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A paper crane was standing on the eaves.

Nobody would take notice of it; therefore, no one knew it was actually able to move.

Nevertheless, those who were not human would be easily aware of this movable paper crane.


This moment the paper crane made a slight movement and tried flying, it was slapped by something and squashed.

The killer muttered, "Another one, what are these eastern Taoists trying to do?"

Black Soul No.18 had beat no less than 5 cranes in the recent days. The long years had allowed No.18 to experience a variety of occult sciences.

This paper crane seemed to be called 'A Guided Crane'---a miraculous Taoist magic art from ancient east… for seeking out people.

They were all knocked down by No.18---Black Soul No.18 didn't think they were looking for it. Then, the only possibility was the target that was being protected.

"It appears to be necessary to report to Miss You Ye." Black Soul No.18 thought inwardly.

Of course, No.18 couldn't leave as his own will---The only possible time he could leave but wouldn't go against You Ye's instructions was when the target returned home under the new master's eyes.


"When will this woman leave away? This is the fifth glass of mung bean smoothie…"

Ren Ziling was very patient, staying in the icehouse below KingKong's home.

At the same time, old Taoist Yang Taizi opened his eyes with frowning expression, in an empty bungalow of the suburb. "Who is it… It has been over 3 days."

"Did you fail again?"

An old man at the corner looked at Yang Taizi, saying with dissatisfaction, "What a good native Tao cultivator you are!"

While Yang Taizi mentioned it lightly, "There are very few people who could find the guided cranes. Those who can find them are people with unique skills. The guided crane can find the last person your disciple met… Ghost King Tongtian, it may be difficult for you to avenge your disciple. And from what I heard, it is because your disciple misused skills and did evil deeds which is taboo and will not be tolerated by this country. He got what he deserved."

That old man suddenly stood up.

There were many tadpole-like words tattooed on his face, which gave him a pretty fearsome look at first sight.

Meanwhile, this witch doctor, who came from Southeast Asia, snorted and spoke in a weird Mandarin accent. "No matter what evil he committed, I will be the one to punish him! Yet I cannot ignore my disciple suddenly aging for no reason and finally commit suicide due to desperation! You promised that you can find the murderer, that was why I passed you the crystal skull! If you can't, then we're done here! I can do it myself!"

Yang Taizi wrinkled his brows, "Ghost King Tongtian, I had some dealings with you when I traveled in Southeast Asia, that's the reason I am helping you. Though I'm a Tao cultivator and do not care about worldly affairs but if you dare run amok among our society, I will be the first one that won't let you go."

"Dare you threaten me?" Ghost King Tongtian revealed hostility on his face.

This kind of witchcraft had two extremities. The one who did good had a light heart; on the contrary, if the person was lost in witchcraft, it'd be easy to distort human nature, act eccentrically and commit all manner of crimes.

"You're just an amateur and have cultivated late in life. Dare you go against our Greater China's martial prowess? I don't have to keep your crystal skull! But if you dare commit evil, I'll show you the Taoist way of China! And have you savages know you'll pay for your insolence!"

"Humph!" Ghost King Tongtian didn't intend to express weakness, yet didn't wish to directly conflict with Yang Taizi. "Three more days! I'll wait for three more days! If your efforts are still in vain, we'll end here!"

Yang Taizi said coolly, "You'd better behave, last time it was not appropriate to take your disciple's dead body away personally."

Ghost King Tongtian didn't answer him, going into the room instead. Yang Taizi sat in meditation, slowly inhaling and exhaling. After completing the preparations, he went on folding cranes with yellow paper.

Boss Luo intended to head home but he had to stay behind for the moment.

Because the new customer had come earlier than the expected.

Guo Yushuo went straight to the point while looking at the boss, "If I offer my kidney as the transaction fee to make Wenwen more excellent. How excellent can she become?"

From this morning's conversation, Luo Qiu learned that Guo Yushuo worked in financial industry… Looks like there he won't do any business that leaves him on the losing side.

Medically there is a consensus that individuals who have good health with normal renal function on both kidneys will have no serious problems even if they donate one, so long as they keep to a healthy diet.

The new customer thought it would be more worth it to exchange it for something more valuable with the idle object that wouldn't be much use to himself.

Luo Qiu thought for a while, before saying, "If you want improvement in all aspects… that may just an ordinary increase. But if you only focus on one part, it'll be different according to the customer's expectation. Mr. Guo, this is a consensual deal, feel free to put your cards on the table."

Guo Yushuo calculated secretly at heart.

He had never been so conscientious even when he was planning his future life before.

If he could get his girlfriend become a perfect female… then the deal would be fairly worth it.

After a good while, Guo Yushuo took a deep breath, "First should be the conversation style and behavior. I won't expect her to catch up with my level immediately but at least she can't know nothing at all. And, I hope to have her have a better desire to improve herself instead of being content with the status quo! The thought of learning should come to her and it is best if you can make her… be aspiring!"

Luo Qiu just looked at Guo Yushuo dumbly, without talking.

Yet Guo Yushuo couldn't bear the silence. Therefore, he asked cautiously, "Isn't the transaction fee enough? If so, I can add two more months… No, one more month's worth of lifespan."

Boss Luo shook his head suddenly. "No, the planned transaction fee is adequate… Therefore, are you sure you'd like to purchase the items you mentioned above?"

Guo Yushuo decidedly nodded with great expectations.

"Please do come again."

Boss Luo watched as Guo Yushuo left.

Guo Yushuo didn't turn around or halt but thought in heart… that he wouldn't come again.

Walking out of the elevator, Luo Qiu stopped. He scanned the public space suspiciously but found nothing. Thus he fished out his key to open the door.

Luo Qiu could return home by teleportation which was more convenient but occasionally, Ren Ziling might come home earlier.

Through You Ye's answer, he was informed that a person was hypnotized too many times and if too many false memories were inputted into an ordinary person, they might become deranged after a while.

Thus, Boss Luo always came downstairs first and not enter the apartment directly.

Just as he opened the door, he saw Ren Ziling standing at the doorway with a worn out face and pale lips. Then, the swaying woman fell towards Luo Qiu.

"What's wrong with you?"

Luo Qiu instinctively felt nervous.

Ren Ziling looked up, "I…I loosen my bowels six times already… Send me to the hospital."

"…What did you do?"

Ren Ziling said feebly, "Don't know if it was because I ate too many mung bean smoothie… Six glasses, is it too much?"


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