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Ji Mo and Huyan Aobo teamed up together and fought side-by-side in the battle! One of them was taller and one of them was shorter, one of them attacked and one of them defended. They shared great chemistry with each other!

On the other side, Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng were even fiercer. The both of them were mainly adept at assault and they were equally crazy and bold!

In addition, they would cover each other's backs as they attacked. Tan Tan was to the left of Xie Dan Feng, while Rui Bu Tong stayed very close to Xie Dan Feng's right!

Even though Xie Dan Feng was in this battle, she wasn't even a Martial King yet! She was only an advanced-level Reverend Martial Artist. Tan Tan wasn't able to completely protect her in this battle of Martial Kings!

This was why Rui Butong's main responsibility in this battle was to protect Xie Dan Feng!

This was Chu Yang's instructions!

Such an instruction was, to some Martial Kings, pretty selfish and cruel. However, Chu Yang had no other choice.

Xie Ao Yun's face was already stained with blood. It was as red as the scarf on his head. He had more than seven to eight wounds on his body, but he didn't stop advancing forward to kill his enemies!

"Aowu…aowu!" Luo Ke Di shouted at the top of his lungs as he was slashed. However, this only made him more ferocious. The result of his brutal training at the Far North Wastelands was finally revealed at this moment!

He shouted furiously and relentlessly burst forward to kill his enemies!

Even when Chu Yang appeared beside his side, he didn't even realize.

The entire battlefield started out with more than two thousand people on it. It dropped to slightly more than one thousand three hundred people, but this number further decreased to one thousand!

Eventually, there were only less than seven hundred people left!

The number of casualties suffered by Chu Yang's side in this battle far surpassed the previous one!

This was because their enemies knew that they were doomed to die! Hence, they went all out with their lives!

Whereas those from Chu Yang's side made a roaring start in this battle. In addition, they had a numerical advantage. It was inevitable that they got a little complacent - this was human nature!

However, it was this complacent nature that caused more than a hundred exponents to die!

This second battle went on much faster than the first battle!

It was about to end not long after it just begun.

Slowly, the battlefield became smaller and smaller and it was mainly divided into three parts.

There were less than a hundred exponents remaining on the enemy's side. All of them were now surrounded by hundreds of Martial Kings right now! Tensions were rising, and everyone no longer feared death at this point!

Their only remaining belief was to kill their enemies!

Even if they had to die, they were going to drag their enemies down with them!

It was sufficient as long as they killed one enemy! It would be a bonus if they managed to kill two!

"We're going to die anyway!" A Martial King from the enemy's side shouted. He didn't even bother dodging any attacks coming his way and just leaped forward! In mid-air, his body was stabbed by more than ten swords. However, he shook his hand and his sword flew out from his hand and managed to pierce the chest of a Martial King!

The sword completely passed through the body of that Martial King and continued to shoot forward in the air. It flew more than hundreds of feet forward before it finally stabbed into the snowy ground. It shook as hot blood dripped down!

As Chu Yang commanded, a few of his comrades flew up and quickly found their way into the three different parts of the battlefield!

Ringing sounds echoed, and a series of tragic screams resonated. After this, the entire battlefield turned silent!

Apart from those from Chu Yang's side, there wasn't anyone else standing anymore!

After a momentary silence, some people bent forward and started to spit out blood.

These people tolerated their internal injuries earlier. It was only at this point that they spat out blood because they were finally relieved. If they spat out blood like this in the battle, they would have died...

Retching sounds started to resonate and everyone started to heave a sigh of relief before they sat down on the ground. They didn't even care whether there were broken swords and sabers or corpses on the ground. They just passed out.

They were completely overdrafted!

The fighting earlier was even more terrifying than a nightmare!

Chu Yang scanned his surroundings and was slightly shocked. He couldn't find a complete corpse on the battlefield at all!

Only flesh and blood could be found strewn on the ground.

There were more than two thousand people in the battle initially! However, there were less than four hundred survivors right now. There were even many more whose limbs were broken. And these people were even the lucky ones!

Under such a circumstance, even the best coroners wouldn't be able to form at least three hundred complete corpses, much less more than one thousand and five hundred bodies!

Everyone was a Martial King and unleashed their full abilities. The moment they were attacked, their bones and flesh would scatter everywhere. Just before they drew their last breath, they would even be subjected by a barrage of attacks!

Everyone would rather attack a corpse than give their enemies an opportunity to sneak attack the! Given such a mentality, how was it possible for someone to die with his entire body still attached? It was impossible!

"Report strength!" Chu Yang stood depressingly, and fresh, hot blood dripped down from his head.

After accounting, there were only three hundred and sixty-four survivors left on Chu Yang's side!

They had nine hundred and ninety-six men at the start but was only left with three hundred and sixty-four now!

The bloody fog that permeated across the entire battlefield had yet to dissipate. Everyone was silent as they faced this terrifying scene!

"Men! Tend to the wounds of the injured. As for the rest, clear the battlefield! Throw all the corpses into the Lake of Death!"

Chu Yang's eyes stopped being bloodshot. As he looked at the corpses on the ground, he gritted his teeth, causing his cheek to protrude out slightly. He took in a deep breath of the fishy air. AS he lifted his head, he let out a long sigh.

He finally turned his head around and coldly shouted. He gave out a cruel order!

In another place and at another time, such an order was undoubtedly very cold, heartless and brutal.

However, they were at the lakeside of the Lake of Death right now.

Whether it was the corpses that were thrown into the Lake of Death or those who were cleaning up the battlefield, this was a form of glory. This was a form of respect towards the enemies!

Only the victors had the glory of cleaning up the battlefield!

Only the bones and corpses of heroes could be thrown into the Lake of Death. They could unite with the spirits of all the heroes of previous generations, witnessed by two Supreme Martial Artists!

This was the Middle Three Heavens. Whether it was life or death, this was the most glorious place!

Chu Yang clearly knew the mentality of those from the Middle Three Heavens. However, he still felt very conflicted when he said this. He felt that it was a pity.

This was because he was talking to so many of them just yesterday. When he talked about today's battle, he recalled how a Martial King from the Xie Clan readily said, "I'm only lucky to still be alive. If I can in the Lake of Death, my life is not wasted. Furthermore, my wife and daughter have already been killed by those few young masters from the Ao Clan. I have no more misgivings in my life. The earlier I die, the earlier I can reunite with my family."

Right now, this Martial King's body was lying somewhere distant.

Chu Yang could hear the sorrow and anger in his voice. The young masters from the Ao Clan sinned, and the master of the Ao Clan made amends for their mistakes. The few young masters and their instigators were already dead!

However...his wife and daughter will not become alive again!

He didn't personally avenge their deaths in the end!

However, he wasn't able to avenge their deaths at all. Perhaps the only wish he had was to reunite with his family again!

There was another person - he was a Martial King from the Ao Clan. When Chu Yang and Ao Xie Yun were together, that scrawny Martial King mentioned to Chu Yang and Ao Xie Yun, "If I die in battle and the both of you can emerge alive and victorious, please return and tell my son not to practice martial arts ever in his life! Please give him a few plots of land and let him free to find a wife..."

Right now, this Martial King was also dead. Only his head was left. His body couldn't even be found...

Chu Yang didn't know that why he had such a thinking. He didn't know why this Martial King didn't want his son to practice martial arts. But he knew that this Martial King must have had his reasons as a father!

The pugilistic world was filled with enmity, hatred and vengeance. It killed humanity and deprived many of their families!

"I'll pass on your words!" Chu Yang silently said to himself.

After this, he lifted his head and quietly closed his eyes.

"Brothers, take care of yourselves!"

"If there's another life, I hope we'll be friends again! I hope that we'll fight together again!"

As Mo Tian Ji commanded, the emergency response forces quickly rushed over.

However, they were met with resistance!

Apart from those who had passed out, those who had lost their limbs refused to return to recuperate!

"We want to clear the battlefield!"

"We want to stay!"

"We want to personally send our brothers and enemies into the Lake fo Death!"

"We hope that they'll find peace in the netherworld and may all their enmity disappear!"

"There's no enmity in the Lake of Death!"

In the face of their persistence, the emergency response force could only shift those who were unconscious away before silently returning.

Everyone seemed to be involved in some solemn ritual. They did their best to clear up the corpses, whether they belonged to the enemies or to their own people. After this, two people formed one team and walked towards the lakeside of Lake of Death!

They appeared very serious and solemn. They were very respectful and mournful!

They were still cutting at each other's throats earlier. But everything had changed in a blink of an eye! It was as if they were holding a funeral for their own loved ones. They were broken-hearted!

Such a scene and such an emotional change seemed too sudden and unfitting!

However, everyone present, including the Nine Great Clans and Enforcers, felt that this was how a man should act! After all, they were at the Lake of Death!

This was why no one made any sound. They only watched on silently and respectfully.

More than three hundred people were slowly clearing up the battlefield. They were cleaning up the battlefield meticulously. They wouldn't even allow a drop of blood to remain on the battlefield. They respectfully removed any remains from the ground and threw them into the Lake of Death!

They were cleaning up the place extremely slowly. However, everyone seemed very patient and tolerant at this point.

The water of the Lake of Death started to ripple as corpses were thrown into the lake. Ripples formed and spread, slowly disappearing. It was as if this was the last goodbye to life.

The sky was gloomy, and the cold wind slowly blew. It started snowing.

Tomorrow was the battle of the Martial Emperors!

Yet another batch of bodies would be buried in the Lake of Death again...

Gu Du Xing silently stood in front of the tents of his own camp. As he watched this scene, he recalled that it was his battle tomorrow. Suddenly, he felt very moved. He raised his brow and his aura started to surge!

As a clang resonated, his Black Dragon Sword shot out from his sword casket. Cold lights flashed and his sword flew into mid-air.

All the exponents that were present, including those from the Nine Great Clans and Enforcers were caught off guard. The swords at their waist all let out a clear cry! It was as if they were struggling to get out!

Bow down to the Emperor!

Once the Sword Emperor was unleashed, all swords had to obey it!

Suddenly, everyone was astonished as they looked over from all directions!

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