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Although he had never been very fond of the Black Devil, Chu Yang still felt a tinge of sourness in his heart.

Was it ruthless? Was it cruel? No!

This was because the Black Devil had no choice. This was because the battle of Martial Kings and the battle of Martial Emperors were separated. Martial Kings fought first.

Hence, if the Black Devil did anything suspicious, the remaining Black Devil Martial Emperors would be in massive trouble. In addition, Chu Yang predicted that the Black Devil would only defect in the battle of Martial Emperors!

Thus, he had no choice but to sacrifice these Martial Kings!

If these people directly defected, the Black Devil's troops would be completely wiped out. The others could only achieve something if these people died. The others could only survive if these people died!

He was doing all these for his daughter. It was a painful choice that he had to make!

After letting out a long sigh, Chu Yang drew out his sword from Qin Zhi's corpse, which fell softly onto the ground. Chu Yang silently thought to himself, "I'll convey your message to Wu Shang!"

After this, he roared into the air, as if he was venting his frustrations. Following this, he turned around and started killing people maniacally!

Everyone was shouting and groaning. Who would have noticed this insignificant scene amidst all the bloodiness?

When both sides clashed with each other, they could only see the other party relentlessly advancing forward! They were madly trying to make breakthroughs!

However, Chu Yang's side left a pile of corpses behind them as they advanced forward and also managed to take control of their enemy's territory. On the other hand, the members of the other party were killed as they tried to force their way into Chu Yang's territory.

The thousand over Martial Kings from the other side had now decreased to less than five hundred.

Whereas there were more than eight hundred men left on Chu Yang's side!

The members of both sides were heavily panting at this point. Their eyes were bloodshot as they glared at their enemies! They were prepared to risk their lives to decide the victor of this battle!

On the battlefield and above it, blood was everywhere!

On the ground, fresh blood flowed uncontrollably, forming a blood river that twisted and turned as it flowed towards the distance. At the start, hot air was still smoking from all the blood that splattered. However, the hot air soon disappeared as they were frozen.

Tian Bu Hui charged towards the Black Devil furiously, "What's going on? Why are all your people so weak? Why are they so easily taken out? What's the meaning of this?"

The Black Devil's face was slightly contorting behind his mask as he looked at all the corpses in black as well as the patches of flesh on the ground. It contorted in pain, and he was evidently gritting his teeth as he spoke. He said every word in a deep voice, "I've already mentioned before…the assassins that I have trained can only operate in the dark! Two Martial Kings can even kill a Martial Emperor!"

"But how did you organize them? You actually expose them to the enemies and made them fight head-on with our enemies! You've…you've destroyed all my hard work. And you still dare to ask me why my forces are so weak?"

He stepped forward and glared at Tian Bu Hui, "Can't you see that they are all dead now? Can their corpses possibly be fake?"

"Did you see them fleeing? Did you?"

He was furious as he glared while inching closer and closer to Tian Bu Hui, "How dare you ask me what the meaning of this is! I want to ask you instead - what are you plotting?"

After he said all these, everyone started to feel that Tian Bu Hui had gone overboard.

The Black Devil was very strong, but his strength had always been demonstrated in the area of assassination. There hadn't been any instance that he fought directly with his enemies!

Tian Bu Hui used such a reason to blame the Black Devil after all of the Black Devil's men had perished...he was being absolutely heartless!

The both of them immediately drew their swords and they were on the verge of clashing.

At this point, a long whizz resonated. It was extremely resounding and intense!

Everyone's attention was drawn over immediately.

Chu Yang shouted, "Brothers! Let's throw all of them into the Lake of Death!"

All of his remaining eight hundred men shouted, "Throw all of them into the Lake of Death!"


Chu Yang's expression was extremely cold and indifferent as he lifted his sword up. He was the first to charge forward.

Behind him, all his men also shouted as they charged forward.

Right now, there weren't any Black Devil assassins left in the enemy's lineup! Chu Yang felt a little disappointed over this, but he also felt very angry and sorrowful!

This was why he went all out to kill his enemies!

Someone in white flashed past him. Suddenly, Xie Dan Qiong appeared beside him and the two of them charged forward shoulder-to-shoulder together.


Intense shouting and screaming also resonated from the other side. Sabers and swords were raised at the same time and countless fierce and ferocious faces could be seen as everyone burst towards their enemies!

Everyone only had their enemies in their eyes right now. There was nothing else!

At times, they would hit onto corpses on the ground. However, they didn't care about the identity of these corpses and just kicked them away! "Don't blame me. I might become one of you any time. My corpse might be incomplete, and I might be kicked away by someone else..."

Chu Yang let out a clear roar and he flew up along with his sword.

He was about to begin a killing spree!

However, he obviously discovered a bright flower before he was about to unleash his wrath. This bright flower had already bloomed in front of him!

This flower was like a genie that sparkled in the air. It flashed and appeared on the left before it flashed and appeared on the right before it disappeared!

However, that flower was so beautiful such that no one could bear to caress it, look at it or even think of it! The beauty of this flower was completely out of this world!

However, this beautiful flower only brought death!

This was because every time that it flashed and every time it appeared, a life would be taken away!

On the faces of those who were looking at this flower, there was s till a look of awe and intoxication! It was as if they were willing to die after witnessing such a beautiful scene. Their appreciation for immense beauty didn't disappear even in such a brutal and ruthless battle.

However, the flower represented darkness and annihilation even though it was extremely beautiful!

Fresh blood was bound to flow after this flower flashed!

It was the Flower of Death!


When a Vibunum appeared, all other flowers disappeared!

The power of a Vibunum was demonstrated at this moment! It was cruelly beautiful and elegantly ruthless. At the same time, it represented a gentlemanly way of mercilessly killing living things!

The extreme brutality that this immense beauty brought about moved even the members of the Nine Great Clan and the Enforcers!

Xie Dan Qiong had finally unleashed the true power of a Vibunum!

It was even Chu Yang's first time witnessing such a killing spree!

However, Xie Dan Qiong's expression was extremely calm and indifferent! He kept on unleashing his Vibunum without any care for life. Every time his Vibunum returned to him, he would unleash it again!

Chu Yang thought to himself, "If Xie Dan Qiong is able to smile as brightly as his Vibunum every time he unleashes it, I believe it should be even more powerful..."

Even as he thought, he didn't stop for a moment.

He swept his sword and immediately unleashed his "Ceaselessly destroying everything". A patch of white sword light danced across the air as Chu Yang flew. He landed at an area with a dense concentration of people. He swept his sword once again and tragic screams could be heard.

Three people's bodies had been slashed into half at their waist.

Seven burly men leaped over from three different directions.

Chu Yang charged forward and stabbed his sword into the bodies of two men. After this, he slid to his right before slashing his sword. Three human heads flew into mid-air and three sabers and swords were immediately turned into six sections of sabers and swords. They started drifting in the air as if they had no weight.

Before the corpses even collapsed to the ground and before his sword even came into contact with any dust, Chu Yang swiftly turned around and returned back to where he was, dragging up flakes of snow behind him!

The two enemies that were initially behind him were now in front of him.

Two clangs were heard as their swords clashed with Chu Yang's swords. Given how sharp Chu Yang's sword was, the two swords were slashed apart as if they were tofu. Chu Yang then stretched his thin sword and managed to squeeze in between the gap between the two men.

The two of them were stunned for a moment. They quickly turned back and wanted to chase after Chu Yang.

However, the moment they moved, their entire upper bodies flew out while their lower bodies were running!

As their upper bodies flew out, they were immediately greeted with three sabers and swords. Some of those from Chu Yang's side thought that Chu Yang didn't kill the both of them yet, thus they quickly came to his mind.

However, they only managed to slash their corpses!

Whereas Chu Yang was already forcing his way into another encirclement at this moment. Three of his Martial Kings were being surrounded by seven to eight enemies, and they were in big trouble!

When Chu Yang rushed over, one of the Martial Kings was already screaming. He had been slashed quite a few times and blood was already splattering everywhere. Following this, he couldn't breathe as he was attacked by several sabers and swords. His flesh was instantly being carved apart from his body.

Chu Yang shouted and charged over with his sword. He twisted his sword and a silver river of sword light was unleashed. Six of the enemies were instantly killed as he unleashed his attack!

On the other side, Luo Ke Di was fighting four Martial Kings at the same time. A berserk scream ensued, and a sword silently stabbed towards Luo Ke Di's waist.

Luo Ke Di didn't realize anything!

Although Chu Yang saw this, he was being surrounded by enemies and couldn't come to his rescue in time. Suddenly, he shouted and kicked his leg out. He managed to strike the neck of a Martial King!

"Kacha!" This Martial King couldn't even groan before his head was kicked off from his neck. As blood splattered, that Martial King's head flew off as quick as a bolt of lightning!

The Grade 9 Martial King that was about to succeed in his sneak attack on Luo Ke Di suddenly felt weight on his wrist. It was then that he recognized that his sword had stabbed into a human head!

When he took a closer look, he realized that he was looking at his own subordinate! He was furious as he shouted, "Who did this?"

However, Chu Yang had already chopped off three heads and managed to make his way in front of him as he shouted. The two of them didn't even speak and quickly clashed!


The sword of the Martial King broke. Chu Yang flew up into the air and viciously kicked his chest. He was flung back from this kick. Along the way, he was attacked by seven Martial Kings under Chu Yang. When he finally dropped onto the ground, he had already turned into a skeleton that was no longer breathing!

The bloodiness of the battle had reached its extreme!

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