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Both sides seemed to have gone berserk as they charged furiously towards one another! Their fighting spirits were at their highest now.

However, those who were spectating this battle could tell the difference between both sides!

On Chu Yang's side, everyone wore a ferocious yet passionate smile on their face. There was a sense of disdain and derision hidden within their smiles as they charged forward. Whereas those on Tian Bu Hui's side appeared very gloomy. They glared and silently charged forward.

One side appeared very confident, while the other side seemed to be very furious. It was very evident which was the superior side!


Only those who were confident were able to smile in a battle!

In addition, those on Chu Yang's side appeared very orderly as they charged forward. Two people formed one group, while ten people formed a team. They congregated together to form a triangular shape as they charged forward.

On the other hand, their enemies were very disorganized.

Victory had already been decided at this moment!

"This side is very prepared. Just from how they are coordinating with one another, it's evident that they have been practicing this for ages!" The white-bearded Enforcer complimented.

The rest silently nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

"However, there's only a slight difference in the abilities of both sides. Even if one side wins, it's only going to be a pyrrhic victory!" The white-bearded Enforcer made his conclusion.

"That's right. If there are over two hundred survivors from the winning side, I think they can consider it a glorious and massive victory." The thin elderly Enforcer said.

Below the stage, Mo Tian Ji was watching the battle from afar. He revealed a slight smiling intent on his face.

Gu Du Xing said, "What do you think about this battle?"

Mo Tian Ji laughed relievedly, "I am hundred percent confident that we'll win!"

"Hundred percent confident?" Gu Du Xing was shocked. He didn't expect Mo Tian Ji to be so confident.

"Originally, both sides stood an equal chance of winning. Perhaps our chances were slightly higher. However, after I organized and coordinated our side, our chances have increased to seventy percent! In addition, Chu Yang managed to boost their morale and caused our enemy to become frantic. That raised our chances to ninety percent! Finally, we have Chu Yang, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Tan Tan and the rest. This means that our chances have been completely raised to a hundred percent!"

"Moreover, there's also an unstable factor in our enemy's camp." Mo Tian Ji smiled and said, "Black Devil!"

He paused for a moment before smiling sinisterly, "As a father, I don't believe the Black Devil is unmoved."

Gu Du Xing seemed to have been enlightened.

As they were conversing, Chu Yang had already picked up his speed.

Following this, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and the rest also picked up their speed and separated themselves from the big group.

The formation that they adopted was like a huge triangle! Whereas Chu Yang and the rest were at the tip of this massive triangle. As they increased their speed, they resembled a gigantic triangular bow that shot out a sharp arrow!

This formation was very effective for offensive purposes. However, those at the tip of this triangle were under the greatest pressure and were most likely to die!

By separating from the big group, Chu Yang and the rest were using their individual strength to bear this immense pressure and crush their enemy's first wave of attack! They were trying to mess up the rhythm of their enemy's attack. In this way, those behind them wouldn't need to handle the immense pressure and they could directly tap on this advantage to bring down the enemy!

However, this meant that all the pressure was on Chu Yang and the rest!

They were very quick. Chu Yang was already wielding his sword and a bright, round beam of light was shot out furiously. As he flipped his body around, he managed to assimilate himself with this vigorous beam of sword light!

A loud whiz came from his sword light, "Many people are going to die under my hands..."

To outsiders, it seemed like he had already unleashed his killer move right from the start! It was his strongest move!

He was giving his all right now!

This was why Chu Yang shouted. He wasn't just shouting; he was shouting at the top of his voice. He was extremely dominant and ferocious!

This was because…these few moves weren't the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique even though they originated from the Nine Tribulations Sword. Furthermore, they were very powerful and weren't inferior to the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique!

"All of you are here to watch the battle and find the owner of the Nine Tribulations Sword. Alright…I'm standing in front of all of you. I'll let all of you clearly see and I'll scream until all of you go deaf…but I'm not going to use the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique!"

"If any one of you can still call me out, I really don't know what to say..."

Chu Yang's sword light was like a circular arc as it spread outward.

Chu Yang burst into the enemy's territory along with his sword1

A boom sounded. It felt as if a bomb had landed.

The moment Chu Yang's sword touched the others, tragic screams resonated!

His sword was sharp and indestructible. His swordplay technique was irresistible1

In just one move, he managed to create a huge hole in the Martial Kings' camp!

Chu Yang laughed and roared into the sky, "Blood under my sword!"

As his sword light moved, a patch of wavy silver light was created. It got closer and closer. It surged closer and closer.

Plop plop plop plop plop plop...

More than twenty people were struck at the same time. Chu Yang flew forward and he stepped on the human heads as he advanced forward.

"The world is heartless!"

Chu Yang moved more than a hundred and seventy feet in a blink of an eye. Wherever he passed, his sword light paved a way for him and blood scattered everywhere!

"Ceaselessly destroy everything!"

He shouted!

"Boohoo.." His sword light seemed to go berserk and formed a huge sword web among the enemy's territory. After this, his sword light furiously shot everywhere!

Just as Chu Yang shouted and unleashed his attack, everything noticed how dominant he was, especially those from the Nine Great Clan. All of them were shocked by whatever he was doing.

They immediately turned their full attention to him.

However, all of them seemed very disappointed after witnessing two moves that Chu Yang unleashed. "While he is very strong and powerful, and it's obvious that he has unleashed his killer move, it isn't the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique."

"This young man is a talent! However, he isn't the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!"

Since they thought that he wasn't the master of the Nine Tribulations, they slowly turned their attention away…"

After Chu Yang unleashed his third move "The world is heartless", Ji Mo and the rest also shouted furiously. They began to charge into the crowd from different directions!

This was a disaster!

Tian Bu Hui's alliance didn't consist of any Martial King who was an exponent. They were easily overwhelmed as their enemy charged towards them!

Following this, the nine-hundred men big group rushed towards and mounted immense pressure on them!

A huge collision ensued!

The huge hole that was formed earlier became even bigger and bigger! Nine hundred over men surged in and broke up the alliance before individual battles ensued.

In just a matter of seconds, the entire battlefield had become a mortal hell!

Heads started flying around and broken limbs were strewn everywhere. Fresh blood splattered everywhere and everyone's eyes turned red. They were killing one another furiously1

In such a situation, Mo Tian Ji's arrangement immediately had a decisive impact!

Two people formed a small group and attacked as a group. One of them was in charge of defending while the other was in charge of making offensive moves. Their defense was impenetrable while their attack was irresistible.

The coordination of the different small groups was impeccable. Every time a small group was in danger, they would ask for help and their enemies would immediately be overwhelmed. Wherever there was danger, people would swoon over to aid their comraddes.

This was the "emergency response force" that Mo Tian Ji organized1

When he came up with this idea, the rest didn't think that it was a viable idea. To them, there wasn't any point of coming up with such a response force in a battle that consisted of thousands of people.

However, they realized the effect of such a response force in such a messy situation right now. They were completely astonished!

They managed to save many of their comrades that were almost on the verge of dying under the enemies' hands! Many of their enemies who initially had an advantage eventually died without even knowing why...

Whereas Chu Yang turned into a huge beam of sword light and wreaked havoc everywhere. He surged forward and back in the enemy's camp, moving from east to west and from south to north. He expended all his effort to create immense chaos in his enemy's camp, which constituted an effective attack!

"King of Hell Chu!" Chu Yang suddenly heard someone calling him.

Chu Yang lifted his bloodshot eyes and looked.

He saw a Black Devil assassin draped in black charging towards him.

Chu Yang suddenly thought and swept his sword. He cleared a plot of space before he charged forward to receive his enemy.

This Black Devil assassin charged towards him furiously as he roared. He slashed his thin sword without mercy and killed many enemies that were in his way as he burst towards Chu Yang.

A loud clang resonated as the two swords collided with one another. The Black Devil assassin's sword was slashed off in the middle. In the next moment, Chu Yang stabbed his sword into the Black Devil's chest.

He was so successful that he felt that it was unbelievable. As that Black Devil charged over, he managed to kill three or four Martial Kings from his side. How could he possibly be so weak?

This Black Devil's forward momentum didn't stop. He slid forward even as Chu Yang's sword was in his body. The tip of Chu Yang's sword poked out from his back, while he revealed a silent, smiling intent on his face. As he inched closer to Chu Yang, he used his extremely low voice to quickly mutter, "King of Hell Chu, tell Dong Wu Shang that I won't let him off even as a ghost if he dares to bully my junior sister!"

Chu Yang was shocked and focused his gaze on this Black Devil.

This Black Devil revealed a comforted and satisfied smile on his face before saying, "This is a price I have to pay..."

After he finished speaking, the look in his eyes turned dimmer. However, he suddenly struggled and said, " My name is Qin Zhi...I've always liked...but I don't dare...don't dare...I feel great today!"

After he finished speaking, his breath stopped.

His black mask slipped off, revealing his youthful appearance. At this moment, he was smiling as his eyes were closed. There was also a peaceful look on his face.

Chu Yang was shocked and suddenly lifted his head. As he focused his gaze, he turned his attention towards the Black Devil in his enemy's territory. He suddenly turned furious, "Black Devil, what are you planning to do?!"

Many things could be deduced from his words.

Among all the Black Devil Martial Kings in this battle, many of them knew!

This person who called himself Qin Zhi was the Black Devil's Immediate Disciple.

Qin Zhi liked Mo Lei'er, but he had never dared to confess his feelings.

He was here to offer his life today! However, he was very delighted to reveal whatever that he had been hiding in his heart.

Why was he delighted?

"Tell Dong Wu Shang that I won't let him off even as a ghost if he dares to bully my junior sister!"

He was desperately, hopelessly and painfully in love! This was why he died peacefully today!

It was because he had relieved himself of all his burden.

And he paid the price for it too!

No wonder Chu Yang felt that everything was going on smoothly today. He was still wondering how the Black Devil was going to deal with today's situation. Right now, he knew that the Black Devil was so extreme!

He had made such an extreme arrangement!

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