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Chapter 1346

1346 I am here!

“Ha ha ha…” The yellow-robed elderly manly man laughed and said, “A bad temper is an illness that must be treated!”

Chu Yang said nonchalantly, “If this is an illness, then Elder, we are both plagued by the same illness . How about… we get treated together?”

The yellow-robed elderly man replied, “No one can treat my illness! However, for your’s, I can treat it!”

Chu Yang smiled . “I will only let a divine doctor treat me!”

The face of the yellow-robed elderly man turned cold . He waved his hands indifferently . “Take down this madman! Teach him a lesson!”

Suddenly with a few wheezing sounds, over ten Wind-Chasing Beasts and their masters came forward together .

“Wait a moment!” Chu Yang shouted and retreated two steps hurriedly .

At the same time when Chu Yang retreated, the sleeves of his robe moved naturally and some peculiar matter, tasteless and scentless, dropped out of it and dispersed into the air . This was all driven by the Sword Spirit within the Nine Tribulations Space .

Although he retreated two steps hurriedly in panic, he had already gathered together with Wei Wuyan and the others . At the same time, Chu Yang sent out his voice . “The moment our mission starts, we will go immediately! Climb up the mountain cliff to the other side of the mountain . ”

Even though Wei Wuyan and the others showed no changes to their facial expressions, they had already heard the message of Chu Yang .

The people of Chen Clan obviously made their decision on the spur of the moment and very last minute . Furthermore, their main target was in the northwest region . As soon as their own people had escaped… or even pulled off a distance from the pursuers, they would definitely not chase after in hot pursuit!

Compared to Chu Yang and his group of five people, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and the Li Clan weighed much heavier in the minds of these people from the Chen Clan .

“Wait?” The yellow-robed elderly man squinted his eyes . “Even if you regret now, it is already a little too late!”

The Elder waved his hands . “Take him down!”

Chu Yang exclaimed in shock, “Run!”

The five of them had already started to run, dashing toward the slope which they had jumped down from .

Below, other than the ten over people who had already made their way up, the rest of the people were all stationary . Both their hands were folded with a sarcastic expression on their faces as they looked at these five people . They thought in their minds, “Under the hot pursuit of the Wind-Chasing troop, you still dare to escape?”

Nobody was ever able to escape from them!

In an instance!

Chu Yang and the rest had surged forward and had already reached the slope .

Behind, there were ten over Wind-Chasing Beasts howling and bringing their masters along the way .

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Chu Yang and the others leaped once again and this time, it was even quicker! They dashed towards the mountain peak!

However, the Wind-Chasing Beasts were indeed worthy of their title . Their Supreme Martial Artist masters were also not there for nothing . The ten over Wind-Chasing Beast were in hot pursuit and they actually managed to catch up, even though they started later . They had already reached just behind Chu Yang and the others!

The ten over Supreme Martial Artists let out a smirk on their faces, as they started to open up a big net in their hands .

Below, everybody revealed a gentle smile of happiness from their eyes and facial expression .

Within all the sinister and ruthlessness, the yellow-robed elderly man revealed a sense of happiness from his eyes . He thought, “You dare to go against me? Wait a while more and I will show you the pain when you cannot even choose to live or die!”

Seeing how Chu Yang and the others would be captured in the net any moment next…

Right at this critical juncture, the most unbelievable thing happened . The 12 Wind-Chasing Beasts, which had already leaped into the air, started hissing simultaneously . The 12 Supreme Martial Artists, who were on top of the beasts, also grunted simultaneously .

Immediately after… “Wa la la…”

The 12 Wind-Chasing Beasts and their 12 Supreme Martial Artists fell from the sky, like 24 pieces of rocks .

Someone asked, “Why are there 24 pieces? One Supreme Martial Artist riding on a Wind-Chasing Beast, that would be 12 pieces of huge rocks…”

However, the problem was in the fact that Wind-Chasing Beasts were very heavy, but the Supreme Martial Artists were very light .

Therefore, they fell one before the other, making up a total of 23 pieces of huge rocks falling from the sky!

From this, one could tell that the densities of the Spirit Beast’s body and the human body were entirely different…

Chu Yang and the others rose up very quickly . They were almost reaching the top of the mountain and about to escape from the vision of the crowd .

The crowd below almost could not react in time . They thought, “What… what is going on here?”

“Shadowless Poison!” The yellow-robed elderly man roared in anger . He took a step forward and shouted, “You all catch them!” The next moment, his own body was already in mid-air almost a few hundred feet high, and he struck his palm!

This palm was an attack filled with anger!

Instantly, a thunderous sound was heard in the air .

Suddenly, lines after lines of cracks appeared in the surrounding air . Numerous black lines of fissures in this dimensional space flashed and disappeared .

Immediately, there was a long howling sound of the wind that sounded like the cry of an old dragon!

The wind from the palm attack was as strong as a cannon, blasting away! Within the skies, it transformed into a giant golden-yellow hand that was a good few hundred feet in radius . It was so huge that it almost blocked out the entire sun, before crashing violently on its target!

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Gain mastery by striking only after the enemy has struck!

Chu Yang and the others were just one step away from reaching the mountain top . However, at this very moment, a feeling of death suddenly rose in all of them .

A strong feeling of oppression from hell had just arrived from high up in the sky .

The five of them became breathless!

“Hurry and leave!” Chu Yang shouted . The Sword Spirit took over his body and a stroke of sword light shot out perfectly . It turned into a fierce hurricane and clashed with that giant golden-yellow hand!

Sword intent!

Although the entire potential of the sword intent could not be utilized, this attack was definitely significant!


The sword light and giant hand clashed in mid-air!

Chu Yang exclaimed and spurted out a mouth of fresh blood . Subconsciously, his body continued to fly upward . The sword light had dissipated and the Sword Spirit lost his consciousness before falling into the depths of the Nine Tribulations Space . Chu Yang’s consciousness took over the body but realized that the organs had already been severely damaged . He hurriedly consumed an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill and forcefully stabilized his body, before continuing to fly up toward the mountain peak .

The aftermath was so big that Wei Wuyan and the others turned pale .

The golden-yellow giant hand in mid-air suddenly dimmed for a moment . Below, the yellow-robed elderly man suddenly turned pale and his body shook violently for a moment as he revealed a trace of shock on his face .

However, that already dimmed golden-yellow giant hand did not relent . It merely paused and stopped for a moment, before it started to strike again!

Although the power was nowhere close to what it was before, it was still overwhelming!

The Elder had also predicted that Chu Yang, after blocking the first attack, would not have the strength to block the second one!

The yellow-robed elderly man, who was really furious, had already decided to kill Chu Yang and the others!

He was determined to kill these five people, as though swatting a fly to its death on the mountain top!

Chu Yang sighed in his mind again, before drawing out his Nine Tribulations Sword! Even if he were to put his life on the line, he had to block the attack again . Otherwise, although he would be able to escape, the other four people would be sure to die!

Seeing that they had only a mere 30 feet before they could fly over the mountain peak, his whole heart went weak for a moment .

At this moment, the sound of a dying wild beast howling beside himself could be heard!

This howling was filled with resentment, desperation and courage!

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Wei Wuyan!

As Wei Wuyan howled, all his facial muscles changed shape . The scars on his face were twisted into weird orientations . He twisted his waist suddenly in mid-air and three palms landed on the back of Wan Renjie and two others . The strong palm attack sent the three of them high up into the sky . Immediately after, Wei Wuyan turned around sharply and dashed backward . Instantly, he arrived in front of Chu Yang and crazily kicked Chu Yang in his stomach!

Chu Yang let out a scream . Being caught off guard, he was kicked high up into the sky and over the mountain peak .

Wei Wuyan howled and roared while a ghostly shadow burst out and shrouded his entire body . He depended on the reaction force, from kicking Chu Yang and dashed fiercely toward the golden-yellow giant hand that was crashing down!

Wei Wuyan was already mad!

This kind of madness, which came from the bottom of his heart, gave Wei Wuyan a huge boost in his strength by a few levels! The end result was an unparalleled strength!

As his body was dashing forward rapidly, the black fog that shrouded his body became thicker and thicker!

Wei Wuyan continued dashing on his course toward the golden-yellow giant hand, without changing any directions!

There was no way Wei Wuyan would not be mad!

Wei Wuyan thought in his mind, “In this world, my parents who were the first people I cherished are now gone! Killed by treacherous people!”

“After that, my wife and children whom I next cherished are also gone! Killed because of my foolishness! They died a terrible and unjust death!”

“Thereafter, my relationship with my Teacher, which had been my pillar of support, suddenly crumbled one day and turned into a huge deception!”

“Now, I’m left with nothing! Only these few brothers, friends!”

“However… the friends and brothers whom I cherish the most, do you want to kill them too? In front of me?”

“Ah~~~~” Wei Wuyan howled and shouted crazily, “I’m still here! Who dares to touch them!!!”

“I’m still here! Who dares to touch them!”

In his voice, it was filled with pain and despair! With regret! With… resentment!

When his parents died, he was muddle-headed! When his wife and children died, he was muddle-headed!

He had really wished that when they were in danger then, he was there on time! Following after, he roared noisily and stood up forward to protect his own family!

However, he ultimately still did not manage to do it . He did not even get to see them one last time before they passed away!

Now, with this howl, it was like declaring war in the presence of heaven! In the face of fate and destiny, an unyielding battle declaration .

“I’m still here! Who dares to touch them!”

Wei Wuyan transformed into black smoke and dashed ahead!

The next moment, a loud ‘boom’ was heard!

Seventeen continuous palm strikes from Wei Wuyan landed on the golden hand . This period of time was too short and hence, he could only manage seventeen palm strikes .

Boom Boom Boom…

Within the continuous sounds of explosion, Wei Wuyan spurted out fresh blood . He used his entire body as a weapon and clashed violently on top of the golden hand!

In the sky, a spatial crack appeared and disappeared immediately .

That golden hand disappeared suddenly!

On the ground, the yellow-robed elderly man suddenly shook violently . Within the corner of his mouth, there were traces of fresh blood and his face turned purple then the next moment, red!

Such a change in the color of his face continued for five or six times before it finally reverted to a fair white color . The Elder let out a cry and vomited out a mouth of fresh blood .

His attack was first met with a full attack of the sword intent by the Sword Spirit . That had already dissipated almost seventy to eighty percent of its strength . With another attack that Wei Wuyan used his life and soul to clash with, the Elder’s golden hand attack finally dissipated .

The entire mountain and land shook violently for a moment .

Wei Wuyan lost all sensation and consciousness in his body and fell backward . On the way down, his body was like a broken gunny sack, spurting out fresh blood everywhere .

Chu Yang just stepped onto the mountain peak and the entire mountain shook violently . He did not bother about it and used the tip of his feet to push off and flew out again in the direction of Wei Wuyan’s falling body .

Wan Renjie and two others had already gone past the mountain top . However, at this moment, they were climbing back with all their might and looked on anxiously!

The body of Wei Wuyan landed violently into the arms of Chu Yang . The strong impact fractured and broke a rib bone of Chu Yang . Chu Yang did not let go but held on tightly to Wei Wuyan . The huge force of the impact sent Chu Yang whizzing backward .

Fresh blood spurted out from the corner of Chu Yang’s mouth while he concentrated on checking up Wei Wuyan’s injuries . The next moment, Chu Yang let out a heartbroken scream of extreme anger and resentment, “Chen Clan!!!!”

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