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Chapter 469: Force You to Reveal Your Hidden Trump!

Two people’s shadows came in slight contact for an instant. Then, they suddenly exploded like bomb. And, they changed into countless shadows that scattered in all directions.

The two people’s figures had already transformed into two bright shadows in the middle of the field — one black and one white. And, these figures were twisting and twining together. In fact, they had interwoven into a Yin-Yang pattern!

The two crowns in the air trembled with a rustling sound!

Chu Yang used Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique to move around swiftly. His long sword appeared everywhere like snowflakes. It seemed to go forward, and also seemed to go backwards at the same time… It seemed to be moving, and also seemed to be still. His figure was faintly visible even though it was ever-changing.

Meng Luo’s agility skill was very fast and precise. The folding fan in his hand was continuously changing in unexpected ways. It could act as a sword, a saber, a club… but, all forms it would change into seemed to have some kind of connection…

Moreover, there was a strange design on the surface of the fan. And, this design could leave people with a dazzling feeling.

Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, and Luo Ke Di – three people were intently watching the battle. And, they exclaimed in admiration in their hearts.

They had been very startled by the skill and ease with which Chu Yang was handling Meng Luo’s dangerous attacks. [He was struggling at the bottom several months ago. But, he’s giving peer competition to a Second Grade King Level expert today!]

[Moreover, Meng Luo is no ordinary King level expert.]

Meng Luo was a hedonistic son of rich parents and a pervert in the eyes of Dong Wu Shang, but he wasn’t someone who could be defeated by an ordinary Second Grade King Level expert! After all, he was one of the Eight Big Young Masters. So, each of his moves had infinite might. And, he was repeatedly revealing the cards in his hand. Therefore, one would need to skip levels in order to challenge this guy!

Meng Luo’s eyes seemed to be like that of starving wolf when he looked towards Chu Yang’s silhouette. He slowly accelerated his speed. Then, he slowly increased his power. He wanted to defeat Chu Yang in very short time… and with the least expenditure of strength!

However, he was surprised when he discovered that Chu Yang also slowed down his speed when his own offensive was slow. And, the opponent also managed to increase his speed whenever he’d increase his attack speed. Moreover, Chu Yang was doing this despite being under constant pressure!

Consequently, they had been evenly matched ever since the battle began!

A cold light flashed in Meng Luo’s eyes. And, the folding fan’s attacks got more and more concentrated.

He didn’t wish to reveal his hidden trump!

However, Chu Yang was dead-set to force Meng Luo to reveal his Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique!

The onlookers were hooked to every development of the fight. Even that lazy Ji Zhu was staring with eyes wide open. And, he was watching the fight between these two people without blinking. [No wonder Ji Mo calls this guy ‘Big Brother’. He’s very skillful, ah…]

The spectators could best describe this battle as ‘pleasing’.

The two youths were in the middle of a battle; one was dressed in a black robe and the other in a snow-white one. One had a charming and elegant appearance, and the other one was tall and handsome. In addition, both of them had graceful figures. Their movements were smooth and easy. It seemed as if immortals were floating in the air!

Whenever one of them would strengthen his attack — and the other would immediately begin to attack accordance with this development. And, the other one would also begin to defend whenever one of them would slightly restrain his offensive…

Therefore, this didn’t look like a decisive battle. Instead, it looked like two fellow brothers were merel

y testing out each other’s martial skills. It seemed as if two strangers had mutually agreed to dance together. And, their dance-steps were elegant and graceful. They didn’t look identical when observed closely. However, their movements seemed so flawless that it seemed as if both of them were unintentionally synchronizing with each other!

Ji Mo and Lou Ke Di were looking at the scene. And, Dong Wu Shang had already arrived behind these two men.

"Big Brother hasn’t revealed his hidden trump yet." Luo Ke Di whispered. Chu Yang was handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease. So, it was obvious that Chu Yang hadn’t shown his full power yet.

"Nonsense!" Dong Wu Shang scolded him with no trace of politeness and said, "Idiot! Meng Luo hasn’t revealed his hidden trumps either. So, how can boss show his cards? Your brain is defective!"

Luo Ke Di hiccupped, and replied in a low voice, "What I said is the truth…"

Ji Mo was anxiously watching the fight, "It’s too fast! Such a fast showdown must be draining their physical strength and martial power. Wu Shang, how do you read the situation?"

"Big Brother has things under control," Dong Wu Shang replied with confidence, "They are only probing each other right now. But, they are also trying their best to keep their true strength hidden. The fight seems intense, but the moment when the outcome of the battle would be decided hasn’t yet arrived."

Then, his tone suddenly became serious, "You two, keep your eyes wide open and look closely! Big Brother is doing this to make Meng Luo demonstrate his full strength to you. So, don’t speak impractical bullshit right now."

 Ji Mo’s eyes-balls froze due to anger, "Hey, I’m your elder brother!"

Dong Wu Shang didn’t pay any attention and turned around.

Chu Yang was making clear-cut calculations in the field. [Meng Luo has already altered between a dozen or more types of agility skills. So, this is the time to disrupt the sequence and wreak havoc…]

Chu Yang coldly snorted in his heart, and the sword light suddenly rose in a dramatic fashion. [One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!]

Ten thousand rays of cold light suddenly whizzed, and madly rushed forth!

Meng Luo was gob-smacked. He was just reading his opponent’s potential. And, that was when his opponent had suddenly taken him by storm! So, he was caught off-guard for a moment. He shouted loudly, and used his full strength to defend himself with his folding fan!

Shua Shua Shua, Knock Knock Knock…

The weapons of the two men hadn’t clashed since the fight had begun. So, this was the first time that it happened. Meng Luo’s folding fan continuously faced the sword attacks of Chu Yang, and it seemed like lotus leaves were being blown away by the wind. It appeared as if raindrops had started to pound on banana leaves!

The cold light would always find a flaw in his movements… No matter how many times he changed his agility skills. Then, the sword attack landed on the surface of this special folding fan. And, numerous sword-holes appeared on the surface of the fan!

This folding fan of Meng Luo’s was manufactured of natural ice silk that had been mixed with rainbow-colored jade threads. So, it was invulnerable! It also had a special a function — it was tailor-made for the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique!

However, this fan had suddenly sustained a lot of damage. And, Meng Luo felt a twisting heartache as a result of this!

The fan had the capability to restore itself into its original form even though the sword’s tip had pierced holes in it. But, Meng Luo was certain that each hole made by the sword had weakened the ‘spring dream power’ of his folding fan by a bit. So, he couldn’t help but fly into a rage!

A black-cloud-like silhouette suddenly soared up in the field in front of the eyes of the people who were watching the fight! And, the darkness instantly spread out in all directions. However, the white shadow of Meng Luo only remained like a small dot in the middle of the field. In fact, it was only faintly discernible within that devastating darkness!

One of the Eight Big Young Masters – Meng Luo — had been forced into a situation of absolute disadvantage by the attack of this man with an unknown background! In fact, even defending himself was getting very strenuous for him!

The fact was that Chu Yang was also shaken by this. [I haven’t used the move ‘one ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms’ at its full power. I have only used sixty percent of it. But, the Ninth Grade King Level Expert Jing Meng Hun had been forced into a difficult situation when I had used this move on him. However, Meng Luo has managed to defend himself without getting hurt!]

Chu Yang coldly snorted and spoke, "Nice agility skill you got there! Then, face it one more time!"

He again launched ‘one ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms’. But, he used seventy percent of its power this time!

Meng Luo issued a stuffy groan. His white shadow went flying backwards, and traced a white line in its wake. But, Chu Yang’s black shadow closely followed behind it. He had retained the sword move, and didn’t issue it out as he chased Meng Luo. They took dozens of laps of the field in an instant!

The people who were watching the fight clamored!

[One of the Eight Big Young Masters – Meng Luo — is unexpectedly running away like a mouse from this man. And, the other man keeps chasing him relentlessly, and is unwilling to let go?]

The experts of the Meng Clan tightly knitted their brows. Their faces exposed expressions of worry. [It would be a major blow to the reputation of the Meng Clan if Young Master gets defeated in this fight…]

Meng Luo ran for more than twenty laps in a row. And, his handsome face had already turned purple.

Luo Ke Di had smiles of exultation on his face. He jumped out and shouted, "Good! Good! Spank him! Drill into his a*shole. It would be the best if you carve these two words –‘stupid c*nt’– on his butt."

Meng Luo roared wildly. And, his eyes became bloodshot. He fiercely closed his folding fan. And, it turned into a short club. Then, he suddenly turned around, and shot it with the entirety of his power!

Bang! Chu Yang’s black robe fluttered as he stood in the field. But, Young Master Meng Luo went rolling like a ball on the ground. His white robe had been riddled with holes. It was all ‘torn and tattered’ now. A silver glow was exposed from the holes…

"Silver Wind Jade Armor!" someone from the crowd exclaimed out loud in surprise. Everyone was dumbstruck, and turned pale as soon as they heard this.

Silver Wind Jade Armor! It was a legendary treasure in the Middle Three Heavens. It was said that it was immune to all sorts of metallic weapons – whether sword or saber. Wearing this on one’s body was equivalent to having more than one life. It was unexpected that such an unusual treasure would be present on Meng Luo’s body!

Meng Luo slowly stood up from the ground. Blood spilled over from the corner of his mouth. He held out his hand, and slowly wiped-off the blood. He looked towards Chu Yang with a fierce look on his face. He then spoke bitterly, "Chu, you have compelled me to do this!"

Chu Yang became stunned, "Crap! Young Master Meng, we’ve been fighting for so long… and you still couldn’t tell that I had been trying to force you all along? Did you think that I have invited you to have a meal or something?"

Ji Mo suddenly burst into laughter.

Dong Wu Shang’s expressions became tensed. He knew that Chu Yang was deliberately provoking Meng Luo. And, Meng Luo would probably show his hidden trump the next moment — as per expectation.

Meng Luo chuckled once. He suddenly opened his folding fan. Then, he waved it with a ‘swoosh’ sound. After that, three clones of Meng Luo appeared on the left side of his body. All of them were waving their folding fans with smiles on their faces. He again waved the folding fan, and three more clones of Meng Luo appeared on his right side!

Seven Meng Luo clones were standing side by side in an orderly fashion.

Each of them waved their folding fans at the same time. And, they all smiled at the same time. After that, each of them opened their mouths, "Chu, I must get this sword of yours." All seven clones had even spoken at the same time. However, this gave a very disorderly feeling in contrast. Then, the seven Meng Luos took a step forwards at the same time…

The entire space seemed to distort. And, the surroundings seemed to be filled with spring moist. The spectators felt as if their mind had been sent into a trance; even Dong Wu Shang was no exception. No matter what their eyes saw or what the bodies felt… they felt that spring had suddenly arrived!

The air became more and more moist. It seemed that the spring breeze was blowing and caressing the earth. Myriads of things began to bloom. Some people had already started to feel as if the dried up peach branches had slowly started to grow flower-buds…

The seven Meng Luos moved forward in unison, and this feeling of ‘spring-time’ became more and more distinct.

Someone shouted out in surprise… it almost seemed as if this individual was talking in his sleep, "Wow! The willows are turning green so quickly… look, ah… peach has blossomed on those trees… the flower buds are turning more and more pink…"

However, it was all a mere illusion!

Dong Wu Shang was greatly surprised. Even he had felt that this illusion was real. He felt bitter in his heart. He ruthlessly bit his own tongue. A burst of pain sneaked into him, and his mind sobered up!

Dong Wu Shang was aghast and turned pale!

[I never knew that Meng Luo had this kind of skill up his sleeve. Fortunately, I’m only watching from the sidelines. I would’ve already lost after being trapped in the trance if I were present on the field…]

[He’s capable of seizing the minds of everyone — without any movement, and without any sign. In addition, he’s able to cover such a wide range. Moreover, he’s able to seize the minds of people regardless of their level. In fact, there’s no exception. What kind of a world-shaking and evil technique is this?!]

He realized that Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had also been bewitched by this blooming spring. He couldn’t help but become more startled as a result. He pushed the back of their heads with both of his hands at the same time. An ice-cold energy bubbled up, and entered into their brains. And, they regained their senses as a result of this. Then, they looked at each other, and their faces paled…

[This evil technique is extremely terrifying!]

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