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Chapter 1203

Rumors flooded the inn in the afternoon .

The bounty of Chu Yang the ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ had been confirmed — Whoever was able to capture and kill, assassinate or capture Chu Yang alive would be conferred upon the position of a law-enforcement ambassador (this position was equivalent to the nine law-enforcement masters) and would receive a ‘Friends For Generations’ gold plaque jointly awarded by the Nine Super Clans, and one million Purple Crystals! As well as the right to select at will any of the technique manuals in the law-enforcement officers’ martial inventory .

The others’ bounties were also marked clearly!

Everyone in the Chu Clan had bounties of differing values .

All the bounty hunters in the world went into a furor at the same time .

All the martial artists of the pugilistic world went into an uproar at the same time .

“Damn it, at that time, they promised me the position of the law-enforcement ambassador as long as the Medicine Banquet was successful . To think that not only are they not giving me that position now, but it has also become a bounty reward on my head…” Chu Yang was incredibly repressed .

“Exactly, this is too unfair . ” Rui Butong was immensely repressed as well . “We’re all Extraterrestrial Demons, why is Boss worth so much when the two of us are only worth 200,000 Purple Crystals each? And it doesn’t even come with anything else?”

“Exactly . ” Dong Wushang was extremely disgruntled as well . “Even if ours can’t be the same as Boss’, they should still be more discerning about the ones below . I don’t have much of an opinion at being appraised at 200,000 Purple Crystals but how can Rui Butong be worth the same amount as me? They should at least reduce another 50,000 for him, shouldn’t they…”

Rui Butong flew into a rage . “I don’t have much to say about you being worth more than me but you can’t reduce my value! You should raise your value by 50,000!”

Dong Wushang retorted furiously, “If it’s raised by 50,000, won’t it become 250,0001? Do you think I can’t count?!”

Both glared at each other at once, as though fighting cocks .

Chu Yang straight-out ignored these two fellows who could even start an internal conflict about the bounty values that others had set on their heads .

His full concentration was on drafting their plan for that night .

Chu Yang missed Mo Tianji immensely this moment .

Right now, all he could do was take one step at a time and work his intelligence and wits to his limit . But he was helpless when it came to the overall situation of being pitted against the world .

If Mo Tianji were here, he would first define and set the general objective to overturn the situation . Then, he would drive the plan ahead and set it into action step by step until he reached his overall target and overturned the situation before anyone even realized .

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Chu Yang heaved a sigh and started to concentrate his thoughts .

At the moment, he only had the strength of three people, yet he had to launch an attack on a law-enforcement branch situated in the central region of the continent . The difficulty level was no doubt high!

They were already within the territory of the Ye Clan .

There were bound to be many experts in the law-enforcement branch and the security brisk . Moreover, with the ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ incident, though the three of them had already altered their appearances, those who intentionally kept a lookout would all be aware that they had already entered this region .

Therefore, the law-enforcement branch was no doubt ready to move at any moment .

“Wushang, Butong, we’ll do this and this…” With his brows knitted, Chu Yang spoke calmly as he drew a circle on the ground and stepped on it . “One of us will be in front and the other two at the back… Like so and so…”

The eyes of the two men brightened as they leaned toward each other and began their discussion . Chu Yang spoke in a low voice while the other two nodded continuously…

The law-enforcement branch of Ye Province!

A significant number of reinforcements had been sent here recently . Two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists leading a team of seven to eight other people had hurried over to relay headquarters’ orders . They also stationed themselves here .

Laying in wait to capture and kill Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon .

The original branch chief, Niu Dafa, was relegated to an errand boy in charge of relaying messages . However, he was more than happy to do so; he was only a second-grade Martial Saint . Now that he could be an errand boy for two Supreme Martial Artists… He was beyond honored .

And so, Chief Niu was very excited . These last few days, he was busy running about happily as he hollered at his subordinates and urged and chased them to the point of them being all flustered .

Especially these last couple of days where news from all fronts had indicated that Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon was now in Ye Province!

Everyone was even more on guard!

Seeing that it was already evening, Chief Niu stood at the doorway of the main hall, his hands behind his back . Full of energy, he was urging them to start serving meals . The Supreme Martial Artists were all waiting; how could they neglect them?

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The aroma of wine and food wafted all around the place .

Delicacies of various kinds were delivered one by one to the main hall . The two Supreme Martial Artists and their expert subordinates were all smiles, even making an exception and invited Chief Niu to join them for the meal .

An overjoyed Chief Niu ran out and washed his hands . Just as he was about to run back in, he suddenly noticed the guards at the gates holler, “Who’s there? Hold it!”

Niu Dafa gave a start, turning over to look .

Only to see an elderly man in white robes standing at the gates . Dressed in snowy white robes and with an entire head of snowy white hair, the man’s beard fluttered like snowflakes . His eyebrows were as white as snow and his eyes shiny and bright . There was a naturally imposing aura around him . He walked over slowly and calmly, his hands behind him .

Around him was a truly inexplicable air of natural and unrestrained attitude and a relaxed and unhurried aura .

Niu Dafa couldn’t help but frown . Why was a white-bearded old man suddenly here?

The elderly man approached the gates and raised his head ever so slightly, his hands still behind his back . In a cool and indifferent voice, he asked, “Is this the Law-Enforcement Hall?”

“Exactly so!” The four King-level martial artists felt incredibly repressed .

Old Master, even if you have terrible eyesight, if you just raise your head and look above you, those four big words in gold —’Ye Province Law-Enforcement Hall’— can also bedazzle you . You can actually bring yourself to ask us that with your eyes wide open?

The elderly man gave an indifferent ‘oh’ and started to boss them around . “Who’s the branch chief of the law-enforcement officers here? Get him out here to meet this old man!”

The guards eyed him suspiciously as they grumbled inwardly . “This old guy’s certainly arrogant to actually demand that the Chief come out and see him…”

“May I ask who… Elder is?” asked two of the guards rather tentatively .

The elderly man in white gave them a passive smile . He recited in a languid manner, “This body is always beyond the heavens and this heart always with the sun and moon . Should one ask my name, it is the one most handsome in these heavens and earth!”

After reciting these two nonsensical yet extremely pompous poetic lines, the elderly man in white looked toward the two confused and bewildered guards and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

The two guards felt as though their heads had been stuffed with cotton .

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F*ck, we still don’t get it even after your two lines of a poem .

How can we report this?

As Niu Dafa watched from afar, he was increasingly sure that the elderly man must be an extraordinary figure . And so, he quickly went over . He held his hands up in salutation seriously and bowed in greeting before he said, “This good brother, this way…”

The elderly man rolled his eyes and shouted, “Wait! What did you address me as? How dare you address me as ‘good brother’?! You’re certainly impressive1!”

Niu Dafa looked at him in bewilderment . “I am exactly Niu Dafa… Who may this good brother…”

“Your name is Niu Dafa?” This time, it was the elderly man’s turn to be flabbergasted . He stuck out his neck, his eyes almost bulging from their sockets as he stared at him . Upon realizing that he had lost control of himself, he hurriedly straightened his neck and coughed a couple of times . Stroking his beard, he rolled his eyes . “Uhh, Niu Dafa… Sigh, this name is seriously… Never mind, we can only do this now . I say, Niu Dafa…”

Niu Dafa also finally understood that the other party had been dissatisfied with his way of addressing him . He said modestly, “Please go on, Elder . ”

“Yes, this is more like it . ” The elderly man in white chuckled . “Niu Dafa, let me ask you, is the incident about the Extraterrestrial Demon true?”

Niu Dafa puffed out his chest . “Of course! I dare stake my reputation on it! I guarantee it with my life!”

The elderly man rolled his eyes . “What reputation can you speak of? And your life… how much is it worth? Is there anyone with a higher position here? This old man seriously cannot trust a slick and slippery fellow like you!”

Niu Dafa was rather embarrassed . He forced a laugh and said, “I’m still not very sure of Elder’s identity…”

The elderly man glared at him, his gaze intent as he said in shock, “You actually didn’t get it? You, you… Are you really someone from these Nine Heavens?”

What’s it got to do with whether I’m from the Nine Heavens continent or not?

Niu Dafa was grumbling in his heart but all smiles on his face as he said, “It would be great if Elder could tell us!”

The elderly man in white glowered at him before he said, “I’ll recite another poem . Listen well . ” Then, in a rhythmical tone, he recited, “One would rather see the saber at the cliffs of the heavens than meet the cape of the seas; the saber of the cliffs of heavens could break, yet the hatred of the cape of the seas remains!”

When he finished, he looked down upon Niu Dafa smugly . “Niu Dafa, do you get it now? Trembling yet? Worshipping me yet?”

Niu Dafa was even more confused now . “This… This…” He racked his brains but nothing came to mind at all . Was there such a world-shaking figure in his memories or even in the history of the Nine Heavens?

How was it that he had no impression of such a person at all?

He pondered hard over this; the other party was so forceful, his background must be very powerful! But… Where had he heard this name from?

The elderly man flew into a huge rage . Stepping forward, he gave Niu Dafa a slap across the face! Niu Dafa felt like his world had suddenly exploded into stars . He stumbled and fell, actually somersaulting as he got thrown out . The elderly man didn’t let up; he pressed forward and started to slap him non-stop as he cursed, “Niu Dafa! You’re certainly goddamn impressive… To think you dare to say that you’ve never heard of me! I’ll let you be impressive, I’ll let you be…”

Niu Dafa, despite his Martial Saint cultivation, actually couldn’t retaliate under the old man’s slaps! He couldn’t even react!

The loud slaps resounded in the air as the two guards watched on in a dazed stupor .

Who exactly was this old guy? To think he dared to assault the branch chief like that in the Law-Enforcement Hall!

“Stop that!” A commanding shout drifted over from the front .

Two elderly men in black stood on the platform of the main hall, their hands behind their back . Their eyes were bright and sharp as they watched the happenings across them .

The elderly man in white continued to rain his fists down on Niu Dafa . “Am I supposed to stop just because you tell me to? If I don’t beat this audacious bastard to death today, this old man has no face to continue living in this world anymore… This is frustrating me to death! Truly so maddening…”

As he beat someone up, he actually said that he was being frustrated to death…

A shadow flashed and one of the black-robed elderly men drifted over . He reached out and caught the white-robed elderly man’s arm . “Sir, if you don’t stop, things are going to get unpleasant . ”

The white-robed elderly man snorted and looked derisively at him . “Wow, you’re certainly putting on some airs here . Seems like you do have some kind of authority . Who are you? Identify yourself!”

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