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Chapter 1345

1345 A Terrible Temper

“Le’er, why do you hate the Dharma Supreme so much?” Wu Juecheng asked .

Chu Le’er’s eyes swiveled and she replied, “I heard that the Dharma Supreme had deceived Teacher in the past and is a great foe of Teacher’s . Therefore, no matter what, I must take revenge for Teacher and stand up for Teacher!”

“How could he go against Teacher? He practically deserves to die!” Chu Le’er said, full of righteous indignation .

Even though he knew very well that his disciple was currying favor with him and that the reason why she wanted to torture the Dharma Supreme was definitely because he had spread rumors about Chu Yang being an Extraterrestrial Demon… These words of hers lacked even a sliver of truth, but Wu Juecheng was still very comforted . “What an obedient disciple . ”

All smiles, Chu Le’er replied, “Of course, I’ll beat up whoever offends my Teacher! Teacher, you’ll help me, right?”

“Yes!” Wu Juecheng then said, “But the reason why I praised you just now is not because you wanted to take revenge for my sake . ”

“Then why is that?” asked a perplexed Chu Le’er .

“It’s because my disciple has already reached a stage where she doesn’t even bat an eyelid when she lies and can use an absolutely sincere tone of voice to say something that even she herself doesn’t believe in… Teacher’s teachings haven’t been let down, so I feel consolation in my heart,” answered Wu Juecheng .

“Oh my, oh my… Teacher…” Chu Le’er said bashfully, “I’m not that great, really…”

Wu Juecheng rolled his eyes and sighed .

This eccentric and quirky disciple of his seriously gave Lord Wu a terrible headache!

Too smart, she was too smart! An amazing memory and the ability to infer several things from one case was something ordinary to her . Being able to draw parallels from inference and develop a new style of doing things were also things common to her . The only issue was that she was simply a little too smart for her own good .

Sometimes, she was so smart that she even played her own Teacher for a fool, such as lying without batting an eyelid and even doing so with a face full of sincerity and adorableness… Such as not believing his words one bit yet still putting on a face full of innocence and naivety… Such as secretly making fun of him yet adopting a pitiful expression… Such as being completely aware about everything yet pretending as though she was completely in the dark…

The only thing that comforted him was that his disciple was extraordinarily diligent in her cultivation and that her improvement was abnormally fast!

This gave Wu Juecheng, who was someone’s Teacher for the first time, a kind of satisfaction .

Especially when, after departing from the Ye Clan, Wu Juecheng had casually asked what kind of treasures she had taken from the Ye Clan’s treasury .

With an embarrassed expression, Chu Le’er had replied, “On account of them being old associates with Teacher, I was too embarrassed to take too much, so I only took a few things that I’ve never seen before . I intend to give them to Big Brother as presents… I heard that Big Brother likes a lot of different things…”

Causing Wu Juecheng to almost die of anger on the spot . He heaved sigh after sigh .

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Silly girl, what a silly girl, how can you be so practical… This is really fulfilling that saying of ‘returning empty-handed from a treasure trove’… It’s seriously making this old man sigh so badly…

And so, Wu Juecheng got Chu Le’er to bring out the items for evaluation, intending to educate his disciple along the way too —”You mustn’t be so practical in the future… Since they had let you take your pick, then you should choose something good… Those things don’t belong to us anyway; it’s a loss if you don’t take them…”

But the moment Chu Le’er brought two items — the Soul of the Purple Crystal and the Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng — Wu Juecheng almost choked on his breath .

This… is she being too embarrassed to take much?

When she brought out the Sovereign Sword, Wu Juecheng was already shaking his head and sighing . As he imagined Ye Chenchen’s terrible expression, he was already somewhat gloating at his misfortune .

But when she took out the Heavenly Moonlight Essence and everything else…

There was only speechlessness left in Wu Juecheng .

He had no choice but to admit that he had gotten old by now… In any case, if it had been him who had gone in, he wouldn’t have been able to get any of these things at all, no matter which one it was…

“Teacher, are these still passable?”

When he heard this question of Chu Le’er’s, Wu Juecheng felt the urge to throw up blood . Were these passable? Yes! Practically too passable! In fact… it was totally bursting at the edges!

“I bet Ye Chenchen must be crying right now!” Wu Juecheng made a malicious guess in his heart .

“How did you do it?” Wu Juecheng asked his disciple .

Chu Le’er gave him a shy and pitiful expression . “Nothing much… I just gave each of them a taste of the two things that Teacher said were pretty good… In exchange, they also brought out good stuff for me to take a look… That’s all . ”

“That’s all”…

When Wu Juecheng heard this line of hers, he suddenly had a very strong urge — He wanted very much to declare on the spot that his disciple had already graduated!

This degree of mercilessness, viciousness and shamelessness… Even after cultivating for a lifetime, this old man seriously can’t even compare to you…

So ashamed .

“Teacher, are there a lot of experts in the northwest?” Chu Le’er asked . “These past few days, I keep hearing people talk about the northwest… It seems like the Ye Clan is also on their way to the northwest… There are a lot of Supreme Martial Artists, right?”

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“If you’re with Teacher, even if there are ten thousand Supreme Martial Artists in front of you, you can view them as thin air too!” Wu Juecheng declared conceitedly .

When he said that, there was very much an elegant sense of ‘invincibility’ and a kind of loneliness of one who was ‘lonely at the top’ .

The meaning behind that was —”My child, you didn’t acknowledge the wrong person as your Teacher!”

Right away, Chu Le’er was greatly dissatisfied . Pouting, she said, “Teacher is so terrible, who told you to boast about yourself? What I was asking is… whether or not Big Brother Chu Yang is in danger in the northwest…”

Immediately, Wu Juecheng felt as if a fly had suddenly appeared while he was enjoying a delicious feast . The annoyance he felt was indescribable . He replied vindictively, “In Teacher’s eyes, there are no experts in the northwest! But to that Big Brother of yours, the entire place is swarming with experts! Any one of them can take him apart alive in the blink of an eye!”

“With that lousy bit of cultivation of his, Teacher can crush him with just my little finger; suffocate him with just a breath; send him bursting with just a fart… To think he even went out to roam the martial world…”

The more he spoke, the more Wu Juecheng gnashed his teeth and the more satisfied he felt, as though he had already sent that Chu Yang who had destroyed his fantastic mood bursting with a fart…

Chu Le’er’s little face darkened and she looked at him in an extremely unfriendly manner . “Teacher…”

“Oh? Yes, my good disciple?”

“It was pretty fun the last time when I pulled your beard and swung it the entire way we traveled…” Chu Le’er rubbed her palm with her fist in anticipation . “Let’s do it again . ”

It was pretty fun the last time when she pulled my beard and swung it the entire way we traveled?

Wu Juecheng’s face spasmed a little and he quickly changed his words . “Actually… Your Big Brother is fine in the northwest . Not only is he young and handsome, but his cultivation also isn’t weak . He is gracious too and his character upright . People typically won’t bully gentlemen such as him… After all, the current martial world is very particular about rules…”

As Wu Juecheng spoke, gastric acid bubbled in his stomach .

“Hehehe…” Chu Le’er’s eyes instantly turned into crescent moons . This little girl loved hearing others praise her Big Brother the most…

No matter what it was, the moment her Big Brother was praised, she would instantly listen with great interest .

“And then? What else, Teacher?” Chu Le’er urged him enthusiastically . “What other merits does my Big Brother have?”

Wu Juecheng’s face turned green .

“… Your Big Brother is handsome and charismatic, graceful and beautiful, friendly and reasonable, magnanimous and charming, with strong eyebrows and twinkly eyes, and is kind and charitable and sees helping people as a form of joy… ugh…”

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“Hmm…? It seems like there’s some kind of sound coming from ahead?” Chu Le’er’s ears had always been very sharp .

“There is, but there’s still a distance of more than 10 kilometers in between…” Wu Juecheng said, “And it comes from that side… Let’s not bother ourselves with it and hurry to the northwest to look for your Big Brother!”

“Alright . ” Chu Le’er nodded obediently .

There was indeed something happening and it wasn’t small .

“I appreciate Elder’s good intentions!” Chu Yang very tactfully declined the other party’s invitation .

“Kid, do you think my words are the same as passing out gas?” The eyes of the yellow-robed elderly man opposite him narrowed dangerously .

“Not at all… Just that we do not wish to be constrained, even if… hurhur, it’s also because we don’t wish to break the rules of your esteemed clan . ”

“Hmph! Whether it breaks the rules or not is up to me! I’ve already said the word today; if you don’t agree to it, then that means you’re not giving this old man face! And if you don’t give me face, why should I give you any? You’re sure to die! Kid, think about it carefully!”

The yellow-robed elderly man looked at the five of them sinisterly . “This old man has a terrible temper, so you only have the span of a breath to think . I’ll count to three; if you still don’t agree to it, then you shall die!”

As he spoke, he raised three of his fingers . “One!”

Needless to say, he didn’t harbor any good intentions when he wanted to recruit Chu Yang and the rest .

The Chen Clan’s Supreme Martial Artist Wind-Chasing Troop was too scarce, because these were the only eighth-grade Wind-Chasing Beasts they had . One didn’t even need to mention how difficult it was to tame beasts . Moreover, that ancestor of theirs was already dead .

Taming Spirit Beasts was no longer possible .

In fact, despite rearing them in free range, the offspring of these Wind-Chasing Beasts were difficult to tame and their wild nature hard to restrain . They were alright in solo battle, but once they were supposed to match their master’s movements, they made countless mistakes .

Without the beast-taming technique, it was absolutely impossible to erase an eighth-grade Spirit Beast’s wild nature and pride .

This caused the cubs to be completely unusable .

These 300 Wind-Chasing Beasts were incomparably loyal to their current masters, leading to a situation where if any of the current team members were to perish… even if their Wind-Chasing Beast was still alive, it could also be declared useless .

Therefore, every time they went out on a mission, they had to be extraordinarily careful . And every time, they would need to find a few scapegoats or sacrifices along the way . These people were mainly used on the outer boundaries, as reconnaissance or other roles of sacrifice .

In the past, they of course always promised attractive rewards or promised them a good future…

But this time, they were seriously in too much of a hurry . The moment they heard that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had appeared, the clan leader had immediately passed the order . The Wind-Chasing Troop had set off overnight and along the way, they hadn’t discovered any suitable choices . And now, they finally found some and five of them at one go at that…

Time was too tight; how could they possibly have the leisure to go at it slowly?

Not willing to? Then they would beat them up till they were willing to!

“You have a terrible temper?” Chu Yang was so furious that he almost laughed . Light slowly started to gleam in his eyes . He went on calmly . “You may have a terrible temper, but mine isn’t great either . ”

Behind him, the other four were already close to exploding from rage . Chu Yang had also reached his limit .

As the saying goes, a man fights for self-respect while Buddha fights for incense . If they could still put up with it after being threatened like that… then they couldn’t be considered men anymore .

Even though they couldn’t compare in terms of power and the current situation was even more terrible, there was no way Chu Yang would submit!

What did the Chen Clan count as? Actually demanding that he be their servant?

The brows of the yellow-robed elderly man slowly raised as he side-eyed Chu Yang . “You have a terrible temper too?”

The corners of Chu Yang’s lips curled up into a mocking smile as he replied calmly, “You’ve made me unhappy!”

The yellow-robed elderly man was taken aback . Then, he suddenly burst into laughter . Before his laughter had even stopped, the four other voices said in unison, “Our tempers are even more terrible! What are you going to do about it?”

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