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Ji Mo was screaming in astonishment, but Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Xie Dan Qiong and the rest were intently watching this battle. They appeared very solemn, as if they were facing saints.

"Is this the strength of Martial Saints?" Gu Du Xing gently touched the hilt of his sword. His eyes flashed with lights as he gently said.

"Is this the strength of Martial Saints? But it's not at the peak level yet?" There was a deep look in Dong Wu Shang's eyes and he softly said.

"They are the true experts!" Xie Dan Qiong and Xie Ao Yun thought of the same thing at the same time. They revealed burning gazes and thought to themselves, "I'll reach this level one day."

"Their powers should contain fire." Rui Bu Tong suddenly thought of something unbelievable.

"Their powers aren't that impressive..." Tan Tan was scornful as he watched this battle. However, he also couldn't comprehend his own thinking. "My current powers are so insignificant. If their powers aren't that impressive, what is mine considered?"

However, no matter how hard he persuaded himself, he still thought, "Their powers are indeed not impressive! Not impressive!"

"F*ck you!" Tan Tan cursed at the Devil King inside his heart. He didn't expect the Devil King to be him and him to be the Devil King. The two of them were the same person...

Before Tian Bu Hui knew it, Shi Chang Feng's attack was already arriving towards him!

He was slightly astonished to discover that Tian Bu Hui was among the swords just as he unleashed his attack.

He immediately shifted his attack a little to the side!

However, just as he shifted his attack, Young Master Yu also formed a slit in his huge, tidal wave sword!

The sword qi that contained Shi Chang Feng whizzed like a hurricane from a gap in space! After this, Young Master Yu used his sword to form a circle. A mysterious streak of force surfaced and caused the sword qi to slightly change its direction.

It only changed a little.

A boom sounded, and their attacks collided forcefully in the air!

However, it wasn't as terrifying as it was earlier.

Despite so, the tidal waves and sword qi neatly flew up into the sky. Instantly, they formed an atrium that was constructed from a huge patch of water current and flashing sword qi!

As the sun shone on this atrium, it appeared extremely beautiful and magnificent!

It was a miraculous scene. A view of paradise!

Shi Chang Feng was stunned. "Why is there such an upward propulsion force from Young Master Yu's attack this time? This is completely illogical." However, he didn't have time to think things through. He only subconsciously grabbed Tian Bu Hui over.

Those below them could see everything clearly. They were completely shocked!

That streak of flashing sword qi that Shi Chang Feng exited from seeped out from the slit that Young Master Yu created before it shot two thousand feet forward like a meteor star. It actually...

As a boom sounded, it struck the stele of the Flowing Cloud Supreme Martial Artist!

It was very accurate!

It perfectly struck the word 'Cloud' in the description 'Flowing Cloud of the Heavens'!

It was important to note that Shi Chang Feng was more than two thousand feet away! Even if he was a Martial Saint, and even if he aimed very accurately, he wouldn't have been so accurate!

However, everything wasn't a coincidence because of Young Master Yu's involvement!

It was premeditated!


Sword lights were shot over.

They stopped just because they reached the stone stele. After this, they silently turned invisible. Following this, an all-engulfing aura surged from the Flowing Cloud Supreme Martial Artist's stone stele!

At the same time, the Matinal Wind Supreme Martial Artist's stone stele also unleashed an earth-shaking aura. It combined with the Flowing Cloud Supreme Martial Artist's aura to tackle the sword aura that was approaching!

The speeds of these two auras were much faster than Young Master Yu and Shi Chang Feng.

The greater the offensive power, the greater the backlash!

Just as the sword qi struck the stone stele, Shi Chang Feng immediately suffered a huge backlash!

Shi Chang Feng screamed in astonishment. He only felt two auras locking on him and his body turned icy-cold. Even his heart turned cold. He suddenly felt that he couldn't move.

He shouted before spitting out blood. He flung Tian Bu Hui, who he had just saved, to one side before he quickly retreated!

His life was in danger. How could he still be concerned about someone who had just recognized him as his stepfather?

Tian Bu Hui was still delighted from being saved as he crashed straight into the windstorm formed by two Supreme Martial Artists!

Chu Yang swore that he had envisioned, on countless occasions, how Tian Bu Hui would die. However, he didn't expect Tian Bu Hui's wicked life to end in such a manner!

The auras of the two Supreme Martial Artists were overwhelming.

Tian Bu Hui could only mutter a sentence before he died, "Thanks stepfather..."

He was mentioning this just as he was saved by Shi Chang Feng. He only finished saying it just as things developed until such a stage.

After this, he was completely overwhelmed by the two auras.

"Plop!" It was as if a pig's bladder had been forcefully burst. Tian Bu Hui's blood vessels ruptured at the same time and blood spurted out from his body like drizzles of rai.

Every streak of blood that spurted out from his body formed a beautiful parabola.

Immediately, Tian Bu Hui rolled into a ball before an explosion sounded. He was turned to nothingness!

Everything happened in a blink of an eye...

Everything happened very quickly, but everyone saw everything clearly.

He was an anti-hero of his generation. But he perished before he fully fulfilled his potential.

Chu Yang sighed slightly before he thought, "Damn it, he's finally dead!"

Shi Chang Feng retreated quickly, but he didn't have enough time to turn his body around!

The two auras came for Shi Chang Feng after they killed Tian Bu Hui!

Shi Chang Feng screamed tragically. His long sword was crushed by the two auras. As he opened his mouth, he spat out blood. His blood was thick and viscous, and he spat them out in huge volume! Even though they were very far away, everyone could roughly estimate that Shi Chang Feng had spat more than two-thirds of the blood in his body!

It was definitely at least two-thirds!

Shi Chang Feng seemed to have shrunk.

After this, he was dragged up by two brutal gusts of aura and was flung away. He was like a feather, blown away to an unknown place.

Young Master Yu was silently watching. After this, he quickly pursued.

He didn't forget to wipe the beads of perspiration on his forehead.

"Damn it...fortunately Mo Tian Ji warned me before I left to fight..."

"Otherwise, if I endured such a suppression, it's likely that I would have...if that's the case...I wonder if these two Supreme Martial Artists will spare me on account of the fact that I'm the last Genie left?"

Young Master Yu thought for a moment and thought that things weren't that reliable...

"It's really damn weird..."

After Shi Chang Feng was flung away by the two auras, he revolved back like a boomerang. After making one revolution above everyone, he seemed to realize something and quickly exerted strength downwards.

Everyone on the ground quickly dropped to the ground!

The high, icy-snow platform that the Nine Great Clans and Enforcers constructed was crushed into powder. Everyone screamed in astonishment and fell from the sky!

At this moment, they couldn't circulate their vital energy!

Everyone crashed pathetically. Even the white-bearded Enforcer also turned red after crashing onto the ground. His legs trembled slightly, and he couldn't even stand up straight.

There were even others that were sorrier than him. Young Master Chen Fei's head had drilled into the ground and his legs were facing up.

He was like a quail in the ground. As his head drilled into the ground, he only exposed his butt...

His legs were pointing straight into the sky, and they weren't moving.

As for Young Master Ye Shiyu, he was sitting on the platform earlier. He stretched his legs out as he excitedly watched the battle. However, when he fell off the platform, his legs were crossed. As he crashed onto the ground, his butt and crotch exactly struck a pointy block of ice. After he crashed down, he rolled his eyes and fainted.

Chu Yang's tongue was out in shock. "This freak might really turn into….that."

That two auras suddenly disappeared...

It was as if they didn't exist before...

The heaven and earth turned quiet.

Suddenly, groans were heard.

Those young masters from the Nine Great Clans and their bodyguards crawled up from the ground pathetically.

Their groans were unceasing.

Chen Fei Chen's legs finally touched the ground. After that, he exerted force and pulled himself out from the ground. He dizzily spun two rounds before he sat down on the ground again.

He only got slightly more clear-headed after shaking his head.

"Aiyo eh~~~" A tragic groan sounded. Ye Shi Yu hands were in his pants. He was like a prawn that was being cooked - squirming non-stop. His face had completely contorted and he was also panting...

"This is so painful..." Young Master Ye groaned in pain. He panted a few times as he said. He sat down on the ground, with his legs forming the figure of eight. He lowered his head and silently pulled his pants out to check on his condition. After this, he appeared very depressed, "Oh's swollen..."

Ye Meng Se stood up. Seeing Ye Shi Yu in this state, Ye Meng Se couldn't help but mocked, "What's the point of leaving 'it'? Why are you so bothered?"

"Ye Meng Se!" Ye Shi Yu shouted. "I'll fight it out with you..."

"Shut up!" Ling Han Xue held her waist as she stood up from the snow. She furrowed her brow and shouted furiously.

The two of them quickly shut their mouths.

Ling Han Xue turned her attention to the stone stele, and there was a look of fear deep in her eyes. "These are only two streaks of intent that those Supreme Martial Artists left behind!"

"What will it be like if they are personally here?"

When she thought of this, everyone also thought, and they couldn't help but shudder.

In the distance, a figure in green walked over leisurely. It was Young Master Yu. He was holding onto a corpse that resembled a mummy. This corpse belonged to Shi Chang Feng!

He had finally found Shi Chang Feng, who was still slightly breathing then. After that, he gave Shi Chang Feng a lethal slap before bringing him back.

Who would have expected a Grade 3 Martial Saint to have died so unexpectedly and indignantly?

"I've won!" Young Master Yu shouted. "Those who aren't convinced, come on out!"

When he said this, everyone present rolled their eyes. Everyone else was dead. Young Master Yu didn't have any competitors left.

Only Chu Yang saw the look of seriousness deep in Young Master Yu's eyes.

Chu Yang also turned tense when he saw this serious look.

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