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Suddenly, a sinister voice was heard in the midst of the chaos, "Bastards, where did you come from? You've dared to act atrociously towards my Ou Clan?!"

This voice was malicious. It seemed as if it had come out with a rotten breath. In fact, it could raise an urge to throw up in the hearts of listeners.

It seemed as if a swamp viper had coiled its body to conceal itself.

The battlefield suddenly became quiet. Everyone stopped fighting at the same time by chance. Then, all of them raised their heads to look up.

Xie Zhi Qiu calmly took a few steps forward, and stood next to Chu Yang.

No one among the people present there knew how sly, cruel, and dreadful this old Ancestor of the Ou Clan was; Xie Zhi Qiu was the only exception.

Ou Ke Feng was a dreadful opponent!

He was as timid as a rabbit. But, he was also as sly as a fox and as cruel as a wolf at the same time. He was the kind of man who would flee as soon as he found himself in a crisis. And, he would commit all manners of crime if he felt that he would be able to suppress the enemy. He would even torture the enemy before giving them a slow death!

He had once killed a person in eighty-one days! No flesh was left on the person's body by the eighty-first day. And, blood had been drained off his body. However, that man had somehow been kept alive. Then, the Ancestor had shoved his fingers into his throat, and choked him to death.

Inside the battle…

Xie Zhi Qiu was dressed in black, and was wearing a mask. But, he had only displayed the strength of a King level Expert so far; he hadn't dared to reveal his true strength in the fight.

It was because he knew that Ou Ke Feng would only look from sidelines while the entire Ou Clan got destroyed if he exposed his true strength… After all, Ou Ke Feng wouldn't come out to take the risk in that case.

And, Ou Ke Feng could turn out to be limitless trouble in the future in case he ran away today. After all, such an enemy would remain hidden in the shadows. And, he would be able to launch an attack at any time with his superb poison techniques and world-shaking mysterious powers. Consequently, he would be a big headache for the Xie Clan. Moreover, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

So, there was no other choice but to make him come out first.

Xie Zhi Qiu could obviously sense that a divine sense was scanning the entire battlefield thoroughly… as if looking for something and scrutinizing something… Therefore, Xie Zhi Qiu had restrained his aura even more cautiously.

However, Ou Ke Feng had finally confirmed that nobody was a threat to him among the enemies on the scene. So, he had arrogantly jumped out at this time.

Two-thousand people had been stationed at the entrance of Ou Clan's main palace hall before the battle. However, only seven-hundred to eight-hundred of them had remained by this time.

However, Ou Ke Feng obviously didn't care about that.

The Great Elder and the others of the Ou Clan heaved a sigh of relief, [The ancestor has finally set into action. There have already been many casualties. However, we would at least be able to retain Ou Clan's roots now.]

A man in a grey robe could be seen on the main hall's rooftop under the morning sunlight. His silhouette could faintly be seen swaying in a gentle manner as he stood there. His pupils were the size of mung-beans. He issued a poisonous glint from his eyes. The look in his eyes seemed to be cruel and callous.

He could make anyone's heart feel a chilling sensation with a glance!

The least bit of living aura couldn't be sensed from his body. In fact, it seemed as if an ancient zombie had suddenly appeared in this world.

He seemed completely devoid of emotions as well…

He didn't even have any sentiments towards his clansmen… his own descendants! He was an extremely selfish man.

He had surely come out. But, he was still standing at a very high place. He was an arrogant man. However, he was looking down with discerning eyes… In fact, it could be assumed that this guy would escape to faraway places in case the situation went out of hand.

"Think of a method to make him come down," Xie Zhi Qiu didn't dare to raise his head as he whispered. After all, Ou Ke Feng might recognize him if he raised his head. And, even the shadow of this Ou Ke Feng would disappear in the blink of an eye if that happened…

Chu Yang nodded. He looked up at Ou Ke Feng, "Where did this freak-show come from? He looks like a weird creature…"

"You audacious brat! How dare you insult our ancestor like that?!" Ou Clan's Great Elder angrily shouted.

"He is your ancestor?" Chu Yang showed an expression that made it seem as if everything had become clear to him in a sudden flash of insight, "No wonder! No wonder your Ou Clan's people look neither like humans nor like ghosts. I've finally understood things!"

"Kid, you're dead!" Ou Ke Feng looked down at Chu Yang from above with sinister vision as he said in a ruthless manner.

"Dammit! You'll scare me to death," Chu Yang spat saliva with 'pooh' sound. Then, he waved his hand and said, "Why is everyone just watching from the sidelines? Set into action without delay, and finish the work for today. Butcher all of these people. Then, we all will go back after setting everything on fire. As for this old weirdo… let him stay up there."

"Kill!" Gu Du Xing burst into loud laughter. Then, he slashed his sword. The sword light wound around seven or eight people, and all of them got cut into halves before they could even scream.

After that, Dong Wu Shang, Ao Xie Yun, and the others also set into action.

Tan Tan shouted while fighting, "I'm just letting go of my hand, and these people are dying. Damn, why do I have a feeling that I'm killing chickens? However, I feel no qualms about killing these people after seeing that old tortoise up there… Every fu*king person says that I'm ugly. But, I feel that I'm very handsome now that I've seen this old bastard… I rarely get such satisfaction. It's so refreshing…"

Ou Clan's people kept on collapsing on a large scale. The Great Elder and the others were hatefully looking at this. But, Ou Ke Feng tightly wrinkled his brows on the roof. He chuckled and said, "You want to enrage me so that I get down? And then, you would kill me? I won't fall into your trap! I won't get down!"

An Emperor Level Expert of the Ou Clan had been fighting with Dong Wu Shang. That expert couldn't help but vomit out a mouthful of blood on hearing this. He had already received internal injuries under Dong Wu Shang's savage attacks. So, he became extremely desperate and hopeless when he heard his own ancestor saying these words. He couldn't bear this blow to his psyche. So, he spouted blood, and lost a lot of his vitality in the process.

Dong Wu Shang let out a loud shout, and jumped over fiercely. Then, he cleft this Emperor Expert into two with his saber. Then, he rushed to another side of the battlefield without batting an eye while dragging his heavy saber along.

The battle circle was constantly shrinking. Ou Clan was suffering more and more casualties. On the other hand, only four or five of the black-robed people had died. There was a great disparity of power among the two parties.

Only two Emperor Level Experts were left now. Both of them felt as if they were in an extremely difficult situation as they faced the besiegement of the Eight Emperor Level Experts. In fact, both of them were crying for help.

Ou Ke Feng stood up, and then sat down. He then again stood up, and again sat down. He wanted to go down, but he clearly felt that it could be risky. Therefore, he was hesitating over what move to make.

It must be said that he didn't wish to see his descendants die miserable deaths even if he was cold-blooded and cruel. However, his keen instinct was telling him that there was a great danger down below. And, it was telling him that he mustn't go down.

He had always been a cautious man. Therefore, he hadn't gotten down despite being worried. He was just sweeping his jack-o'-lantern like eyes around. After all, he wanted to spot that so-called potential danger…

The Great Elder finally gave up all hopes.

Chu Yang wrinkled his brows. He secretly cussed in his heart, [This bastard is extremely calm. His entire clan will be exterminated soon. How can he still be so indifferent? What should I do to force him to come down?]

The reason why Chu Yang had insisted on fighting this battle and exterminating the Ou Clan first wasn't the enmity between Ou Clan and his Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

After all, he could take the revenge ten years later too; Chu Yang had never lacked patience.

However, he knew that the Ou Clan was an enormous threat. And, it was impossible for people to guard against their poison in an effective manner.

Ao Clan had also been wary of this clan since they were so proficient at using poisons.

Mo Tian Ji's tactics had already created chaos in the Jianghu. The news of Ao Xie Yun being hunted down had spread. And, the entire Jianghu was on the verge of exploding. But, none among the many parties involved had made any move.

And, it was precisely because of the Ou Clan.

After all, not everyone was as fearless as Chu Yang when it came to poisons. Not even a Monarch Level Expert could stand a chance against these poisons. Therefore, Ou Clan could create a terrifying situation if it wasn't uprooted. And, that situation would be hard to withstand for all the clans.

Ou Clan's military force wasn't dreadful. However, their poison surely was!

All this chaos in the Jianghu wouldn't cause any serious damage if Ou Clan wasn't exterminated. And, all of it would be for naught. And then, the Ao Clan would also have no other choice but to take out their anger on the other clans…

Therefore, Chu Yang had made a prompt decision after knowing the situation of the Jianghu… He had formulated this plan to destroy the Ou Clan.

However, it would undoubtedly be troublesome if Ou Ke Feng didn't come down.

And, it would be a headache for all great clans if he managed to run away.

Chu Yang rolled his eyes as he made a decision in his heart. Then, he shouted, "You guys get done with the people down here. And, I'll handle that old bastard up there."

[You're not getting down. But, do you think that I can't come up?]

[I'll get the chance to catch him only if I get close him. Otherwise, how would I be able to catch him if one of us stays up there and the other stays down here?]

[One can't catch a tiger's cub without entering the tiger's cave.]

Xie Zhi Qiu jumped in fright. He hastily said, "What are you doing? Don't take such a big risk."

"You don't move. He'll run away if you move," Chu Yang said in a whisper, "I too don't want to face this old monster alone. But, this is the only way to get to him. This fellow is too timid and cold-blooded… His descendants are getting killed. His family estate is ruined. But, he has still kept his composure… However, he wouldn't run away if he finds out that I'm only a King level Expert, right?"

"But, he can kill you!" Xie Zhi Qiu snorted. He lowered his head and said, "It's too risky. I still feel that you shouldn't go up."

"Relax," Chu Yang collected his robe, and tucked it in his waist. Then, he raised his eyes, and looked up.

"Just be very careful!" Xie Zhi Qiu had lowered his head as he said solemnly.

Chu Yang nodded. Then, he let out a long and loud shout, "Old bastard! You won't dare to come down, right? Then, this Young Master is coming up to play with you."

Then, his silhouette flew straight up like a meteor. He used his martial power twice to leverage support in midair, and landed far away opposite to Ou Ke Feng.

Ou Ke Feng cruelly smiled, "Fu fu fu… Kid, you're the mastermind behind all this, right? You have such rare courage. So, this Ancestor will indulge you today."

He took a broad view all over, and found that everyone down there was engaged in fighting. Apparently, there wasn't any special expert hidden among them. So, Ou Ke Feng finally felt relieved in his heart.

[Let's presume that there was some super-expert hidden among them… He wouldn't have let the boss — King of Hell Chu — come up and throw away his life like that, right?]

He thought this, and felt relieved. However, he felt somewhat annoyed as well. [I would've gotten down earlier if I'd known this. And, it's too late to go down now… After all, almost everyone has died.]

He saw that the boy in front of him had pulled out his sword with 'shua' sound while he was thinking this. Then, that boy loudly shouted, "Ou Ke Feng, you old bastard. Come and receive your death."

Ou Ke Feng became angry. He thought in his heart, [So many of your people are present down there. So, I would've been severely outnumbered if I had gotten down. But, you've come up now… So, why would I be afraid of you now?]

He grinned fiendishly, "You've come to court death. And, I will grant your wish!"

Then, he suddenly stretched his hands. All of his fingers steamed up, and emitted green smoke. And, his body got shrouded in a cloud of green smoke in an instant. The jade roof tiles under his feet started to corrode with crackling sounds as soon as they came in contact with this green smoke. He had issued a thick smoke which had a foul stench.

The green smoke that was emitting out from his body was even capable of corroding stones!

Such a poison technique could shock anyone.

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