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Chapter 467: Brothers Reunite!

Ji Mo and Chu Yang accelerated their footsteps to rush forward. Ji Zhu followed after them, but was left to pant heavily. And, the ten experts of the Ji Clan he led had no choice but to follow.

They took a turn, and saw that two groups were in confrontation.

Dong Wu Shang stood on the top of a prominent mountain rock. And, his face seemed like black ice. He was dressed in a black robe. The hilt and a small part of his black saber were exposed from behind his back. There was a sharp look on his face. He seemed like a majestic mountain that was overlooking the world of mortals beneath!

Dong Wu Lei and ten experts of the Dong Clan stood behind him.

Lou Ke Di stood beside him in a snow-white robe. He had a golden crown above his head. He looked very handsome, elegant, and graceful. He also had a folding fan in his hand; the fan had a golden outline. He was waving it, and seemed to be very relaxed whilst doing so.

This was the appearance of an elegant young master. But, Lou Ke Di’s facial expression was obscene, and his gestures looked wretched and arrogant. Anyone who’d see him wouldn’t regard him as an elegant young master. Instead, they would think that he was a young ruffian who could do any imaginable misdeed!

The manner in which this guy was shaking his shoulders at this moment was particularly annoying. His body was constantly convulsing, and it seemed as if he was trembling in excitement or something. And, this left the onlookers with a strong desire to slap him wildly in order to make him stop!

There was a young master on their opposite side; he wore an embroidered robe. He was also quite handsome. His eyes were as bright as stars, and his facial features were delicate. He was elegant and graceful. He looked like a typical young master since his overall bearings were very graceful.

This youngster was the eldest young master of the Meng Clan – Meng Luo. And, he was leading ten King Level experts of the Meng Clan!

However, the facial expression of Young Master Meng Luo seemed very indignant at the moment. He was glaring at Dong Wu Shang, and it seemed as if he would shoot fire from his eyes. In fact, it seemed as if he would bite him to death.

Several other people also stood in the surroundings. They were clearly enjoying the sight of this confrontation.

These three clans stood in a state of mutual hostility, and seemed ready for a battle.

The matter was this – the Second Young Master of the Luo Clan, Luo Ke Di, had been strolling idly in a carefree manner. He arrived here, and saw that the people of the Meng Clan were already on Mt. Dingjun. He didn’t care much at first. However, Second Young Master Luo had very sharp eyes. And, his sharp eyes spotted that Meng Luo was holding a little leopard in his hands. But, it didn’t seem properly tamed as of yet since Meng Luo had been hastening-on with his journey. But, he was diligently trying to train it nonetheless. In fact, he would occasionally allow it go on a hunt by itself…

However, the Second Young Master Luo got jealous when he saw this!

[Crap! This is the cub of a Storm Leopard! It’s a seventh grade spirit beast, ah! This is such a treasure.] Spirit beasts were generally captured at a young age because an adult spirit beast was impossible to tame. However, adult spirit beasts would kill their own cubs to prevent them from falling into the hands of humans and being enslaved thereof if they were to be cornered!

The Cang Lan Battlefront was the only place in the entire Middle Three Heavens where innumerable spirit beasts could be found. But, they were only killed for their furs and inner cores. Therefore, only a few people possessed a decent spirit beast as a pet!

In fact, cubs under the third level were only used as play-objects once they were caught!

The Second Young Master Luo hadn’t expected that this wretched Meng Luo would have a Storm Leopard’s cub – a seventh level

spirit beast! [This is the kind of treasure is hard to come by. It is almost impossible to obtain, ah!]

Second Young Master Luo had become jealous in an instant.

However, Luo Ke Di also felt a bit regretful. [I had slipped out to have fun on my own. And, I don’t have any attendants on my side because of that. Moreover, this Meng Luo’s strength isn’t inferior to mine. After all, he’s also a top-class King Level expert.]

[I can neither outsmart him, nor overpower him! How’s this fair?] The Second Young Master Luo anxiously turned around.

However, he saw Dong Wu Shang coming over from the other side at this time. Moreover, he was leading a mighty team of the Dong Clan. Consequently, the Second Young Master jumped-up in excitement. It seemed as if he had found his savior.

Meng Luo looked at the approaching outsiders, and hid his Storm Leopard cub. He didn’t wish the others to know that he had this kind of a treasure….

Meng Luo and Dong Wu Shang came face to face. So, they had no other choice but to greet each other. They stopped their footsteps, and exchanged a few greetings. They were about to go on different directions, but Luo Ke Di ran over crying with ‘grief and indignation’ on his face. He held Dong Wu Shang and said, "Fourth Brother, you must do justice for me, ah!"

This sentence left everyone startled all of a sudden.

Meng Luo was also somewhat flabbergasted. [What’s going on in the mind of this Wolf Sword King?]

Dong Wu Shang became extremely angry and asked, "Who bullied you?" [My brother got bullied by someone? Who could dare to do that?]

Meng Luo also got a little curious. However, he was also taking joy in other’s misfortune. So, his ears got erected to listen instead of leaving the place in a hurry.

However, Meng Luo hadn’t expected that Luo Ke Di would actually wail out, "Fourth Brother, it is this goddamned Meng Luo!"

Dong Wu Shang and Meng Luo got extremely shocked! This was totally unexpected…

Meng Luo felt that he was being wronged, [When did I fu*king bully you, huh? Is this some kind of a joke?]

"What happened?"

"Fourth… I suffered a great untold hardship a moment ago. But, I somehow managed to kill those two Storm Leopards. And, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a Storm Leopard cub. But, this goddamned Meng Luo snatched it from me…" Luo Ke Di narrated in a loud voice as he shed some tears.

Dong Wu Shang squinted at Luo Ke Di. [I know that this guy is using me. He wants to snatch away Meng Luo’s treasure…]

[The matter is pretty obvious – the white robe on this bastard’s body is spotless. His hair isn’t disheveled either. What did he say, ‘I suffered a great untold hardship a moment ago. But, I somehow managed to kill those two Storm Leopards’…? Motherfu*ker, those are seventh level spirit beast. You shouldn’t even be able to face one by yourself. Yet, you dare to brag so much?]

[But… this is my brother, ah!]

[Moreover, this Storm Leopard is a precious treasure! How can I leave this in the hands of this scum Meng Luo? Luo Ke Di may not get it, but this must at least belong to me – Dong Wu Shang…]

Therefore, Dong Wu Shang ‘flew into a rage’. Then, he ruthlessly looked towards Meng Luo, and roared, "Meng Luo! Hand over my brother’s spirit beast!"

Meng Luo angrily crooked his mouth as his eyes slanted!

[What the fu*k is this? How did things suddenly come to this point? How did the story-line change so quickly?]

A dozen or more King level Experts of his clan had worked hard to kill that Storm Leopard couple. And, they had coincidently found a cub. Meng Luo had come to cherish this cub as his own life. [How could Luo Ke Di take credit for this? How could he be so shameless?]

[But, it’s clear that Lou Ke Di has accidently seen the Storm Leopard cub, and has become envious. Greed has taken over his heart…]

[But… when did Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang become brothers?]

"Brother Dong, you are wrongly accusing the innocent!" A mountain of anger had bubbled-up inside Meng Luo. He spoke in a sullen tone, "Do I – Meng Luo — seem to be that kind of a person?"

"You are not?" Dong Wu Shang snorted and didn’t budge from his stance. Then, he spoke in a rude and unreasonable manner, "I don’t care whether you are that kind of a person or not… I want that Storm Leopard! Give it back to my brother!"

"This Storm Leopard is mine!" Meng Luo got so angry that he nearly spat out blood, "Luo Ke Di, how can you be so shameless? You say it’s yours? Do you even have the ability to kill a Storm Leopard?"

Lou Ke Di shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Humph! It’s indeed mine! You’ve snatched it from me!"

Everything went dark before Meng Luo’s eyes.

Dong Wu Shang shouted loudly, "Meng Luo, I’m only asking you this once – are you handing it over or not?" he had deliberately channeled his vigor out of his body as he had spoken this sentence. Therefore, his majestic aura had submerged into his powerful male voice, and had rushed towards Meng Luo in order to oppress him!

Chu Yang and Ji Mo had also heard this sentence very clearly.

"Ha ha…" Meng Luo laughed grimly. He wasn’t a good man to begin with. Moreover, he had always held a powerful status. In addition, he was the kind of person who wouldn’t refrain from doing any unimaginable deeds either. His eyesight was also very keen. So, there was no way that he would be deterred by Dong Wu Shang.

He replied in an unstrained and frank manner, "Dong Wu Shang, do you wish to advocate for Luo Ke Di?"

"So what if I do?" Dong Wu Shang narrowed his eyes. He looked rather dangerous.

"This Storm Leopard cub is mine! You don’t need to try to cover up this fact. Everyone here knows whether Luo Ke Di is speaking the truth or lying," Meng Luo spoke-up in an eerie voice, "Dong Wu Shang, could it be that you are trying to commit waylay-looting right now?"

"So what if it’s waylay-looting? So what if you are getting robbed?" A mischievously laughter was heard at first. It was soon followed by an arrogant voice.

Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Meng Luo turned their heads around in unison. They then looked towards the other side of the mountain road, and saw that a few people were approaching them.

Ji Mo!

The protagonist of Mt. Dingjun had arrived!

However, Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di’s gazes fell on the man who was walking beside Ji Mo. And, they couldn’t hold back the feeling of excitement from showing-up on their faces!

That man’s black robe was fluttering in the wind. His stature was tall. He was walking on the mountain-road. Yet, every step of his’ made it seem as if he was strolling leisurely in a garden. It seemed as if the King of Hell himself had suddenly appeared in the mortal world. And, it seemed as if he had brought clouds of worries and mists of cruelty with himself…

Every step that he took made people feel like he was stepping on the dark clouds of hell.

He looked at Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di, and a faint smile appeared on his face. This made both the men feel warmed-up in their hearts… as if his smile had been a spring breeze instead.

They spontaneously took a step forward to greet him. They were about to do as they had intended, but they saw that Chu Yang slightly shook his head before they could.

Therefore, the two of them had to swallow their words back down to their bellies. However, they still felt an inexplicable feeling of excitement welling-up in their hearts.

It wasn’t that Chu Yang didn’t wish meet and greet them. He simply didn’t want them to recognize him in front of others. He himself didn’t care. But, the public disclosure of their brotherhood would be tantamount to the revelation of the alliance between the Ji clan, Luo clan, Dong clan, Gu clan and Stealing God and Thieving Ghost!

And, this would be enough to cause a great uproar in the Middle Three Heavens!

Chu Yang didn’t know what consequences this would lead to. But, he feared that other aristocratic clans may start to feel insecure. And, it would perhaps lead to a disaster if the people with high aspirations were to stir things up. Therefore, Chu Yang wanted to wait and watch for the time being.

He feared nothing in the world when it came to himself, but he had to think for his brothers as well.

Ji Mo was proudly approaching the scene with big strides. He had the gait of a dragon, and swiftness of a tiger. He held out his hand, and pointed his finger, "Meng Luo! Dog Aunt! Quickly hand over the Storm Leopard. Otherwise, we brothers will snatch it from you by force."

Luo Ke Di issued a loud ‘Ahwooh’ howl, and jumped up, "Ahwooh! Ha ha ha… Ahwooh… Meng Luo, hand over the Storm Leopard!"

Meng Luo clenched his teeth. He suddenly faced upwards, and started to laugh, "You people will rob me? Ha ha ha… Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo! You three, come on together! You want this Storm Leopard? No problem! Defeat me, and this Storm Leopard is yours!"

He suddenly shook his arms. The embroidered robe on his body shook with a thunderous noise, and the lapel of his robe was split-open from the vibration. Then, something floated out like a cloud. He extended his right hand, and revealed a multi-colored leopard. That leopard was squatting on his palm, and was squeaking in an inconsiderate manner.

Meng Luo flicked his hand, and the little leopard was sent out flying. It fell into the arms of an old man who stood behind him. Then, he took three giant steps forward, and took an awe-inspiring stance! He clapped his hands, and a metal clanging sound echoed. Then, he raised his eyes, and looked towards the three men with a strong desire to fight them.

Chu Yang’s black robe was fluttering. He took a step out, and covered a distance of seventy to eighty feet in a single step. He had stepped onto the boulder Dong Wu Shang had been standing on… in merely one step!

"Big brother… you are at King Level?" Dong Wu Shang’s jumped-up in surprise as he asked in a low voice.

"A trivial Second Grade Sword King. That’s all," Chu Yang touched his nose, and replied in a modest manner.

Dong Wu Shang almost fainted!

[It hasn’t been too long since we met in the Lower Three Heavens. He used to be a few dozen levels below us back then. We meet again today, and he’s on the same level as everyone… This… this is practically impossible.]

"Is this Meng Luo?" Chu Yang looked towards Meng Luo with some dignified expressions. And, he recalled the memories from his previous life. [Meng Luo, Jasper Flower, Tian Bu Ru… He’s one of the twelve famed figures of the Middle Three Heavens.]

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