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"King of Hell Chu, have you come to deal with our Ou clan this time?" The Great Elder angrily said, "How dare you?!"

Chu Yang gently smiled and said, "Only your Ou Clan can speak such nonsense, right? My Heavenly Armament Pavilion has attacked your castle. And, you still aren't sure that I've come to deal with you?"

He said while taking pity on the Great Elder, "I wonder how low your IQ is…"

"You!" The Great Elder became so angry that his frosty-white eyebrows trembled. However, he took in a long breath, and suppressed the anger in his heart. He then said, "King of Hell Chu, I agree that our Ou Clan handled the matter of that day very injudiciously. We've offended you, and so… you've come back to take revenge. This is understandable. However, you've already killed so many people of our Ou Clan. You've even broken into our castle. All of this must be enough to settle scores even if you have a thousand kinds of enmity towards us, right? Besides, your side hasn't suffered any loss or casualty…"

His dead fish-like eyes seemed to have a gentle look in them at the moment. He then slowly said, "King of Hell Chu, this humble man guarantees you that we'll let bygones be bygones if you withdrew at this point. We and your Heavenly Armament Pavilion will mind our own businesses thereafter. What do you say?"

The Great Elder's words caused uproar in the hearts of the Ou Clan's people.

The Great Elder had always been strong in his stance. So, these people found it hard to imagine that he would show such weakness in front of the enemy. In fact, this had ruined the Ou Clan's reputation.

However, the Great Elder was also helpless in this matter. Only one person from the enemy's side – King of Hell Chu – had revealed himself from the poison fog so far. Therefore, the Great Elder didn't know how many other experts could be hidden in the shadows. Moreover, the Ou Clan had truly fallen in a disadvantageous situation in today's fight. So, it would be considered as avoiding a catastrophe if he somehow managed to convince King of Hell Chu to withdraw. After all, he could still kill King of Hell Chu in an extremely miserable manner in the future if he was able to avoid this tragedy today.

He had surely been forced to take it lying down. However, it was also his delaying tactic. Therefore, he had to endure humiliation in silence as part-and-parcel of an important mission as the senior-most governing figure of the clan.

Besides, their old ancestor hadn't shown up yet. Therefore, he could at least waste some time by engaging the enemy in a conversation even if the enemy was unwilling to withdraw. Moreover, their chances of winning this battle would increase by a significant margin if their ancestor came out during this time.

Chu Yang gently chuckled and said, "Great Elder, you're joking, right? We certainly have some kind of misunderstanding between us. But, it's obviously important to clear this misunderstanding. And, it must be done at once; and be done with. As they say…'It's better to squash enmity than keeping it alive'. A friend is like a road, and an enemy is like a wall. So, one must learn to be tolerant and forgiving. One must learn to let go. One should spare people where it's possible to let them off… Great Elder, you're truly very wise and farsighted."

The Great Elder's facial expression became splendid as soon as these words came out of Chu Yang's mouth. After all, the other party had fallen into his trap so nicely… that it had even made the Great Elder gob-smacked.

However, Chu Yang had seen through the intentions of the enemy. It was obvious that this Great Elder was stalling for time. But, it just so happens… that Chu Yang himself wanted to stall for time. So, he and the Great Elder had hit it off like an adulterous husband and an immoral wife.

The Great Elder again wasted time here. He had no other choice but to keep wasting time until the Ancestor showed up. However, Chu Yang had already made some countermeasures to deal with that situation. After all, Xie Zhi Qiu was all-set to go all-out whenever needed. So, it would be no big deal even if that old fogy were to come out.

However, Ou Clan didn't have any other reinforcements or military forces. So, Chu Yang had no fear in that regard.

But, the real reason why he was stalling for time was the fire that he had started. After all, his two-hundred experts had rushed out of that raging inferno. The people with cold attributes had fortunately tolerated it. But, seventy-to-eighty King Level Experts had gotten burned to varying degrees.

He had set fire to so much oil at once that the temperature had risen to that of lava in a split second…

Everyone was wounded. So, their overall strength had been affected. Therefore, too much unnecessary damage would've been caused if they were to face so many enemies so soon.

However, the Great Elder didn't know about this.

The Great Elder only wanted to stall for time. And, Chu Yang wanted to exploit this! Gu Du Xing and the others were mixing three incomplete versions of Nine Tribulation Pills in a large bowl at this moment; this bowl contained the Vitality Spring Water. Everyone would then drink it to recover their health… In fact, this would work regardless of whether they had been burnt or wounded! Basically, these people were making the best use of this time by healing their bodies…

It must be said that such time of respite was rare to come across amidst an ongoing battle.

"Then… does that mean that King of Hell Chu will… stop here?" The Great Elder tried his luck, and probed.

"Stop? Oh, I'll obviously stop," Chu Yang repeatedly nodded, "We don't have the enmity of killing fathers or snatching wives between us… You tell me… Isn't that right…? Moreover, you're so old Great Elder. I'd have no interest… even if you were to make me snatch your wife… After all, I won't be able to lay a hand on her anyway… Isn't that right? Therefore, it would be better if we clear out this misunderstanding. Great Elder can consider giving me some compensation. And, I'll turn around on my heels, and walk away in that case. In fact, I won't have any complaints whatsoever once I've been compensated in full."

"What compensation do you want?" The Great Elder couldn't give a thought to becoming angry at this time. So, he hastily asked. Then, he thought, [You don't want to have the hatred of snatching wife with me? Well, I had sacrificed my wife long ago in order to build this 'Five Deadly Poisons Body' of mine. She is buried deep. So, you'll have to first die if you want to snatch my wife…]

"Let me calculate…" Minister Chu looked up to the sky. Then, he calculated with a serious face, "Your Ou Clan first deceived me, and then ambushed me… and then again… caused me some losses. You've caused me emotional loss, loss of my youth, and loss of my items. You made me so angry that it harmed my liver. You made me depressed… which harmed my heart. It affected my beautiful face… and therefore affected my chances of picking up girls…"

He started to state his losses in a series, and told about thirty to forty losses. Meanwhile, the Great Elder was burning with impatience in front of him as he listened to him. In fact, he wanted to choke this youngster to death right now. But, the present situation was such that he was inferior to this boy. So, he had no other choice but to endure all of it. Therefore, he listened to all of it with a smile…

[I don't care what this bastard says as long as I can trick him. After all, I'm going to roll this kid between my hands, and flatten him up at later time. In fact, it can't even be said what I'd do to this guy…]

Chu Yang was incessantly counting his losses. But then, Gu Du Xing softly coughed from behind and said, "It's done."

Then, Chu Yang finally stopped. He took a long breath and said, "Just these. It would be good if you compensated me for just these things. I'm not asking too much, you know. Just try to put yourself in my shoes, and you'll understand."

"What do you want as compensation?" The Great Elder restrained his anger. However, rage was flickering in his eyes.

"It's very simple. I want the members of your Ou Clan to commit mass suicide. Then, you can hand over this domain to me. Then, we'll be even," Chu Yang faintly smiled, "What do you say?"

The Great Elder's entire body shivered. And, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He then clenched his teeth, and said while stressing on each word, "You're playing tricks on me?!"

"Excellent!" Chu Yang clicked his fingers. Then, his face beamed with a smile as he said, "You're truly a talented child."

The Great Elder glared at Chu Yang in anger… as if he would crack his head open. He breathed heavily in rage… as if he had asthma. Then, his entire body started to inflate with anger, and slowly bulged up. And then, it suddenly exploded as he shouted, "Son of a bi*ch!"

"Don't call out your name so loudly," Chu Yang sincerely and genuinely instructed him, and said, "These aren't good manners. Others will abuse your father."

"Die!" The Great Elder lost all his senses in anger. And, his tall figure pounced towards Chu Yang. He hadn't arrived near Chu Yang yet. But, his flying body was issuing a world-shaking sharp whistling sound in midair.

"Go back!" Two men's shadows flashed. Two Emperor Level Experts had come out flashing from the grey fog behind Chu Yang. They met the Great Elder.

Then, a thick fog billowed, and two-hundred experts quietly appeared. All of them were dressed in black, and had worn a fierce-looking mask.

Two 'bang' sounds echoed. The Great Elder took a sharp turn, and retreated. Then, he looked at the two-hundred people in front of him in bewilderment. He was astonished to find that even the lowest among those experts was a first grade Martial King.

[From where did King of Hell Chu find so many experts?]

"These… are all of these the men of your Heavenly Armament Pavilion?" the Great Elder's eyes flickered as he asked.

"Of course! Where else would they be from if not from the Heavenly Armament Pavilion? Do you think that they are from your Ou Clan?" Chu Yang curled up his lips, and said while grinning, "Surrender and commit suicide. Be obedient."

The Great Elder's feet staggered as he felt hopelessness in his heart.

The Ou Clan's crowd issued several cries in alarm behind him. In fact, a commotion had been created amidst their ranks.

[The enemy's battle formation is that strong?]

Chu Yang coldly swept his vision around. The killing intention in his eyes was gradually getting more and more intense. Then, he finally waved his hand, "Attack! Kill all of them! Not a single one should remain."

The two-hundred experts set into action as soon as Chu Yang issued the order.

All of them rushed towards the Ou Clan's troops. War-cries rose up from all directions. Saber-lights and sword-shadows flickered here and there. And then, pitiful screams echoed…

The Great Elder stood in a daze opposite to Chu Yang. He kept looking at this army of mysterious enemies which was rushing straight through the 'Ten Thousand Poisons Great Array' his clan had laid out with painstaking effort. However, he saw that the poisons didn't have any effect on them. And, he agonized in his heart as a result.

[The Ou Clan is done for.]

This thought rose up in the Great Elder's mind. Consequently, he felt an increasing discomfort in his heart.

"I only want to ask one thing…" The Great Elder smiled in grief, "Why doesn't the poison affect you?"

"It's very simple. Our constitution is good," Chu Yang smiled back.

The Great Elder knew that Chu Yang wasn't going to tell him the truth. So, he heaved a deep sigh, and shouted all of a sudden, "Ancestor! Please come out quickly! Ou Clan is done for. Ou Clan is done for…"

His voice spread far and wide like a thunderclap. There was sorrow and despair in his voice. Everyone could feel it.

The Great Elder knew that the Ancestor must've been aware that such a big thing had happened. Moreover, he was certainly watching all of this from the sidelines. And, the Great Elder's heart had filled with more and more grief because of this.

[How can Ancestor watch his own clan being destroyed… and not do anything about it?]

Battle cries were still echoing. And, Ou Clan's people were still collapsing one by one. There was a great difference between a group of Revered Martial Artists and Martial Great Masters, and a group of King and Emperor Level Experts. In fact, the difference couldn't be measured.

The Great Elder finally threw himself into the fighting area. However, he had set into action in grief and indignation.

He wanted to find King of Hell Chu. He wanted to kill this main culprit first. But, he couldn't reach to King of Hell Chu's side amidst the besiegement. He could only look at that goddamn bastard sneakily while carrying out his plots nonstop. So, he looked-on as Ou Clan's clansmen fell into King of Hell Chu's hands one by one.

Ao Xie Yun was killing in the most crazed manner. He had worn the mask of Heavenly Armament Pavilion, but he had the red eyes of a killer! In fact, he'd shout in his heart every time he'd kill a man. [Revenge! This is my revenge!]

He felt more and more bitterness in his heart. He felt more and more hatred in his heart. He was dashing on bravely with no thoughts of personal safety. And, he was only looking for enemies to kill.

The faces of Du Qing Yun and Qin Zhan had emerged in front of his eyes. Moreover, there was still care and concern in their eyes.

[Uncle Du, Uncle Qin — I'm avenging you two! Are you watching?]

Ao Xie Yun was madly killing the enemies. But, his heart was aching. Suddenly, his cheeks streamed with tears…

"Are you watching? Are you watching?" Ao Xie Yun suddenly looked upwards, and roared. He was moving unhindered with tears in his eyes, "I'm taking revenge for you! Revenge! Revenge…"

Ao Xie Yun was drenched in blood. He flew up, and crazily cleft the enemy who was coming from the right into two halves. He then again slashed his sword across the enemy's waist. His sword chopped him into fine pieces like vegetables, and reduced him to dust. He then raised his sword, and suddenly shouted out loud. Then, he started to cry. But, it was the cry of heartbreak; tears and nasal mucus started to overflow his face.

His was slashing his sword around, and killing the enemy while crying.

[I hate this. It feels very painful… because, you can't see it… even if I kill all of these enemies … you can't see it…]

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