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Everyone turned around to look up the mountain. Over there, there stood a girl in white. She had black hair and wore a white shirt, looking a pitiful little flower buffeted by the wind.

Her eyes were like paintings of stars, dazzling brightly. Her body was curvy but at the same time, she emanated a dignified aura.

When everyone saw her, they all thought of how dignified and elegant she was.

But none of them thought of her as beautiful first.

Everyone paused!

"Who is this?" Everyone looked at Dong Wu Shang.

Right before the final showdown, why did a beautiful woman come to find Dong Wu Shang?

"I don't know too," said Dong Wu Shang. His entire face was blank because he did not know this girl at all. He tried his best to recall where he could have met her but he could not think of anything.

"You don't know too?" Everyone's eyeballs nearly popped out from their sockets.

"Wah! Beauty!" Luo Ke Di whistled, "I'm Dong Wu Shang!"

The girl sniffed and said distastefully, "Luo Ke Di! Do you want to get beaten up?"

Luo Ke Di's mouth dropped and he said nothing.

Everyone was instantly stunned.

"This girl knows these people so well. She could even call Luo Ke Di out by his name. Furthermore, from her tone, why does she seem intimidating?"

"Do you know who she is?" Chu Yang asked Mo Tian Ji discreetly.

Mo Tian Ji's memory is eidetic and he could almost remember everything. Furthermore, he had a vast intelligence network. As long as he had seen someone, he would not forget them. He was the best person to ask.

"I have no impression at all!" Mo Tian Ji quickly swept through his brain and said, "This is strange. In the entire Middle Three Heavens, I've documented almost everything. Furthermore, for a girl like this, I should have information about her but she seemed to have jumped out from nowhere."

Chu Yang was stunned.

Even Mo Tian Ji did not know who she was. This was rare.

"Miss, who… are you?" Dong Wu Shang scratched his head and asked hesitatingly.

"Dumbo! You're really a thick teen!" The girl seemed both joyous and annoyed as her eyes spun.

"It's you!" When he heard this famous insult, Dong Wu Shang suddenly remembered who this girl was. When he went to support Gu Du Xing, a girl in black passed a piece of news to him and then, as he went off, the girl scolded him like this.

"That's right," said the girl as she walked over slowly, cocking her neck out. Then, she said, "Dumbo, are you going to have a showdown here?"

"Yes…" Poor Dong Wu Shang! He had never spoken to a girl of the same age as him before. He rarely spoke to the female servants of his house. Suddenly, when a beautiful girl who seemed interested in him appeared in front of him, one who was walking toward him and smelled fragrant, his brain short-circuited.

The girl's two big and beautiful eyes turned into crescents as she nudged forward and asked, "Can I take a look around here?"

"Of course…errr… no! No! No!" Dong Wu Shang frowned. "Go, go, go! This place is about to witness a battle to the death. What are you, a girl, doing here? Go back and find your mother!"

He talked to her as if he was speaking to a child.

The girl's face froze instantly.

Behind him, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di started to snigger.

"Fourth Brother Dong is really… thick when it comes to this kind of things."

She evidently knew that a showdown was at hand and she was here to help you out. Despite her sincerity, you are chasing her away as if she was a chicken…

"So what if I'm a girl?" The girl said unhappily. "Aren't they here too?" As she said that, she pointed to Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng.

Dong Wu Shang said without thinking, "How can you compare to them? They're the top female cultivators! They can fight and kill! With your body…" He looked at her and said, "Your thighs aren't as thick as their elbows…"

How could he have said that!

With that, he insulted three women at once.

"What do you mean?!" Huyan Aobo turned around instantly. Her muscular physique towered over him like a mountain and her two eyes brimmed with killing aura. She was already rolling up her sleeve.

"What do you mean?!" Xie Dan Feng did not stride over immediately. She looked at herself to determine that she was skinny enough. Then, she said angrily, "Whose elbow is so thick?"

"Are you looking down on me?" The girl in white said as she looked at Dong Wu Shang. "Do you think you're very good?"

Targeted by three women, Dong Wu Shang was in a pitiful state. He looked pleadingly at his brothers.

Chu Yang and the rest looked into the sky together to admire the clouds…

"The clouds are so white…" Ji Mo said with a sigh.

"There are so many clouds…" Luo Ke Di said with a sigh too.

Dong Wu Shang's well-built physique shrunk instantly. He looked at his brothers, who had promised to go through thick and thin with him, opened his mouth and said nothing.

"Can a bolt of lightning strike me, please! Oh my god!"

"Dong Wu Shang, explain yourself!" The three women all advanced forward together as they shouted at him.

Dong Wu Shang looked pitifully at the three women and his face turned yellow. He waved his hands quickly and mumbled, "I don't mean… that…"

He spoke so fast that spittle was flying out from his mouth and his body perspired profusely. His face turned even darker.

The three women had no sign of giving up. They shouted simultaneously, "So what do you mean?"

Dong Wu Shang looked around helplessly and said pitifully, "Boss…"

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were talking with each other and they appeared engrossed in their conversation. Chu Yang's expression was serious as he talked and gestured with his hands. Gu Du Xing's face was serious as he nodded his head non-stop. Mo Tian Ji was there too. His face was deep in thought. Even when the sky was about to crash, Mo Tian Ji had never been looked so serious…

Dong Wu Shang shouted once more but the three of them did not react.

Helpless, he could only ask Ji Mo for help. After all, one of them was his girl. He said, "Ji Mo… Third brother Ji…"

Ever since they became sworn brothers, Dong Wu Shang was unhappy that Ji Mo was ranked before him. This was the first time he had called him 'Third Brother'.

Ji Mo turned his head around in delight, but he only turned his head halfway before he remembered the situation. He hurriedly turned his head back so quickly that one could hear a 'crack'. Then, he said coldly to Luo Ke Di, "This battle… is extremely important!"

Luo Ke Di was in deep thought as he placed his hands behind his back and said, "That's right. Its effects will up-end the current order! I pity all creations, who will be faced with perils once more. I pity the Nine Heavens, which will see war once more! What a pity."

"A pity!" Ji Mo sighed. The two of them put on saintly façades, as if they were thinking about the mortal realm, and sighed.

Dong Wu Shang felt himself growing shorter by the minute.

However, he did not have to beg for mercy anymore. When the three women saw this heroic figure reduced to such a pitiable state, how could they maintain their fierce façades? They instantly burst out laughing.

They laughed and instantly felt a sense of closeness. Naturally, they banded together.

"Sister, what's your name?" Huyan Aobo was indeed a top female cultivator. Even when she asked for her name, she did so in a masculine tone as she looked at her body cursorily. It was as if she was making fun of her.

The girl in white, however, was resolute. She did not even blink her eye as she replied, "My surname is Mo. I'm called Mo Lei Er."

She laughed slightly and said, "Sister Huyan can call me Lei Er."

"Mo Lei Er?" Xie Dan Feng thought for a while and said, "Lei Er is a nice name. Lei, which means tears, makes one think of sadness. However, with 'Mo', which is a homonym for 'no', it means that your life will be free of tears. Together, they wish to convey a sincere blessing."

Mo Lei Er smiled and said contentedly, "This is the name my mother gave me before she died. I like this name. Whenever someone calls me by this name, I feel as if I'm still in my mother's embrace."

A look of pity crossed Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng's faces.

"Why are you here?" Xie Dan Feng's maternal instincts kicked in.

"It's for that dummy!" Mo Lei Er looked pitifully at Dong Wu Shang. "I'm worried for him… but he… he doesn't recognize me!"

When she said that, both Huyan Aobo and Xie Dan Feng were incensed. They looked viciously at Dong Wu Shang.

Dong Wu Shang took a few steps back. "Which god did I offend today?" He thought.

Mo Lei Er continued her tale in a heart-breaking fashion. "At that time, what he did to me was… outrageous! I… risked being chased out of my household and gave him… gave him… it. However, he took a knife and chased me… and chased me for tens of kilometers… but… now that I know he's in danger, I came for him. However, he… doesn't recognize me…"

Her words left everyone thunderstruck.

Even Chu Yang was shocked. Mo Tian Ji was just about to drink water but when he heard it, he spat it all out on Gu Du Xing's face.

Gu Du Xing appeared to still be in shock. He looked at Dong Wu Shang in disbelief. The water Mo Tian Ji spat out trickled slowly into his open mouth.

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo looked at Dong Wu Shang in respect. They never expected someone as thick as him to be such a Casanova.

Huyan Aobo jumped in rage as she shouted, "Dong Wu Shang! I never expect you to be like this!"

Xie Dan Feng's eyebrows shot upright as she said, "You dump her after you're done playing with her? How can you be so heartless?"

Dong Wu Shang did not know how to defend himself as he said, "What… what did I do to you? What… did I do? Dump you? Don't accuse me for nothing!"

"Stop!" Right when Huyan Aobo was about to beat Dong Wu Shang up, Chu Yang stopped her.

Then, he stood up and looked seriously at the girl in white and said, "Miss, Dong Wu Shang is not that type of person! Who are you and why are you saying all these?"

Chu Yang's eyes were dangerously sharp. Had it been anyone else, it was possible. However, it was definitely impossible for Dong Wu Shang!

When Chu Yang looked at the girl's eyes, he felt a ray of light shining in his head. Then, he thought of something. "When the Black Demon's voice boomed through the sky, didn't he say that his family name was Mo?"

Mo Lei Er's eyes were sorrowful as she said, "Are you Dong Wu Shang's boss? King of Hell Chu? Good, can you arbitrate this matter for me?"

When she said the last bit, her voice changed suddenly. It turned hoarse and at the same time, she looked at Chu Yang meaningfully.

This time, even though she came for Dong Wu Shang, it was important to talk to King of Hell Chu!

Chu Yang's eyes lit up as he said, "I'm Chu Yang. Can we talk elsewhere?"

Mo Lei Er arched her eyebrows as she said, "I have the same intention too."

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