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Chapter 1201

The elderly man in cyan robes snorted . “Strange? What’s so strange about that?”

Chu Yang did not say anything .

The elderly man then said, “So this means that the Zhuge Clan and the Ye Clan were the ones who killed Lan Ruoyun?”

Chu Yang hesitated for a moment before he answered . “Well, not entirely, because afterward, when Young Master Lan became gravely injured and couldn’t move anymore… One of the Zhuge Clan experts seemed to say something and then he went into the forest and caught a wolf…”

Murderous intent flared strongly in the elderly man’s eyes . He shouted furiously, “You don’t have to say anymore!”

Chu Yang shut up at once, as meek as a mouse .

The elderly man had a thunderous look on his face, his thoughts unreadable as he stood still for a long time . Then, as though talking to himself, he asked, “Gu Duxing, at the critical moment, are you willing to be my witness?”

A preoccupied Chu Yang was thinking about what was going to happen next and almost didn’t react in time when the elderly man addressed him as ‘Gu Duxing’ . He replied cautiously, “This… Please forgive me for not being able to make a decision . It depends on Teacher’s wishes . ”

The elderly man in cyan said calmly, “Of course . When the time comes, I will naturally go to the Law-Enforcement Headquarters and get Lang Yilang to come out!”

Chu Yang replied, “If Teacher agrees to make an appearance, I will not shirk my responsibility, of course!”

The elderly man smiled lightly . “Good . ”

With a flash, he suddenly vanished without a trace in front of the trio . His voice drifted over from a distance, “When the time comes, I will look for you and your Teacher!”

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong had been going along without a single word the entire time . Upon seeing the elderly man leave, they were about to ask something but were stopped by Chu Yang . The three of them went on their way in silence, galloping on the double until they were 200 to 250 kilometers away and walking on the main road .

Only then did Chu Yang heave a sigh of relief .

“Boss, I don’t really understand . ” Rui Butong had been suppressing his curiosity for a long time . Now that he was finally able to speak, he couldn’t wait to get his questions out .

“What’s there to not understand about this?” Chu Yang had a slight smile on his face .

“This lie is too easily exposed; how could that man possibly have a disciple called Gu Duxing? It’s going to be exposed the moment the two of them come face to face with each other . ” Rui Butong continued, “When that happens, this person is going to look for you; and that Lang Yilang, supposedly the master of the Law-Enforcement Interrogation Hall, will look for you as well… This doesn’t conform with the way you do things in the past, Boss . ”

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“All the better if it’s exposed . ” Chu Yang smiled as he went on, “What I’m afraid of is that this law-enforcement master of the Interrogation Hall won’t come looking for me! So it’ll truly be for the best if he does!”

An extremely puzzled Dong Wushang and Rui Butong stared at him in bewilderment .

A mysterious smile crossed Chu Yang’s lips and he made a funny face at them .

Right now, a conversation was playing in Chu Yang’s mind .

“The Purple Crystal Hand can only be cultivated and practiced in a Purple Crystal mine with a concentrated amount of Purple Crystals . After successful cultivation, it is possible to maintain the might of the Purple Crystal Hand even after leaving the mine . However, once injured or the technique of the Purple Crystal Hand receives a devastating blow, it can only be truly recovered at the original area of cultivation . ”

“The sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword has a name —’Violet Aura From the East’! Only in such a place can it conceal itself for ten thousand years! In other words, there is a more than 50 percent chance that you’ll be able to find the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword in places where the Purple Crystal Hand can be cultivated!”

Chu Yang was all smiles in his heart .

Lang Yilang was in the Law-Enforcement Headquarters right now . At Chu Yang’s current level, heading there now was no different from throwing his life away . Should Lang Yilang leave the headquarters and come out to look for this ‘Gu Duxing’ due to the pressure of the elderly man in cyan, that would truly be for the best!

Thus, Chu Yang had already decided on his plan the moment he saw the elderly man in cyan .

Despite the fact that he was somewhat going out on a limb here, as well as the lie easily exposed and the plan extremely dangerous, Chu Yang was willing to take a chance . What he was after was precisely for his lie to be exposed!

The elderly man in cyan was no doubt the biological father of that Lan Ruoyun! The old shameless fellow who had cuckolded his own offspring!

Though he was suspicious of Chu Yang’s words, he would definitely go and question the Zhuge Clan and Ye Clan . Once he did, he would definitely be even more confused .

Therefore, his next course of action would definitely be to look for Lang Yilang!

And once he found Lang Yilang, the lie would be exposed . With the elderly man’s capabilities, it was obviously impossible for him to locate ‘Gu Duxing’ in this vast and boundless Nine Heavens continent!

It had to be the Interrogation Hall’s law-enforcement master, Lang Yilang, to give the order… This way, he would be able to get near Lang Yilang step by step!

However, the precondition would no doubt be — Endless and bloody carnage!

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But how could a bloodbath possibly be avoided when wandering the world and making a name for oneself?

The three of them had set out on a long journey, cutting across from the south-east to the north-west .

Today, they finally entered the territory of the Ye Clan .

However, they could clearly feel that the further they traveled in this direction, the tenser the atmosphere became . The three of them were at a complete loss as to what was going on . It was such that they couldn’t even pull someone aside on the streets to ask because everyone was hurrying about so badly .

After another few days, everyone seemed to be running about with a portrait in their hands and a face full of anger and indignation .

Seeing that they were already nearing a city in front and they were beginning to see more and more human habitation, Dong Wushang reached his limit at last . With his saber on his back, he stood in the middle of the path as though a tower of steel and intercepted three pugilists who all held portraits in their hands .

They eyed him warily . “What is it?”

Dong Wushang pointed at the paintings in their hands . “What’s that?”

One of the three, dissatisfied with Dong Wushang’s domineering attitude, retorted, “Why should I tell you?”

Before he had even finished, he was already lifted by the collar in one hand by Dong Wushang . “Hmm?”

“I’ll tell you!” The man begged for mercy at once . Before he had even gotten a good look at Dong Wushang, he had already been manhandled . It looked like he was definitely an expert despite his young age!

“This is a portrait of Chu Yang, the wicked and evil villain!” The man spread out a painting of a portrait, his countenance filled with indignation . At the side, Chu Yang had been listening to the exchange, his body facing outward as he kept a watch on the activity in the distance . The moment he heard what the man said, a thought crossed his mind and he immediately did some slight alterations to his appearance .

“The wicked and evil villain Chu Yang?” Dong Wushang was enraged . “How did Chu Yang become a wicked and evil villain?”

However, that man was completely unafraid this time . He replied, “That evil villain Chu Yang killed everyone in the Medicine Valley! How respectable and noble were the pharmacists and physicians of Medicine Valley? They had saved the lives of many with their virtuous hearts but the perverse and insane Chu Yang actually killed them all! What is this bastard if not an evil villain?”

“Chu Yang killed everyone in Medicine Valley?” Dong Wushang and Rui Butong exchanged a look with each other . Even Chu Yang who was listening at the side couldn’t help but greatly widen his eyes .

When they opened the portrait, all three of them were stunned .

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It was a portrait of Chu Yang alright!

What a handsome young man with dashing eyebrows and twinkly eyes! The portrait actually captured a good 70 percent to 80 percent of Chu Yang’s likeness . That unorthodox aura within calmness and steadiness, as well as a quirky quality within a simple and honest presence, was especially true to life .

The three of them were stunned .

“Chu Yang had been conferred upon the title of Seventh Dedicated Pharmacist by the Medicine Valley after winning the title of number one pharmacist in the world in the Medicine Banquet . He had a revered position but nobody expected Chu Yang to actually be harboring such malicious intentions! He had come with a motive — To annihilate the Medicine Valley!”

“After he followed all the respected elders of Medicine Valley into the Valley, he made use of everyone’s trust in him and poisoned the water source of the Medicine Valley . Then, he slayed all the good men of Medicine Valley one by one with his sword!”

“And after he murdered them all, he even set the whole place on fire and burned the entire Medicine Valley down!”

“Such heartless and perverse actions!”

“He deserves to be punished by all!”

After the explanation, Chu Yang and the others finally understood the whole story!

The Medicine Valley had been wiped out all of a sudden several months ago . This incident had caused a huge uproar in the Nine Heavens .

It was said that the law-enforcement officers and Nine Super Clans did not dare to sit on it . They launched a thorough investigation at once . Subsequently, all evidence in the investigation pointed at one conclusion — The culprit was the newly conferred Seventh Dedicated Pharmacist of Medicine Valley and recently elected number one physician in the world, Chu Yang!

All the corpses in Medicine Valley had been identified but Chu Yang’s was the only one missing . They started the investigation from this angle and slowly got to the root of the matter after extensive probing, only to discover that Chu Yang was the true murderer!

Then, as the investigation went on in detail, they finally confirmed that this Chu Yang was actually an Extraterrestrial Demon!

The so-called Extraterrestrial Demons were an extremely evil and heretical demonic organization . These demons looked no different from humans but had always used humans as a source of food and increased their power through feeding on humans… Totally evil to the max!

A good few hundred people of Medicine Valley had also gone missing; they were presumed to have been eaten by Chu Yang, the Extraterrestrial Demon .

Wandering freely outside the Nine Heavens, the Extraterrestrial Demons had long desired to occupy the Nine Heavens . They wanted to eat all the humans here and turn the place into a breeding ground for demons . However, because the law-enforcement officers, Nine Super Clans and the Medicine Valley had formed an impregnable three-legged iron fortress, the Nine Heavens managed to stay secure and stable in these hundred thousands of years!

And now, the Medicine Valley, which made up a corner of the triangular iron fortress, had been uprooted through such a despicable method by the Extraterrestrial Demons!

It was apparent from this that invasion by the Extraterrestrial Demons was imminent!

Thus, the Nine Super Clans and the law-enforcement officers issued a joint statement —’We appeal to the whole world to track down and arrest Chu Yang!’

This was a matter of absolute importance; every Nine Heavens resident was duty-bound to kill Chu Yang, as well as to force him to confess the whereabouts of the Extraterrestrial Demons, their tracks and what they planned to do .

They needed to dispel this root of all evil for the sake of the Nine Heavens continent!

This incident was so serious that the Lord Dharma Supreme, in an extremely rare case, issued an order personally written by him . The order even carried the seal of the Lord Dharma Supreme! Which emphasized the credibility of this incident!

The official seal of the Lord Dharma Supreme on the search warrant of the law-enforcement officers — This was iron-proof evidence!

It directly sealed off any doubts regarding this incident . When the noblest and most venerable Lord Dharma Supreme had already testified that this incident did indeed exist, what more could anyone say? Did anyone still harbor doubts regarding this? Were they more credible than the Lord Dharma Supreme?

Therefore, the moment the Lord Dharma Supreme’s arrest warrant was issued, the whole world was filled with fear and unease and started to unite as one to track down and arrest Chu Yang!

After hearing such an outrageous story, Chu Yang and the other two were stupefied .

If their guess was right, the destruction of the Medicine Valley was undoubtedly the work of the Dharma Supreme and the law-enforcement officers! Who would have expected that this gigantic pot of sh*t would be dumped onto Chu Yang now!

And even locked onto him so securely! He couldn’t even defend himself — Was he supposed to explain himself to everyone in the world? And say that he was no Extraterrestrial Demon? That there was no such thing as an Extraterrestrial Demon in this world? That everything was a lie cooked up by the Dharma Supreme?

Who would believe him?!

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