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All those people hiding in the grove looked at the fuzzy shadows shimmering under the starlight. And, a question arose in their hearts.

[How strong are the defenses of Ou Clan's centuries-old castle?

[Chu Yang and his brothers are extremely talented in the art of stealth. However, they still can't enter the castle through the main gate. So, what kind of method will they use to sneak past the gate?]

Everyone still had suspicions in their hearts, [King of Hell has said that he has a way. But, what is this method? How will it make the Ou Clan open its main gate; especially under the current circumstances when Ou Clan is extremely vigilant? Ou Clan has tightened its defenses, and is fully prepared for a battle.]

[Maybe this method is a frontal assault...] Everyone thought of this possibility, but then discarded it at once.

[The front gate of Ou Clan's Castle might not give way even if a Monarch Level Expert were to go all-out in attack.]

Everyone was curiously looking at King of Hell Chu at the moment.

[The Ou Clan will be exterminated tonight if King of Hell Chu somehow manages to open the main gate. However, we all will have no choice but to withdraw if it can't be opened.]

There was a period of silence in the surroundings. And, it felt as if the night wind had become heavy and suffocating in this silence.

Suddenly, a mass of sword light appeared out of nowhere amidst the dark night; it illuminated the night sky. It seemed as if a desolate aura of vicissitudes had passed through times immemorial to arrive here, and had instantly engulfed the world upon its arrival.

Suddenly, the entire world changed seasons from this early autumn, and became chilly cold instead.

Then, a cold light emerged.

And, it expanded thereafter.

The sword-light fell from the sky in a transient moment… like a lightning splitting open the entire world. Even the empty void of night began to tremble fiercely in this moment.

The sword-light had spanned hundreds of feet in midair; it looked just like a dragon. It was a long dragon with a body as thick as a drum. It looked majestic. It then suddenly rushed towards the Ou Clan's main gate with earth-shattering power.

Everyone was petrified at the sight of this.

[So, the method that King of Hell Chu had mentioned about turned out to be such a barbarous attack. He went for such an extreme method — to brandish the sword and use brute force to blast open the main gate of the Ou Clan's castle.]

[This bastard had even added 'fire beacon' in his explanation of the plan. He had made us all think that he had some covert method to sneak in up his sleeve. We couldn't have expected that his plan was to burst through the gates all along. Motherfu*ker, what was the need to mention 'fire beacon' if this was your plan? Even a blind person… from 100 kilometers… can see your flashy sword-light...]

[This is nuts!]

More than two-hundred experts sighed at the same time. And, a thought arose in their heart, [Prepare to retreat. This King of Hell Chu had no plan. We thought that he had the means to pull it off. However, it appears that he was just talking big. ]

[It seems that we got dragged here for nothing...]

[Damn, would Ou Clan have survived until now if the main gate of its castle was something that could be breached with your sword alone? Wouldn't it have been destroyed 700-800 times already? ]

[This is foolish!]

[Does he think that he's a Saint Level Expert?]

However, the people who had been sighing were left stunned-enough to open their eyes wide the very next moment. They then rubbed their eyes with their fingers. And, there was a look of incredible terror on their faces… as if they had seen a ghost!

[Am I dreaming or something?]

They saw a mass of sword-light dashing forward like a mighty wave.

However, some people on top of Ou Clan's watchtower spotted the sword-light as soon as it rose.

"Enemy attack!" there was a loud shout. And, the copper bell immediately rang up to signal the state of emergency. It began to produce a loud alarm sound. Then, a cluster of gold and silver lights appeared. And, poisonous smokes of various colors poured down in abundance.

Numerous concealed weapons and poisons instantly filled the area in a range of 500 feet in front of Ou Clan's main gate.

However, the entirety of these lights and colorful poison-smokes got overshadowed by Chu Yang's sword-light. The gold and silver lights got dispersed by the sword-light in all directions amidst the constant ringing sound of the alarm bell. And, the countless toxic smokes which had just begun to permeate vanished as well. Then, several screams sounded from above the gate tower.

The fact was that the sword-light had repelled the concealed weapons, and had sent them back flying in search of their owners.

That sword-light then shot towards the gate with the immense momentum of a thunderbolt. And, it crashed into the main gate like a meteor.

This gate had been reinforced with steel. It weighed over 10,000 pounds. However, this sword-light left it looking like a giant that had a hole in its belly.

A large drum-shaped hole had been exposed in the gate. One could see the traces of torn steel around the hole; the torn steel had bent inward. In fact, Chu Yang had burst into the Ou Clan's castle with his sword by now.

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air; [This... what kind of monster is this?]

This had been said by none other than Xie Zhi Qiu… the person that had the highest cultivation among the people present on the scene. He had opened his eyes wide in a stare, while his jaw had dropped to the floor. The look on his face was clearly stating —'what the hell'. He was extremely shocked; so much so that the shock had rendered him speechless.

Xie Zhi Qiu had received a Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal, and had finally broken through the barrier of Monarch Level to become a Monarch Level Expert. However, he asked himself at this moment, [I wouldn't be able to penetrate through the Ou Clan's main gate… even if I had a heavenly armament in my hand to supplement my lifelong cultivation.]

[But, this King of Hell Chu has pulled it off! He has even created a big hole, and rushed in.]

It wasn't long before several screams echoed from inside.

Then, a group of sword-lights appeared outside the gate. A person united with a sword came rushing. He followed closely behind King of Hell Chu, and went in. A chilling sword intention had suddenly filled the entire space as soon as this sword had appeared… In fact, it had felt as if the cold wind had started to howl over the ground.

An orderly 'clang' sound suddenly rang in the entire world.

And, even the experts hiding in the grove were no exception.

The swords hanging on the waists of the sword wielders had begun to vibrate in unison… as if they were saluting their emperor.

This was the world principle of the Sword Way.

"Sword Emperor! Gu Du Xing — the Young Lord of Gu Clan turned out to be an extremely pure Sword Emperor! In fact, he doesn't have any impurity in his sword way!" Xie Zhi Qiu clutched his hair, and exclaimed in surprise.

However, this sword cry alerted everyone, and they all rushed out en masse.

Dong Wu Shang had already taken the lead, and had pushed to the forefront.

Ji Mo, Tan Tan, and Rui Bu Tong had also entered the gate after Gu Du Xing. Countless Ou Clan experts were frantically rushing out from the castle in order to stop the intruders.

After all, they knew that Ou Clan would be done for if they couldn't defend the gate and failed to drive out the intruders.

Chu Yang had let the Sword Spirit take control of his body during the attack on the gate. This is how he had been able to launch that violent attack. This was the reason why the move 'what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world' had been unleashed with full force.

A 90,000 year old ominous spiritual power had erupted as a result. Moreover, it had combined with the unstoppable incisiveness of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and the formidable power of a matchless sword move. Consequently, the resulting power was so overwhelming that it had even bore through the 10,000 pound gate of the Ou Clan like a hot knife through butter. Chu Yang had even burst into the Ou Clan Castle with the flow of the attack along with his sword. The Ou Clan's experts had been waiting inside. However, they got slaughtered by this sword attack the moment the gate got breached.

Blood flowed like river!

An incomplete version of Nine Tribulations Pill was stuffed into Chu Yang's mouth immediately afterwards. The Sword Spirit waited until Chu Yang's martial power had half-recovered. Then, it quietly withdrew. And, Chu Yang regained control of himself as a result.

The experts of Ou Clan rushed over like a tide.

Chu Yang let out a loud shout, [One ray of cold light piercing ten-thousand fathoms.] The entire world filled with cold light as soon as this move was unleashed. This further stuffed the entire sky.

The bloody light was unceasingly rushing-about amidst the ringing sounds.

Then, a sword-light flashed from the side. A sharp and solid sword-energy swiftly swept past, and crashed into the crowd of experts with unstoppable momentum. Dozens of enemy's swords issued a sword cry in unison –'clang'!

Sword Emperor!

Gu Du Xing!

Gu Du Xing let out a long and loud cry. His Black Dragon Sword also let a sword cry at the same time. Then, he started to move to-and-fro in the air in a violent manner. Ji Mo and the other two also rushed over, and joined in. The five brothers joined hands. They appeared like a bunch of mad tigers. However, the Ou Clan's experts had also assembled in full force in an attempt to push them outside the gateway.

But, there would be a vast-stretch of space in case they were pushed out. And, this meant that the brothers would have to face a multiplied intensity of pressure! Countless Ou Clan's experts were quickly rushing over from all directions. Chu Yang and the others had surely burst in. However, the situation still didn't look optimistic for them.

[This gateway is narrow. Those old monsters will still be able to exploit the terrain and block us if the Ou Clan firmly holds this place. Even two-hundred Martial Kings wouldn't be able to rush-in through here. They wouldn't be able to display their means to their full potential because of the narrow terrain. Consequently, they would only get wiped out by the enemies.]

This meant that Chu Yang quickly needed to change the present situation in his favor. After all, merely breaking-in was no victory — the real struggle would start right after bursting in.

Chu Yang and the others must hold this passage. They must keep this passage open in order to allow the experts on their side to enter the castle one by one. After all, they had only managed to complete the first step of the plan so far.

Chu Yang ordered in a loud voice. Ji Mo and Gu Du Xing immediately formed a line, and advanced forward by three steps. The brothers were attacking crazily while repulsing the enemy's attacks. And, their leader — Chu Yang — was guarding their back.

Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong sustained injuries over the course of these three steps. And, blood splashed from their bodies at the same time.

Chu Yang took advantage of this little time they had bought. He bellowed, and threw out dozens of large oil barrels from the Nine Tribulations Space with 'whoosh' sounds. Each barrel weighed several hundred pounds. The barrels loudly fell far and near, and oil flew about in all directions. Then, Chu Yang flicked his hand, and threw meteor-like sparks towards the barrels.

Boom! The flames met the oil, and a blazing fire erupted.

Bang! The raging inferno soared everywhere as a barrel exploded in the crowd of Ou Clan's experts.

"Ah! Oil barrel! Bastard, where did you take out so much oil from?"

"Damn, I got burned... retreat quickly!"

"Retreat quickly! I can't believe this! They caused such a big fire. Do they plan to rush through this fire?!"

Loud screams kept echoing unceasingly.

Immediately afterwards… Boom Boom Bang…

Several oil barrels exploded at the same time. The fire soared to the sky around the gate. And, this blocked the footsteps of the numerous Ou Clan experts who were about to charge into the gateway.

The raging flames were billowing.

Endless screams were echoing.

A grey-clad figure rushed over from the direction of Ou Clan's Inner Court at a great speed. He grazed through the air whilst issuing loud sonic booms. Then, he asked in a loud voice, "What happened?"

Several other figures emerged from the direction of the Inner Court, and rushed over.

Chu Yang strode out to greet the enemy. The Seven Yin Cold Energy surged out of his body. He wrapped himself and his brothers inside it, and advanced forward. The raging flames suddenly issued a loud hissing sound, and parted on either side to make way for the brothers. Then, the five brothers crossed through the flames with large strides.

It was as if five ominous devils had come out from the inferno whilst being wrapped in a sinister aura. Chu Yang laughed very loudly and said, "Nothing has happened. It's just that the King of Hell wants to invite you people to a banquet. So, I request you people to join me in hell for the banquet. You can consider it a sightseeing trip. By the way… there's permanent residence available if you want. Members of the Ou Clan… please get ready for the banquet. Ha ha ha..."

The old man in grey robe coldly snorted. He dropped down from the air, and shouted, "Ignorant brat! This Ou Fang Ge shall take your pathetic life now." He then brandished his palm, and sent the wind blowing with 'hu hu' sound. A cold light flashed, and shrouded everything as a sinister energy filled the air. He had already launched the trademark Poison Technique of the Ou Clan!

It seemed as if a mass of thick fog was falling down as he landed on the ground. This thick fog was mixed with a cold light.

Chu Yang sneered and said, "A trivial First Grade Martial Emperor dares to talk big before me! Die for me!" The Nine Tribulations Sword rose up in the air and flashed. However, it didn't dodge… nor did it try to evade. Instead, the full-force of the move 'A sharp will buried deep will not change' was unleashed head-on onto the enemy!

The sword-light suddenly exploded. And, it dazzled the dim midnight sky.

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