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Chu Yang took two steps and looked at the sky. He thought for a while and then said, "I get it now."

Mo Lei Er smiled faintly.

"In other words, you think that we're definitely going to die! You don't want any regret," said Chu Yang softly.

"Hence, at this moment, you decide to stand on our side."

"This is why you don't care about hatred or vengeance."

Mo Lei Er smiled calmly and said, "What's more important to a girl than love?"

Chu Yang smiled confidently, turned around, and said, "What if we don't die? What if we're able to win?"

"That's impossible!" Mo Lei Er said firmly.

"The result is not set in stone yet. Why will it be impossible?" Chu Yang said slowly. "I'm just asking you, what if we win and live? What will you do?"

Mo Lei Er was stunned.

She had never considered this problem.

No matter which perspective she took, Chu Yang's side had no hope of winning. However, he spoke of it so confidently.

What would she do if they really survived?

Mo Lei Er thought about this problem and instantly, her eyebrows leaped and her face turned pale.

This was because she realized that everyone dying would be the best outcome. However, if they survived, the end result would be messy!

"If we live, will you still insist on marrying Dong Wu Shang and becoming his wife?" Chu Yang said as he looked at her.

"Are you confident of undoing the hatred and enmity of so many years?"

"Are you confident of sacrificing your entire Black Demons to exchange a peace between us? For your marital bliss?"

"Are you confident that Dong Wu Shang will accept you?"

A series of questions left Mo Lei Er with her mouth open and her face pale. She opened and closed her mouth as if she wanted to speak but no word came out.

"If… we live… if we really can live…" Mo Lei Er's delicate lips trembled as she struggled to find her words, "If Dong Wu Shang really can… like me, I'll… I'll…"

Beads of sweat trickled down her face as she said in a conflicted voice, "Don't force me! Can you let me fight with him first? Is it so difficult?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Alright, we'll discuss these matters after the battle!"

He sighed and smiled, before saying, "Mo Lei Er, don't forget. After the battle, I want an answer from you!"

Mo Lei Er looked at him suspiciously and thought, "Is he really confident of winning? How… how can this be possible?"

When they saw the two of them coming back, the brothers all looked at them.

"So? What's the situation?" Ji Mo was anxious as he asked them almost immediately. Everyone looked at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang sighed and shook his head.

"Boss…" Dong Wu Shang, who was like a convict awaiting judgment, said in a pitiful voice.

"I have no solution… settle your sin by yourself," said Chu Yang as he patted him on the shoulder. "Wu Shang, it's rare for a girl to be so in love with you. As a man, you must answer for your actions! Face this yourself, we can't help you."

"Oh…" Everyone said in unison as they turned around.

Dong Wu Shang was stunned.

Then, he strode in front of the girl and asked, "Miss, have we met before?"

Mo Lei Er's lips twitched as she said, "What do you think?"

Dong Wu Shang said confusedly, "Why do I have no impression of it?"

Mo Lei Er said, "So what if you have no impression? I'm here, am I not?"

"You're here, but you have ruined my name and reputation!" Dong Wu Shang said as he gritted his teeth.

"You've ruined my name too!" Mo Lei Er said as she glared at him.

As the two of them talked, they did not realize that everyone had left them. They were alone.

According to Chu Yang, why should they care about Dong Wu Shang? Even if he drew his saber, he would not be able to hurt her. They should let the two of them settle this issue together. This was the best they could do for everyone else.

Mo Tian Ji left everyone and occupied the western part of the battlefield. He was helping everyone set up their camp and arranging battle formations.

Even though this was a final battle, it would not be resolved in just a day or two. In these few days, everyone needed to rest and eat. How could they come unprepared?

It was not noon yet but Mo Tian Ji had chosen the western side. They faced the sun directly. As the sunlight shone on the snowy ground, everyone was blinded by it.

However, Chu Yang sighed in admiration silently, "We definitely are not going to fight in the morning but we will surely fight in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the sunlight will shine from the west onto the east. Their side will face away from the sun but their enemy will be blinded by the sunlight reflected off the snow!"

Doing this increased their chance of success.

Furthermore, Mo Tian Ji's camp was not completely in the west. Instead, it occupied both the western and the southern quadrants. This ensured that other than this one period in the day, they would be facing away from the sun at all other times!

Their opponent's camp would be in the north-east!

This was an amazing geographical advantage.

If the two sides were similarly skilled, this geographical disparity could guarantee success!

Of course, the most important reason was… the south-western part was the furthest away from the two stone steles and located behind them. They did not have to worry that they would accidentally trigger a powerful suppression from the steles.

Their enemy would have to bear the full brunt of that!

Then, Mo Tian Ji started to arrange the formations and classified everyone based on how effective their weapons would be. He started to arrange combinations.

Swords were better at defense while sabers were better for offense! Combining the two of them in a single formation would let them complement each other.

Swords were short while spears were long. Hence, the few spearmen among them were mixed with those wielding swords.

A sword was a short-ranged weapon while a whip was a long-ranged weapon. The two of them were an ideal combination too.

As there were more people who wielded swords, it was impossible to combine them with other weapon-wielders toward the end as there simply were not enough of the latter. However, Mo Tian Ji separated them according to their personalities to try and come up with more pairings.

Those whose tempers were worse were matched with calmer people.

Those who preferred defense were matched with those who liked offense.

Through his arrangements, their total martial strength was increased by 30%.

Chu Yang looked this in great admiration. This was a complicated task and to do all these, he had to understand everyone very well.

Mo Tian Ji had only interacted with them for a short period of time. However, he was able to arrange them so perfectly and flawlessly!

Even if everyone made their own arrangements, they may not find partners as good as the ones Mo Tian Ji had given them. Furthermore, he was also able to break them up from their usual clan-based pairings.

Mo Tian Ji's method of arrangement alone demonstrated to everyone that he lived up to his title as the Master of Manipulation and Calculation!

After he was done with battle formations, Mo Tian Ji made another decision. Everyone had to hand over their medicines and they would all be centrally distributed. Then, he picked those who knew a bit about healing and organized them into squads whose main job was to rescue the wounded.

This was an important component.

The battle would take a long time and many would be injured. If their efforts here were inadequate, many more people would lose their lives and their overall battling capabilities would be massively depleted.

Mo Tian Ji was able to think of all these problems before they even happened.

After they set up camp, he arranged for a few bigger and more luxurious camps to be set up. This was not for his own benefits but instead, they would serve as hospitals.

The wounded would be treated centrally in these tents.

He gathered the foodstuff together too. Other than water, which could be easily obtained, everything else that would affect one's performance was centrally distributed.

Finally, he had to settle the decisions at the higher-end, who would be in charge of a particular team and how would they coordinate with each other.

Mo Tian Ji issued orders on the go but they all made sense.

In a group of 1000, Mo Tian Ji would issue almost 1000 orders! He would customize them to each and every one of them!

For every matter!

For everything!

Finally, those who had wanted to help realize that Mo Tian Ji was able to finish all the preparations without them!

This process was as smooth as it could get.

In other words, with Mo Tian Ji, all one had to do was to take part in the battle. As for everything else, be it eating or drinking, or even going to the toilet, Mo Tian Ji would have thought of them already.

He even created a private and elegant toilet for the three women…

Furthermore, Mo Tian Ji predicted that battling would be tiring and that they would be sweating a lot so he even prepared a huge amount of saltwater for them to replenish their bodily fluids…

Even a vacation-planned would not be as considerate as Mo Tian Ji!

His terrifying calculative abilities shocked everyone!

This was the true Master of Manipulation and Calculation.

To earn that title, he did not have to make perfect predictions but he definitely had to think about all possible outcomes, no matter how small and insignificant they were.

The most mundane thing, if executed properly, would still be stunning!

A great person would be able to do all the small things in life perfectly!

However, in our modern society, how many people could do that?

Everyone looked at Mo Tian Ji slightly differently. They all thought, "Fortunately… we're fighting with him and not against him… if that happens, his calculations would really kill us!"

Suddenly, one could hear shouting as a group of men and horses rushed up.

They were the Black Demons.

After thy ascended, the two sides looked at each other. Then, they started to take similar actions. They occupied the northeast and were in direct opposition against them!

However, as the Black Demons lined up their formations, they seemed to be doing it half-heartedly. They set up camp where Mo Tian Ji had expected them to, in the geographically-unfavorable spot.

Hoof steps could be heard, which were as concentrated as the rain. A snowy-white horse appeared. On it, one could see a handsome youth with slightly-curved eyebrows. His eyes were doleful and his face was pale. He was clad in white and his black hair billowed behind him.

The moment he rushed out, he waved his hands and a rocket shot up into the air. It burst in mid-air and in the blue sky, an inky-black word appeared!


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