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Chapter 1202

Pray tell, would people of the world believe Chu Yang? Or Lord Dharma Supreme?

This was something that didn’t need to be asked at all!

In the Nine Heavens, the Dharma Supreme was the most venerable presence! He was not to be doubted!

Since the Dharma Supreme said that Extraterrestrial Demons existed, then they definitely did exist! And Chu Yang most certainly must be one! Was he not one just because he said so? If he really wasn’t one, then bring out the evidence!

Although they weren’t going to believe him even if he provided evidence anyway!

Seeing that Chu Yang and the other two did not give them a hard time, the three pugilists fled immediately, not even daring to ask for the portrait back .

“I really… don’t know what to say anymore…” Rui Butong grabbed his hair, looking entirely crushed . “F*ck his mother, to think they can cook up such a farfetched lie and actually get the whole world to believe them… The whole world must be mad!”

In comparison, Dong Wushang and Chu Yang were both lost for words .

Extraterrestrial Demon…? What in the world was that? This wasn’t just farfetched anymore; it was practically preposterous!

And a whole new level of preposterous at that!

“Boss, you’re in real danger this time,” said Dong Wushang as he gazed intently at Chu Yang .

Chu Yang did not speak but sigh .

He wasn’t merely in danger this time; every step of his was fraught with danger! This was no regular crisis .

With this announcement, the entire world had now become his enemy!

“This is so ridiculous!” Rui Butong was furious . “No one has ever heard of this Extraterrestrial Demon for hundred thousands of years but the moment the Dharma Supreme says it, everyone actually believes it! Just how foolish are these people!”

Chu Yang said quietly, “It’s not that people are foolish but that the Dharma Supreme’s prestige is too high!” He sighed and continued, “This move is really vicious . People are actually really easy to fool . ”

The three of them looked at each other, all at a loss of what to do .

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This situation was certainly unexpected .

Chu Yang’s enemies weren’t just the Nine Super Clans now but the entire world . Moreover, many of them were warm-blooded good men . If Chu Yang were recognized, the outcome would be beyond tragic .

The moment he resisted, it would no doubt cement the ‘brutal’ reputation of the ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ even more . But if he didn’t… he couldn’t possibly just sit and wait for death, could he?

“Oh no!” Dong Wushang said, “Since they could do this, then they would definitely send people to besiege the Chu Clan in the south-east too… If they…”

“On the contrary, I’m not worried about them . ” Frowning, Chu Yang continued, “With Moon Breeze and Wu Juecheng there, it’s useless no matter how many people they send . But the three of us will have to alter our appearance and disguise ourselves from now on . We’ll lie low for the time being and see how things go . ”

“I’m afraid disguising ourselves won’t be of any use . ” Dong Wushang sighed .

True enough, as the three of them continued on their journey and the area became increasingly populated, more and more stories of Chu Yang started to surface . The stories also became increasingly elaborate and detailed .

Such as how Chu Yang had gained the trust of Medicine Valley, how he had infiltrated Medicine Valley, how he had poisoned them, how he had killed them, how he had eaten them and how he had fled… Everything was portrayed vividly in detail .

How he had infiltrated the continent… Yes, it was probably a long, long time ago when he first came to the Nine Heavens continent . At that time, no one was named Chu in this continent… And so, the Chu Clan was formed .

Chu Yang was, in fact, the Elder Master of the Chu Clan but due to the human-eating nature of the Extraterrestrial Demon, he managed to attain immortality and maintain his youth… yup .

This Extraterrestrial Demon had been preparing for this for a very long time before he finally chose to act during the Medicine Banquet… and infiltrate the Medicine Valley .

Meanwhile, a swift and vigorous restructuring was taking place among the law-enforcement officers .

Han Xiaoran, the law-enforcement master of the south-east, had made an error in judgment and recommended an Extraterrestrial Demon to become a pharmacist and allowed him to join the Medicine Banquet, which resulted in such a tragedy . Though he knew nothing of it, he was not to shirk his responsibility . Thus, he was to be transferred out from the south-east and demoted to a regular iron-plate law-enforcement officer, and to return to the headquarters to stand trial .

Due to negligence of duty, Sha Xinliang etc of the law-enforcement side branch of Flat Mountain Ridge were to be transferred back to the headquarters for punishment .

The person-in-charge of the Flat Mountain Ridge Law-Enforced Auction Hall, Qin Baoshan, and the person-in-charge of the Blood-Payers Hall etc… were relieved of all their duties . They were to return to headquarters to stand trial .

The accomplices of Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon included Dong Wushang, Rui Butong, etc… Portraits were drawn of all of them and they were put on the international wanted list .

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Dong Wushang and Rui Butong were also believed to be Extraterrestrial Demons…

Meng Chaoran, the Teacher of Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon, was likely to be an Extraterrestrial Demon of the older generation… He was to be eradicated by the world!

As they went on their travels and such news continued to reach them, Chu Yang felt his heart so pained as if it were on fire!

It didn’t matter what happened to him; in fact, he wasn’t worried about his family either . With Moon Breeze and Wu Juecheng etc around, even if the Dharma Supreme went there personally, he wouldn’t be able to do much .

However, what happened to Han Xiaoran and Sha Xinliang etc infuriated Chu Yang to no end!

They could have just come after me alone . Why did they have to implicate innocent people too?

“What do we do?” asked Dong Wushang as he looked at Chu Yang . After they heard what had happened to Han Xiaoran and the others, the three of them made a stop in a small town .

Chu Yang stood at the window, standing still for a long time as he watched the night scenery outside .

“When I went to the law-enforcement side branch, Old Brother Sha had mentioned that they might be transferred out . Only now do I realize that that was their way of consoling me so that I wouldn’t be worried . The truth is… that they are actually to stand trial instead!”

Chu Yang said icily, “Old Brother Sha and Old Brother Qin has helped me tremendously in the past . Considering how the Dharma Supreme hates me to the core right now, should they really be escorted back to the headquarters to stand trial, their chances of survival would be truly slim! In fact, it would no doubt be difficult for even Han Xiaoran to escape death!”

“Therefore, we definitely have to do something about this!” said Chu Yang emphatically .

“But this is no doubt a trap!” It was a rare moment where Rui Butong spoke solemnly . “Boss, you should know that the law-enforcement officers are probably spreading this piece of news to entice you to go and intercept and rescue them . Therefore, there will definitely be a lot of super experts among those escorting them!”

“Moreover, during our entire journey here, we did not hide the fact that we have left the south-east, so they must know that we have already come out . Yet no one has tried to intercept us at all . This shows that all their setup is here! All of it is on the road which they’ll take to escort Han Xiaoran and the others . ”

“Firstly, now that we’re far from the south-east, Moon Breeze would not be in time to assist . Secondly, you will not be in time to return to arrange for reinforcements too!” Rui Butong was analyzing the situation . “After all, we do not possess the communication means that the law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans do . Therefore, we have to do everything ourselves . And the combined power of the three of us… against those experts, it’s truly no different from throwing our lives away!”

They had to admit that Rui Butong’s analysis was indeed logical and reasonable, detailed and thorough .

Both Chu Yang and Dong Wushang were rather impressed by his analysis .

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“How would I not know all that?” Chu Yang sighed heavily . There was a resolute look on his face and in his eyes .

“That’s not all; their scheme this time is all interlinked, as though a chain . Each part is closely linked to the next; even if we wipe out all the law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans, we would still have to face the pursuit of the whole world! It’s extremely vicious . ”

Chu Yang said quietly, “But if you were me, would you save them? They’ve helped me out too many times… No matter what, I want to save them . Even if I were to die… I, Chu Yang, ask only to live with a clear conscience my whole life! If I don’t save them, I would not be able to get past myself . ”

“Rescuing them is for certain . However, we have to consider how to go about it . How can we do it such that it’ll be safe and nothing will go wrong? We must understand that even if we manage to rescue them, they are no doubt going to end up like us — enemies with the whole world! Unable to even move a single step! What are they going to do in the future?” Dong Wushang asked as he contemplated .

All of them could clearly feel that this was a deadlock!

No matter what, the outcome had already been predetermined!

Even if they managed to rescue them, how were they supposed to reverse the world’s perception?

This was something none of them could do anything about .

“If we want to reverse the world’s perception, unless…” muttered Chu Yang, a sharp gleam flashing across his eyes as his right hand punched deeply into the wall!

“Unless what?” Dong Wushang and Rui Butong asked at the same time .

Chu Yang gave a wry laugh and sighed deep and heavy .

Only one thing could reverse the world’s perception — Revealing his identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Everyone knew that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was the true messiah of the Nine Heavens continent!

Anyone could throw the Nine Heavens into chaos or even destroy it, except for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master; because the whole purpose of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was to save the world!

No matter how much carnage and bloodbath he had to create, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had only one purpose — To nourish the heavens!

And the law-enforcement officers had always been the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s support . Once Chu Yang’s identity was made public, even the Dharma Supreme would be unable to keep his foothold!

Therefore, once Chu Yang’s identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was revealed, it would be no different from brutally giving the Dharma Supreme a tight slap across the face! From then on, the great name of the Dharma Supreme would fall to ruin and all the rumors about the Extraterrestrial Demon also collapse of itself .

But could he reveal his identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master now?

Chu Yang could only give a wry laugh in his heart .

This was clearly just fool’s talk .

There was only one outcome if he were to reveal his identity now — Being swamped by the law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans and hacked to death right away! Right now, against an ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ Chu Yang, there would be many experts coming after them but the true monsters definitely would not take action .

However, once his identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was made public… Those big-shots would no doubt strike out with no reservations nor any care for their status, just so they could kill Chu Yang!

The current Chu Yang had no power to retaliate at all!

What was even more problematic was that there were even theories about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master being immortal . Therefore, if Chu Yang were to die, the rumors would naturally evolve into how the Extraterrestrial Demon actually dared to even impersonate the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

When that happened, other than the few people such as Moon Breeze etc, everyone else would completely be overcome by the crowd . No matter how strong and powerful Moon Breeze and Wu Juecheng were, they couldn’t possibly slaughter the entire Nine Heavens!

As such, revealing his identity was not an option at all!

Yet if he didn’t, he would be hunted everywhere .

The situation had actually reached an awkward state where there was neither a path to progress nor a path to retreat!

“The current situation is such that we have been forced into a corner . In front of us is a mountain of swords and behind us, a sea of fire!” Chu Yang continued calmly, “But we must do what has to be done!”

“Tonight, we will launch a surprise attack on the local law-enforcement side branch . ” There was an icy and sharp glint flashing in Chu Yang’s eyes . “I want to know the specific route and accurate schedule of escorting Han Xiaoran and Sha Xinliang etc!”

He straightened his back and said calmly, “There are some things to do with friendship and comradery that we must do no matter what! Even if we must face death… there are times in life where we have to push ahead regardless!”

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