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Xie Zhi Qiu was startled on the ground below.

[This Ou Ke Feng is at the peak of ninth grade Emperor Level. He is only one step away from being a Monarch Level Expert!] He had a suffocating feeling in his chest because of the pent-up frustration.

[This bastard has such a high cultivation. But, he still doesn't dare to come down to face a group of King level Experts!]

On the rooftop… Ou Ke Feng and Chu Yang had set into action, "You smell as if your mother's milk hasn't even dried yet. Still, you've dared to intrude in my Ou Clan. I'll exterminate you."

"I didn't come just to intrude… I've come here to massacre your entire clan!" Chu Yang repeatedly dodged his attacks. He then sneered and said, "Coward! Look over there… Your clan has been reduced to ruins. Let me tell you… There are innumerable Monarch Experts on my side for protection. So, you're undoubtedly going to die if you dare to attack me with your full strength."

Ou Ke Feng was startled by this. And, he immediately received his hand. Then, he angrily said, "Where? Where? Call them out. I'll crush them to death."

Chu Yang was dumbfounded.

[I've seen many experts in my life. But, I've never seen such a timid expert.]

Ou Ke Feng raised his eyes, and looked all around. He scattered his divine sense everywhere, and carefully probed. A long while passed. Then, he exposed a strange smile on his face, "You little bastard. Do you think that this Old Man can be scared by your bluffs? You won't get out of here alive even if a Supreme Expert were to come."

Chu Yang swallowed his saliva in a gulp… All of the people of the Ou Clan had already been killed when Ou Ke Feng had probed around a moment ago. The last death was that of the Great Elder. Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had worked together to bring him down. The Great Elder had looked up with a resentful and powerless expression in his eyes just before his death. He had become aggrieved as he had roared out, "Ancestor, ah…"

However, Ou Ke Feng had turned a blind eye to him. He had slid away his glance from the Great Elder, and started to look for that group of so-called 'Monarch Experts'…

Chu Yang truly admired him! [No wonder this guy has been able to live this long. So, this is the reason.]

Ou Ke Feng cautiously walked forward at this moment. An ominous glint was flashing in his eyes.

Chu Yang rolled his eyes at first. Then, he suddenly waved his hand, and shouted, "Attack! Kill him!"

Ou Ke Feng instantly got scared. He then went a hundred feet away with a 'whoosh' sound, and returned to his original position. Then, he guarded his chest with both of his hands and shouted, "Who?"

He remained vigilant for a long time, but he didn't see the shadow of even a single man. He then looked at Chu Yang who was giggling while holding his belly. And, he quickly understood that he was being tricked. His shameless face turned red as a result. He then flew into rage out of humiliation, and said, "Damn you brat! I'll tear you into pieces while you're still alive!"

Then, he shouted loudly, and his body flashed. He dashed towards Chu Yang leaving behind afterimages.

Chu Yang suddenly felt a boundless pressure coming head-on towards him. So, he straightened up his body, and exposed a sneering smile on his face. Then, he waved his hand and said, "This is a good opportunity! Kill him!"

Ou Ke Feng cried out in fear, and somersaulted back in mid-air. Those countless afterimages vanished once again. He again returned to his original position, and looked at Chu Yang with an astonished and uncertain look on his face.

Chu Yang burst into loud laughter.

It was a real laughter this time. [I truly hadn't expected that such a coward ninth grade Martial Emperor existed in this world. He can be frightened with just a gesture and a few words. This is simply hilarious…]

However, Chu Yang was somewhat baffled too. [Ou Ke Feng is such a scaredy-cat. So, how did he manage to reach to his present cultivation?]

Chu Yang didn't know that Ou Ke Feng had been a very bold and courageous man in the past. He was so gutsy that he had even gone to the Upper Three Heavens in order to steal the Purple Crystals. In fact, he had gone there several times in a row.

This had continued until the last time — he had been walking in night when he had run into a sinister trap that last time. Countless people had besieged him. They had pursued him to block off his way. Then, they had captured him alive, and shut him in a dungeon. Then, they had made him suffer almost every kind of cruel torture of the world at once. The Ou Clan had eventually been forced into giving almost all of the clan's property to save him and bring him back.

His personality had changed dramatically after this incident. He had now become like a bird that could get startled at the mere twang of a bow. He had cultivated in seclusion for all these years. However, he still couldn't eliminate that time's trauma from his heart.

Ou Ke Feng was again tricked. It made him furious. His face swelled up, and turned purple as a result. He then thundered in rage, "Brat! Is there anything you can do apart from bluffing?"

Chu Yang coldly snorted and said, "How do you know that I was bluffing you? For your kind information, Ou Ke Feng… you'll undoubtedly die if you dare to come at me."

Ou Ke Feng screamed in rage. His body seemed to have bloated up in an instant. He ferociously walked over step by step, and then sinisterly said, "Bastard, why don't you dare to try and scare me one more time? Come on, try."

Chu Yang sneered and said, "You come over!"

"It won't happen again!" Ou Ke Feng rushed over with large strides.

Chu Yang suddenly turned his head to a side as if he was listening to something. Then, he moved his lips twice. Ou Ke Feng was rushing over with a rainbow like vigor. However, he saw Chu Yang signaling to someone, and thought, [Could it be that there truly is an ambush?]

He couldn't help but hesitate in his heart.

Chu Yang turned his head at this moment, and looked at Ou Ke Feng. Then, he shouted out loud, "Yes! Good!"

Ou Ke Feng became alarmed. [This bastard is going to trick me to death!] He then hastily drew back.

A sword-light suddenly flashed before his eyes at this moment. It was earth-shattering!

The move 'One ray of cold light pierces ten-thousand fathoms' of Chu Yang's Nine Tribulations Sword came head-on.

Ou Ke Feng shouted, and counterattacked with both of his arms. But then, Chu Yang called out 'what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world', and attacked with all his power.

Ou Ke Feng gathered his arms together while he was retreating. The Nine Tribulations Sword slashed onto the two small iron rods in his hands with a 'ding' sound.

However, the Nine Tribulations Sword couldn't pierce them despite being so sharp.

Chu Yang felt shocked in his heart. [What kind of treasures are these small rods Ou Ke Feng is using?]

This was the first time he had seen a weapon that the Nine Tribulations Sword couldn't destroy. However, Chu Yang quickly made a plan in his heart. [I must snatch them to examine what kind of stuff they are made of!]

However, Ou Ke Feng obviously fell back further. He was pushed back by the gigantic thrust generated by the clash between the weapons. His body crooked, and was sent back flying.

Chu Yang's sword glittered. He kept following after Ou Ke Feng to four-hundred feet while resisting Ou Ke Feng's weapons.

Ou Ke Feng roared out. He knew that he was being tricked for certain. But, he couldn't bring himself to make any counter-attack. In fact, he was regretting in his heart over his decision to dash out. However, this was when Chu Yang suddenly raised his left hand, and gave a sharp and crisp slap on his face with a 'smack' sound.

This slap wasn't heavy. But, it was extremely humiliating.

Ou Ke Feng couldn't take it anymore. He bellowed, and was about to counterattack.

However, he saw that Chu Yang had abruptly sheathed his sword, and had started to withdraw. Chu Yang then calmly said, "Good! Now, finish him off!"

Ou Ke Feng turned pale with fright when he heard this. [So, is this the real attack?] He couldn't care less about counterattacking. He jumped up with a 'shua' sound, and flew seventy-to-eighty feet in the sky. He was going to flee away!

However, nothing happened. He turned his head while being in midair. Chu Yang was holding his sword, and laughing so hard that he was unable to breathe.

The people on the ground were also laughing.

Ou Ke Feng flew into a rage. [I got tricked again!]

[I got tricked in the same way four times in a row! Not only tricked… but also slapped! This is extremely humiliating!] He furiously raised his head, and roared. Then, his white hair fluttered in the air as he came down; the killing intention in his eyes had grown thick.

[I'll kill you no matter what trick you use this time!]

Chu Yang waved his hand, "Attack!"

However, Ou Ke Feng didn't pay any attention this time. Instead, he sped up.

Chu Yang shouted, "Wonderful! Kill him now!"

Ou Ke Feng turned a deaf ear to him as more and more anger blazed in his heart. In fact, his eyes had turned red. [Do you still think that you can deceive me? Not a chance! Do you think that I'm retarded…? It's just that a man starts to fear ropes once he gets bitten by a snake.]

Chu Yang exposed an expression of fright on his face while standing in front of him. He then drew out his sword with a 'clang'. Then, he pointed the sword towards Ou Ke Feng, and shouted, "Kill him!"

Ou Ke Feng had a scare in his heart. But, he didn't stop.

"Oh crap…" Chu Yang turned around, and started to run.

"Little bastard! You were truly deceiving me!" Ou Ke Feng had been bracing himself to respond to the rage inside of him, but he had still been nervous in his heart. But now, all of his worries were gone. In fact, they had changed into burning anger.

Chu Yang fled in disarray on the roof with flying speed, "Everyone, run fast! This old fart has gone insane!" he again shouted within an instant, "Everyone come and attack together. We can still kill him since we're more in number."

Then, he suddenly flew into panic, "Come people! Everyone, come up… quickly come up you all. Fu*k, hurry up!"

Ou Ke Feng became more and more self-satisfied. His heart filled with delight in this cat and mouse chase. He then sinisterly laughed, "Little bastard! I'll see where you would go to escape now?!"

"Help me…" Chu Yang pitifully shouted.

Ou Ke Feng turned a deaf ear towards him, and quickly pounced at him.

Chu Yang clenched his teeth, "Fight!" Chu Yang's sword suddenly burst out a bright sword-light. He then launched nine sword-moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword in a row.

Wind and thunder rose up from all around as a result. Then, countless sword-lights crisscrossed, and submerged Ou Ke Feng's entire body.

Ou Ke Feng crazily shouted from inside the sword lights, "Ignorant brat! Your sword moves are very good. But, how did you think that you could injure this Old Ancestor at your current cultivation level! Ha ha ha…"

The sword-lights had filled the air. And, they had obstructed Ou Ke Feng's line of sight. Xie Zhi Qiu had already seized the opportunity, and had hopped up in a gentle manner. It must be noted that he had been lying in wait at a distance place to ambush Ou Ke Feng.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang looked at each other. Then, they also jumped up one after another.

The sword-lights faded. Chu Yang said, "Oh fu*k", and then turned around to flee.

The clothes on Ou Ke Feng's body had been left in a tattered state. But, his body hadn't received a single scratch; only white marks had appeared on it. It was evident that the body of this ninth grade Martial Emperor had gotten tempered because of his poisonous technique. In fact, his body had become harder than iron.

Chu Yang's sword-moves had dispersed. But, they hadn't been able to land a concentrated blow. After all, there was a big disparity between the martial powers of these two men. Therefore, Chu Yang hadn't been able to injure Ou Ke Feng even with the sharpness of the Nine Tribulations Sword as his disposal!

Ou Ke Feng burst into loud laughter. He then quickly rushed over, "Brat, do you still think that you can escape?"

Chu Yang was panting while fleeing away in desperation.

And, Ou Ke Feng was chasing after him while shouting and threatening. He nastily laughed, "Kid, I won't kill you! I'll catch you, and take you to a faraway place. And then, I'll examine how you're able to endure the Ou Clan's poison. Fu fu fu…"

Chu Yang got angry, "Your entire clan is finished. The only one left is you — a coward. You should've committed suicide by now. What are you waiting for?"

Ou Ke Feng became furious and said, "I'll kill you first!" His agility skill was extremely quick. Therefore, he had drawn very close to Chu Yang in the midst of this conversation.

Suddenly, Chu Yang shouted, "He has arrived at the pitfall location. Quickly set into action."

Ou Ke Feng was taken aback. So, he hesitated a bit. Meanwhile, Chu Yang slipped away like an agile fish. Then, he turned his head and laughed, "Old bastard! You got tricked again!"

Ou Ke Feng almost vomited blood. He simply stopped talking, and pursued Chu Yang with all his might. He wouldn't believe Chu Yang from here-on… no matter he would say. [Those two-hundred King Level Experts are still on the ground. They're just looking up like they were before. They aren't coming up. Then, why should I be scared?]

[The most important thing at present is to teach this evil boy a lesson. As for later on… I'll just flee. Who can stop me?]

Chu Yang quickly went two-hundred feet away. Then, he again shouted loudly, "Attack!"

Ou Ke Feng laughed fiendishly; he didn't get scared this time. Then, he stretched out his hands to grab, "Brat! Do you think that I'll fall for it again… huh?"

A pair of big hands came out of the void in a flash at this moment. They came with the destructive power and the tremendous momentum of a thunderbolt, and pounded on his chest with a loud bang.

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