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Chapter 1344

1344 A Tyrannical Invitation

Chu Yang grunted in acknowledgment, somewhat contemplative . He remarked, “That’s pretty quick of them if that’s the case . By right, it is considered a far distance from the Chen Clan to here . I didn’t expect them to be the first to reach . ”

Wan Renjie replied, “Of course . If they had been traveling on horseback, even if they fully expended the horses, the most they could cover over a day and a night is 650 kilometers… and this is possible only in the case of top-grade horses . However, as eighth-grade Spirit Beasts, the Wind-Chasing Beasts are able to cover 2,500 kilometers in just a day! Furthermore, after a night’s rest, they can make a full recovery by the next day . ”

“I see . ” What Chu Yang was pondering over, however, was instead that beast-taming secret technique . This was a pretty useful field of study .

In his subconsciousness, the Sword Spirit said, “It is indeed a pretty good field of study . I am not sure when the Chen clan had gotten their hands on such a technique either . ”

Chu Yang was rather exasperated .

That’s exactly what I wanted to know, yet you’re telling me that you don’t have any idea as well?

“However, a very long time ago, there used to be a Beast Manipulation Sect in the Imperial Court . They died out several tens of thousands of years ago…” What the Sword Spirit said next finally addressed the key point . “That Chen Clan ancestor must have gotten a little of their legacy through some unknown means… No wonder he died from exhausting his lifespan . ”

“What do you mean by that?” At once, Chu Yang’s interest was piqued .

“The Beast Manipulation Sect is an Imperial Court field of study . In the Imperial Court, there is a myriad amount of Tao spiritual energy that could support its usage, so there is naturally nothing to be worried about . However, in the Nine Heavens, one can only rely on the internal energy that he has painstakingly cultivated . ”

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had just used his internal energy to tame a few as his own personal mounts, but to think that he actually tamed so many in succession… If not him, who’s gonna die?” The Sword Spirit remarked scornfully .

“In that case… There aren’t any restrictions to this field of study in the Imperial Court?” Chu Yang’s eyes lit up .

The Sword Spirit scoffed and replied, “Otherwise, why do you think the Beast Manipulation Sect was wiped out? Because this field of study defies the heavens too much… Think about it, a person can command thousands of Spirit Beasts to do his bidding… A sect made up of people with such an ability? They would become a great risk sooner or later… And so, they were annihilated before it was too late . ”

“But of course, even I wouldn’t believe that there aren’t any restrictions to it… Just that I am not familiar with the inner workings of that field of study, so it’s even harder for me to say…”

The Sword Spirit’s words came to an end .

Chu Yang sank into deep thought .

In the distance, dust and sand flew, as though a black cloud coming closer at high speed . Just the previous moment, they were still several kilometers away and the next, they were already right in front of them . A large group of yellow-robed people approached with great momentum!

The moment they saw that signature color, they knew at once that they were indeed from the Chen Clan .

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Not wishing to bring trouble to themselves, Chu Yang and the others flew atop a hill by the road .

Chu Yang finally got a clear look at the Wind Chasing Beasts . The appearance of this species of Spirit Beasts was similar to that of mules used to pull carts and carriages . However, they were slightly shorter than horses, though longer in length . They were covered in a black coat from head to toe .

Their four legs were short and stumpy and their hooves large and clumsy . There was a savage and ferocious look in their eyes .

On each of their backs was a wide and spacious saddle, which members of the Chen Clan perched upon . Even though the Wind-Chasing Beasts were racing at high speed, the riders were stable and unmoving, completely unaffected by shaking or jerking . In fact, those whose riding skills were good could sleep and recover their strength without any issue while riding on the beasts .

They were good stuff indeed .

Chu Yang heaved a sigh inwardly . No wonder they could cover the furthest distance in the shortest amount of time, and even take the lead ahead of the other clans!

It looked as though the Chen Clan was about to pass them by the next moment .

But right at this point, the person in the lead suddenly glanced toward the side . With a lift of his arm, he let out a whistle, which spun high into the sky .

With a whoosh, a yellow cloud of dust and sand flew over . However, this group of more than a hundred people came to a stop neatly .

When the person in the lead patted the head of the Wind-Chasing Beast underneath him, it actually turned to face the direction where Chu Yang and the others were .

This person was dressed completely in robes of bright yellow and he cut a thin figure . Although he was seated on top of the Wind-Chasing Beast, one could tell that he was definitely a tall man . His eyes were sharp and piercing, as though those of a hawk’s . Right now, he was staring expressionlessly at Chu Yang and the rest .

He shouted, “Come down!”

Chu Yang became rather frustrated right away .

What was the meaning of this? They had already given way to them . In fact, in order to avoid them, they had even gone so far as to hide on the hill . Yet they still had to suffer such treatment .

How unreasonable was that?

Keeping his temper in check, Chu Yang gave the others a look, indicating to them to bear with it, before he drifted down .

But there was really nothing they could do other than to bear with it .

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This was a cavalry troop made up of 110 people . Even the weakest horseman there was a first-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist! As for the leader who was speaking, he was actually an eighth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist!

Looks like the Chen Clan has activated their secret troops this time .

When he thought of this, Chu Yang even felt a certain sense of smugness in his heart . Since the Chen Clan had activated their secret troops, they must think that the Li Clan’s abnormal behavior this time was related to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

And these people, despite seeming like they were here as reinforcements for the Chen Clan members in the northwest to resist the Li Clan, in actuality, they were most likely here to deal with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master…

But no matter what, them clashing with the Li Clan was something that was for certain!

Since the Chen Clan had already made such a decision… Then, what about the other clans? Should all of them come to a similar decision… Then that would be simply too awesome…

“Is something the matter, Elder?” Chu Yang and the others had already changed their appearances, so there was absolutely no need to fear being recognized as ‘Extraterrestrial Demons’ or other rubbish like that . As such, they were fully at ease right now .

There were glittering sparks in the eyes of the yellow-robed elderly man as he blinked . He questioned them emotionlessly, “The few of you, what are your names? Where did you come from? Which clan are you from?”

This slew of questions was thrown at them in rapid succession . An overwhelming air of arrogance hit them right in the face .

As though he was the Creator and thus, could do as he pleased to the insignificant ants under his regime!

A wave of anger welled up intensely within Wei Wuyan and the others .

With a wave, Chu Yang reined in the others’ fury as he replied, “Since Elder is asking, this junior will naturally answer every question . ”

And then, he gave him their names . Needless to say, they were all fake names .

As for where they came from, he said that they had come from the northwest .

“All of you came from the northwest?” With his eyes half-opened, the yellow-robed elderly man asked detachedly, “What’s the situation over there like now?!”

At once, more than a hundred pairs of eyes focused on the faces of the five of them .

Chu Yang and the others felt as if their faces had been struck by more than 200 arrows, their skin actually tingling painfully .

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“The northwest is in a huge mess!” Chu Yang let out a wry laugh . “Us brothers had gone there initially to carry out a mission, but we were unable to get far at all . And so, we could only trudge back the same path that we had come from . It’s highly likely that a huge war could break out anytime… If by any chance we were implicated, that would be too unfortunate…”

“The five of you are mercenaries?” The eyes of the yellow-robed elderly man lit up .

“Yes . ”

“You don’t belong to any clan?”

“Yes . ”

The yellow-robed elderly man glanced at the five of them, his eyes sinister and ruthless . Then, he said dispassionately, “Five second-grade Supreme Martial Artists… hmm, five second-grade Supreme Martial Artists… Kid, tell me a bit about the situation in the northwest . ”

“The situation in the northwest is like this… The Li Clan has gone mad…” Looking as though he was shuddering in retrospect, Chu Yang did his best to exaggerate the tense situation in the northwest .

“I see, so the situation has already become this terrible…” The yellow-robed elderly man muttered to himself .

“Yes, toward the end, the Li Clan used the blood of the experts from the other great clans to draw a bloody line . They indicated very clearly, ‘If anyone dares to step over this line of blood, they will be killed without mercy!'” Chu Yang went on . “Right now, there are hints of war and the situation could explode at any moment . Once they go to war, the consequences would be unthinkable!”

The yellow-robed elderly man grunted, a hint of disdain flashing across his eyes . He muttered, “They are but just the Li Clan… How dare they be so arrogant!”

“If there isn’t anything else that Elder wishes to ask, we shall take our leave,” said Chu Yang . Since he had lit the fire, then he’d better hurry and extract himself from the situation, in case he drew fire to himself .

“There’s no hurry!” The eyes of the yellow-robed elderly man flashed . Then, he asked, “The five of you, what future is there to speak of as mercenaries? Don’t you have any plans for the future?”

Instantly, Chu Yang let out a loud cry of dismay inwardly . Could it be that this old geezer was actually intending to recruit them?

With a smile, he said, “Us brothers are used to going about freely and uninhibited . Although the life of a mercenary is dangerous, it is exciting, free and unrestrained . I thank Elder for his concern . We shall take our leave now . ”

The yellow-robed elderly man’s eyes slowly opened . Two rays of cold harsh light shot out . “Who said… that you can leave?”

Chu Yang, Wei Wuyan and the others were taken aback at once .

“The five of you have two choices now . The first — Join the Chen Clan and become retainers of the Chen Clan . The second — Die!” The voice of the yellow-robed elderly man was very normal, as though he was saying something incredibly trivial and insignificant . “If not for the fact that these are times of trouble and we require manpower, this old man really can’t even be bothered with the likes of the five of you . Now, aren’t you going to hurry and thank me for being so kind and benevolent?”

Behind him, someone laughed and said, “How rare of the old master to actually hold interest in the few of you . Hurry and kowtow and thank him for his kindness . What are you waiting for?”

Chu Yang and the others couldn’t control the anger on their faces anymore . F*ck, they had never seen someone as unreasonable as him . They had already made it so clear that they didn’t wish to be constrained by others, but this old fellow was actually forcing himself upon them!

“Le’er, are you cold?” With his hands behind his back, Wu Juecheng walked smoothly along the mountain path . When they were in the Ye Clan’s headquarters, the weather was still that of midsummer . But over here, the trees on both sides of the road were already bare, as though it was late autumn .

A distance of several thousand kilometers and the respective climates were two extremes of cold and hot .

“I’m alright . ” Chu Le’er complained in dissatisfaction, “Teacher, I’m already a Martial Saint! I’ve been immune to the cold and heat since a long time ago… Stop treating me like a child all the time!”

Wu Juecheng burst into laughter and replied, “In front of Teacher, you’re a child . Hmm, I see that your comprehension of poison techniques seems to have gotten stronger these past few days?”

“Yes, Teacher . ” Chu Le’er was rather happy, but she changed the topic immediately . “Teacher… How much further do we have to go before we reach the northwest? I wonder how Big Brother is… Aren’t you anxious…”

“Once we go past this mountain, we’ll reach the northwest in less than a thousand kilometers!” Smiling, Wu Juecheng continued, “Your Big Brother will be fine… Besides, if something has happened to him, it’s already too late by the time you’re there… So, don’t be anxious . ”

“Hmph!” Turning away unhappily, Chu Le’er muttered, “If something happens to my Big Brother… the entire northwest doesn’t need to think about living anymore! And the law-enforcement officers… they can abolish the thought of any survivors!”

Extremely comforted, Wu Juecheng said, “That’s more like the disciple of the Poison Doctor!”

Chu Le’er said hatefully, “Especially that Dharma Supreme . I’m going to capture him! And make his life a living hell and torture him a hundred times every day… Torture him for a good hundred years…”

A chill ran down Wu Juecheng’s spine .

Cough, this method of torture… She has definitely surpassed her Teacher…

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