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This person appeared soundlessly, and half his figure was still concealed under the shade from the trees around him. His shadow flickered and his silhouette was faintly discernible, and he resembled a ghost as his eyes sparkled like stars. "Who are you?" The hair on Li Ba Tian's skin stood on edge as he growled softly.

"Do you belong to the Upper Three Heavens' Li family?" Master Wei asked his own question instead of answering. He deepened his voice, and his tone was still as cold as ever.

"Yes. Who are you?" Li Ba Tian seemed to realize that this person harbored no ill intentions against them, and he waved his hands to stop his two bodyguards from taking any action.

"That's my brother!" Master Wei pointed at Li Xiong Tu, who was still unconscious on Li Ba Tian's back. He asked solemnly, "Where are you going to take him?"

Li Ba Tian felt a quiver in his heart as blood suddenly riled up in his body. He said without hesitation, "He belongs to the Li family and he's injured. Naturally, I have to bring him home."

"Put him down! Give him to me!" Master Wei's voice was a little rushed. "You guys can't treat his injuries!"

"No!" Li Ba Tian was becoming increasingly determined. He thought to himself, "How can I put him down? Damn it, I can't put him down even if I have to die."

"He will be a fantastic object for profiteering once I bring him back to the family."

"My family's elders and forefathers have already made their preparations! A simple injury like that is within their ability! Furthermore, I don't know who you are, so why will I hand my younger brother over to you?"

This speech sounded very dubious.

If somebody else had been in this position, and someone else was here to kidnap his or her brother, that person would probably have lashed out in retaliation. Li Ba Tian was such an arrogant son of nobility, and even he started to explain…

Master Wei grunted, and his eyes flowed with concern and worry as he said, "Since that's the case, then let him ingest this pill!"

He flicked his fingers, and an amethyst jade bottle flew through the air.

"I will visit the Li family any time! You make sure that he takes care of himself!" Master Wei urged him, "Hurry up and give it to him!"

Li Ba Tian fiddled with the jade bottle in the center of his palms, and he was almost starting to sweat.

This was the legendary Nine Heavens Pill that could treat any injury or wound!

"Should I give it to Li Xiong Tu? If I keep it… that…"

"But there's a commensurate price to pay for what I so desire!"

Li Ba Tian gritted his teeth, and he finally opened the jade bottle. A thread of fragrance wafted from within, and Li Ba Tian immediately felt his comfort and relief across his entire body. He placed the bottle next to Li Xiong Tu's mouth, and a pill rolled into Li Xiong Tu's mouth.

"Farewell!" Master Wei didn't bother with formalities as he tilted his head in the shadows before he departed.

His figure had just risen into the air, when -

"Stop! Who goes there!" Expert fighters descended from the sky all around him and surrounded Master Wei!

Ye Shi Yu and the expert fighters from the other families were watching the phenomenon in the sky from the trees, but they were still paying attention to Li Ba Tian. Someone clad in black suddenly appeared and gave Li Xiong Tu a pill, and everyone instantly became sensitive.

Everyone made a move against this man!

Master Wei didn't utter a word as he shot out like a sharp sword.

There were two guards from the Chen family in front of him, while Ye Meng Se and his bodyguards were behind him.

Three Enforcers were flying through the air at breakneck speed!

Master Wei grunted coldly, and he was still flying forward in a straight line like a dark shadow as he suddenly stretched out his arms. His eyes were like sharp swords, and a long sword suddenly appeared in his right hand from nothing!

Light flickered on his sword.

The Chen family's two guards suddenly felt their hearts skip a beat and their entire bodies went cold as they recalled a distant legend - nobody knew where the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword's sword was before he made his move! But once he did, his sword would always appear automatically!

He would come like a shadow, and he would leave without a trace!

Wasn't this person before them just like that?

The two guards felt their bodies freeze, and Master Wei was already rushing towards them like a lightning bolt!

His sword flashed, and sword Qi surged through the sky and resembled a dragon! The sword Qi pierced through the air at lightning speed with an unstoppable momentum, and it was as thick as a roller as it went right for their hearts!

At the same time, Master Wei's muttered under his breath with a chilly and sinister voice, "What harm is there in slaughtering everyone in the world?"

Master Wei had battled Chu Yang more than once, and he was naturally very clear about this move's force and its outwardly appearance. He mimicked Chu Yang and used the same move, and he imitated to perfection.

Anything that he did would be extraordinary!

Master Wei spoke very softly, but his words were like thunderclaps in daylight as they fell into the ears of those individuals from the Nine Families!

Two clangs could be heard as the swords that belonged to the two guards from the Chen family broke at the same time, and they howled agonizingly as they flailed their arms and legs while they tumbled to both sides. Fresh blood splattered onto the ground with each tumble.

The force of Master Wei's sword wasn't over - brilliant sword light flickered, and it fired one thousand feet through the sky as he disappeared without a trace in a flash! The shrubs and vegetation in the darkness of night quivered faintly as the world returned to silence and tranquility!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Everyone from the Nine families and the three Enforcers descended onto the ground at the same time.

Everyone stared in the direction in which that individual vanished to, and they were all dumbstruck!

The same sentence was still echoing in everyone's hearts and ears. "What harm is there slaughtering everyone in the world?"

Everyone had the same reaction in their minds. "It's him! It's the… Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!"

Li Ba Tian made the same expression with widened eyes and slack jaws. The truth was, he was so excited inside that he felt as if hew as going to explode. He thought to himself, "The Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! Li Xiong Tu is one of the Nine Tribulations after all! Ha ha ha…"

After a moment of silence, a white-bearded Enforcer lowered his voice and asked, "What was that about?"

He surveyed everyone, but nobody responded.

Everyone was still immersed in shock and astonishment, and they hadn't recovered yet.

Li Ba Tian was already celebrating and feeling fortunate, but in this moment all he wanted was for everyone to become mute. Why would he speak up and find trouble for himself?

"I saw it!" Chen Fei Chen took a step out and pointed at Li Ba Tian with one hand. "That person gave Li Ba Tian a pill, and he wanted Li Ba Tian to make Li Xiong Tu ingest it. Afterwards, he tried to leave furtively but my men stopped him."

His two bodyguards sustained severe injuries, and they were almost eliminated in one face-to-face encounter!

Fortunately, their lives weren't in danger, but they had temporarily lost their fighting strength! This made Chen Fei Fen feel very stifled and furious!

This encounter was truly inexplicable - his two bodyguards were both Grade 1 Martial Saints, and they could be considered mid-level to high-level individuals in the Li family. This matter was very important to them, and that was the reason why they were sent down.

If everything didn't happen so quickly, they couldn't possibly not be able to take even one attack from Master Wei!

Their minds had been shaken and stolen when they saw the sword's sudden appearance, and they were even more frightened heard that sword mantra that had shocked the Nine Heavens for ninety thousand years. They actually crumbled after one instance of contact, and they paid a heavy price for that!

"Li Ba Tian, is that true?" After Chen Fei Chen spoke, everyone, including the three Enforcers, trained their eyes on Li Ba Tian.

Chen Fei Chen wasn't the only person who had witnessed what happened, so it was meaningless for Li Ba Tian to deny anything.

Li Ba Tian had already cursed Chen Fei Chen's eight generations of ancestors in his mind, but he was still smiling through gritted teeth as he said, "Yes, yes. I don't really know what happened - someone came long, for some reason, and gifted a single pill. I'm not even sure if that pill is effective or not. Heh, this fellow is a little naïve. He made a just and honorable appearance, so how could I have just chased him away?"

All twenty-seven people who were there gave Li Ba Tian disdainful looks.

The episode was so obvious - who would believe Li Ba Tian's nonsense?

Everyone knew that the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword was sending a pill to Li Xiong Tu.

And Li Ba Tian was still trying to absolve himself, that bastard!


"Oh?" Ye Shi Yu swung his hips as he smiled captivatingly and said, "Since that's the case, then nothing is wrong. However, he has sustained such severe injuries, and he's still unconscious even up until now - that's so worrying. How about this - I have some magical medicine with me, and I know a little about the art of healing and treating. Why don't you let me take a look at him? Yes, do allow me to check his pulse…" He strutted forward as she spoke.

"There's no need for that, no need!" Li Ba Tian tried to reject him again and again, and his hands waved like cattail-leaf fans.

He thought to himself, "You've got to be kidding me! If I really let you take his pulse, I'm afraid Li Xiong Tu, who's one of the Nine Tribulations, will become a serious cripple in the next moment! If that does happen, then the Li family's future for the next ten thousand years will be destroyed in my own hands."

"If Li Xiong Tu is finished, then I am also undoubtedly finished…"

"How can you not check up on him since he's injured? Brother Li, you should just agree to brother Ye's kind offer!" Several other young masters voiced out to persuade Li Ba Tian, and their expressions were extremely murderous as they stared at Li Xiong Tu and Li Ba Tian!

"Damn, we haven't even completed our own tasks, and you are thinking of taking one of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's Nine Tribulations back with you?"

"Dream on!"

"That's no necessary. I have medicine too, and I can also be considered a fantastic doctor…" Li Ba Tian laughed drily as he continued, "We've all had so much exposure to injuries and illness to become doctors ourselves…"

Everyone mouths were twitching. Ye Shi Yu came up with another idea, and he covered his mouth and giggled in very charming and flirtatious fashion as he said, "Brother Li, with regards to the pill that that person gave you, we are uncertain if that person has ulterior motives, and we can't be sure if the pill contains poison… how about…"

"I think that pill is fake!" Li Ba Tian followed Ye Shi Yu's conversation, and he gritted his teeth and said, "His wounds are so severe. How can he recover with just one pill? Fortunately, I've already informed my family's elders, and they are on their way to aid me…"

Li Xiong Tu had been unconscious on Li Ba Tian's back for several days, and right at this moment, he suddenly groaned and his eyes opened immediately afterwards. He looked around blankly and muttered, "What… what is this place?"

His words sounded as if he was full of energy.

Li Ba Tian was still trying as hard as he could to slander and demean that pill, and he was immediately rendered speechless -"Is it really that effective? My goodness - how can you wake up at such a coincidental time? If you had woken up fifteen minutes later… then everything would have been alright."

Everyone's eyes poured with fire.

A divine pill!

That had to be the Nine Heavens Pill!

Li Xiong Tu struggled and actually climbed down from Li Ba Tian's back and stood on the ground. He said almost involuntarily, "It's so hot - so hot!"

He began to tear the clothes on his body.

He had just come to, and he still wasn't very clear-headed yet.

"Weren't his legs broken? How is he standing up?" Ling Han Xue's eyes sparkled with chilly lights as he asked plainly.

His words immediately reminded everyone!

Li Xiong Tu's legs had been crushed by Dong Wu Shong, and everyone bore witness to that - and his legs had recovered? How long had passed after the pill was ingested? He could actually stand up now?

Li Ba Tian was very worried as he shouted, "What are you doing?" And he stepped forward to stop him.

However, Li Xiong Tu's movements were very quick, and a single tearing sound could be heard as he stripped off his shirt and revealed his torso. Everyone could still see the many intersecting scars on his body.

Subsequently, waves of white gas emanated from his body, and everyone bore witness to a mythical tale within the Nine Heavens!

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