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The two of them looked at each other in unison and saw the look of mirth in each other's eyes.

Both sides had already set up their camps but neither side initiated the fight. Everyone knew that no matter what happened, they had to wait for everyone from the Nine Great Clans to be here first.

Right now, only three of them were here. As for the rest who were not here, no one wanted to shoulder the responsibility of starting the fight without them.

It was noontime.

The sunlight shone on the snowy ground on the mountain but no one could feel the warmth of the sun.

A ray of white light shone past, dazzling everyone. Near the entrance of the mountain, three purple figures suddenly appeared.

In the center, there was a girl in purple. She was astoundingly pretty. Her brows were faint and her phoenix-like eyes exuded strength. She was tall but and with one look, one could tell that she was akin to a flower which had bloomed in the snowy sky.

However, her face was colder than the permafrost which covered this mountain! Her gaze seemed capable of freezing everyone she saw.

"Ling Han Xue of the Ling Clan!"

Other than stating her identity, she did not say anything else. Then, she slowly walked toward the lake and the only time her gaze changed was when she looked at the two stone steles.

"Sister Xue came personally," said Li Ba Tian as he laughed from the platform.

Ye Meng Se stood up and called out respectfully, "Greetings, Sister Xue."

Ye Shi Yu turned serious as he said respectfully, "Sister Xue, you're here…" His voice was no longer coy and feminine but instead, he seemed to be trying to get on her good side.

They were like mice which had seen a cat.

Ling Han Xue looked at them but said nothing. When she saw Ye Shi Yu, she frowned slightly and then, she walked past everyone, causing snowflakes to fly in her wake.

The moment she walked past, Chu Yang felt a bone-chilling cold.

Then, she waved her delicate hand slightly and a platform made out of ice suddenly shot up from the ground. She waved her purple robes and like a purple cloud, she slowly rose. On top of the platform, she closed her eyes and sat, unspeaking and unmoving.

The two purple-clad elders behind her were as still as statues too.

Ling Han Xue completely ignored Ye Shi Yu, Ye Meng Se, and Li Ba Tian. However, the three of them sighed as if they had been absolved of a burden.

The three of them had the same thought in mind, "Please ignore me! Please ignore me! If you don't… I'm screwed!"

Chu Yang thought, "Ling Han Xue has to be from the Ling Clan of the Upper Three Heavens."

"It seemed like Ling Han Xue's position was… really high. Furthermore, she was terrifying too. If not, why would Ye Shi Yu, Ye Meng Se, and Li Ba Tian be so scared…"

However, the top clan among the Nine Great Clans of the Upper Three Heavens was definitely the Ye Clan (Ye Shi Yu's clan). So why was Ye Shi Yu so afraid?

Hoof steps could be heard once more and another group of men and horses rushed up the mountain.

This time, they were led by a youngster. However, he brought a much bigger contingent than the other great clans. In total, he brought around 50 people.

When they came up, around 40 of them dispersed and joined the Tian Clan.

Only three of them was left. One of them was a young man who was about 25 years old. The other two were elders.

"I'm Shi Cheng Yu of the Shi Clan from the Upper Three Heavens. By the orders of my clan, I'm here to spectate this fight," said the youth politely. "As for the rest, because of a personal vendetta, they were invited to help out in this fight. However, whatever they do is unrelated to the Shi Clan. Everyone, please don't worry."

When he said that, even Ling Han Xue opened her eyes. She looked contemptuously at him before snorting.

How could anyone from the Middle Three Heavens resist those from the Upper Three Heavens? How dared he say 'please don't worry'? Who could not worry?

Ye Shi Yu clucked like a chicken and said, "Shi Cheng Yu, you really should be called a 'genius', right? Do you take us for fools? Is this the style of the Shi Clan?"

Ye Shi Yu looked at Han Ling Xue as if he was a rat and she was a cat. When he looked at Shi Cheng Yu, the roles seemed to have reversed.

He evidently did not hold him in high regards.

Shi Cheng Yu was not angry as he said, "It's a personal vendetta. What do you know about it?"

With that, he did not care what the others said anymore as he walked to a spot close to the side and ordered the two elders to build an ice platform.

As the ice platform started to rise, Han Ling Xue snorted and waved her hand. With a boom, the huge platform collapsed and disintegrated. Then, she said coldly, "Shi Cheng Yu, if you sit next to me, I'll kill you!"

Shi Cheng Yu's face was black but he was helpless as he said with a forced smile, "Sister Xue, why are you saying this? I hope to receive instructions from you. Since you don't want to, I shall sit further away from you."

With that, he swallowed his pride and erected another ice platform to the side.

Chu Yang did not turn his head as he said pensively, "This seems that the Shi Clan is not very scary. Among the Nine Great Clans, the Shi Clan is probably the weakest! Everyone can see that."

He paused for a while and then said, "Your memory is good. Look at these people and give me a run-down."

Mo Tian Ji nodded his head and said nothing. However, he definitely heard Chu Yang's words. He did not need to say anything. All he had to do was to use his brain.

Chu Yang's words were Mo Tian Ji's greatest source of inspiration.

The Shi Clan was the weakest.

Since it was the weakest, this meant that if they were to fight, there were countless possibilities for him to make use of their status! A natural clash would occur between the weak and the strong.

As Mo Tian Ji pondered how could he make use of this information, he instantly came up with almost seven to eight methods to subdue the Shi Clan.

As he thought, Mo Tian Ji took out a pen and a piece of paper as he recorded his thoughts. This was his habit. No matter what he thought of, as long as it could not be used immediately, he would try and record it down with his own unique writing system in case he forgot.

While his memory was almost eidetic, this was a habit which he had formed.

Normal people could not understand Mo Tian Ji's writings too.

If someone picked up his notes, they would go crazy trying to decipher his writings.

Then, the Zhuge Clan came. Compared to the other clans, the Zhuge Clan kept a much lower profile. They greeted everyone before quietly picking a spot and jumping onto it.

Then, the Lan Clan arrived. However, instead of sending a youth, they sent a middle-aged man who was about 30 to 40 years old. He was also accompanied by two guards.

Then, the Xiao Clan came. They sent a young master and two guards.

When the Xiao Clan came, Chu Yang paid special attention to him because the Xiao Clan was the biggest enemy of Young Master Clan.

If one wanted to see the foundation of a clan, they would look at its older generation. If they wanted to see its future developmental prospects, they should look at its younger generation.

The young master of the Xiao Clan was Xiao Jue Chen. However, he did not live up his name 'Jue Chen', which meant an otherworldliness, but instead, he appeared dark and mysterious. Furthermore, his triangular eyes and his garlic-shaped nose made him look a bit silly.

However, Chu Yang quickly changed his opinion. While Xiao Jue Chen was not good-looking and looked perpetually dumbfounded, he was definitely not!

No one who was dumb would be able to come today.

The only possibility was that Xiao Jue Chen was someone smart enough to dumb himself down to trick others.

Mo Tian Ji approved of this analysis.

He made an annotation next to the Xiao Clan: Pay special attention.

After a while, one more clan appeared belatedly.

"As the sun rises from the east, the stars will sink to the west! How many ages and how much hate? Half of all mortals and half of all spirits!"

With a clear voice, a youth in green appeared, walking at his own pace. He carried a fan in his hand. In this frigid environment, it was rather comical to see someone fanning him like this.

"I'm from the Chen Clan of the Upper Three Heavens, Chen Fei Chen. You can call me Fifth Master Chen," said Chen Fei Chen. "I'm here to spectate today so please don't suck me to me. Don't try and better your ties with me too. In other words, I don't really care about the battle of the Middle Three Heavens today. I'm just here to relax."

His two guards followed tightly behind him. They did not stop him from twirling his fan or from making his boastful statements.

No matter who heard his words, they were all visibly enraged.

However, Fifth Master Chen did not seem to care. He twirled his fan and continued walking forward. "If you don't like what I said, it's forgivable. I like your dislike. Of course, if you dare to say that to my face, I'll respect you."

With that, he almost enraged everyone on-site.

However, even those from the Upper Three Heavens did not rebut him. At most, they just snorted derisively.

"Chen!" A cold voice rang out. "Don't display your childishness here! If you want to watch this fight, sit down. If not, screw off!"

It was Han Ling Xue.

Only Han Ling Xue dared to talk to Chen Fei Chen like this in front of so many people.

Chen Fei Chen laughed and said, "Look who's there! It's Little Sister Xue. Since Little Sister Xue said that, I shall listen to your words."

Han Ling Xue's face was cold as she snorted and ignored him.

Chen Fei Chen actually created a platform of ice and snow right next to Han Ling Xue and sat on it.

Han Ling Xue was visibly enraged. She turned around.

Chu Yang looked at this scene and his heart went cold. "Fifth Master Chen is definitely someone scary."

In his heart, he thought, "He's definitely not as superficial as he shows!"

He was evidently trying to chase Han Ling Xue.

She was definitely unwilling.

"Could this information be used?" Chu Yang thought.

All Nine Great Clans were here!

At this moment, Tian Bu Hui laughed softly and said, "Everyone is here. Brother Chu, Brother Mo, Brother Dong, Brother Gu, my sword shan't be lonely for long!"

Before Chu Yang could reply, an ominous voice rang out, "Who told you that everyone is here?"

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