when they hear such a sound.

This cycle repeated over and over again. It was already midnight when all the 22 people from the Xiao clan had finished their treatment.

Xiao Yulong's face was pale and he felt weak. Being tired was half of the reason, being angry stood for the other. His feebleness also stemmed from a bit of bashfulness in him: For anyone who had listened to a man groaning in such a charming, loving and comfortable manner for a few times… would definitely feel this way…

In the end, Divine Doctor Chu groaned just when Xiao Yulong's fingers touched his body and did not even start the transfer of energy, appearing to be a conditioned response. Everyone cast an extremely ambivalent look at Xiao Yulong… No matter how thick-skinned Steward Xiao Yulong was, he still felt himself sitting on pins and needles…

Xiao Yulong brought the people from the Xiao clan away from this place, almost at the speed of light.

Even though it was dark at night, Chu Feiyan could still see that Xiao Yulong's neck was red…

At this moment, people from the Bao clan had already delivered the purple crystals here. Chu Yang would then be curing the patients from the Bao clan, followed by those from the Liao clan…

While Xiao Yulong dared to cut the purple crystals, these people would absolutely not dare to do so!

If any clan did so, Chu Feiyan would definitely kill them.

The medical center was busy till dawn. Everyone was finally cured!

Nobody realized that Divine Doctor Chu sped up his treatment process by a lot… This was only because he increased his speed by an unnoticeable amount every time…

But Chu Yang did not understand: Why did Qin Baoshan from the Law-Enforcement Hall not come? Could it be that he can cure himself? This shouldn't be the case?

Although Chu Yang did not use Yin and Yang De-Spiriting Palm at Qin Baoshan, it was still a great technique used by the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword -- Pulse-Locking Finger. Now, after some transformation of this technique by the sword spirit, it had become 'Meridian-Smashing Finger'. If Old Qin did not come within three days, his arm would really be scraped…

Moreover, people from several clans had already come, but none from his own Chu clan came. Why was that so?

Not only Chu Yang, but Chu Feiyan also did not figure out this matter.

Both of them worked all the way till morning, and finally sent away all their patients. The duo immediately closed the center's door and lay on the bed.

"So tiring…" Chu Feiyan groaned. After lying on the bed for a while, he climbed up again, "But, it's worth it! So many purple crystals, hahaha… so satisfying! I've never in my life earned so many purple crystals within a day… I feel so blessed."

"Fourth Uncle, what are you saying? There are two errors in your words," Chu Yang raised two fingers.

"What are the two errors?" Chu Feiyan was stunned.

"Firstly, it's me, not you, who earned these purple crystals within a day. Secondly… most of these purple crystals belong to me. So, I should be the one saying that I'm blessed. As for you… you can only say you're satisfied…"

"You little punk, I'll squeeze you to death!" Chu Feiyan was furious and almost wanted to hurl himself forward to punish Chu Yang.

"Stop!" Chu Yang waved his hand, "Fourth Uncle, let's clear the accounts first to see how much we earned today."

The two misers plunged themselves onto the pile of purple crystals.

"One, two… ten, fifty… a hundred… a hundred and eighty… three hundred and fifty-five…" Chu Feiyan gasped a breath, "There're a total of four hundred and seventy complete purple crystals… My holy God! They are more than the revenue for the Chu clan in half a year… That's the revenue of thousands of people in our clan…"

Chu Yang snorted and said, "Can we still use those incomplete ones?"

"There isn't any consequence if purple crystals are cut, only that much spiritual qi is lost. But this won't affect the value of the purple crystals," Chu Feiyan said, "But, it's hard to stomach such an insult."

"True!" Chu Yang agreed, and as he said, he smilingly kept all the purple crystals into a big package.

Then he took out ten pieces of broken purple crystals to form five complete ones, "Fourth Uncle, these are for you."

"Uh? ~~" Chu Feiyan looked at the hill-like package in Chu Yang's hands, then at the five pieces in his own hands. He did not quite recover from his surprise, "What for?"

"Share the booty!" Chu Yang said matter-of-factly, "Fourth Uncle, you've had a long day. Use these purple crystals to build up your body, and we'll continue tomorrow."

Chu Feiyan looked at him, then looked down at the purple crystals in his hands stunningly. He raised his head blankly again and slowly opened his mouth agape, "I… only have these?"

Chu Yang had already picked up the package and walked to the door, "Fourth Uncle, don't complain of getting too much. We'll have more ways of earning money…"

Then he swaggered off.

Chu Feiyan stood dumbfounded in the room.

After a long time, he rushed out furiously, "Bastard! Stop! Do you really think I would want to drink soup while you eat meat? You only gave me five pieces! I'm your f**king uncle… I, I… Are you trying to waive off a beggar?!"

He shouted furiously for a long time, only to find that Big Boss Chu had already disappeared…

Elder Fourth Chu rapidly gasped for breath, and made his rounds around the backyard, bouncing and shouting, "You little punk! You've gone too far in bullying me! You little punk! You're so good at bullying me! … I'm pissed off woo-ahahah… Don't you ever see me again! If I ever saw you… I would… I would…"

"Well, you shall go in front of grandpa to surrender, and say that you found me but you didn't bring me back…" Big Boss Chu walked out of his own room elegantly, with a smile on his face.

"I…" Chu Feiyan stared at him, and sighed dejectedly after a long time, wanting to cry, "You shall continue to bully me… Just now I didn't cry when Xiao Yulong gave me such humiliation, but now, I really want to cry…"

He really wanted to cry… together with those incomplete purple crystals, there were a total of 600 purple crystals, but they flew away from his own hands just like that, and he only had five… and they were still broken ones…

Chu Yang sighed, "Fourth Uncle, I took them because I can keep it well. If you took them, you could only hand them to the clan… But if we handed them up, what about Le'er's illness?"

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