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Chapter 468: Battles Meng Luo!

"Yes. It’s him!" Dong Wu Shang snorted and said, "Meng Clan’s Eldest Young Master Meng Luo. He lives a life of dissipation – wining, dining, whoring, and gambling. And, he is particularly lecherous! This guy is a typical playboy!"

It was clear from his voice that he didn’t have any respect for Meng Luo since his character was despicable.

Chu Yang frowned. [Looking down on his character is fine, but his strength mustn’t be underestimated. Dong Wu Shang he will surely end up paying bitterly if he maintains this mentality while confronting Meng Luo.]

"You mustn’t underestimate the enemy!" Chu Yang warned him, "His current strength may not be beneath yours!"

"Are you serious?" Dong Wu Shang sneered loudly. His current strength had progressed greatly. He had been cultivating with the black saber by his side at all times. That’s how he had progressed very rapidly! Moreover, the black saber had made him practically invincible. No one besides Gu Du Xing could cause trouble for him in the younger generation. In fact, even Ao Xie Yun didn’t look him in the eye anymore.

So, there was no way he would take a trivial guy like Meng Luo seriously.

Chu Yang carefully observed Meng Luo, and spoke in a lowered voice, "What you are seeing is merely a façade of this Meng Luo... He has practiced ‘Gather Yin to Supplement Yang Technique’."

"Eh?" Dong Wu Shang opened his mouth wide, "An evil technique?"

"Moreover, Meng Luo also has a special physical constitution. He has also practiced the ‘Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique’. It’s been handed down from generation to generation in the Meng Clan, but no one has ever been able to practice it. You’d have to be careful against him even if you and Du Xing were to fight him as one!" Chu Yang whispered.

"Yeah, but our Coyote wants his Storm Leopard. And, we must snatch it since we’ve already decided to block his way and rob him!" Dong Wu Shang narrowed his eyes and said, "I will go deal with him!"

Meng Luo was still in the field after he had issued the challenge. He had wildly challenged three enemies at once, but he obviously knew, [These three individuals would never join hands to deal with me under the gazes of so many people. Their status won’t permit them to!]

[And, I have nothing to be afraid of if they come to fight independently! In fact, I am confident that I would be able to defeat Dong Wu Shang if he comes. I wouldn’t even need to use the ‘Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique’… Anyway, I’ve never displayed that technique before anyone!]

Meng Luo had absolute confidence in himself.

So, he had nothing to fear!

Chu Yang squinted as he watched Meng Luo in the field. Then, he solemnly spoke, "You’ve never dealt with Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique. So, it’d be better that I go."

"You?" Dong Wu Shang was somewhat bewildered. [I haven’t dealt with it, but have you?] But then, he saw the confident look that was brimming in Chu Yang’s eyes. He knew that his Big Brother always makes a proper strategy first. And, he moves into action only then. So, Dong Wu Shang couldn’t help but nod his head involuntarily.

Only Chu Yang could make him behave in such an obedient manner. Even Gu Du Xing wouldn’t be able to make him behave this way… let alone someone else.

That’s because Chu Yang had brought about a miracle… the sort of which he would’ve never been able to achieve! Furthermore, it was a martial art miracle!

What's more… even his brothers had also managed to accomplish something they couldn’t have achieved on their own. And, it was all thanks to Chu Yang’s assistance!

Chu Yang solemnly said, "You must closely observe how I compel him to reveal his ‘Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique. Then, you must inform the other brothers about it. They need to be prepared as well."

Chu Yang naturally knew that the current chaotic situation was the most favorable to him. [My brothers would inevitabl

y suffer a loss if Meng Luo managed to escape from this chaotic situation and bumps into my brothers in the future!]

[Besides, Ji Mo’s battle to snatch the wife is going to happen soon. And, Meng Luo will certainly enter the battlefield when the time comes. Moreover, it will most likely not be me who will be dealing with him in that case!]

[Therefore, it will be most advantageous to compel Meng Luo to reveal his hidden trump at this time!]

Dong Wu Shang nodded his head and replied, "Don’t worry! I will be the one to destroy his technique if he dares to use it again!"

Ji Mo was raining curses, while Luo Ke Di was jumping greedily. Suddenly, a cold voice said, "We are trying to rob your Strom Leopard. So, we obviously think highly of you! Meng Luo, you should be honored."

Meng Luo flew into a rage!

[Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, and Dong Wu Shang are more or less at the same rank as me. I can bear if they call me a few names. But, who is this person who made this comment?]

He raised his eyes to look, and saw a black-robed youth standing beside Dong Wu Shang. This youth’s hands were crossed behind his back. He floated down from the boulder, and looked at Meng Luo with a cold expression in his eyes.

Meng Luo was about to cuss out loud when he saw that the black-robed youth extended his right hand with a ‘swoosh’. His empty palm then unexpectedly issued a loud 'clang' sound. A dense mass of bright shadow dispersed out of his body along with this sword cry, and took shape of a magnificent crown high above his head in the air!

This crown was different from the others. The shadow of a long sword was placed above this crown, and it was pointing straight towards the heaven!

"Sword King!" Meng Luo cried out in fear. He looked towards Chu Yang again. The look in his eyes had already changed. [This youth is clearly a few years younger than me. However, he has managed to become a Sword King at such a young age!]

[This accomplishment had made Meng Luo feel dreaded in his heart. [He is the Young Master of which clan? How has he never appeared before?] However, Meng Luo was somewhat relieved to see that Dong Wu Shang hadn’t come out.

"Who are you?" Meng Luo asked, "Sir, why get involved in this mess?"

"My surname is Chu," Chu Yang smiled a bit and replied, "This is my brother. My brother wants the Storm Leopard! Meng Luo, you seem like a clever person. So, I suggest that you hand it over before it’s too late!"

"Surnamed Chu..." Meng Luo repeated it once, and searched his memory. But, he couldn’t find anything relevant. Then, he suddenly grinned fiendishly and said, "You want to fight with me?"

"I don’t want to fight with you," Chu Yang replied to correct his notion, "I just want you to hand over that Storm Leopard."

"Ha ha ha..." Meng Luo laughed uncontrollably. Then, he abruptly stopped and said in an eerie voice, "I bet my Storm Leopard. But, what are you going to bet? This Young Master doesn’t fight a battle that doesn’t have benefits involved."

"I will give you this if I lose." Chu Yang flipped over his hand, and a sword appeared with a ‘swoosh’. It appeared like the dazzling sun as it suddenly issued ten thousand rays of cold light!

Meng Luo was standing 30 feet away. Yet, even he felt a burst of chill blowing against his face as soon as the sword appeared.

"I must remind you that this sword can cut iron like mud. It can also cut through any metal and jade. And, it can cut through the strongest defenses!" Chu Yang casually tossed the long sword. It flew out of his hand, and went somersaulting. It gently floated in midair like as a feather, and then came falling down.

Chu Yang once again tossed a block of black steel, and it landed at the spot where the long sword was about to fall. ‘Clang’ the sword’s edge landed on top of the black steel, and cut right into it… as if it were a block of butter.

Meng Luo’s eyes opened wide in amazement! And, a greedy look flashed in his eyes.

Chu Yang lifted his foot, and kicked that block of black steel even though the long sword was still buried in it. The sword’s blade vibrated and issued a buzzing sound as a result.

The block of black steel fell near Meng Luo’s feet.

Chu Yang had performed these actions very gracefully in a very natural and unrestrained manner. He looked far more confident than Meng Luo.

Luo Ke Di asked Ji Mo in a low voice, "Why isn’t Big Brother afraid that Meng Luo will take the sword and run away?"

Ji Mo got annoyed and replied, "Meng Luo would’ve grabbed it and ran away if he were a retard like you! But, the issue is that he isn’t!"

Luo Ke Di hiccupped twice. He was embarrassed, and spoke no longer.

Meng Luo wasn’t stupid. He was certainly feeling greedy at the moment. However, he’d have to face the joint besiege of Luo Clan, Dong Clan, and Ji Clan if he took it and ran away. In fact, he wouldn’t even be allowed to explain himself if that came to happen. This was the established rule. So, he would have to die along with the people who had come here with him in that case. He couldn’t possibly commit such a stupid mistake.

Chu Yang chuckled in his heart. [This is my sword — Chu Yang’s sword. Who can ‘just’ take it and run away? Sword Spirit’s power is attached on it. So, the sword will break into two parts as soon as he’d activate his intention...]

Meng Luo had been stunned.

He took out the sword that had easily cut into the black steel. And, a piece of steel flake fell off from it. Then, he took a sword from an attendant. After that, he merely clashed the two swords without applying any strength to it. But, his attendant’s sword got cut off into two parts like a log of wood.

However, Chu Yang’s sword didn’t even get a single scratch!

Meng Luo’s hands began to tremble a bit. Even his lips began to quiver. He was clearly reluctant to part with this sword. He looked at Chu Yang, and spoke somewhat eagerly, "Do you genuinely wish to bet this sword in our gambling match?"

"Why? You don’t want to? Forget it if you don’t want it." Chu Yang spread out his hands to take back his sword.

"I want to! Why would I not want to? The bet is on!" Meng Luo’s eyes lit-up.

[Storm Leopards are good, but the one I have with me is just a cub. It will take decades for it to become a full grown adult. But, this sword is an incomparably sharp weapon. Something like this is rarely seen in the world! Its value is even higher than a fully grown storm leopard!]

[This guy is unexpectedly betting such a sword. I am getting a big bargain considering the value of the betted items. This is simply like he’s gifting this treasure to me.]

"Meng Luo, you c*nt. Don’t you have any sense of shame? You weren’t willing to hand over the Storm Leopard’s cub a while ago. But, you suddenly want to bet it against a peerless treasure-sword?" Luo Ke Di scolded in a loud voice, "Is that your face or butt? Fu*k! How come it hasn’t turned red already?"

Luo Ke Di’s provocative words pressed Meng Luo’s buttons to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore. Luo Ke Di had only intended to provoke Meng Luo, but he hadn’t expected that Meng Luo’s face would turn red as soon as his voice would fade.

Luo Ke Di was left dumbfounded by this result. He held out his hand to point at Meng Luo, and turned to excitedly look at Ji Mo. Then, he turned his head to other side to look at Dong Wu Shang, "Did you see it? Fu*k me! Meng Luo is actually blushing. Motherfu*ker, Ahwooh... this is breaking news for the Middle Three Heavens!"

Meng Luo’s face flushed with anger. He shouted, "Shut the fu*k up! You are the ones who bet the sword. It’s not like I insisted on betting this sword! Could it be that you agree to the fact that you blocked my way to rob me?"

Chu Yang smiled insipidly. Then, he waved his hand and said, "You guys stand guard here for me! See how I teach a lesson to one of the Top 8 Young Masters!"

Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Dong Wu Shang were thinking the same – they didn’t need to act unless Chu Yang would ask them to. This was because Chu Yang would certainly have assurance of victory since he had made the choice to fight! After all, Chu Yang never got involved in a matter he had no assurance of.

Ji Mo jumped and loudly clamored, "Beat him down! Trample him! Ravage him…!"

Luo Ke Di also shouted at the top of his voice, "Get him! Mess him up! Fu*k him up! Ahwooh~~~~"

Chu Yang suddenly began to sweat!

A trace of intense murderous intent flashed on Meng Luo’s face as he glared at Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo. Then, his vision shifted back to Chu Yang. And, he became vigilant in his heart. [This guy isn’t a known name, but how is he able to deal to with these two famous troublemakers so easily?]

[I can’t underestimate him.]

"Please begin!" Meng Luo thrust his wrist forward, and the long sword released a white magical light as it went flying towards Chu Yang.

Chu Yang dodged to the side, and skillfully used his two fingers to grip that sword’s hilt. And, a sword light suddenly burst out of it. The issued sword shadows seemed as if a peacock had spread its tail. Then, hundreds of shadows of the long sword began to revolve around him!

However, he had firmly grasped the long sword’s real body in his hand. The Sword Point had indicated Chu Yang to do so in advance. Chu Yang looked affectionately at the sword’s blade. He felt as if there was a close connection between him and this long sword. There was burst of emotion in his heart, and the sword energy surged out in abundance!

Nine Tribulations Sword’s Sword Point, Sword Edge, and Sword Spine dashed out of his Dantian with a whistling sound. The long sword’s blade flashed strangely, and began to exude a cold murderous aura in all directions. This aura then aggressively pervaded everywhere!

Meng Luo felt that formidable aura from the other side, and didn’t dare to neglect it. He immediately jumped up, and a strangely shaped folding fan appeared in his hand. He opened the fan with a ‘bang’ in midair. And, eight Meng Luos appeared in the air at the same time. Each of them had a smile on their face. And, each of them looked graceful and elegantly as they swung their folding fans. Then, all of the eight Meng Luos fell down like lightning towards Chu Yang!

A splendid and brilliant crown appeared in the sky!

Chu Yang sneered, "Come then!" his body spun. The sword light turned into a meteor, and darted forward like an arrow. He didn’t dodge, nor did he evade. He was going for a head-on collision!

To firmly shake Meng Luo!

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