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Everyone fell silent!

This brave woman was professing her love in a crazy fashion!

Words like these, in a world where distinctions between men and women remained sharp, were not common! It went against customs!

Right now, everyone, including Tian Bu Hui's side, had no intention to mock her for it!

After a long while, almost a thousand people exclaimed, "Good!"

Everyone was riled up.

"Girl, we support you!"

Countless people were shouting.

On the Ling Clan's platform, Ling Han Xue looked down at Xie Dan Feng. She suddenly felt a sense of respect and admiration.

She admired how she dared to confess her love in front of so many people!

As a woman, Ling Han Xue knew that how much courage this required! For her to say this, it was akin to sealing off all her other options!

There was only one path ahead for her!

When she looked at Xie Dan Feng, Han Ling Xue sighed and thought, "If only… I had this courage all those years ago…"

Ye Shi Yu narrowed his eyes and looked down. No one knew what he was thinking.

Ye Meng Se sighed and said, "A courageous and pure girl like this is truly a rare breed in today's world! For her to love and hate so bravely, her loss would be an utter pity to this word." In his heart, he thought, "If the situation is desperate enough, should I take the risk of angering everyone to save her?"

As he thought, he could not decide.

Then, he sighed again and thought, "From this indecision alone, I cannot compare to her!"

Underneath them, every Martial King was walking out from their encampments. They all lined up behind Ji Mo in lines.

They did not say a single thing.

Ao Xie Yun and Xie Dan Qiong took a step forward. They stood next to Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Rui Bu Tong, and Tan Tan!

All of the other Martial Kings formed up behind them. Their gazes were all calm and their breathing seemed slightly heavy. However, as they stood behind these characters, they calmed down slightly.

The same was thing was happening opposite them!

Chu Yang, who wore black, took a step forward.

His footsteps were steady and his expression was fixed.

Everywhere he went, the crowd parted to make way for him. They all felt as if they were certainly going to win this fight!

Chu Yang stepped out from the crowd and then, he turned around. He looked at his entourage and swept them with his gaze. He looked at everyone's faces.

Whoever he looked at would feel hot blood pumping through his veins.

A quiet smile spread across Chu Yang's face as he said slowly, "The first battle will be fought by us! We already took the initiative to form up. Listen, the other side still needs coaxing…"

His mouth twitched as he laughed disrespectfully.

Instantly, everyone felt their anxiety evaporating as they broke out laughing.

"F*ck me… is he still trying to get them to line up?" Chu Yang's face was turned away from them. As he heard Tian Bu Hui's shouts, he smiled and said, "Look at them! They are creating such a big headache for Tian Bu Hui there…"

"Hahaha…" The laughter grew even louder.

"Fighting against these enemies… I feel that it'll be a piece of cake!" Chu Yang pointed behind him and said, "Look! Are they really our enemies?"

"No!" 900 people bellowed out at once!

With these words, they were able to see how disorganized their enemies were. Everyone instantly become full of confidence!

"Then, how long will we need to throw them into the Lake of Death?" Chu Yang looked at them with a look of scorn. Suddenly, he raised his voice and shouted, "Two hours! Can we turn them all into corpses and chuck them into the Lake of Death?"

He did not even ask them if they were confident of winning. Straightaway, he asked them how much time would he need to end the fight! Everyone was shocked as they thought, "Is there still a need to ask about the result of this battle?"

There was no need!

"Hahaha… we won't need two hours! An hour will suffice!" One of the Grade 9 Martial Kings laughed.

Everyone burst out laughing. Their morale was visibly high as they said in approval, "That's right! To defeat them, we won't need this much time, right?"

"Good!" Chu Yang shouted. Then, he frowned and said, "However, I feel that with just the few of us, do we really need to fight them for four rounds? Is the trouble worth it?"

"That's too troublesome! One round is enough!"

"What? Just one round? Time is tight though," said Chu Yang with false worry. He frowned and said, "What if…"

"There's no 'what if'! One round! One round! One round!"

"We'll take care of them in just one round!" Everyone shouted in unison.


Chu Yang bellowed. Then, he turned around, clasped his fists together, and with a lightning-like gaze, he said firmly, "Your Excellency, my brothers and I have decided unanimously that faced with these 1000 men, it's too troublesome to fight for four rounds! Hence, I request, on behalf of all 996 of us, to fight only round!"

"Determining the results with one just round?" The enforcer with the white beard frowned and said.

"That's right! Only one round. We'll beat them to a pulp!" Chu Yang shouted. Then, he turned around and said, "Brothers! Will we do that?!"

"Yes!" Everyone bellowed in unison. They shouted forcefully and the veins on their necks bulged!

The Enforcer said, "Since that's the case, I shall seek their opinion on this matter."

In fact, there was no need to seek their opinion. Now that Chu Yang had made this request so forcefully, how could Tian Bu Hui back down? If he did not accept it, his side's morale would be severely affected!

Hence, even if Tian Bu Hui did not want to agree, he had no choice!

Even if he agreed, he would be one step behind them!

"We agree! Let's settle the results of this fight with one round!" Tian Bu Hui gritted his teeth and said fiercely. He was extremely unwilling. He never expected Chu Yang to play this hand.

"Look! Just by making this one request, we infuriated Tian Bu Hui this much… he can't even speak. Haha. His face is completely red…? Eh? Why are you looking at me? What's the point in looking at me? Why are you glaring at me like this? Tian Bu Hui, do you accept it or not? If you don't accept it, bring it on! Glaring at me won't kill me!"

Chu Yang mocked Tian Bu Hui mercilessly.

Everything he said made his side burst out laughing. Their laughter grew in volume and became increasingly thunderous.

"Tian Bu Hui! Come! Come and die! Hahaha…" Everyone started to laugh at the same time.

Mocking the other side's leader in front of both armies was an incomparably exhilarating experience.

Why would Tian Bu Hui fight? He was the leader and his status was equivalent to Mo Tian Ji of Chu Yang's side. The formation of the entire contingent had had to be centrally organized by him. It would be foolish… for him to come…

"F*ck you!" Tian Bu Hui said angrily. "Why don't you ask Mo Tian Ji to fight as well?"

Chu Yang made a gargled noise and said, "If you don't dare to fight, then it's fine! Why drag Mo Tian Ji into this? Tian Bu Hui, have you no shame?!"

"Tian Bu Hui, have you no shame!" Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di shouted at the same time. This was as festive as celebrating Chinese New Year.

In the eyes of outsiders, who would have thought that this was a fight? They would think that this was a celebration.

"Tian Bu Hui doesn't dare to fight!" Chu Yang laughed. "What a coward! Useless bum! B*stard!"

Ji Mo howled, "Aowooooo! Shout with me, everyone!"

"Tian Bu Hui! Coward!" Ji Mo bellowed.

"Tian Bu Hui! Coward!" A thousand voices echoed.

"Tian Bu Hui! Useless bum!" Ji Mo shouted excitedly.

"Tian Bu Hui! Useless bum!" A thousand voices chanted back.

"Wow! Everyone is so in tune!" Ji Mo laughed. "It seems that Tian Bu Hui is meant to be cursed!"


"Tian Bu Hui!" Ji Mo shouted.

"Coward!" A thousand voices shouted back.

"Tian Bu Hui!" Ji Mo shouted once more.

"Useless bum!" A thousand voices shouted back once more.

"Tian Bu Hui!" Ji Mo shouted as he pranced about.

"B*stard!" A thousand voices replied with all their might.



The morale of Chu Yang's side reached its peak. However, the morale of Tian Bu Hui's side was extremely weak. In particular, when Tian Bu Hui wanted his side to return insults, 100 Black Devils on his side kept silent.

Tian Bu Hui was enraged. He rushed in front of the Black Devil and said angrily, "Are you guys mute?"

The Black Devil was enraged as he said, "Do you really not understand how we work? How many assassins shout and curse at their opponents before a fight? Tian Bu Hui, do you have no idea what we do?"

Tian Bu Hui had already been enraged by Chu Yang. Now, the Black Devil offended him too. He did not know what to say and he felt as if his stomach was about to burst from anger.

Next to him, the Li Clan quickly tried to soothe him to prevent him from actually fighting.

The Black Devil's face was unforgiving. He looked as if he was about to devour him.

This was evidently Tian Bu Hui's fault. Who would ask a bunch of assassins, who normally worked in the shadows, to shout and trade insults? This was like shooting oneself in the foot.

Yet, some people thought that fighting in broad daylight defeated the purpose of having assassins… Tian Bu Hui did not seem to have done wrong. Instead, the Black Devil was just making use of this chance…

"Wah… internal conflict! Internal conflict! Hahaha…" Luo Ke Di loved to kick his opponents when they were down. When he saw the conflict breaking out, he broke into a wide smile.

"Aooo… internal conflict! Hahaha…" Ji Mo shared Luo Ke Di's talent in this regard.

Everyone started to laugh.

Opposite them, the Martial Kings who were in formation started to turn around. Some of the Black Devils cursed, "Does Tian Bu Hui know how to command? Is he lacking a spine? F*ck, who will ask a bunch of assassins to fight head-on?"

Tian Bu Hui's handsome face was contorted with rage. With the situation in its current state, there was no need for any explanation. The only thing he could do was to let the fight start as soon as he could. Only then could he get rid of this emotion. He waved his command flag and bellowed, "Go! Kill them all!"

A thousand men charged over.

"Good!" Chu Yang waved his hand and took out a red piece of cloth and tied around his head. Everyone else did the same.

"Kill them all!" Chu Yang roared. "Finally, they're all here! I thought they won't dare to come!"

"Aoo!" 900 people roared in unison. Following Chu Yang, they rushed forward like a gust of wind!


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