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"So, you are suspecting that your girlfriend is cheating on you, right?"

Luo Qiu gazed at Guo Yushuo, speaking the words the customer wanted to hear.

"No no no… I won't be suspicious of her." Guo Yushuo denied it but seemed to agree with what he said, "But there are too many temptations outside, and she has become so excellent."

The reason was, this customer had found a suspicious man that always hung around the estate. Sometimes he wandered near his home and didn't leave.

He said that his girlfriend had turned her attention towards the direction of that weird man… as if she knew someone was staring.

Luo Qiu said, "If you merely long for the answer, asking him will be your best choice."

Guo Yushuo shook his head, "That guy is following me today as well! Since I went to buy goods, to the time I was back home… He's even downstairs now!"

Luo Qiu observed Guo Yushuo's expression and said softly, "Dear customer, what do you want this time?"

Guo Yushuo looked down and became deep in thought. After a moment, he took a deep breath, "She's been getting more and more excellent! Not only this guy, others who're fond of her will appear one after another!"

"You're right," Luo Qiu nodded and said.

Guo Yushuo added, "The point is she herself…"

A few illusory, fanatical and distorted matters could be seen in the depths of his eyes. The existence of the club and the fantastical atmosphere which would induce desires hidden in the hall now amplified his thought insanely.

Guo Yushuo gritted his teeth, "I want to be the only one she will love and never change! But it's hard to say if she will change her mind! So, I need a guarantee!"

"Are you sure?" Luo Qiu said, "Dear customer, it's much more difficult to control a person's heart than an intention to motivate. That is because love is the most sincere feeling to human beings, to maintain her love for you will never be a simple thing."

As such discourse, Guo Yushuo who came here for the third time would definitely know what would happen next.

As a member in the financial field--- He was totally clear of such tricks. For the purpose of luring customers, small profits or losses in business were always accepted in the beginning.

"I… this time…" Guo Yushuo's lips shivered a little, and his teeth gritted, "I can use one of my eyes to exchange it… and the listening ability of one ear, if necessary…"

Yet the boss seemed to be apathetic to it. Thus Guo Yushuo gnashed, "One year… two years… five years of my life!"

The club boss tapped at the table abruptly, saying slightly, "No, one month of your lifespan should be enough."

"Why so little?" Guo Yushuo was stunned, gazing at the man with a clown mask.

What was hiding behind it? A devil's sneer or an angelic smile?

Luo Qiu didn't answer him but waved his arms, and an ancient goat skin unfolded in front of Guo Yushuo, "Please, dear customer!"

It was true!

The expansion of the goat skin removed Guo Yushuo's suspicion instantly. Taking a deep breath, Guo Yushuo pressed his palm on this goat skin--- He felt relaxed when he pressed down his the palm print.

'From now on… She only belongs to me!'

"Well, customer, since she loves only you…" Luo Qiu suggested, "Why not take out the wonderful her and show it to others? If she's not recognized by others, that'll be too lonely."

Guo Yushuo was stupefied, then revealed a pleasant laughter, "That's a good idea! A really great idea!"

He didn't know how ashamed those rich wives and social girls would be, after looking at such a wonderful girl?

After Guo Yushuo left, You Ye said, "Master, the meal is cold, I'll prepare another one for you."

Luo Qiu shook his head, saying 'It's OK' to her, while taking off the mask and went back to the dining table.

After dinner, Luo Qiu teleported himself to the university library, bringing out several kinds of literature and the audiovisual material of 'Wen-Chi's Captivity and Return'.

While touching the belly… she felt she couldn't continue to eat the chicken leg rice combo any longer because she'd ever eaten the same dish in this teahouse for a week. Now, Ren Ziling was missing the millet congee Luo Qiu cooked with Fuling preserved pickle…

"Boss, bill."

One more day had been wasted.

Subeditor Ren extremely admired Mr. Bodyguard for holing up in his home for so many days.

As she passed the street corner and headed to a car park, Subeditor Ren was suddenly dragged into a dark alley.

She resisted by instinct, taking a side kick at the moment she was pulled by her arm.

This Taekwondo competition winner during her university life didn't let this ability fall into disuse.

The black shadow took two steps back with the sound of slamming into something. It was obvious he was caught off guard but blocked her according to his martial arts ability.

"Sister is still so ruthless." A bitter laugh emerged from the black shadow.

"Ye Yan?" Ren Ziling was surprised at the man showing up in front--- Wearing a black wind coat, he was like a traveler in darkness.

He was approximately 40, a dozen years older than her, however, his looks seemed to age backward and looked 28 now.

"Why are you here?" Ren Ziling scrunched her eyebrows.

Yet Ye Yan asked her, "Sister, you are monitoring a person living in a unit of that building, right?"

Ren Ziling stared blankly, "How do you know that?"

"Follow me." Ye Yan gave a smile, then murmured while looking about the area… and felt a sense of unease as if he sensed a dangerous being. However, it vanished all of a sudden.

"This is…"

This was a room of some neighboring block by the road. The window was covered by curtains.

Whereas the furnishings of the room was really astonished Ren Ziling.

The high-powered telescope, listening devices, laptop… and several lunch boxes piled up there. After seeing these, Ren Ziling covered her nose.

But Ye Yan shrugged, " Don't complain about a man's room because it's always like this."

But Ren Ziling immediately contradicted him, "Bu*lshit! My Luo Qiu usually tidies up everything in order and keeps them clean!"

"I don't want to dispute with you who spoils little Luo Qiu completely." Ye Yan shook his head, pulling Ren Ziling aside to the telescope, "Have a look."

Ren Ziling did as he asked, looking through the telescope…

The bodyguard KingKong could be seen right there.

As to KingKong, who was standing in front of another telescope. From the shot and the direction it aimed at, it showed…

"You see? That guy has been monitoring you." Ye Yan said coolly, "So, tell me how could you wait for him until he comes downstairs?"

"F*ck!" Subeditor Ren gnashed, stamping her feet, and cursed him angrily, "I will mail him a boxful of sanitary pads!!!"

Ye Yan… this policeman from Lyon, France, pinching his forehead. He had no desire to hear anything anymore.

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