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As the saying goes, one feels dizzy during springtime, fatigue in autumn and sleepy in the summer. These habits seem to apply to all creatures.

The little butterfly creature stretched herself with a slight 'hum'--- 'This is a good place with a variety of suitable food. There are enough varieties of food to enjoy one every day for a year.'

The only downside is that one has to be more careful during the day. This is because during the day, many tourists will appear in this place.

This place was actually the botanical garden in the city.

Since that day, after she was totally abandoned by a horrifying boss and his maid in a factory, the little creature was afraid of encountering more strange beings if she headed back to the mountain, so now she had no choice but to drift about without a home.

She turned into a butterfly and flew in the night sky of the city. She wasn't sure how long she had been flying; she merely followed the fragrance of the flowers and ended up in this place.

The Grandfather Tree Creature once said, either you keep away from humans or you blend into their society. Although the young creature felt happy in the mountains, she wanted to expose herself to the outside world as well.

"However, how should I blend into the human's society…"

The butterfly creature gazed up at the mulberry leaves on the treetop.

Luo Dance held in her hand a piece of branch of appropriate hardness, broken off from the tree. She was sucking on the fractured part of the branch while thinking about that problem for the whole day.

Soon she finished the milky tree sap. Luo Dance licked her lips and bit part of the branch slightly, rolling it with the tip of her tongue.

This way, she can taste that deliciousness again!

Right then, the butterfly creature felt something rubbing her legs, making her feel odd and numb.

She looked down and it turned out to be a green vine was creeping towards her.


Before she could react, the vine started to creep up on her in a fast speed, enveloping her legs and waist quickly.


The butterfly creature screamed, her body was entwined and hung upside-down in the tree.

Her hair hung downwards and her view also became upside-down now. Luo Dance tried struggling, but that only caused her to be trapped even more.

"What a tiny creature…"

All of a sudden, a pair of dark blue jeans which were long, slim and perfectly shaped came into sight. Before Luo Dance got realized, her body had been set upright.

She had short hair, with tawny large-frame sunglasses on. Wearing a simple T-shirt with blue and white stripes, she looked very inconspicuous but Luo Dance shuddered with fear as she sensed the pure aura of a high-level creature.

"Wait… wait… Who are you…" Luo Dance muttered.

Such a high-level and pure demonic aura caused her to be very afraid, and her body turned stiff. Seems like even without those vines, she was still unable to move.

The young-looking woman (creature?) slid her tawny sunglasses down a little and suddenly walked in front of the butterfly creature. She pinched the creature's chin, fiddling with it, "Turns out it's a small butterfly. Well… Teinopalpus imperialis, it's not extinct yet?"

The butterfly creature shrunk under the attention… Then the lady added next, "It should make a fine specimen."


The little butterfly shivered in fear, she knew exactly what a "specimen" meant although she was young and ignorant. In her mind, the image of many butterflies sealed up forever under the glass picture frame appeared and she paled at that thought.

Unexpectedly, the lady with the sinister aura gave the little butterfly a forehead flick and chuckled, "Just kidding."

With those words, the tight vines loosened, and the little creature collapsed on the ground, knees were too weak to hold herself upright.

"I'm Long Xiruo, and you?"

"Dance, Luo Dance."

"Sir, here's your pigment."

Qin Chuyu was aware she had an exceptionally good memory ever since she was young. It was difficult for her to forget anyone she had seen once before.

It was something like a photographic memory.

Yet she didn't like to brag about or let anyone else know about her ability either. Her whole life, she cared only about painting and drawing.

Guo Yushuo… If she remembered correctly, it was that customer's name.

"Oh, thank you."

Guo Yushuo, who was browsing the works in the studio while waiting, reached out to receive the newly packaged pigment from Qin Chuyu.

Qin Chuyu gave a smile this time, "Once the pigment dries completely, it will be hard to be rinsed off."

Guo Yushuo stared blankly while Qin Chuyu pointed at a spot on his clothes and wrist.

"Er… When did this happen?" Guo Yushuo showed a faint smile, "Thank you for reminding me."

As he was still missing his girlfriend at home, he didn't say anything else--- Even if the young hostess of the studio was very attractive.

Now his girlfriend was gradually becoming perfect… also, she was his one and only true love, wasn't that so?

"Seems your girlfriend is interested in painting. The pigment you bought last time has run out in merely several days."

"Yeah!" Guo Yushuo face shone with pride, "She's probably talented in it. Next time, I'll bring her works here for you for some feedback!"

Qin Chuyu nodded. While it was true that it is easier to improve with specialized guidance rather than blindly groping for experience, this was quite an annoying task. It was like trying to sell some goods or getting people to pay up for classes, that kind of thing.

Guo Yushuo left with his items. After a while, a man came in and asked Qin Chuyu, "Excuse me, can you tell me what the former customer bought here?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm his colleague, I just passed by here and saw him so I came to ask out of curiosity."

Qin Chuyu thought it was weird, but merely gave a simple reply, "Just some pigment."

The man was silent for a second, then muttered, "Pigment? But I remember he doesn't paint."

"Probably for his girlfriend." Qin Chuyu stopped the conversation there. "If you are his friend, it's better to ask him directly."

The man nodded, leaving the studio as if deep in thought.

A naked dead body which appeared to be dissected completely laid on the operating table.

This time, it was an autopsy room…

Boss Luo was not timid but felt disgusted by the appearance of the servant girl, who wore a pair of white rubber gloves while holding an operating scalpel with liquid still on its surface.

"It should be some kind of ancient South-East Asian way of refining dead bodies." You Ye said as she put the scalpel on the plate.

The dead body was actually the one taken from the factory --- Since then, the dead body of that creature had started to rot in a disgusting manner.

Nevertheless, the putrefied meat didn't damage the creature's essence--- Rather, its real appearance was revealed after putrefaction.

It was the psychic who should have been jailed, from a while ago.

"How did the guy end up like this?" Luo Qiu knitted his brows.

The servant girl wearing the uniform of a legal medical expert had no choice but to reply, "It was just a small case originally, I didn't want to bother you but there seemed to be a slip-up."

Luo Qiu was stunned.

You Ye told the story of the psychic but skipped the matter of Black Soul No.18, "Ghost King Tongtian wanted to revenge for his disciple but was killed by You Ye. However, we never thought he refined dead bodies in other places. And during this process, a specially reared worm is needed. This worm needs the heart of a living man to grow --- Most likely when the Ghost King Tongtian was looking for fodder, he found these few fellows in the workshop and laid his hands on them."

"It's quite a challenge for Uncle Ma's group." Luo Qiu shook his head.

This case was likely to become an unsettled case.

Luo Qiu looked at the crystal skull taken out from the psychic's dead body, "It's this, the object Yang Taizi said he used to exchange for the second half of the Koan Sutra."

He seemed to be destined to deal with bones today.

Luo Qiu handled the other bones in Professor Qin Fang's home--- Speaking of which, who created this crystal skull?

When he held this crystal skull in his hand, nothing weird happened, unlike the situation where he touched the bones in the day, which disappointed Luo Qiu slightly.

However, an idea came to his mind--- 'Are there some other parts besides the skull?'

Such as a whole set of crystal skeleton?

This moment, Luo Qiu pulled his thoughts away from the crystal skull, shifting his attention to You Ye, who was standing beside him quietly.

She lowered her head reticently, looking like someone who was waiting for the punishment due to mistakes. Seeing that, Luo Qiu said softly, "Clear up and go back. The dinner… Well, how about a vegetarian diet tonight?"


Luo Qiu smiled, "You've worked out some troubles for me in private… Well, if I don't appreciate you but instead blame you for the mistakes, then we probably won't be able to get along well in the future, right?"

It was 8:30 in the evening.

Luo Qiu was happy to have the vegetarian diet that Miss Servant Girl prepared. And the thoughtful servant girl held the napkin to wipe Boss Luo's mouth.

Luo Qiu appreciated her good care but he felt like if he continued to indulge like this, won't be fall to the level of a handicapped person? Tonight, he had welcomed another visitor --- Guo Yushuo.

This was the third time he had come here.

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