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"I don't know why you keep focusing on this person recently… but, I hope you can stop interfering with this issue."

Ye Yan suddenly told her with a severely.

Looking back to the equipment in this dark room, Ren Ziling asked him with the typical perception of a journalist, "Ye Yan, tell me the truth, did you come back for this KingKong, the vegetable Lin Geng… even for the Heaven's Shadow, right?"

"Are you really eager to know that?" Ye Yan asked in reply.

Ren Ziling took a nod.

And Ye Yan said, "Well, I can tell you some parts of the situation but you must promise me you'll no longer follow this issue. I know you tend to treat an oral promise as rubbish; however, if you get involved deeply this time, it might put people around you at risk… I think you know what to do."

"What do you mean?" Ren Ziling's face turned a little frostier.

Ye Yan exhaled a long sigh, sitting down and saying, "I can't tell you more details but… we've been investigating a relatively large criminal group for the last 2 years. Based on the current information, this group has started organ trafficking and drug dealing."

Ren Ziling analyzed calmly the deep implication of Ye Yan's words.

"According to our intelligence, this group probably has deals with the Heaven's Shadow at the back." Ye Yan spoke after thinking it over, "We think that they were doing illegal organ harvesting and even drug transportation under the cover of modern artist tours or commercial activities for their artists."

Ren Ziling face shook at that moment.

She finally realized the origins of the drug addiction that afflicted her close friend, Tu Jiaya.

"What's a pity is when we found this, the boss of Heaven's Shadow had an accident." Ye Yan heaved a sigh, "This line may be broken but it won't lose its effect."


Ye Yan nodded his head, "Yes, this guy is seemingly a worker of a security company hired by Heaven's Shadow but we've found the record of him receiving a cosmetic surgery… Before the surgery, he was actually an active mercenary in the Middle East."

With this, Ye Yan watched Ren Ziling seriously, "He's obviously aware you're tracking him but he didn't do anything to you, which might be because you are not a threat to him yet and he didn't want to attract troubles. However, if you offend his baseline… What do you think a retired mercenary will do when he flies into a rage?"

Ren Ziling fell into silence.

Ye Yan gave his conclusion, "So, take back your curiosity… We a group of brothers swore at Brother Luo's tomb, we won't get Little Luo Qiu hurt during his life, didn't we?"

"OK." Ren Ziling nodded, "I'll stop stepping in this matter. However, I hope you can help me with an affair."

"Say it!"

Ye Yan didn't mind the demands of Ren Ziling this moment. This was because he knew her promise now meant she had made up her mind.

He and his brothers understood the attention this woman, who had just started her life, paid to the youngster went beyond everything.

"I have a friend, Tu Jiaya… she disappeared recently."

The sounds of Urheen and Suona horn, Moon lute and bamboo flute, revealed the sadness and emotions.

Beijing dialect: Speaking of me, I have extreme attachment to you~~~

Just as returning home, Subeditor Ren was shocked to find herself in a wonderful… or as she would say, noisy environment.

She knew her son loved music and also knew that he went through a curious stage where he played all kinds of musical instruments.

Nevertheless, she didn't expect that he turned his attention to traditional culture. Was her understanding of Luo Qiu outdated?

Was it the generation gap??

She quickly walked over to the sofa--- The club boss now was seen asleep. Then she took a glance at the video box labeled 'Wen-chi's Captivity and Return' on the tea table.

She poked Luo Qiu's face with her finger. Looking at the appearance his face that had sunken due to the poke, Subeditor Ren felt so happy, as if her fatigue of the whole day had disappeared.

'What a lovely boy he is…'

"…What are you doing?"

Boss Luo opened his eyes abruptly.

So Ren Ziling sat down on the sofa simply, saying haughtily, "Why? Is it wrong for me to jab my son's face?"

Theoretically, there was no problem but Luo Qiu gave a sigh and pinched his eyebrows. In the meantime, he turned attention to the TV which was turned on… Due to his silence and the poker face, Ren Ziling would fail in the argument no matter how much enthusiasm she had.

Luo Qiu had fallen asleep while watching TV before Ren Ziling came back home.

He turned off the television and looked the time, "You came home early tonight."

While Ren Ziling said with a smile, "That's because I think you'd be bored staying at home, lonely or 'in hunger', or used up much paper tissue (masturbation), or something like that… F*ck, why are you looking at me like you're facing an idiot?"

"Because I'm facing an idiot."

Then, Mom Ren Ziling made a gesture of knocking his head but didn't knock in the end; instead, she touched her belly and said, "Baby, I'm hungry now!"

"Instant noodles are in the cupboard."

"I want millet congee! The sticky and thick one."

"…Instant noodles are in the cupboard."

"Well, I want preserved pickles as well."

"Instant noodles are in the cupboard."

"Oh, a dish of fried noodle is good too! Can you put some shredded ham and cook fried noodles with three shredded ingredients?"

Boss Luo didn't think it was necessary to say anymore, so he sighed and immediately headed to the kitchen… it had been this way through these years.

Either Ren Ziling or Luo Qiu cooked… Well, Luo Qiu did it most time.

"By the way, are you free this weekend? Or are you giving extra tutoring to the girl in the evening?"

At this time, Luo Qiu was washing the rice--- He almost forgot there was a fake 'student', hence he answered loosely, "Occasionally… what's up?"

"It's the Family Day! Family Day!" Ren Ziing ran into the kitchen, touching Luo Qiu's head, "How about going to the zoo on Sunday? Don't you like it? Then how about the botanical garden? Or an amusement park will be fine too !"

It was then Boss Luo stuffed the pot into Subeditor Ren's hands.


"Instant noodles are in the cupboard."

"Welcome again, sir."

Qin Chuyu gazed at this man, who probably came at the day before yesterday, "Did you use up the pigments again?"

"No." Guo Yushuo shook his head, taking out a rolled drawing paper gingerly, "My girlfriend and I love this picture very much. Can you help us mount it please?"

"Sure." Qin Chuyu smiled, "But it'll take one to two days to do it."

"No problem, I'll come to get it several days later." Guo Yushuo took a nod, before shifting eyes to the watch on his wrist, "But now I have to go to choose the formal dress for the banquet this evening. I'll talk with you later."

Seeing Guo Yushuo leave away, Qin Chuyu went back to the table and unrolled the drawing. What followed was an open mouth surprise.

Because she never saw such a wonderful picture before.

A regular painter should be obsessed with pictures and could feel the emotion and attitude of the painter who drew it.

"I never saw such a picture…" She was entranced by the picture.

Everlasting Heart Hotel was owned by the Everlasting group. Everything there had been equipped according to the highest standard due to the investment of abundant funds.

"Are you nervous?"

In the open air parking ground outside the banquet site, Guo Yushuo asked his girlfriend on the right side seat gently--- He felt the glowing love emitting from his girlfriend's eyes all the time, which he considered the most splendid thing in this world.

His girlfriend shook her head slightly, merely showing a little smile like the brightest jewelry. Guo Yushuo couldn't help giving her a gentle kiss on her lips.

"We'll be late." His girlfriend smiled lightly.

"How can they be!" Guo Yushuo said with pride, "You'll be the most brilliant princess tonight. All the people in the banquet are waiting for your arrival!"

"You're so sweet."

"I'm serious." Guo Yushuo opened the car door promptly. Then ran to open the other side door, pulling her out of the car.

"What are you doing?" His girlfriend said with a shy expression.

"As a princess, you should enter like a princess!" Guo Yushuo took a slight smile, "Listen to me, and you'll attract all the attention!"

While feeling the love from her that was getting stronger and stronger and the touch when she leant against his chest lightly, Guo Yushuo kept gazing at her, while walking towards the entrance of the banquet site.

'This man is weird… He came in carrying a woman.'

At the sign-in booth, several guests, ceremony ladies, and waiters stared blankly… 'It's quite weird to enter in this way."

"Guo… Guo Yushuo?"

All of a sudden, a ceremony lady identified him. She looked towards the banquet with a frown, then quickly approached Guo Yushuo, "Guo Yushuo… what are you here again for?"

"I came to attend the banquet!"

"Well…" His former colleague gave a pained look, taking a glance of the woman he carried, "Guo Yushuo, I knew you're disgruntled about the retrenchment of the company several months ago… However, can you stop coming to make trouble? You seem so weird!"

"Really? The chairman came already? That's good, I have to enter quickly." Guo Yushuo took two steps forward, as if he didn't hear her words.

The former colleague was astounded, 'He seems abnormal.' So she held on to Guo Yushuo's arm, "Guo Yushuo, actually you're not invited, so you cannot go in."

"Oh, I forget to sign in… Wenwen, wait for me here for a second." Guo Yushuo put down his girlfriend, "I'll right back."

He walked straightaway to the signing desk.

Before the female colleague could stop him, that woman he released suddenly fell towards her. However, the moment she held her, her body seemed to go limp. When the female colleague grabbed her and checked, she screamed at the terrifying sight.

Pale… and rotting…

This… this was actually a… corpse.

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