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Chapter 1204

The black-robed elderly man stared at him with cold and harsh eyes . He said impassively, “I am the gold-plate law-enforcement officer of the Law-Enforcement Hall, Tian Youde!”

“Gold-plate law-enforcement officer!” The elderly man in white cried out exaggeratedly . “Wow! So impressive! Looking at this stance and this tone of voice, this old man thought that the Dharma Supreme himself had come, considering how haughty you sound…”

Then, he rolled his eyes and shouted, “Tian Youde, do you know who I am?!”

Tian Youde replied furiously, “Who cares who you are! Let go of him first!”

He was part of the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall and had always been the one to give people a hard time . When had anyone ever given him grief? His patience was already running somewhat thin at this point .

The countenance of the elderly man in white turned serious . He said in an imposing manner, “I am Ning Haijiao!”

He took a couple of steps forward lightly and said calmly, “Have you heard of me?”

“Ning Haijiao? Never!” Tian Youde scoffed in derision .

There was an air of solitude in the eyes of the elderly man in white, Ning Haijiao . He held his hands behind his back and sighed . “The world now… People of the pugilistic world are truly forgetful . To think that things have reached such a state! They’ve forgotten even me, this is truly… terrible!”

“You nobody, you’re looking for death!” There was a sinister look on Tian Youde’s face . It was apparent that he was about to strike .

Ning Haijiao said emotionally, “To think that back in those years, Tianya and Haijiao1, born to the same mother, had wandered the pugilistic world together . The Tianya Saber and the Haijiao Sword had awed and shaken the world… How grand were those days… Just because of a moment of carelessness, I was ambushed and since then, I’ve disappeared from the pugilistic world… It has only been so many years and now, no one knows of me, Ning Haijiao, anymore… Sigh… The desolation of life is truly mournful . ”

Tian Youde strode over with a sinister smile . “Tianya and Haijiao1? I’ll send you to the far corners of the world now!”

“Wait!” Behind him, another elderly man in black shouted .

A dissatisfied Tian Youde said, “Sun Zhen, what’s the matter with you? Why are you stopping me?”

However, Sun Zhen paid him no heed . He looked in shock and doubt at the elderly man in white . “Good sir, your family name is Ning?”

The elderly man in white looked at him . “If I’m not Ning, then who am I? A Sun like you?”

This response was certainly unceremonious to the max . Yet cold sweat formed on Sun Zhen’s forehead . “Dare I ask what is good sir’s relationship with Supremacy Ning, Ning Tianya?”

The moment the name ‘Ning Tianya’ was mentioned, Tian Youde felt as if he had been struck by lightning . Dumbfounded, he stumbled three steps back .

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He looked at the elderly man in white in front of him in disbelief, his face filled with shock and dismay .

“Sigh, I didn’t want to use my big brother’s name to frighten people…” Ning Haijiao, the elderly man in white, heaved a sigh . “Since you have already recognized me, I’ll be frank — I am Ning Haijiao! Ning Tianya’s younger brother!”

At the same time as they were overcome with shock, they also retched .

What do you mean you’re not using your big brother’s name to scare people? Look at how you’re coming up with poems the moment you open your mouth and throwing the words ‘Tianya’ and ‘Haijiao’ any chance you get; you’re practically scared out of your mind that people won’t get it… If you don’t consider this as using your big brother’s name to scare people, I wonder what does?

This is practically preposterous!

“Good sir, you claim to be Supremacy Ning’s younger brother but do you have any proof?” There was already a tinge of respect in Sun Zhen’s voice .

With a flourish of his arm, Ning Haijiao tossed out a jade pendant . “I wasn’t intending to show you any proof . But since this old man has retreated from the pugilistic world for a long time, in case I’m accused of being a scammer, I can only do something unbefitting of my status . ”

Sun Zhen caught the jade pendant, only to see that in the middle of it was an illustrious character —’Ning’ .

At this point, all the experts in the main hall had already come out one by one and were standing around them . They whispered among themselves surreptitiously as they watched . Ning Tianya’s biological younger brother… Such an eminent figure had actually come to the Ye Province!

And to this law-enforcement branch!

The name and reputation of one goes far and wide!

Who could afford a shred of negligence here?

Everyone was extremely curious .

Sun Zhen was rather incredulous and at a loss as he stared at the unassuming and ordinary-looking jade pendant sitting in his palm .

What the f*ck, this jade pendant is even made out of low-quality white crystal . Just because there’s a ‘Ning’ engraved on it, it can prove you’re Ning Tianya’s younger brother?

If that’s the case, I can make 10,000 pieces of this with barely any effort!

“What?” Ning Haijiao gazed at him . “Unable to tell the secret behind it? To think you’re a Supreme Martial Artist! The two of you are practically pigs! If you don’t circulate your internal energy to activate the jade pendant, how is it going to show the aura of a Supreme Martial Artist? Do you actually need this old man to teach you something like that? Sigh, how did the world become like this… The inability to respect one’s elders aside, everyone looks like a decent human being but actually have grass for stomachs and shit for brains!”

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Sun Zhen was so infuriated by his insults that he almost flew into a thundering rage . But he ultimately managed to suppress it .

The divine consciousness of a Supreme Martial Artist inside the white crystal… Considering the unsophisticated quality of white crystal, to think that it could house the divine consciousness of a Supreme Martial Artist… This in itself was already something unfathomable; only those big-shots with incredible capabilities would be able to store the divine consciousness of a Supreme Martial Artist within a piece of white crystal .

If an average Supreme Martial Artist were to do that, the white crystal would probably explode immediately!

Therefore, when they heard that Supremacy Ning’s Supreme Martial Artist divine consciousness was in the white crystal, everyone was already a little convinced .

“All of you can take a look at it . Go a little nearer and see for yourselves the intricacies of it; this old man is certainly not trying to scare you!” Ning Haijiao folded his arms and looked toward the skies, taking on an extremely haughty attitude as he ordered them around .

Everyone also wanted to see how the white crystal could house the divine consciousness of a Supreme Martial Artist, because this indicated extremely precise and fine control!

This was genuinely the ability of a high-level Supreme Martial Artist! If one could gain some insight or inspiration, that would indeed be infinite benefits .

As such, no one could be bothered with the old fellow’s terrible attitude . All of them gathered around .

Even Niu Dafa, who had been slapped countless times earlier, shamelessly leaned forward and widened his eyes as he stared at it . As for the slaps earlier… Branch Chief Niu had already thrown the matter out of his mind . In fact, he even thought of it as an honor!

In this world, who has been slapped by Ning Tianya’s younger brother before? Nobody, right? But I have! Even though I was being slapped… How glorifying was it… To think that I, Niu Dafa, would be able to have some kind of ties with Supremacy Ning’s Ning Clan… I, Niu Dafa, am certainly impressive…

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Sun Zhen carefully cradled the jade pendant in his palm and activated his internal energy!

Only to see the jade pendant slowly emanating a sparkling white glow… and forming a ring of light .

Everyone was wowed!

It was an ability worthy of a Supreme Martial Artist indeed; even at this point, the divine consciousness actually hadn’t been activated yet . Everyone became even more curious, widening their eyes and their mouths as they leaned forward even more .

Even if the Supreme Martial Artist divine consciousness suddenly gushed out and pressed me onto the ground, that’ll be a once-in-lifetime experience too…

Sun Zhen’s countenance became even more serious . He gradually increased the input of his internal energy…

At the next moment…

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With no warning whatsoever, not only did Supreme Martial Artist divine consciousness not emit from this average and ordinary white crystal jade pendant, it instead exploded with great intensity .


Everyone let out a cry of surprise at the same time, stunned at that moment!


A colorless and odorless gas gushed out with great intensity from the white crystal .

For everyone to cry out in surprise, they would naturally have to open their mouths . Previously, they had already been holding their breath for a very long time; when they opened their mouths, they would naturally have to breathe in . And when they breathed in… Almost no one was spared . The colorless and odorless gas did not go to waste; everyone took in a good gulp of it .

And this one gulp of the colorless and odorless gas was incredible!

This was something which Miss Chu Le’er had gone to great lengths to create for her big brother to use as self-defense — Innate Poison!

The volume of the poison and the intensity of the poison! Even someone like Ning Tianya would become dizzy if he suddenly breathed it in . Other than circulating energy and retreating immediately to find a safe place to force out the poison, they definitely would not have any other ideas .

Much less these people?

“What’s this?” Caught completely off-guard, Sun Zhen breathed it in the most . Things were overlapping in his vision and he was so dizzy that the whole world was spinning . He cursed with some great effort . “You… What did you do?”

But he only heard the cheerful voice of that Ning Haijiao by his ear . “Nothing much… F*ck, this poison is really useful!”

Then, a few banging sounds resounded . With one kick each, Lord Ning Haijiao took down all of these poisoned experts who were already swaying and stumbling on their feet . As he did so, he cursed, “How dare you be suspicious of my identity! Damn it… I’m an Extraterrestrial Demon… What’s the big deal about impersonating Ning Tianya’s younger brother?”

When Sun Zhen and Tian Youde, who hadn’t passed out yet, heard what he said, they could only mourn their fate . They had been scammed real bad this time around; to think that it’s the Extraterrestrial Demons, Chu Yang and his gang…

They were filled with regret and self-hate . How could they be this careless…

At the gates, two shadowy figures flew over . With one palm strike each, they struck the two guards who hadn’t regained their senses yet . Their bodies flew out and they laid unconscious on the ground . Then, Sun Zhen heard one of them ask, “Butong, did you get them?”

“Of course…” The voice of this Ning Haijiao was very smug and triumphant . “What’s there to fear when I’m here? I’m the younger brother of Ning Tianya, you know… As the saying goes, one who is truly adept at war has no great achievements to his name; the moment he strikes, his influence is imperceptible and everything is settled…”

“Shut your trap!” Another steady and deep voice said, “Which ones are of a higher position? Hurry and knock them out so that we can bring them with us . ”

Sun Zhen and Tian Youde’s consciousness faded at this point and they passed out completely .

Before they fainted, they were still thinking in their hearts, “We’re finished . What poison is this? To be so powerful? Could it be the Extraterrestrial Demons’ special poison?”

The three of them grabbed Tian Youde, Sun Zhen and Niu Dafa each and quickly snuck out of the gates .

The last one, a burly and well-built man, stopped in his tracks when he reached the door . He drew out a large saber and slashed through the air violently before returning it into the sheath immediately and flying off .

The saber light was as though a smooth and flowing strip of fabric . The moment the saber slashed through the air, seven to eight bursts of saber aura swept across the area like a tornado and severed into two everyone in the courtyard who had been poisoned!

Blood was everywhere .

With a flash, the three figures vanished without a trace!

When the experts of the Law-Enforcement Hall in the backyard rushed over, everything was already over . There were only dead bodies draped all over the area and filled the whole courtyard!

There wasn’t even a sign of anyone alive .

Everyone couldn’t help but look at each other . Just what kind of incredibly powerful enemy had actually wiped out so many experts soundlessly in one fell swoop?

In the inn where Chu Yang and the other two were staying .

Chu Yang tugged off the fabric mask on his head and said calmly, “Begin the interrogation! No matter what you do, get these three to talk!”

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