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Victory had been decided in this battle!

No other conclusion could be reached. One party was already dead. How could they be unconvinced? Just like what Young Master Yu said, there wasn't anyone left for him to fight.

"We've won!" Mo Tian Ji looked at the white-bearded Enforcer on the ground.

"Not bad!" This Enforcer's expression was a little complex.

As an Enforcer, he had been involved in countless battles in his entire life. Furthermore, all those battles happened in the Upper Three Heavens. Every one of them was more intense and tragic than this battle. Those involved in those battles were also of higher cultivations as compared to those involved in this battle.

However, there was something indescribable about coming to referee the battles in the Upper Three Heavens.

"The battle is over. We've won." Mo Tian Ji slightly smiled and said, "However, I still have to ask all of you about something regarding our opponent. Are all of you perplexed by the sudden appearance of all those Martial Emperors, Martial Monarchs and Martial Saints? What is the reason for the appearance of those experts even though they aren't supposed to appear in the Middle Three Heavens?"

He chortled and laughed, "Of course, they are all dead and there's no point in saying anything. However, if this carries on, the Lower and Middle Three Heavens as well as the Upper Three Heavens will be in a great mess if the Nine Heavens can be disrupted so easily!"

"I wonder what's the purpose of Enforcers if that's the case!" Mo Tian Ji sounded very proud and calmly commented, "Enforcers...hehehe..."

The white-bearded Enforcer's face turned red.

He glared at Shi Cheng Yu.

"If not for the Shi Clan, we wouldn't have been rebuffed. We'll settle this with your clan when we return!"

Shi Cheng Yu's face turned extremely red and he appeared very furious. He said, "Nonsense! Yes, those people are from the Shi Clan. However, they had no choice but to take action because of some personal grudge. Furthermore, they are already dead. Where's the honor in defaming the dead?"

"I didn't say that I was honorable!" Mo Tian Ji retorted. "However, whether it's their personal grudge or whether it's a national grudge, the laws of the Nine Heavens will always be the laws of the Nine Heavens! There's no law that states that intervention is permitted because of personal grudges!"

"However, the law doesn't state that intervention is not permitted because of personal grudges!" Shi Cheng Yu laughed coldly.

Mo Tian Ji continued to remain calm, "Regarding the laws of the Nine Heavens, you should discuss them with the Enforcers and not me. I'm sorry - I'm not very familiar with the laws of the Nine Heavens."

Shi Cheng Yu was stunned. He discovered that the way that the three Enforcers was looking at him was a little weird! He suddenly turned pale and his body started to tremble.

Suddenly, he regretted his words and realized that he had fallen into Mo Tian Ji's trap.

Mo Tian Ji said everything to bait him to say that the laws of the Nine Heavens didn't state that intervention was prohibited because of personal grudges!

The moment he mentioned this, he would have fallen into Mo Tian Ji's trap!

"Since when is it the Shi Clan's turn to explain the laws of the Nine Heavens? What's the point of Enforcers then?"

"As a young master from the Shi Clan, you are openly admitting that in front of everyone that the Shi Clan is indeed exploiting the absence of Enforcers this time."

If Shi Cheng Yu didn't mention this, the Shi Clan could feign ignorance and push the blame away even if the Enforcers came to ask them anything. "We don't know anything. What?! They actually went down to the Middle Three Heavens? I'll go and check..."

As this matter dragged on, anything major would slowly turn into a minor issue.

However, the Shi Clan could no longer shirk their responsibility the moment Shi Cheng Yu said this.

How could Shi Cheng Yu not be panicky?

The three Enforcers didn't say anything. They only took a deep gaze at him.

After this, they turned around.

Shi Cheng Yu looked around him and only saw that Li Ba Tian, Ye Shi Yu, Ye Meng Se and the rest were all gloating over his misfortune.

He suddenly turned very grim.

The gazes of those from the rest of the Nine Great Clans and Enforcers were focused on a few people.

There was a fervent look in their eyes!

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang and Mo Tian Ji were the most outstanding and eye-catching young fellows!

One was a Sword Emperor, one was a Saber Sovereign and the last one was the God of the Abacus and Ghost of Calculations!

As for Young Master Yu, they knew that such a figure couldn't be drawn over anymore. As for the rest, they didn't regard them at all.

Chu Yang's performance was also very eye-catching. However, he appeared to be less eye-catching as compared to the rest.

This was a situation that Mo Tian Ji deliberated created in this battle.

The three of them performed outstandingly and stole the limelight from Chu Yang. Others might notice him, but they weren't too bothered about him. In this way, the rest wouldn't really consider Chu Yang a big threat.

After all, it was acceptable for a few genii to appear in the Middle Three Heavens.

For a day and night, no one said or did anything.

They placed great emphasis on regaining their abilities.

Including the Nine Great Clans and Enforcers, everyone didn't feel so good after being suppressed by Supreme Martial Artists. They needed to circulate their powers to slowly recover. In addition, it was impossible for them to fully recover in a day and night.

Furthermore, all of them just experienced a huge battle and were feeling emotionally repressed right now. They couldn't exactly discuss any important matters...

In the night, Mo Tian Ji carried out a forecast that involved risking his life, as he wielded his Yin-Yang Sword.

This was a series of steps that he designed before the battle started.

Although things had changed rather drastically, they still continued to proceed in the way that he had expected.

When the moon above the Middle Three Heaves shone, Mo Tian Ji spat out a mouth of blood and collapsed softly to the ground.

Chu Yang rushed over to support him and fed him a Nine Heavens Pill. After this, Mo Tian Ji slowly woke up and he appeared very weak.

"I've sort of discovered it. You are basically playing with your life by carrying out this forecast!" Chu Yang sounded a little whiny as he said. "How can you continue doing this?"

Mo Tian Ji chuckled, "Performing a forecast naturally requires some form of sacrifice of one's own fate. Without sacrificing a little, how can I gain anything?"

He seemed a little happy and said, "But this is also the greatest value of my existence, and also my greatest interest! When I find out things that others don't even know, I feel a sense of achievement. This sense of achievement trumps everything else!"

Chu Yang took in a deep breath and didn't know what to say.

"Is Dong Wu Shang and Rui Bu Tong outside?" Mo Tian Ji asked. "Invite the both of them in. I have a few words to say to them."

"Wu Shang, do you like Mo Lei'er?" No one would have expected Mo Tian Ji to ask this after Dong Wu Shang entered.

Dong Wu Shang was a little stunned and also confused. He scratched his head and replied, "I don't...I don't really know about this. I only know that I don't dislike being with her."

Dong Wu Shang was a tall and burly guy. When he scratched his head, he appeared very cute. Chu Yang was amused and couldn't help but laugh when he saw this.

Chu Yang's eyes rolled a little and he said, "Then, Wu Shang, did you feel heartbroken when you witnessed Mo Lei'er fainting after spitting blood?"

"Yes!" Dong Wu Shang was very straightforward and direct with his response this time. "I suddenly felt very heartbroken. After that, I felt as if my heart had been wrung...but this doesn't seem to be related to whether I like her or not..."

After hearing this, Mo Tian Ji rolled his eyes.

"Alright, Mo Lei'er's father, Black Devil, is already seriously crippled. The Black Devil Clan basically disappeared after a battle. Even though the Black Devil Clan is on our side now, we won't let such a cold and cruel clan prosper again!"

"This is why it's already a little inappropriate that Mo Lei'er is with us now."

Mo Tian Ji considered his words very carefully, "If Mo Lei'er goes out with you to 'get some fresh air'...first, she can get rid of the gloominess in her heart. Second, she can fulfill the Black Devil's wish. Thirdly, you can do a favor for your brothers. The question is, will you be willing to do so?"

Dong Wu Shang only heard the penultimate sentence, that he could do a favor for his brothers. After he heard this, he agreed readily. "What's there to be unwilling about?"

"That's, that's great! Go and prepare. Prepare to be inseparable from Mo Lei'er." Mo Tian Ji laughed weirdly and said, "Don't worry. We'll take care of the Black Devil! He'll be fine as long as I'm around! Even if he has to die, I'll die before he does!"

Mo Tian Ji was completely serious since he put things in this way. There was no need to doubt his words anymore.

"I believe you!" Dong Wu Shang reacted instantly.

"Okay, following this, you'll need to...this way...after it this way.... after this.... this way...." Mo Tian Ji lowered his volume.

"What?!" Dong Wu Shang shouted! His eyeballs were about to pop out.

"Why are you shouting? I'll send someone to help you!" Mo Tian Ji snapped as he glared at him.

"Bu Tong, do you want to go to the Upper Three Heavens to tour around?" Mo Tian Ji smiled as he asked Rui Bu Tong.

"Whoever doesn't want to go is an idiot!" Rui Bu Tong was even more straightforward.

"That's great. You have an opportunity now..." Mo Tian Ji picked his brows.

The night was dark and silent. Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji strolled by the side of the Lake of Death.

"After the mess that's happened in the Middle Three Heavens, I'm afraid that the Upper Three Heavens will experience a huge mess at least once too." Mo Tian Ji said. "Given the mess here, I'm afraid that the Enforcers will jam a part of the passageway between the Upper Three Heavens and Middle Three Heavens! As for the other parts of the passageway, they'll be heavily guarded. There will no longer be anyone from the Upper Three Heavens that'll sneak down to the Middle Three Heavens to cause trouble. At least this isn't possible in the short term."

"Is this why you arranged for Dong Wu Shang and Rui Bu Tong to enter the Upper Three Heavens before this is enforced?" Chu Yang asked.

"Yes." Mo Tian Ji placed his hands behind his back as he looked at the sky and softly said, "Your fate is still in chaos! I can't predict it. However, no matter whether I can predict your fate or not, I've already prepared beforehand and I'll be prepared against any unwanted situations!"

"You should also know that I'm a very cautious person!" Mo Tian Ji smiled. "The Upper Three Heavens is too unfamiliar to us. I won't recklessly barge into the Upper Three Heavens with all of you!"

"Dong Wu Shang is brave and intelligent, while Rui Bu Tong is sly and adaptable. With the two of them leading the mission, I believe we'll able to set a strong foundation for our future operations! No matter how long it takes before we can ascend to the Upper Three Heavens, we'll still need to hammer two nails in first!"

Mo Tian Ji said, "At least we won't be clueless when we ascend there!"

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