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The Ye family's current Clan Head, Ye Bu Kong, had always been eloquent and his thoughts had always been deep, but he began to stammer in his speech at this moment.

"Let's sit back and watch!" Their forefather was the Ye family's spiritual pillar! His cultivation had reached a very frightening level! He had become a Supreme Martial Artist three thousand years ago.

He shared the same reputation with Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing all those years ago!

One could tell from that how frightening this forefather was!

Everyone who was in this room from the Ye family were seniors and expert fighters.

The most junior person here was the current Clan Head, Ye Bu Kong!

These people didn't usually show their faces, even within one hundred years.

Most of the Ye family's younger members didn't even know that these people existed in their family, let alone having met them.

However, when the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece triggered the strange phenomenon in the sky, everyone hurried over to this place no matter where they were having seclusion.

One could see how serious this matter had become!

These senior expert fighters were familiar with the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and everyone vividly remembered one thing - when the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece appeared, that was when the Nine Heavens would truly start turning around!

When the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword obtained the fourth piece, that would be the time when turbulent times would truly descend upon the Nine Heavens!

Every family, even if they had several tens of thousands of years of history, would be sent into instability, and they would be tossed about in the wind and rain!

Nobody dared to guarantee that their families could survive the sword master's purge.

In other words, from this moment onwards, the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword would declare a never-ending conflict with the Nine Great Families!

The appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece meant that the sword's master had successfully found all nine tribulations! Those were his nine talons!

Nine earth-shattering individuals!

Nine Clan Heads of the next generation of the Nine Great Families!

This meant not a single one of the current Nine Great Families were selected!

This meant they would be the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword's mortal enemies!

In this moment, the Nine Great Families who initially had some longing in their hearts, felt as if their hearts had sunk into the deepest trenches!

"We have to find out how to find the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword and destroy him!" Ye Bu Kong thought to himself.

"Don't think about destroying the sword master now! You won't find him, and you can't possibly find him!"

The Ye family's forefather, Ye Chun Qiu, rolled his eyes as if he had seen through what Ye Bu Kong was thinking about. Ye Chun Qiu deliberately added another word of warning, "Families had been playing with such ideas continuously for the past ninety thousand years, but every family who had this idea were always the first to be destroyed!"

"Furthermore, the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword is incredibly mysterious, and his nine subordinates probably don't even know his real identity!"

"The only way to kill him is to kill every single person in the Nine Heavens without leaving anyone behind!" He continued, "Furthermore, the appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece is a mystery and an inscrutable twist of fate that is completely blur - nobody will know!""The most important thing is that the Nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece will cause the entire Nine Heavens to be locked down, and there won't be a single path connecting the Higher Three Heavens, the Middle Three Heavens, and the Lower Three Heavens after one month."

"Nobody knows whether the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword is in the Higher Three Heavens, the Middle Three Heavens, or… the Lower Three Heavens!"

"That's because the sword master always has authority over these paths that transcends ours!"

"The Nine Heavens' paths cannot possibly be opened before the appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword's sixth piece!"

Ye Chun Qiu's voice was deep and slow, and he paused after every word and sentence. "If you want to kill the sword master, you have to wait until he arrives in the Higher Three Heavens!! That is fate! And those who go against that will die!"

"So that's it!" Ye Bu Kong began to contemplate, "Forefather, these things are truly so strange - clearly, the heavens are protecting the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword."

Ye Chun Qiu's face darkened like black clouds, and every senior expert fighter from the Ye family around him looked in Ye Bu Kong's direction with burning eyes - there was intense disapproval in their eyes.

Ye Bu Kong felt butterflies in his stomach. "Did I say something wrong?"

Ye Chun Qiu rolled his eyes once more, and his eyes were like jack-o'-lanterns as he stared at Ye Bu Kong. His eyes flickered like wildfire as he squeezed two words out from between the gaps of his teeth, "Idiot!"

He turned and left abruptly!

Ye Bu Kong was stunned to the spot!

"Did I say something wrong?"

The Ye family's senior expert fighters all turned and left abruptly. Finally, Ye Bu Kong finally held one of them back. "Elder, why did he say that?" The elder shook his head and said grievously, "You have ruined the Ye family!"

Ye Bu Kong was taken aback.

The elder pointed at the large amethyst book and said, "How many times have you seen this book?" Ye Bu Kong's expression changed drastically!

The elder laughed coldly and said, "Ever since the beginning of history, who had been able to live for more than ten thousand years? Who can know what happened ten thousand years ago, and perhaps even the events that transpired ninety thousand years ago? Everything that we know comes from these records and chronicles, and we search them bit by bit to remember. And you have made such an immature comment today, and that means that you have never seen this book before!" He heaved a long sigh and said, "This large amethyst book has everything about everything recorded inside! Other than the enforcers, who have one more copy, you will never find a third copy anywhere else in the world! Such a treasure has been in your hands for one hundred years… and you haven't even read it before?"

"Hmph!" The elder grunted angrily and disappeared.

Ye Bu Kong turned pale.

He was the only one left in the hall, and only then did he inch forward. He began to read from page one, slowly, and from the first word. His expression became increasingly pale.

This was an encyclopedia that detailed everything about the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and it had been around for tens of thousands of years!

Ye Bu Kong heaved a long sigh into the sky, and he was full of gloom in his heart!

"So, everything's here…"

"But can I really be blamed for this? This book has always been the family's most important treasure! Typically, I have to go through more than ten checkpoints to come in here once, and not even Clan Heads can come in in normal times."

Who could have known that such world-shaking things would be recorded in here?

He was still sighing to himself when a deep growl suddenly came from far beyond the horizon and travelled into his ears, "The Nine Heavens' passageways will be within one month! Swiftly gather your kinsmen and get them to return to their families! No one can be allowed to be outside!"

Ye Bu Kong was jolted awake.

Ye Chun Qiu's sigh and his voice seemed to be heard from somewhere in the void, "This is a reversal of destiny…"

Ye Bu Kong was taken aback once more - a reversal of destiny?

"The Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword has already appeared, and according to what you said, the Nine Great Families are destined to die. What destiny is there to reverse?"

However, another order came from the night sky. "Convey to the other eight families - and tell all their forefathers to come for a meeting about this within three days at the Ye family!"

"Prepare to hinder the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!" The Nine Great Families' leaders were all sleepless in this night!

Everyone seemed at a loss.

Where could they go?

Nobody expected that the Nine Tribulations Sword would come so quickly this time!

The first generation of the sword master needed ninety years before he obtained the nine Tribulations Sword's fourth piece after the first phenomenon appeared from the first piece, and only then did he start the bloodshed.

The second generation of the sword master used seventy years!

Even the eight generation of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword needed twenty years - but the ninth generation only needed less than three years!

Was he a monster?

Every family became frightened and unsettled, and a nervous atmosphere of the storm clouds that were coming permeated the Higher Three Heavens in an instant.

Even in this moment, nothing seemed to be happening in the other eight families after they received the message from the Ye family, but every single person who was worthy enough to know knew that their forefathers were already hurrying towards the Ye family.

The Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword managed to get the fourth piece, and this was a very important matter that concerned the survival of the Nine Great Families!

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