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'Am I wrong?'

Mo Xiaofei squatted at the lamppost below his home.

'Why can't they incriminate that bad guy? No evidence? Is it because everything needs evidence that those villains are still at large?'

'Handling affairs as the regulation? Ridiculous! Those rules and regulations aren't useful unless the tragedy occurs! No matter what happened, those policemen always show up after a long time.

A piercing pain suddenly came into Mo Xiaofei's head.

However it only flashed across his head; therefore, he didn't think too much.

Mo Xiaofei breathed deeply, bracing himself up and standing up.

He rushed up into the sky, overlooking the bright city at night--- At this time, police were scant while the ugliness of the city emerged.

Mo Xiaofei plunged into the huge city with dim lights.

'Since too many restrictions are imposed on those who should guard the city and its residents, then let me do it!'

Like a ghost, Mo Xiaofei ran across the city for the whole night.

He prevented several crimes from occurring this night.

The thief that had intended to steal and the man that intentionally made a girl drunk and did bad things, the husband who hit the bottle and assault his wife at home, and students who destroyed public property for stimulation and fun… and so on.

After waking up, they discovered in alarm that they were at an obscure place.

Their hands had been hung… Here seemed to be an abandoned factory.

They looked at each other, finding out that they were all in the same situation, shaking their bodies constantly and trying to get out of this terrible place.

Just then, a figure walked out from the darkness with grabbing an oil lamp. The light dazzled their eyes.

"Who are you! Let me go! Let me go! Why are you taking me here?!"

"I warn you, you'd better release me!"


Watching these guys who were shouting without a break, Mo Xiaofei put down the lamp on the ground and walked up to them.

They couldn't see clearly the appearance of this weird guy, who wore an old-style fireman uniform and a gas mask.

Then, this weird guy lashed a thick rope towards one of them abruptly.

This kind of thick and long rope, gave more power when it was waved. It hit the skin and flesh like a whip.

In the meantime, screams were heard.

Mo Xiaofei opened his arms suddenly, "Welcome to… your personally customized prison. Your wickedness… will be sanctioned by me!"

"Until you recognize your crimes and feel ashamed about them, then serve this place…"

The long thick rope lashed again but this time, it was another one.

Luo Qiu felt something scraping his face, thus he opened his eyes.

Ren Ziling was lying against the pillow and watching him vigorously.

"It's quite rude to disturb others' rest."

What was magical was that Luo Qiu didn't feel uncomfortable at all even though he slept on the folding chair for half a night.

"I can't help doing it because he's too cute." Ren Ziling smiled. "Little Luo Qiu, if someday your girlfriend became sick and you are with her for a whole night like this, I'm 100% sure she'll totally love you and it'll be easy to push her over and…"

'Can she be loose-lipped like this just because we're of similar age?'

Luo Qiu didn't intend to answer this unchaste woman, instead, he just stood up and put back the folding chair. Then said to her indifferently, "If you have recovered, let's leave the hospital. Don't occupy a bed space."

Ren Ziling stretched herself. "Well, since you're so sensible, I'll do as you said."

After hearing her words, Boss Luo was confused as to who was taking care of the other one. Since he didn't know how to reply her, he just took her shoes to Ren Ziling, "Are you gonna leave or not?"


"Let's go to have ramen! Go!"

At the corridor, Ren Ziling touched her belly. "It's empty, I need to find some food to fill it!"

He didn't know how to complain about it; therefore, Boss Luo just refused her request. "Well, then you crawl to the hospital next time, I won't send you."

"F*ck! Are you going to have me starve to death… Why?"

Boss Luo saw Ren Ziling stop. So he looked at the direction of her gaze.

"Is that Old Ma's wife?"

"What? Old Ma has been knocked down? In the office parking lot?"

Office Ma's wife---Chen Jing, revealed a gaunt face. She did not seem to have slept well the whole night. Ren Ziling and Luo Qiu looked to each other, frowning.

Chen Jing said, "Doctor said his internal organs were hurt a little but the bones are OK. He's fainted overnight, and hasn't woken up yet."

Ren Ziling asked directly, "What did they say? Who attacked him? Is it his enemy?"

Chen Jing shook her head, "Old Ma didn't tell me clearly. He's receiving treatment."

Ren Ziling touched her chin and said, "It's weird… Who would boldly take action in the parking lot of a police station… Luo Qiu, what do you think of it?"

"He's awake, call the nurse."

Luo Qiu said that as gazing at Officer Ma lying in the sickbed.

After a while of busy work, everyone surrounded Ma's sickbed again.

Officer Ma appreciated that Ren Ziling and Luo Qiu were here after he woke up and felt touched!

"No… I came to the hospital because I had loose bowels last night."

"…" Officer Ma coughed slightly. "Go back, my colleagues will come to take the dictation."

While Luo Qiu asked him, "Uncle Ma, who's the guy that attacked you?"

Officer Ma shook his head, "It was too dark, I couldn't see clearly."

Luo Qiu nodded, he knew Uncle Ma was lying. Because he had good sight and was called sharpshooter in the office.

But according to his words, there might be some reason why he couldn't say it.

"We'll come to see you after you get better," Luo Qiu said at last.

"…The purchase is successful. For purchasing the information, 88 minutes and 30 seconds worth of lifespan has been deducted. Your remaining lifespan is 973 days, 9 hours 37 minutes and 45 seconds.

So… how would one calculate and convert the value of purchasing intelligence?

Sitting in the hall of the club, Luo Qiu didn't expect it to be Mo Xiaofei, the person who obtained telekinesis from the club by exchanging his soul, who caused Uncle Ma get injured.

Suppose that Uncle Ma didn't know Mo Xiaofei… then why did he conceal this issue?

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