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Chu Yang and Mo Lei Er walked to the back to the contingent side-by-side.

No one could understand what was going on.

Why did this girl come to find Dong Wu Shang, but ended up walking off with their boss?

Mo Tian Ji looked at their figures and thought, "Perhaps boss knows where she's from? Why does boss know something I don't?"

"This could not be because my intelligence network is not powerful enough. There have to be other reasons."

Dong Wu Shang blinked a few times and then said angrily, "What did I do to her? I did nothing…"

When he looked at Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng's enraged expression, Dong Wu Shang said in indignantly, "I really did nothing!"

Huyan Aobo said coldly, "Do you think a girl will make up this lie just to frame you?"

Xie Dan Feng sniffed and said, "For matters that concern her honor, do you think she'll make it up?"

Dong Wu Shang did not know how should he reply.

Suddenly, something clicked in his head. He said seriously, "This girl must be our enemy. This was because she said that when she passed that piece of information, she ran the risk of being expelled from her family. Furthermore… she covered her face…"

Dong Wu Shang looked at everyone and said uncontrollably, "She really did just pass me a piece of news… She told me that Second Brother Gu's family was being ambushed by the young master of the Ao Clan… it's not what you think…"

"Only a piece of news?" Huyan Aobo chuckled coldly while looking at him. "So after she passed that piece of news to you, you took a knife and chased her for tens of kilometers?"

"Yes!" Dong Wu Shang nodded his head seriously. "That was what had happened!"

"Pfft!" Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng spat and said contemptuously, "Who will believe you?"

Dong Wu Shang was in a truly pitiable state as he said, "It's really the case…"

However, Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng had already walked off.

Dong Wu Shang extended his hands and looked lost. He said to Ji Mo, "That was really what had happened! I swear!"

Ji Mo coughed and said in a weird tone, "I believe you."

Dong Wu Shang's face turned red as he looked at Gu Du Xing and asked, "Second Brother, do you believe me?"

Gu Du Xing said, "What's the matter here? This girl is not bad. Even if you marry her, just let her bear you up and be done with it! Is it that serious?"

Dong Wu Shang almost spat blood when he heard that. "But I really did nothing! Really nothing!"

Gu Du Xing and Ji Mo comforted him half-heartedly and said, "Fine, fine, fine. You did nothing. You really did nothing? I know you did nothing. That day, I watched you look out of the window. You really did nothing…"

Dong Wu Shang the mumbled dejectedly, "It was a forest… there was no window…"

"Fine, fine, fine. It was a forest. There was only the two of you. You chased her off with a knife for tens of kilometers. Yes, yes, we believe you," said Luo Ke Di seriously.

Dong Wu Shang sat on the ground and placed his head on his knee. Then, he said, almost weeping, "But I really really did… nothing…"

This was the first time Dong Wu Shang had been framed!

This time, there was no way he could explain himself.

It was quite challenging to reduce Dong Wu Shang to this state.

Mo Tian Ji observed his expression carefully and proclaimed, "It seems that Wu Shang really did nothing! Something is wrong here! Let's wait for boss to get back."

Hot tears filled Dong Wu Shang's eyes as he grabbed Mo Tian Ji's hand. He shook but he could not say anything.

Chu Yang and Mo Lei Er were almost 30 meters behind the main contingent.

"Black Demon?" Chu Yang probed.

Mo Lei Er laughed and said, "King of Hell Chu really does live up to his name! Without having to think much, you are already so perceptive." With that, she looked at Chu Yang and smiled eerily.

"It's really you!" Chu Yang's head throbbed! This was really the Black Demon Young Master!

No matter the Black Demon Young Master was so secretive! No matter what, she would not reveal her face or her body. She always cloaked herself in wide black robes. She was actually a girl…

Chu Yang suddenly felt as if someone had handed him a yam.

However, it was too late for him to back out.

He gritted his teeth and stammered, "What… what are you doing here?"

The Black Demon Young Master, Mo Lei Er, looked at Chu Yang. After a long while, she said slowly and clearly, "I fell in love with Dong Wu Shang!"

Chu Yang instantly felt as if the ground had cracked apart.

His reaction was even more intense and violent than when the Black Demon himself had heard this piece of news.

All this while, the Black Demons had been Chu Yang's number one target. They were his biggest enemies in this lifetime!

In other words, the tragedy of Chu Yang's previous life was single-handedly orchestrated by the Black Demons!

Had the Black Demons not destroyed Mo Qing Wu's natural endowments, how could Chu Yang have been fatally ambushed by Mo Tian Ji?

Discounting everything else, it was because the Black Demons had acted against Mo Qing Wu which made it impossible for Chu Yang to forgive them!

A hatred like this can only be washed away by blood!

However, he did realize that had the Black Demons not acted against Mo Qing Wu, Chu Yang would not have gotten the chance to know Mo Qing Wu. The two of them would have just been passers-by!

However, that was just a big 'if' and not reality!

Right now, however, just when he was about to exact revenge, a Black Demon came up to him and said, "I fell in love with your Fifth Brother, Dong Wu Shang, and I want to marry him!"

Furthermore, the person who said that was the most important member of the Black Demons, the Black Demon Young Master!

Chu Yang's laughter was horrible to hear as he said, "Brother Black, are you joking…"

"Do you think I'm joking?" Mo Lei Er, the Black Demon Young Master, said to him, "The two sides are now competing in terms of raw strength and your side is evidently weaker. By joining your side, I'm willing to die together with Dong Wu Shang! Do you think I'm joking, King of Hell Chu?"

Chu Yang's words were stuck in his throat.

"I'm a Black Demon, but I'm also a young girl! I also have dignity and respect! If not for the death trap which we're in right now, do you think I'll really come and be interrogated by you? Won't it be better to rebuild our ties with the Dong Clan, and then slowly get to know Dong Wu Shang until he can accept me and chase after me?"

"The problem is that we don't have time right now! Your side has no chance of winning today's fight! You will die and Dong Wu Shang won't live! This is why I'm here!"

"I don't want to marry him formally but I just hope that in the last moment of his life, he won't view me as his enemy. That's all I hope for!"

Mo Lei Er looked at Chu Yang and said, "King of Hell Chu, do you think I'm joking with you?"

Chu Yang fell silent.

The Black Demon's words were sincere! Every single thing she said came from her heart!

Even if Chu Yang was dumb, he knew that she was sincere.

"Have you thought about other factors before coming today?" Chu Yang said as he took two steps back. "What will you do? What will your family do?"

"What can you do to resolve the hatred between your clan and the clan of my brothers?"

Chu Yang sighed and said, "Have you not thought of these? Have you considered from Dong Wu Shang's perspective? You're asking him to take for his lover the daughter of his enemy. Furthermore, she is also the enemy of all his brothers! What will Dong Wu Shang feel?"

"Right now, do you think I have the energy to consider all these?" Mo Lei Er smiled bitterly, "Do you know how big the other side is this time? Do you know how much assistance are they getting? Your side has no hope of success!"

"Once the fight starts, everyone will perish! We'll either be buried in the ground or decay into skeletons by the Lake of Death! Hatred, vengeance, what are they worth? So what if they can be resolved or not?"

Mo Lei Er described lightly, "I told my father that I'm coming to find a home and the happiness of my life! However, my father will never know that my idea of happiness is to die with him. That's all I want!"

"After death, so what if you hate me?"

"As for the Black Demons, some may die because of me!" Mo Lei Er said plainly. "However, if I did not do this, we'll fight to the death against you anyway! No one from your side will show mercy and as for my 'allies', which include the Shi Clan from the Upper Three Heavens and the Li Clan, many of them came on the invitation of someone else. When they see us die, they won't save us too!"

"Hence, why don't I die happy? At least I'll die in peace," said Mo Lei Er with a faint smile. "I can't decide if I want to be borne, but I can decide how I want to die, right?"

Chu Yang fell silent and said, "What does your father think?"

Mo Lei Er paused and said, "The Black Demons originally wanted to spectate this fight to preserve our strength! However, in the past few days, when the Tu Clan's reinforcements came, they became cocky. The Li Clan entered the fight and as for the Tian Clan…. We've never liked them. We actually had a falling out with Tian Bu Hui."

"Hence, the Black Demons could either pull out or fight to the death! However, after the Shi Clan from the Upper Three Heavens came, they announced that no one was allowed to leave! If not, the Shi Clan will destroy them!"

"So we can't pull out too!"

"Father said that no matter what happens, we're going to die anyway. Hence, he thought that he should let his daughter be happy before we all die together. Even if it's for just one smile, it'll be worth it!"

Chu Yang was instantly touched.

An extra smile before death was worth it!

Even though he harbored no goodwill toward the Black Demon, he could instantly sense the Black Demon's love for the Black Demon Young Master from this statement!

He was a worthy opponent and a stellar father!

"The Black Demons are an assassination group and hence, all major clans dislike us. Furthermore, our methods are questionable but it's only because we have no choice. However, we only acted with malice against the Mo Clan, but this was because the Great Elder of the Mo Clan, Mo Wu Xin, killed my mother!"

Mo Lei Er looked at Chu Yang and said, "Hence, we won't ever forget this blood debt! As for the hatred of others, there's nothing to discuss. We killed them already. However, our enmity with the Mo Clan is not without a reason, and this is what I want to talk to you about!"

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