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Wei Gong Zi arched his eyebrows and said, "Someone actually recognizes me!"

Chu Yang smiled wryly. He never expected Wei Gong Zi to appear in such a high-profile fashion!

He was still thinking how would he try and conceal his identity…

"Wei Gong Zi, will your Dark Bamboo… participate in this fight among the Middle Three Heavens?" Tian Bu Hui could not help but feel his mouth turn bitter. The Dark Bamboo was such a significant force that if they came, this fight would have been over.

"The Dark Bamboo will not be taking part, but I will!" Wei Gong Zi said, "Am I not someone from the Middle Three Heavens? So… am I allowed to take part?"

Tian Bu Tian's eyes opened wide, sighed and, said, "It's good that Brother Wei can take part in this fight. How can I stop you from doing so?"

"Since you can't stop me… why not just shut up?" Wei Gong Zi said with a leer. "Can you just stop talking nonsense. Are you finding reasons to talk to me? Do you like me? Do I believe me when I say that I can beat your face to a pulp?"

No one expected one of the most powerful cultivators of the Middle Three Heavens to say this!

Tian Bu Hui's face was twisted. He turned red and purple.

"Brother Wei…" Chu Yang did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"It's not that my temper is bad. This guy is really asking for a beating!" Wei Gong Zi said in a polite fashion. "When I see the sorry look on his face, I thought I'm doing them a favor… If I don't show him what's true power, it will be more problematic when he comes over and tries to get involved. My greatest weakness is that I'm too direct and a good speaker."

Chu Yang smiled wryly and thought, "Isn't that your usual style? And as if anyone can make things difficult for you…"

"You're too direct?"

When Chu Yang heard that, he felt his organs contorting.

"That's right. You are a good speaker. You speak so well until no one dares to speak to you…"

Evidently, Wei Gong Zi did not appear in such a high-profile manner just for this. he immediately called up, "Who's from the Xiao Clan of the Upper Three Heavens?"

On a platform, Xiao Jue Chen, who looked like a country bumpkin, smiled and said, "I'm from the Xiao Clan, but I wonder… why are you finding me for?"

"Yeah, I'm curious as to why you b*stards are able to fart with your mouths open? The two people next to you once tried to surround and attack me! Right now, as they speak to me, they seem to not have recognized me? Do you recognize me?"

Young Master Xiao frowned and was visibly unhappy.

Next to Xiao Jue Chen, an elder stood up and said with a cold chuckle, "Many years ago, you were almost a lost soul underneath a sword. Today, you dare to create trouble?"

"Go and tell your master that after today's fight, I'll kill my way into the Upper Three Heavens and seek vengeance from the Xiao Clan!"

After Wei Gong Zi said that, he turned around and ignored them. He sat next to Chu Yang and said, "Why aren't you fighting yet? I thought you're here to kill? Glaring at others won't kill them!"

Chu Yang was already made speechless by him.

Mo Tian Ji finally relaxed and calmly, he arranged for battle deployments.

At this moment, Mo Tian Ji and Tian Bu Hui made adjustments to the battle formations. Since the Enforcers were the judges, how could they not know of the details?

The final rules of the fight scared even Chu Yang.

It was a mad fight to the death!

It would only end when one side was completely obliterated and had absolutely no hope of retaliation.

This fight would be divided into 11 rounds.

The Martial Saints would fight for one round. The Martial Monarchs would fight for two. The Martial Emperors would fight for three. The Martial Kings would fight four!

An explanation had to be provided: In a Martial King fight, no Martial Emperor could take part! In a Martial Emperor fight, no Martial Monarch could take part…

No matter how many Martial Kings one had, they would be divided into three squads. The leader of each squad had to be a Martial King.

The three squads would fight for one round each. If anyone survived, they would regroup and fight in the last round! It would only end when everyone from one side was dead.

The Martial Emperors would be divided into two teams, who would each fight one round. The survivors would fight once more.

The Martial Saints would be determined in just one round.

Finally, everyone who survived would take part in a mass brawl. The losing side would be tossed into the Lake of Death. The winners could descend from the mountain and take control of the losing side's possessions.

Naturally, after the start of the fight, if anyone was interested in a one-on-one fight, they could issue a challenge and enter a duel to settle their scores.

In short, the rules of the fight pointed to a cruel principle: Live, or die!

This was the rule of the showdown, and the rule of a showdown at the Lake of Death!

Everyone would be viewed the same!

The bearded old man stood up and read these rules out. His voice reverberated in the air.

Underneath him, everyone was silent. 3000 people, who represented the most powerful force in the Middle Three Heavens, were silent!


Death! Death! Death!

Among the 3000 people present, at least 2000 of them, and maybe even 2500, would be thrown into the lake! Everyone wondered if they would be one.

Who dared to say that they would survive? Even the Martial Monarchs dared not say that!

A tragic, heavy atmosphere was evident!

Everyone's breathing turned heavy. Their two eyes were bloodshot.

Amidst the silence, Dong Wu Shang bellowed and stepped out from the crowd. He walked to the center and waved his saber as he shouted, "Li Xiong Tu! Come out and die!"

Before the fight, Dong Wu Shang already wanted to challenge him to a duel! Evidently, he did not want to take advantage of Li Xiong Tu.

Dong Wu Shang's sturdy frame waved his saber. He was like an entire army!

The face of the Enforcer on top turned grim. He looked at Dong Wu Shang and his expression changed.

However, the skinny old man next to him said what he was thinking, "Such spirit! I never expect the Middle Three Heavens to possess such a character!"

Li Ba Tian's eyes were filled with worry.

Ye Meng Se looked at Dong Wu Shang and sighed, "It's a pity that this person was borne in the Middle Three Heavens."

With a roar, Li Xiong Tu flew out and his mountain-like body landed with a thud on the snowy ground. White snow flew everywhere. His laughter boomed, "Dong Wu Shang, had you not challenged me, I would have challenged you! Even after today's fight, our scores will still not be settled!"

Dong Wu Shang laughed, "That's what I want to hear! Li Xiong Tu, die!"

As he roared, his Black Saber flew into the air and suddenly, his saber light formed a black streak across the sky. In the snowy ground, it was very eye-catching!

Dong Wu Shang appeared to be rushing forward bare-handed but the saber light in the sky above him followed him as it charged forward alongside him!

Both saber and man turned into a moving saber mountain. The more he charged, the bigger it became. Finally, the very heaven and earth started to collapse as saber light filled the sky!

Dong Wu Shang's enmity and battling intent took the shape of a saber that he had never used before!

This saber was akin to Dong Wu Shang's peak!

However, this saber was also the first act of today's battle!

On the platforms, the Nine Great Clans and the Enforcers could not help but open their eyes wide in shock.

Chen Fei Chen said in shock, "Saber Sovereign!"

His exclamation reflected what everyone from the Nine Great Clans was thinking. Before Dong Wu Shang attacked, everyone just thought he was special but just special.

After all, with his cultivation, he was not a threat to them. Furthermore, with his family's power and resources, it was not impossible to turn a 14 to 15 years old boy into a Martial Emperor. It would not even be hard to turn him into a Grade 5 Martial Emperor!

However… with his weak cultivation, he was able to use his saber to tap on the power of heaven and earth! He made the very heaven shake… and fight for him!

This was the cultivation level of a Saber Sovereign!

A Martial Emperor was not scary. However, if one was able to combine with extremely specialized knowledge about a particular type of weapon, he would be exceptional! Normally, they would be a 'Spear Sovereign' or a 'Whip Sovereign'.

However, he was a Saber Sovereign!

In the Nine Heavens, he was only behind the Sword Emperor!

However, there could only be a Sword Emperor, not a Sovereign!

Hence, to become a Saber Sovereign, he was really the top Sovereign in the Nine Heavens!

For a Saber Sovereign like him, he did not lack intellect, resilience, or tenacity! If not, how could he become a Sovereign?!

Even in the Upper Three Heavens, very few people were like him!

None was as young as Dong Wu Shang!

Hence, everyone looked in shock at the spectacle before them!

Li Xiong Tu roared and his body, which was already at its physical peak, grew once more. With a loud clang, an impossibly large sword appeared in his hands!

This sword was two inches wide and six inches long. It was one-inch think and looked extremely heavy. It surely was not inferior to Dong Wu Shang's Black Saber!

He was blazingly fast too. His eyes bulged and his body spun. The mountainous sword spun and clashed with Dong Wu Shang's tempest of sabers!

Sharp sounds could be heard all over Li Xiong Tu's body.

The blade of the sword pierced through the sky and caused everywhere within a 10 meters' radius to turn jade-green!

With that one sword, the representatives of the Nine Great Clans and the Enforcers could not help but exclaim, "These youths are all prodigies!"

No matter who died today, it would be a great loss!

Li Xiong Tu's sword did not reach the level of the Sword Emperor. However, he had its weight. Compared to a real Sword Emperor, he was not much weaker.

The two of them had similar battling styles. They were both extremely open and disregarded their own safety as they struck with fierce strokes!

As everyone watched them fight, they instantly understood something: This was a fight among true men! When others saw this scene, their blood raced too.

Only those who fought like this could be called true men!

Dong Wu Shang and Li Xiong Tu roared as their sword and saber clashed!

Boom! Boom!

An impossibly powerful energy started to spread in all four directions!

Dong Wu Shang and Li Xiong Tu did not even move a single step. Blood out from their orifices.

Underneath their feet, the ground, which was tougher than cosmic steel, started to crack open!

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