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Chu Yang's sword-light shot forth. Suddenly, a silhouette hurriedly flew-in like a gale. It had come through the circular hole Chu Yang had smashed open with the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Xie Zhu Qiu came in with the agility of a swimming fish. And, he brought a violent storm along with him.

He waved his hand, and his body got enveloped inside a bright and shiny Ice Crystal Jade Armor. He didn't stop even for a second after this; he broke into the large fire, and appeared beside Ji Mo the next moment.

A snapping sound was heard. Ji Mo had been facing the siege of three King Level Experts. Xie Zhi Qiu twisted and broke the neck of one of those three. Then, he slapped with his left hand, and the head of the King Level Expert on the right side got smashed like a watermelon. After that, he grabbed with his right hand. He ignored the threat of the incoming sword-light, and clutched the last King Level Expert's chest with his skinny fingers instead. He then pulled out that expert's beating heart.

Then, Xie Zhi Qiu swiftly swept past like a gust of wind. And, the three King Level Experts who had besieged Rui Bu Tong also collapsed like rice straws. Then, his skinny body crashed into that crowd of Ou Clan's experts like a tornado. And, he slaughtered a whole lot of them…

Whichever place his silhouette would venture towards… would eventually become an alley of blood.

Meanwhile, the grey-robed Martial Emperor had dropped down before Chu Yang from midair. And, Chu Yang's sword move 'A sharp will buried deep will not change' had already collided head-on with him.

His poisonous-fog-cloak got dispersed.

Consequently, the defensive layer of poison got destroyed by the sword-light!

That grey-robed Emperor Expert — Ou Fang Ge — gazed at Chu Yang with a look of disbelief in his eyes. Chu Yang then crashed into him with an irresistible force, and smashed his favorite sword; it must be mentioned that this grey-robed expert had had treasured this sword his entire life. Then, the hand in which he had held the sword also changed into blood foams. After that, his arm, shoulder, and half body got swallowed by the sword-light. However, this grey-robed expert still had the expression of disbelief, confusion, and shock in his eyes.

After all, he had never imagined that the enemy would be able to nullify his poison technique. [This is such a highly effective poison. Even an elephant would fall down if it were to sniff it once.]

[But, this man is still alive even though his body had gotten shrouded in a cloud of this poison. In fact, he has even managed to attack me?]

[How can it be possible?]

He only repeated these words in his mind until he died — [How is this possible?!]

People were rapidly passing through that big and round hole in the Ou Clan's gate. The cold-attribute cultivation method that they had cultivated was on the stronger side for some of them. So, they were simply operating their cultivation to pass through the flames. After all, the cold attribute of their cultivation could assist them in resisting the heat of the flames. But, some Martial Kings possessed ordinary cultivation. So, they didn't have such good luck.

However, this group of experts knew that this was a very rare and golden opportunity for them.

Every clan had been making preparations in secrecy, but none had made a move yet. However, the Ou Clan had never anticipated that their clan would be the first one to get attacked under such circumstances. Therefore, they had neglected to take enough precautions. And, this meant that they could be attacked and defeated with relative ease.

These attackers couldn't miss this opportunity today. After all, breaking through the Ou Clan's main gate would be as difficult as ascending to heavens the next time.

Moreover, who knew whether King of Hell Chu's detoxification wine would still be left or not by that time? Also, couldn't the Ou Clan research and develop some poison that could to cope up with the detoxification quality of this wine? No one could afford to take that risk…

Therefore, they needed to go all-out tonight.

Consequently, these ordinary King Level Experts would endure the burn from the flames as they'd dash into the large fire. They'd then rushed out from the flames with their bodies ablaze. Then, they'd roll on the ground in order to extinguish the flames. After that, they'd break into the enemy's ranks despite the fact that their bodies had gotten covered with blisters.

They were advancing towards victory… step-by-step.

Not many of the Ou Clan's experts were left in the gateway-area by the time half of the over two-hundred experts had entered.

Long shouts were constantly coming through. Ou Clan's people were rushing over from all the directions. Chu Yang and Xie Zhi Qiu were also rushing forward like sharp arrows along with their troops. They'd kill everything in sight wherever they went…

Ou Clan had apparently come to terms with the fact that the enemy had already broken through the gate. So, they gave up defending the gate. Instead, the Ou Clan's experts turned towards the same direction amidst the mournful cries and screams — towards the Main Building of the Ou Clan.

It was the heart of the Ou Clan!

The best military strength and the top experts of the Ou Clan were present here. Even the entirety of their wealth was stored here.

Everything was here!

Hundreds of people gathered in the square that was located in front of the gate. And, an increasing number of people were unceasingly rushing towards this place. None of these people had spoken anything. They were merely looking at this avenue in silence.

Poison had been sprinkled on all the paths leading to this side. Even the roofs were no exception. In fact, it could be said that a cloud of poison had filled the entire sky above the Ou Clan.

It was now the break of dawn. But, it was still dark here since the poisonous fog had become increasingly dense. In fact, the sky seemed even gloomier than it had in the pitch-darkness of the night before.

The Ou Clan's clansmen unleashed their entire inventory.

These poisons could suffocate a person to death once they penetrated their skin… And, this was true for even the lowest level of poisons among them. In fact, the majority of them were so powerful that even a little bit of them could leave the entire body to fester until rot.

The poisonous clouds that were hovering there were similar to a kind of plague. But, these poisons were a hundred times more malicious than a plague.

Lets presume that the entirety of the Ou Clan's poison was gathered and released in a densely populated area… It could be said that no trace of life would be left within the radius of several thousand miles of that previously densely populated area.

Nothing would be left… Not the livestock, birds, and animals… And, not even the trees, plants and flowers!

In fact, the area within the radius of a thousand miles would remain barren for a hundred years. No living thing would be born there!

Coping with only a little more than two-hundred people was overkill if one had such weaponry at hand. It was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

However, the people of the Ou Clan were still uneasy in their hearts. They were looking at that spacious avenue. And, they were frightened, and somewhat at a loss. It seemed that their confidence had been sucked out from them.

It was because they knew that the poisonous defense laid out in the direction of the castle's gate was a lot stronger than the one present here. Moreover, that was the direction from which the enemy had broken through…

However, this hadn't caused any casualties in the enemy's ranks…

[Is it possible that they aren't afraid of poison?]

Many people of the Ou Clan had thought of this possibility. And, this thought had smashed their belief in their poison.

Poison was Ou Clan's backbone. It was also the base of their morale.

They used to run amuck in the Middle Three Heavens owing to their use of poison. After all, no one could withstand it. Therefore, there was no one who wasn't afraid of it.

In fact, Ao Clan would also back down to some extent because of their poison. This was the reason why the Ou Clan was able to expand more and more. And, this was the reason why it was able to accumulate an increasing number of Emperor Level Experts in its ranks.

Xie Clan wasn't too inferior to Ou Clan. But, it still had only six Emperor Level Experts, while the Ou Clan had nine!

And, their poison was the reason behind all of this.

In fact, the Ou Clan would've had less-than-half the experts if it hadn't frightened the Middle Three Heavens with its poison.

No one dared to kill anyone from the Ou Clan. This was everyone's attitude towards Ou Clan. After all, one would have to face thousands of experts that were good at poison techniques if one dared to kill anyone from the Ou Clan. And, who could dare to take such a big risk?

However, this bunch of attackers didn't seem to be fearful of their poison in any way.

This was equivalent to a blow to the head for the Ou Clan. It had shattered the biggest pillar of the Ou Clan's support. It had shattered their fantasies. And, it had taken away their most powerful mental support.

An increasing number of Ou Clan's experts gathered. They gradually formed a scale of over a thousand people in front of the Ou Clan's main building. And, people still kept on coming from afar. Everyone seemed to have a tacit understanding since they had arranged themselves in an orderly fashion in accordance with their positions and ranks in the clan.

All the guards spontaneously lined-up in a defensive formation.

More than a thousand people were standing still in the morning breeze. And, that number slowly increased to over two-thousand people with the passage of time…

A great many human figures had made a battle formation in a distant location. And, all of them were silently looking at this side with rapt attention; these people were the low-level warriors of the Ou Clan.

All experts under the Martial Great Master level were standing in that distant location.

And, only the experts above Martial Great Masters were standing on this side.

Three old men were standing at the forefront. Their white beards were fluttering in the wind. They were standing there with a firm and cold complexion on their faces. They were the three remaining Emperor Level Experts of the Ou Clan.

Five out of the Ou Clan's nine Emperor Level Experts had been killed by King of Hell Chu in the battle in the Chill Wind Forest. And, the sixth one had died in battle today.

However, these remaining three Emperor Level Elders didn't know that the Emperor Expert who had died today had also killed by King of Hell Chu.

Thumping sounds of footsteps were heard; they seemed to be coming from a distance at a gradual pace. However, the murderous aura brought along with them had left the army of thousands to shudder. The sounds were slowly coming over… step by step… It seemed as if innumerable giant ancient creatures were coming over.

The sound of the approaching footsteps made it seem as if their aura was closely packed in the air.

Sweat was already seeping out of the palms of the three Emperor Level Elders. Their forehead was also somewhat soaked in sweat.

They could tell from the sound of these footsteps that these attackers' strength hadn't suffered in this battle.

This also showed that the enemy wasn't afraid of poison.

The sky above the main building of the Ou Clan was filled with dense clouds of poison. But, the three Emperor Level Elders sighed as they saw this. And, a feeling of despair rose in their hearts.

Their Clan Lord and the Young Clan Lord had gone to capture Ao Xie Yun along with three-hundred experts of the clan. And, they hadn't returned yet. Moreover, King of Hell Chu had maliciously killed thirty of their King Level Experts in the Chill Wind Forest. In fact, he had even slain five of their Emperor Level Experts there.

Ou Clan's strength was very low at present. In fact, it was less than one-fourth of its initial strength. There were still over two-thousand people at this side. This might seem to be a lot, but these three Elders knew that there were only a few King Level Experts among these three-thousand. A very small section of the rest consisted of Revered Martial Artists. And, the overwhelming majority consisted of Martial Great Masters.

These three elders had considered the strength of their enemy, and had realized that they had fallen in a state of complete disadvantage.

"Does the Ancestor know about this?" one of the old men licked his dry lip, and asked.

The Great Elder remained silent for a while. Then, he replied, "Ancestor already knows. But, he hasn't come out yet…"

"Ancestor is a ninth grade Martial Emperor. These enemies won't stand a chance if he decides to show up. I only hope… that the Ancestor doesn't come out too late."

The Great Elder didn't say a word in response. He knew that his brother was just emboldening, [Ancestor is a ninth grade Martial Emperor. And, the enemy doesn't have an equally strong expert to match him… However, he would exhaust himself to death if he were to deal with so many people by himself…]

The sounds of footsteps were getting more and more distinct amidst the thick fog.

Suddenly, that thick fog of poison seemingly disappeared in a flash. And, a man in black clothes appeared in the front in an awe-inspiring manner.

The fog of poison disappeared wherever he passed through… as if thin snowflakes were being exposed to the blazing sun.

His eyebrows were sharp like swords. His eyes were shining like stars. His face was like jade with bright red lips; he was magnificently tall and handsome. A sword was hung on his waist. And, the black clothes he wore looked like clouds as they fluttered in the wind.

A handsome youngster had appeared from that vanishing fog of poison.

However, there was a vast and endless murderous aura in this youngster's eyes.

He trod on the poisonous fog as if it was nothing. Then, he raised his eyes, and stared at the Great Elder's face with his sword-light-like sharp gaze.

"King of Hell Chu?!" The Great Elder was shocked.

The Great Elder had obviously seen Chu Yang when he had visited the Ou Clan earlier. In fact, he hadn't just seen this youngster; he had also formed a deep impression of this youngster.

"Great Elder, time has passed quickly. And, we meet again," Chu Yang said in a very soft and gentle voice. A faint and warm smile was hung on his face. He seemed like a newly-wed son-in-law who had brought his wife to her parents' home. His voice was gentle, and his complexion was tender. He was seemingly overcautious, and a bit shy. However, the words that he spoke at this point were opposite to his shy and bashful appearance, "Great Elder, your demeanor is still like that of a senile ghost. And, it's fun to look at."

He faintly smiled, and then politely said, "Great Elder, I've especially come here to turn you into a real senile ghost this time. What do you say? Doesn't it feel ecstatic…? Like it's a dream come true?"

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