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"From this day onwards, the Enforcers will abandon their duties before the storm in the Nine Heavens settles down. The Nine Heavens has entered the master of the sword's era of troubled times!" The man in white's eyes were very cold as he surveyed all thirty-six faces beneath him.

If the hall was initially quiet and peaceful, then the hall became completely frozen after this sentence was uttered!

Everyone was dumbstruck in the same moment!

Thirty-six pairs of eyes that were filled with disbelief turned towards the man in white.

For this expression to appear at the same time on these people's faces meant the event was an epic one, and something that could shake the entire world!

The reason was because everyone who was worthy of standing here… the weakest ones were Grade 5 Martial Saints!

There were even several Supreme Martial Artists amongst them!

One could say that, over the past ninety thousand years and ever since the organization of Enforcers came into being, there had never been a generation as powerful as this one!

Every single one of them could maintain their composure, and every single one of them were super-powerful martial artists. Every single one of them could maintain their composure and remain indifferent even if an enormous mountain ruptured or the sky collapsed right in front of them - but every single one of them expressed the most extreme astonishment that they had ever shown in their entire lives!

This expression was very likely to be the only time that they would have on their faces throughout their entire lives!

Their shocked expressions continued for about a single breath.

Their expressions returned to normal afterwards.

There were many who seemed like they contemplating, and there were many who had doubt in their eyes - there were two others whose eyes flowed with anger!

"I object!" A youth clad in white who was standing right in front frowned as he took a step forward with a passionate look in his eyes. There was a beautiful lady with silky and gorgeous hair standing beside him, and she smiled quietly before she took a light step forward to express her support.

"Why do you object?" The man in white above him stared coldly at the youth who was speaking to him. Naturally, he knew that this fellow looked young, but he was actually someone who had been alive for a very long time!

The youth clad in white was called Yue Ling Xue.

This name was very feminine, and it had been claimed that Yue Ling Xue's father was an erudite during his time. He had three sons back then, and he craved for a daughter so he decided on a name even before the baby was born, but when the baby came into the world crying, the baby turned out to be another son and his father was immensely disappointed.

The truth was, the wife of the sworn brother of Yue Ling Xue's father was also an expectant mother.

The two families decided that if their children were both daughters, then they would be sisters, and if one family had a son while the other had a daughter their children would be husband and wife.

And these two families, one family's surname was Yue while the other family's surname was Feng, and their two names combined together represented life. Yue Ling Xue's father loved the snow, while the Feng family's patriarch was also an erudite and he loved the wind and the rain.

To stare at the moon, intoxicated, recounting stories of the snow and the moon while leaning against the wind, listening to the sound of the rain!

That was a state that two great scholars of their time so desired - they wanted to drink to their hearts' content with their friends as they appreciated the color of the moon, listened to sounds of nature as snow drifted down around them.

To lean against the window, to feel the wind as while they listened to the patter of light drizzles - then gentleness of Heaven and Earth!

That was a poetic grace that the two of them had longed for over their entire lives, and one that they had pursued for a lifetime.

Therefore, they gave their children names even before their children were born.

The Yue family's child would be named Yue Ling Xue whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

The Feng family's child, whether the baby was a boy or a girl, would be named Feng Yu Rou!

The girl in white standing next to Yue Ling Xue who resembled the gentle spring breeze right now was his wife, Feng Yu Rou!

Both husband and wife were Supreme Martial Artists!

They inherited their respective father's knowledge, wisdom, and talents while they managed to become a couple that was both passionate and courageous!

The Dharma Supreme had been working with them for so many years, and he naturally knew that the Yue Ling Xue, who appeared like a youth dressed in white, was someone who was an absolute abomination! He had only been defeated once over several thousand years of his life - he had lost to Ning Tian Ya!

In that episode, he had been fighting with Ning Tian Ya for three months before Ning Tian Ya defeated him by a margin of one move.

However, he managed to retreat from the fight entirely unscathed!

His terrifying cultivation alone was worthy of anyone's admiration and respect!

But the truth was, if Feng Yu Rou had been there during that fight and the couple faced off against Ning Tian Ya together, Ning Tian Ya would probably have had no other choice than to run away!

"Dharma Supreme, sir, this matter doesn't seem right, no?" Yue Ling Xue's eyes were so sharp that they resembled two razor-sharp swords. "Enforcers are around by order of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and they are born from destiny! Enforcers are in charge of the law within the Nine Heavens, and since when has there been a rule that we will abandon our duties once the Master of the Nine Heavens Sword obtains the fourth piece?"

The Dharma Supreme grunted and said plainly, "Times change, circumstances change!"

"Enforcers serve as the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's greatest assistants! At the very least, Enforcers have to allow him to grow! The stele's constitutions are still erected at the back of the pavilion! Its divine supremacy hasn't disappeared!"

Yue Ling Xue said seriously, "Are you saying, Dharma Supreme, that we are going against the constitutions today?"

Feng Yu Rou didn't utter a single word when he was speaking. She simply stood quietly next to her husband, and her expression was as indifferent as ever. No matter what her husband did and no matter what decision he made, she would only support him!

The Dharma Supreme said plainly, "But the stele has also ruled that troubled times are bound to rise in the Nine Heavens! And once the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword initiates this era, us Enforcers have no choice but to retreat!"

"But the constitution says that… we can only let go when the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword obtains the sixth piece of the sword!" Yue Ling Xue's eyes were sharp like awls as he continued, "But now, according to the cosmological phenomenon, he has only just obtained the fourth piece!"

The Dharma Supreme was still as calm as ever. "So what?"

"If you're giving up from the fourth piece, there's no doubt that you're relinquishing our justice as Enforcers of the Nine Heavens and our original status. You're transferring Enforcers from the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's friendly side to his opposite side?"

The Dharma Supreme fell silent for a moment and said, "There's no need for further discussion, and my mind has been made up! Ling Xue, I will have a word with you a while later."

"Are you stubbornly insisting on this decision?" Yue Ling Xue frowned and he said with displeasure, "Don't forget that not even the heavens can stop the Nine Tribulations Sword's destiny! Are you going to allow the Enforcers, who have been passing on for ninety thousand years, to be destroyed in your hands?"

"Not necessarily!" The Dharma Supreme's voice became a little overcast. "Don't forget that the prophecy has this clause - Once the Nine Tribulations Sword is complete, humans and ghosts will share the same path; the sword master's heaven is the sky and the earth!"

"So you believe that the Enforcers will definitely be destroyed by the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword?" Yue Ling Xue laughed coldly.

"You need to calm down!" The Dharma Supreme's eyes flickered, and he too sounded displeased.

"No matter what, my wife and I cannot accept your order!"

The Dharma Supreme nodded slowly and said, "Since that's the case, then so be it!" His eyes swept across everyone else as he said darkly, "How many more object to my order?"

Everyone beneath him exchanged glances, but nobody said anything.

A few of them had eyes that were flickering vigorously, as if they had something on their minds, but they ultimately lowered their heads.

Yue Ling Xue chuckled and said, "All of you want to continue dictating the Nine Heavens, and none of you are willing to bear the risk of committing to our authority!" He laughed out loud and said "Since that's the case, and since our paths are different we can no longer work together, my wife and I will take our leave for now!"

Yue Ling Xue's ice-cold eyes swept across everyone as he grabbed his wife's hand, and their figures suddenly began to melt as if they were made from ice and snow. They vanished into thin air just like that from the hall.

He left a speech that lingered in the air, "Dharma Supreme, if you are called an Enforcer, then you are one - that's because the Master of the Nine Heavens is above the Enforcers, so Enforcers are not the true dictators! Enforcers are simply tools, and nothing else. If you insist on the Enforcers usurping the authority of the true dictator… I'm afraid the day will come when you'll find that it's too late for regret."

"My only hope is that the Enforcers don't become toxic individuals who scramble for power and profit! Good luck!"

His voice echoed inside the hall, but everyone knew that Yue Ling Xue and Feng Yu Rou were already thousands of kilometers elsewhere.

"So be it!"

The Dharma Supreme's eyes flickered, and he heaved a faint sigh after a long while and said. "You… good luck to you guys, too!"

His eyes flickered sharply before he lowered his eyes, and he seemed indifferent to Yue Ling Xue and Feng Yu Rou's departure as he said, "Act according to my orders immediately!"


"Second-in-command, you will remain behind."


"As for the two of them…"

"I understand. I will do that right now!"

It didn't take long before something whizzed through the air, and an entire icy peak that existed between heaven and earth suddenly vanished.

As if the peak had just melted into the air.

A thick fragrance of ice lotuses rose through the air and lingered for a long time as they transformed into spiritual Qi of heaven and earth…

Master Xue was following right behind the Li family, but he still couldn't find it.

Every family was hurrying along with the Enforcers, and they were not far from each other. They were only several hundred feet away from each other, and they were heavily guarded. Furthermore, the Li family was following behind the Enforcers. Every other great family was watching what the Li family was doing.

The Enforcers were watching what the Nine Great Families were doing.

Furthermore, Master Xue discovered something very strange, and that was - he felt as if everyone in the Nine Great Families had different responsibilities in their journey down this time.

Everyone seemed very distracted along the way, but they had no choice but to hurry along.

That was because the Enforcers didn't allow them to make any impulsive or hasty actions!

This way, the possibility of Prince Xue completing his task would be smaller.

They were just about to reach the entrance that allowed them to go up and down the Nine Heavens. Master Xue was very flustered. He thought to himself, "Can it be that… I can't even complete such a simple task?"

The Nine Families were also exasperated and helpless. They thought to themselves, "These enforcers are following us so tightly. How can we finish the tasks that our families have given us?"

Only Dong Wu Shang and the two others very excited as they followed the Enforcers. They thought to themselves, "Heh, we're about to enter the Upper Three Heavens."

Finally, Master Xue couldn't hold himself back any longer and decided to take a risk!

Li Xiong Tu had always been on Li Ba Tian's back, and they weren't separated for even one moment. Li Ba Tian even rejected help from his two bodyguards because he knew that, with his current cultivation, he was still no match for his family's two expert fighters. If danger descended upon them, with Dong Wu Shang hard on their tails, their fighting strength would be greatly diminished!

Li Ba Tian seemed unbridled and arrogant on the surface, but the meticulousness of his thoughts was on full display in this moment.

Master Xue couldn't find an opportunity from the beginning to the end, and he could no longer hold himself back any longer as he finally decided to make his move!

Suddenly, heaven and earth quaked as sword light filled up the entire world!

An enormous word, "Come", flashed in the sky!

Everyone's expressions changed at the same time!

Everyone stood still in unison as they looked up at the sky, and everyone's expressions seemed very contemplative.

In the next moment, everyone flew onto the trees at the same time and gazed into the distance.

Li Ba Tian wanted to jump up to take a look, but just as he was about to leap, a deep voice rang in his ear that said, "Wait!"

Li Ba Tian and the two others were momentarily stunned as they turned around.

A man dressed in black and a mask over his face suddenly appeared thirty feet in front of them like a ghost.

His eyes were staring quietly at Li Xiong Tu, who was on Li Ba Tian's back!

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