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It was labeled 'Middle Segment, Second Lane, Wenhua Street' on the map, yet it was widely known by another name.

Bar Street.

This was the place awash with alcohol and filth. It was also the place where some beings that couldn't show their original shapes under the sun were hiding.

The original plan emphasized on construction speed during the initial stage of development, bringing about the most complicated structure in the city. Here, it was filled with dark alleys, like a labyrinth… Without guidance by an insider, it would be better not reach those places devoid of neon glow. Even if there were some more wonderful and stimulating objects.

The woman ignored her friend's advice; therefore, she became exceptional regretful and panic.

She shouldn't have recklessly followed strangers… Excessive alcohol made her brain dizzy, and the incredibly dim light also didn't help her with the appearance of the man who was sexual assaulting to her.

And this man might not even be the one who drank with her.

She was too weak to resist and wanted to try to cry for help, yet the alcohol in her body made it difficult to put her thoughts into action.

It was then the woman suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. It was because that heavy body on her had vanished.

Followed by a scream.

A vague shadow appeared in her sight… it seemed that someone had saved her.

Was he a… fireman?

A fireman with a gas mask? She couldn't see clearly, passing out from the effect of alcohol.

Mo Xiaofei knitted his brows and looked at this scantily dressed woman. Though she deserved this end because of her dressing and losing herself in such a place; however, the man who intended to do evil was more guilty.

"Humph! There are too many perpetrators in this society."

Mo Xiaofei gave several kicks toward the man, who had fainted and slammed into the wall by the telekinesis. Then pulled him out of the obscure path.

He sensed his telekinesis had become more and more powerful during these days!

If he concentrated, he could even have himself fly in the air! Mo Xiaofei experienced the feel of 'a superman' before he employed the aviation ability to shuttle across the city conveniently and quickly.

Yet he had no thoughts of exposing himself in public---at least no plans to expose that he could use the telekinesis ability.

Therefore, he had stealthily taken out and wore his father's fireman uniform.

Did he feel embarrassed? No, with this uniform, Mo Xiaofei could only feel passion gushing out continuously!

Not long after, under the cover of darkness, Mo Xiaofei took the man to the gate of a police station, throwing him into the station over the wall---Of course, he didn't think the cops will know what this man did by leaving him there.

So he took his DV, listening to 'Nemo' under his gas mask. With this background music, he recorded the criminal behavior.

Mo Xiaofei took out the SD card from the DV, putting it into an envelope, with the word 'Evidence' on it before throwing it to the other side of the wall.

Mo Xiaofei felt ineffably pleasant---But right then, this sensation was wiped away suddenly.

He scowled, watching a youth come out of the gate before getting into a car rapidly.

Mo Xiaoffei didn't felt as if he saw wrongly---this young man was one of the guys that he threw into the police station!

Therefore, he secretly flew inside the police station.

Nothing had been found from the investigation about the murder case of the workshop, plus everyone was exhausted, hence Officer Ma had to decide to finish up the work and set all the policemen free.

However, at the moment he opened the car door, a tremendous force pushed him against the door.

Followed by the sense that an item pressed on Officer Ma's back which he couldn't get rid of it.

He tried to twist his neck. There seemed to be someone behind him.

"Who are you!?" Officer Ma was angry and shocked.

"Why did you release that guy?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Officer Ma frowned, saying in a low voice. "But obviously, you are violating the law! And your courage is over my expectation. This is the police station!"

"Humph!" Mo Xiaofei snorted. He put one hand on Officer Ma's back but due to the telekinesis effect, it felt like he was pressing him. "Don't pretend to be muddled. That guy that just left. I shot the photo as the evidence of his crime but you even easily released him!"

Officer Ma gave a start. "Are you the guy who keeps throwing people into the office? What's your identity?"

"That's not what you should ask and you haven't even answered my question!"

Officer Ma had a fiery temper. He lost his temper at once, "Are you d*ckhead? Don't you know what is bail? Besides, what bloody evidence is that! They were just talking, discussing but hadn't done anything!"

"I've taken the tools for criminal purposes."

"F*ck! Are you f*ckin b*tch? Only after usage can the tools in the bag be called evidence." Officer Ma struggled with all his strength. "I don't know what's wrong with your brain but apparently you're doing what merely an idiot can do! Who do you think you are? A superhero? Are you out of mind by watching too many movies?"

"If it wasn't because of me, that guy might have been succeeded." Mo Xiaofei said in a rage, "Does it mean he will be arrested after finishing the crime, even if it means killing someone?"

Officer Ma was extremely impatient. "You're really an idiot! I'm too lazy to talk with you!"

With this, Officer Ma gave a back kick, which struck Mo Xiaofei painfully on his belly due to his slow reaction.

He covered his belly and felt like retching. Before he could react, Officer Ma had grabbed his hand and pulled both hands back, pressing Mo Xiaofei down and making him kneel on the ground.

"F*ck! I can't be bothered to stop you being a hero! But remember to do something significant! Fighting criminals will be done by special people. Everyone should act by law! You send them here and got them injured. It's just called lynching!"

Officer Ma reached out to untie the gas mask on that guy's face.

However, at this time, Officer Ma's felt a great power causing him to loosen his grip.

Mo Xiaofei howled in rage, pushing Officer Ma away and causing him to crash into the car door severely.


That was another violent impact!

Seeing this cop being thrown so hard he smashed the car window and spat blood, Mo Xiaofei took two steps back subconsciously.

"Who are you?!"

Hearing two shouts that followed the noise, Mo Xiaofei became scared, thus he fled rapidly!

"Help! Officer Ma got injured!! Ambulance!! Call the ambulance!!"

"The doctor said you have acute gastroenteritis."

Ren Ziling looked at the infusion pack powerlessly, helplessly saying, "When will it end…"

Luo Qiu said without emotion, "I've paid for this sickbed, just sleep here tonight."

"Good boy, mom knows you're the most sensible!"

Boss Luo gave her a supercilious look, standing up, "'I'll go get you some water."

Speaking of which, Luo Qiu felt that he had some destiny with this hospital. This was because he had already come here several times within a month.

As Boss Luo passed by a sickroom while holding the thermos, he suddenly slowed down his footstep.

In the sickroom, a little boy was reading the contents of the storybook. It was Cinderella.

The bandages were still on her head but a wishful look could be seen on the pale face of the little girl.

"That's all for today! I ran here secretly! And, the sister nurse said you should have a good rest because you just woke up!"

"Brother Jiang Li, I'd like to be a bride after growing up! Can I marry you?"



"Because I want to be a doctor later! And save many many people's lives, like my father!"

"Then… then I'm going to be a doctor, save many many people with you!"

"Great! Let's have pinkie promise!"

"Pinkie promise!"

Luo Qiu didn't continue to watch and just left away quietly.

'Kids nowadays really are experts that make singles jealous…'

However, no one knew whether the promise would keep to the end or what their futures would be like.

Anyhow, their pinkie promise and their smile to each other, these were quite nice.

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