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Upon hearing Tian Bu Hui's words, the members of the Nine Great Clans all had an expression of anticipation. However, the moment this dark voice came, their faces all turned.

Even Ling Han Xue and Chen Fei Chen's faces sunk. They felt that something was wrong.

Chu Yang was shocked. "Who is this powerful to silence the Nine Great Clans?"

When that voice rang out, everyone turned to look in shock. They saw three figures appearing at the entrance of the mountain!

They were all clad in clothes made from rough materials. Their sleeves were wide and they wore shoes made from rattan. While their manner of dressing was extremely simple, they all seemed to be distancing themselves from this world.

One of them had a sword to the left side of his body. The other one had a sword to his right. The third person's sword was behind him.

The one in front had white hair and a white beard. He seemed hale and hearty. The second person had gray and white hair. His body seemed slightly shrunken and skinny. His face was pale. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. As for the third person, his hair was entirely black and his face was as pale as snow. He stood there majestically and he seemed to be around 40 years old.

Evidently, they represented three different generations.

One of them was extremely familiar to Chu Yang.

He thought about it carefully before he realized that he had seen him before.

At that time in the Far North Wastelands, someone was forced to retreat by Bu Liu Qing's shout. It was this person.

Then, Chu Yang realized that he finally knew who they were, and he also knew why the Nine Great Clans feared them so much. They were the Nine Heavens Enforcers!

They were the most mysterious and powerful force in the Nine Heavens!

"How can we miss such a huge spectacle?" The old man in the front said slowly without lifting his head or opening his eyes. "We came without an invitation. I hope that the members of the Nine Great Clans will forgive this transgression."

"Of course, of course, don't worry about it," said Chen Fei Chen with a laugh. He then said hurriedly, "It's a delight that you are able to make it. Hahaha, please, take a seat."

The white-haired old man ignored him completely and mumbled to himself, "The Nine Great Clans pursued different paths, all of which led to heaven. We naturally hold you in high esteem."

This word visibly disturbed the representatives from all Nine Great Clans. Their faces blushed and paled at the same time.

'Pursued different paths, all of which led to the heaven' was a clear admonishment of the Nine Great Clans for ignoring the rule of the Nine Heavens and coming down on their own accord to influence these events.

"Hurhurhur… Enforcers, for this, don't you think that the scenery in the Middle Three Heavens is quite nice?" Ye Shi Yu laughed coyly as he batted his eyelashes habitually. However, the moment he did that, he realized that it was not the wisest thing to do…

The skinny old man with gray and white hair looked up and frowned. He shot his gaze at him as if it was a bolt of lightning.

Ye Shi Yu could not dodge it in time. He met his gaze and instantly, he shuddered and choked. With a 'Wah', he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body shook and he almost fell down from the platform.

The old man did not retract his gaze as he said plainly, "Is the scenery here nice? Why can't I tell?"

Ye Shi Yu did not dare to reply. He looked down and deliberately covered the hatred in his eyes.

"Today, all of you shall just spectate this fight. Once the fight is over, all of the great clans must return to the Upper Three Heavens with me!" The old man with a white beard said slowly. "If anyone doesn't obey the rules and try to do something else, don't blame me for not showing any face to the Nine Great Clans!"

After he said this sentence forcefully, he ignored the changes in expressions by the young masters and mistress of the Nine Great Clans. They walked slowly into the main battlefield.

Then, they erected a platform of ice and snow.

"The Nine Heavens Enforcers are domineering indeed!" Chu Yang said in a low voice. "It seems like once they head back, they will be dealt with. The Nine Great Clans must make sacrifices to resolve this issue."

Mo Tian Ji said, "From the situation at hand, this seems to be the case."

"Hence, Tian Ji, before they leave, is it possible to give these enforcers even more reasons to act?" Chu Yang thought deeply before he spoke.

Mo Tian Ji fell silent and said, "This seems difficult."

"It's difficult, but it isn't impossible," said Chu Yang as he stroked his chin, "For example, the Shi Clan of the Upper Three Heavens…"

Mo Tian Ji's eyes lit up.

"This battle concerns the issues of the Middle Three Heavens and hence, I shan't interfere!" The old man in white said slowly. "It's just a fight. If you guys are ready, you may begin."

Tian Bu Hui seemed to be jolted awake as he said, "Yes, I shall listen to senior's instructions."

He turned around and looked at Chu Yang and the rest and said, "Brother Chu, Brother Mo, shall we start? Everyone is here. No matter how we drag it, you cannot escape your defeat."

"Who said that everyone is here?" Chu Yang said slowly.

Mo Tian Ji smiled slyly and said, "Your men are here but ours aren't."

"Do you still have men who aren't here yet?" Tian Bu Hui's face changed as he said that. "Other than the people you have here, what other forces are you hiding?"

"The words of this rascal from the Tian Clan are like farts! I'm not here, so how can you say that everyone is present?"

With that, three human-shaped figures dashed up the mountain like comets.

Ao Tian Xing was delighted. He stood up and said, "Ancestors!" They were indeed the three Martial Monarchs of the Ao Clan, who had decided to come together.

Mo Tian Ji's face, which had been worried, finally relaxed.

With the arrival of these three Martial Monarchs, both sides finally had the same number of powerful cultivators!

The only consideration was the Shi Clan's Martial Saint, which may come and render assistance.

However, there was nothing they could do about that now. Everything that they should have done was done!

"This battle shan't just be about victory or defeat, but life and death!" Tian Bu Hui's face changed, but he remained confident of the prowess of his men. He raised his hand in a salute and said, "May our many elders be our witness! Those who live shall be victors! Those who are defeated shall die!"

The bearded old man nodded his head slightly.

As Enforcers, they were naturally exceptional.

The bearded old man looked at Chu Yang's side and asked, "Do you have any objection?"

Mo Tian Ji said dismissively, "This battle is about life and death anyway. Who cares about victory or defeat? Since Tian Bu Hui and the rest want to die, we shall fulfill their wish!"

The bearded old man narrowed his eyes and after a long while, he said slowly, "Good! Such a strong aura!"

Tian Bu Hui's words could be seen as a question. As his opponents did not reply, he directed it at the judges instead.

However, Mo Tian Ji's words sealed the rules.

Those who lost would not get to leave this place!

Once the two sides came to an agreement, even the Nine Heavens Enforcers could only sit and watch.

The bearded old man appeared shocked. Both sides did not lack Martial Monarchs or Martial Emperors. However, they were all led by two young men. This was surprising.

It was particularly puzzling that both sides were led by youths.

Chu Yang and Mo Tian Ji exchanged a look. Chu Yang was calm but he detected the panic in Mo Tian Ji's eyes.

From the arrangement of soldiers on both sides, Chu Yang's side would prevail in a fight between Martial Emperors and Martial Kings! However, in terms of the fight between Martial Monarchs, no one knew who would win. As for the fight between Martial Saints, they simply did not have a counter!

Mo Tian Ji was worried about the fight between the Martial Saints.

Chu Yang lifted his head to look at the sky and he felt his heart sink. "Why is Wei Gong Zi not here yet?"

At the same time, he was slightly worried. "If Wei Gong Zi came, would the Xiao Clan recognize him?"

After the fight that day, Chu Yang received a message from Wei Gong Zi. That made him relax slightly. However, Wei Gong Zi was still not here until now.

If Tan Tan had been triggered… and underwent a transformation, they were fully confident of victory. However, it seemed that Tan Tan's identity could no longer be kept a secret. This would mean that many powerful cultivators would come after him, which included the Enforcers. He would become everyone's foe!

Hence, Tan Tan could not be allowed to go berserk. After all, he was not fully in control of this too…

As for himself… if his sword spirit could materialize…

Chu Yang sighed and thought that if he tried another Sword Spirit Fusion, he may actually go on strike… after such a long time, he was still spending every day in the Spirit-Refining Spring with limited effects. The Sword Spirit would grumble every day until he ran out of energy. Only then would he shut up…

He could not imagine asking him for help.

Chu Yang frowned and thought.

At this moment, a voice came from underneath the mountain. Then, it reached the halfway point up the mountain! Then, another sound rang out as if the air in the sky was bursting apart.

This sound shocked even the Enforcers.

This was because only an absolute master would understand and experience this noise. When one's speed was too fast as he ascended, his clothes would rub against the air. The air would explode but the clothes would remain undamaged. Only then would this sound be created!

Even a Martial Monarch would not be this powerful and he definitely could not make this sound.

Everyone looked up.

A human figure flashed past and instantly created a confusing scene for everyone. Someone was approaching extremely rapidly and suddenly, he appeared in front of them!

This was an intense assault on one's senses and sight!

A man in green stood quietly at the entrance.

A young man with a handsome face and clad in green stood there. He was extremely handsome. Just by standing there, he was able to exude a carefree feel, as if he was capable of doing everything. While he was facing thousands of powerful cultivators, he seemed to disregard them all.

However, he did not underestimate them. In their eyes, they were all clouds and gusts of wind.

Then, he smiled and said, "Am I late?"

His green robes fluttered as he walked forward slowly and said, "It hasn't started yet so I don't think I'm late."

He seemed to delight in answering his own questions.

He appeared to be taking part in a banquet where the food was all served but no one had started eating.

He was relaxed and content.

Chu Yang narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "It seems like you made it."

The man in green robes wrinkled his nose to make a curious expression. Then, he sighed and said, "I was really afraid that you would have killed everyone by now… that will be such a shame."

Tian Bu Hui gasped in shocked, "Wei Gong Zi?!"

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