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A battle between Martial Saints was different from a battle between Martial Kings, Martial Emperors and Martial Monarchs!

Even if it was a battle between Martial Monarchs, it was impossible for this plot of river and mountain to be destroyed. This was because this was once a battlefield that had once been used by Supreme Martial Artists!

However, a battle between Martial Saints could completely destroy everything over here!

This was why Young Master Yu flew up even before the battle started. He wanted to fight in the air! He wanted to restrict the fight to an air battle!

Whoever fell off the sky first would be the first to lose!

Seeing that Young Master Yu was so domineering and confident as he rose into the sky, the few Enforcers appeared to admire him.

A martial artist must be free of misgivings. If he needed to kill, he would kill. If he needed to fight, he would fight!

However, Young Master Yu chose to fight in the air, which was of a higher difficulty, because he didn't want to destroy the traces of the Supreme Martial Artists over here!

This was his show of respect towards the truly strong martial artists!

This was a form of respect towards his own path of cultivation!

Only those with respect had a future. If someone didn't respect a position that he wanted to rise to, he wouldn't be respecting himself!

How could someone possibly obtain the highest achievements if he didn't even respect himself?

Chu Yang silently thought of all these and seemed to be very pensive.

After this, Chu Yang discovered something. It was something he didn't notice, something that he had completely neglected. Ever since he came here, his sword spirit had entered a state of complete silence!

It didn't say anything from the start until now!

Chu Yang suddenly thought of something and started summoning his sword spirit.

His sword spirit seemed to have awoken from a long, deep sleep. It said in a lifeless voice, "Young Master, everything depends on you now."

After this, it entered a state of deep silence once again!

Chu Yang was astonished and started to feel slightly worried.

At this moment, Shi Chang Feng shouted and drew out his sword. He pursued Young Master Yu like a meteor and burst into the sky!

Everyone lifted their head at the same time.

In the sky, two men clad in green were seventy feet apart. They stood steadily in the air, as if they were standing on flat ground.

Shi Chang Feng was tall, and his long beard flowed in front of him. He wielded his sword with his right hand and his left hand was placed behind his back. The look in his eyes was very sharp and his sword light was cold and eerie. From the looks of it, he appeared to be an expert martial artist.

Young Master Yu placed both his hands behind his back. They were empty, and he wore a calm yet arrogant look on his face. He was watching Shi Chang Feng with a calm gaze.

"Young Master Yu, you are fighting me without any weapon?" Shi Chang Feng furrowed his brow and asked. He was a little delighted in his heart, "If you're over-confident and dare to challenge me empty-handed, you'll be doomed today!"

"I don't underestimate my enemies!" Young Master Yu slightly smiled. "Even though my opponent in front of me now is only a loser, I won't unnecessarily lower my guard."

Shi Chang Feng was furious, but he took in a deep breath and calmed himself down. He gritted his teeth and said, "Then what are you waiting for?"

Young Master Yu gently laughed and slowly shook his head. He said clearly, "Since you can't wait to die, I'll grant you your wish!"

As he said, he took out his hands from his back.

His fingers were white and silky, but his hands were empty.

However, Young Master Yu's right hand made a half-circular sweep and grabbed outwards.

"Clang!" He actually grabbed a long sword that shone with cold lights from the air. The sword was three feet and three inches long, and it shot out cold lights!

Young Master Yu wore a deep gaze as he swept his sword, "I'm sorry, my friend. It's a little unfair on you today. My opponent is only a weak piece of rubbish, but I need you to personally help me. I'm so sorry."

Shi Chang Feng was on the verge of erupting in anger.

Young Master Yu let out a long laughter and flew diagonally upwards. Following this, he bent his body in mid-air. Instantly, his body was facing the bottom while his head was facing the top. His sword lights rained down following this!

Shi Chang Feng shouted, "Nice one!" He immediately used his long sword to react to the incoming attack.

At the stage of Martial Saints, it no longer mattered whether they wielded divine weapons!

If they were powerful enough, they could turn a blade of grass into a sharp sword!

He dodged Young Master Yu's sword attack before he burst over.

Lightning flashed, and the two swords struck each other in the air.


When the two thin swords collided against each other, it sounded as if two mountains had violently collided in the air. An extremely loud sound was heard!

The entire heaven and earth seemed to become dark.

Their underlying strengths were unleashed, and all the snow on the ground were scattered more than a hundred feet into the air. They filled the entire universe! After this clash, the clear sky was instantly covered in snow once again!

As snowflakes scattered in the sky, two human figures were rapidly getting closer and closer to each other. They were so quick that they were almost invisible. One sword was as quick as a bolt of lightning, while the other sword was like a clap of thunder!

Two streaks of sword lights intersected in the air to form a cross. This cross was still flashing blindingly, but the two of them who fought had already risen up into the clouds. After this, they even covered several thousands of feet in distance as they fought.

Streaks and streaks of sword lights kept on appearing in the air. However, the two of them were no longer in their original positions when these sword lights appeared!

The snow on the ground kept on scattering into the air, turning the sky full of snow. Visibility was extremely poor! This avalanche that was formed was even more intense than the avalanche that formed earlier!


A loud boom was heard!

Both of their left hands clashed in the air. The both of them groaned at the same time before they were flung backward!

Suddenly, gusts of wind generated from their relentless confrontations caused the smooth Lake of Death to ripple. Instantly, huge tidal waves were formed and rose into mid-air!

They rose into the air from the Lake of Death as if they were a huge dragon! They released a terrifying aura and formed a magical scene in the air!

Young Master Yu shouted and opened both his legs apart in the air. He started to quickly sprint in the air. In just a few steps, he managed to reach the Lake of Death, before he waved both his hands.

A patch of strange, green gas suddenly filled the sky!

The tidal waves that rose seemed as if they could understand human language. Young Master Yu seemed to command them, as they started to gather towards his palms.

In the next moment, they slowly took form in the air, turning into a huge sword that was a hundred feet wide, fifty feet thick and five hundred feet long! The tip of the sword shone with cold lights, and it seemed as if it wanted to tear open heaven and earth!

Young Master Yu softly shouted, "Go!" Both his arms jerked, and this extremely enormous sword flew towards Shi Chang Feng! It wasn't slashing, chopping or stabbing. It was being flung towards Shi Chang Feng!

Shi Chang Feng's beard drifted as he shouted coldly, and his body quickly retreated back. As he retreated, he kept on sweeping his sword. Bright sword qi weaved and intersected, appearing in dense concentration in the air.

The sword qi didn't disappear at all. Instead, it formed an extremely huge sword!

After this, Shi Chang Feng stopped retreating backward. The sword seemed to be carrying extremely heavy matter, as it was moving forward at a very slow speed. Shi Chang Feng loudly roared, "Destroy!"

The huge sword clanged as it let out a cry, before it flew over!

The further it flew, the faster it became!

It collided with Young Master Yu's enormous, tidal wave sword!

It was as if two planets had collided against each other!

"Not good!" The white-bearded Enforcer quickly opened both his hands. Vigorous vital energy surrounded the icy-snow platform around his body.

All the exponents from the Nine Great Clans also quickly tried to protect themselves.

Following this, the huge windstorm bore down on all of them.

Suddenly, thousands and thousands of feet of snow churned! Snowflakes rose several thousands of feet into the air and formed the shape of an extremely huge mushroom cloud!

Initially, Chu Yang and the rest were all watching the battle. When he saw this situation, Chu Yang's mind quickly moved and he shouted, "Everyone, circulate your powers. Let's hold one another's hands and resist this windstorm1"

Everyone followed his instructions. Just as they held one another's hands, the windstorm had already bore down on them!

All of them was swirled into the air as a loud boom was heard. They were flung more than four hundred feet into the air! They were instantly drenched at this moment.

On the other side, Tian Bu Hui was even more pathetic. He screamed and rolled up into a ball as he flew up. He slowly turned into a spot of black as he flew further and further away. After this, he fell into the Lake of Death.

Everyone climbed up pathetically, but the air was completely blurry. Visibility was extremely poor.

They could only hear the buzzing sound of silence.

Evidently, the two Martial Saints were still fighting in the sky!

After a long while, all the snowflakes slowly settled down and visibility became much better. Everyone lifted their heads instantly to see what was happening.

However, they only saw countless Young Master Yus and Shi Chang Feng appearing in mid-air when they lifted their heads. Every one of them wielded a sword and fought each other.

Chu Yang looked attentively and suddenly felt much more relieved.

No matter how Young Master Yu's body movement changed, he would still remain standing above the Lake of Death. Whereas Shi Chang Feng could only face Young Master Yu's attacks!

This meant that he was facing the Lake of Death!

Young Master Yu laughed and calmly said, "Strong cultivators from the Shi Clan of the Upper Three Heavens are indeed extraordinary."

Shi Chang Feng snorted and said, "Weis can't be underestimated too." Young Master Yu chortled.

His laughter was very gentle, but it carried a subtle meaning too. Just like a gentle gust of wind that swept across a bamboo forest, his laughter left one peaceful and tranquil even though it rustled slightly.

Immediately, Young Master Yu softly said, "However, how can the Shi Clan compare to us?"

He leaped into the sky and started to fly across space. He quickly retracted all the shadows that he created, leaving only his actual self.

After this, his milky-white face flushed, and he shouted, "The real attack is coming!" He clapped his palms, releasing a loud, crisp sound!

It seemed as if space had been torn apart and seven black holes appeared to have surfaced in the air.

Following this, the water from the Lake of Death started to rise from various directions. There were seven currents of water, generating warm air as they rose. As they rose eight hundred feet into the air, they turned into seven huge swords!

A tragic scream resonated in the air!

Chu Yang turned his attention over and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

There was a person on the tip of the sword right in the center of the seven swords!

Tian Bu Hui!

He fell into the center of the Lake of Death and wanted to swim his way up. However, Young Master Yu 'treated' him as water and drag him up too!

He was turned into a weapon.

Right now, his arms were stuck close to his waist and his legs were extremely straight. He was struggling greatly, and his body was extremely stiff. However, he was proceeding at lightning speed towards Shi Chang Feng, his newly-acknowledged stepfather. He was attacking Shi Chang Feng!

Chu Yang reckoned that Tian Bu Hui had never unleashed his abilities until such a level in his entire life before.

"Damn it! A flying man! Tian Bu Hui is impressive!" Ji Mo screamed in astonishment.

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