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The powerful kick made the nun fly out. Yet she regained balance very soon, stretching out her legs and landing, then crouching down to balance out the inertia.

However, it wasn't over yet.

Lamias looked at the woman dressed in maid clothes, whom could be regarded as a tall and slim individual in the eyes of easterners'. Nonetheless, judging by a Westerner's perspective, she seemed relatively thin and weak.

Yet, she was able to burst into such a monstrous power.

Lamias dared not to be careless---anyway, it was of no avail to consider whether she was careless or not. Since at the moment she came to a halt, her opponent launched an attack once more.

As if the opponent disdained using her hands to attack, this time it was another violent kick.

Lamias was merely able to cross her arms to block the kick with terrifying force…This time, the attack seemed more terrifying. Lamias even felt as if the bones in her hand were broken. At the same time, she couldn't hold the silver pistol steadily due to the second kick.

The pistol had been flung up into the air and after making an arc, it fell into Luo Qiu's hand.

In a beat of an eye, Lamias realized she had fallen into a bad position. However, she was still calm, directing all her focus to every action of You Ye's.

Too fast… even beyond a human being's speed. Lamias had to admit, she couldn't catch her actions even though she had received a high-intensity training and obtained a relatively able-bodied physique.

Lamias frowned secretly, holding out her hand to grasp the silver cross on her neck---if possible, she was unwilling to use the item hidden in the cross.

Nevertheless, the fact was that there was not enough time left for her because every movement of hers was totally under the control of You Ye.

A terrifying strike which was out of Lamia's reaction speed struck her stomach again.

She lost her consciousness in an instant.

"OK, that's the end."

You Ye didn't question anything, merely returning to Luo Qiu's back.

Luo Qiu looked at the nun, weighing the pistol in his hand, "It's a revolver with 10 shots, and much heavier than normal ones. The amount of bullet it can hold has been increased while its power remains the same… but nothing changed except the exterior which looks even better than before. Well, it would look even better if it's loaded with bullets."

With this, Luo Qiu intended to coolly to snap out the bullet chamber but found that he was not skillful enough to achieve this action; therefore, his actions amounted to nothing.

Drawing a gun and pointing it at a person; however, there were no bullets in the chamber. The reason was either due to her negligence or that she had no intention of murder. He felt it was more likely to be the latter one. It could also be due to her inquisitive mind that was courting death and wanted to take on 'the two weird guys.'

Boss Luo passed this converted revolver to You Ye, saying calmly, "Alter a little of her memory making as if she didn't see us… I want to see her true purpose."

You Ye nodded. She then walked over to Lamias and pointed at her forehead.

At this moment, Luo Qiu said, "Let's leave the Black Religious Congregation alone for now."

"OK." You Ye gave a slight nod. "It has been left loose for a hundred years, ten more years won't matter. Or it would be better to say that after ten more years, there will be more superior customers."

Luo Qiu didn't give his answer and then started using his gaze to sweep the ground. Several seconds later, after walking a few steps, Luo Qiu bent down to pick up a Speedloader on the grass. "It dropped from her petticoat just now."

You Ye walked to Luo Qiu, handing over the revolver. Luo Qiu filled the bullets into the chamber with unskilled actions, then took aim at something randomly.

"That miss didn't seem to want it back. Right?"

"It belongs to master," You Ye said the sentence that Luo Qiu longed to hear. "Think of it as a trophy or compensation because this nun knocked into master."

You Ye was so great and thoughtful.

Lamias frowned, massaging her forehead at a loss. She checked around cautiously… but found no one else.

Yet, due to good training throughout the years, she still sensed something amiss. Lamias reached for the pistol tied on her leg automatically.

The carry-on weapon was missing… while she was standing at the entrance of the old well.

There was a 3-5 minute blank in her memory.

What she could only recall during this blank period was… being absent-minded.

What on earth happened?

Whereas, from the indistinct sound from the underground chamber, Lamias realized she could not continue to waste time any longer.

Lamias ran down the long stairs with agile movements, arriving at the doorway of the chamber.

A strong bloody smell could be tasted in the air. Several youngsters were killing each other. Though blood was oozing from their bodies, they seemed to sense no pain---Only death awaited them.

Osmond was having a dogfight with Kista and many dagger wounds could be seen on his body. At present, he was pushed against the wall by Kista.

He was trying his best to resist and stop the dagger from piercing his own heart… but it seemed like he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Lamias expressed no pause or hesitation, walking over there at a rapid pace.

"It's you!" Kista glanced at her with a shocked expression.

At about the same time, Lamias attacked with lightning speed, using her palm to chop Kista's arm and grabbing the dagger from his hand.

There was no pause in her actions. The very next second, she grasped Osmond's hand, which was grabbing the dagger and stabbing it towards Kista's chest.

Fresh blood spewed out.

Osmond felt his wrist start to spin with Lamias's help… he was rotating the inserted dagger at Kista's chest!

Kista let out a screech as if he lost his head, saying with sad and shrill words, "You… you said you'll help me."

"That's right, God said that those who commit suicide can't get into the heaven." Lamias wiped away the bloodstain on her face, "So I helped lower the possibility of you not entering heaven."


Witnessing Kista's collapse, Osmond fell into a fit of panic all at once… Not only himself, it seemed this nun called Lamias had also met with Kista.

"What's your real identity?"

Lamias acted as if she didn't hear this, walking straight to Jonathan. The Jonathan who was on his last legs, watched the nun approaching and moved his body subconsciously.

"Are you leading to this tragedy?" Jonathan asked her weakly.

Lamias sneered… the sneer was enough to show what she meant.

"What's… your purpose…" Jonathan was shocked and furious. "Don't tell me it is for the devil...?"

Lamias answered stonily, "Am I crazy? Set free the so-called Impaling Duke?"

"But why would you…"

Lamias took off her veil suddenly, showing her real appearance.

When he saw Lamias' appearance, Jonathan seemed to go back to many years ago, saying blankly, "Fair… You're Fair…"

"Sorry, I'm just her daughter," Lamias said without emotion. "23 years… It's time to pay for your original sin. You are killed by your grandson, watching your own descendants crazily murder each other. Can you feel the sadness and desperation as if falling into an endless hell?"

Lamias squatted in front of Jonathan, narrowing her eyes while speaking softly in his ear, "Feel this desperation… feel the despair of a woman who had a spouse but was raped by her most respected adoptive father..."

At that moment, Jonathan's face became ashen. His eyes were full of infinite regret and guilt. He then stopped struggling, letting his body lie down.

He gazed at the ceiling in a trance, with trembling lips. No one knew what he was saying… At the end of his life, it could be regret or resentment.

Lamias put her palms together in a praying gesture. After standing up she whispered to Jonathan.

Everyone had already fallen… except for himself and Lamias.

Osmond stared at Lamias inconceivably, his voice incredulous. "You said… your mother is…"

However, Lamias replied coolly, "First, the letter I gave you really is from my mother, who is your mother as well. And the contents are 100% true. What wasn't mentioned in the letter, was that I was born merely several minutes earlier than you."

"You… you are my sister?"

"We only share the same parent body," Lamias said without emotion. "You're indeed Jonathan's kid, but I'm not."

"You did all these for revenge… Did you intentionally give me the letter so that I would intrude?"

"Half of your blood is from this sinner, while the other half is my mother's. Shouldn't you witness the end of this offender with your own eyes?" Lamias laughed grimly, "But be assured, I won't kill you; in fact, you will inherit all the property of this family."

With saying this, Lamias fished out her cellphone from the inside of her clothes, "It's me… All's well and done. Call some people to come."

"Speaking of which, have I seen the reaction from the descendants of the Ceausescu Family somewhere before?"

"Seems to be the same symptoms as the reaction of the small white mouse." You Ye nodded.

Luo Qiu mumbled, "So many people took it without knowing?"

"The problem should be the food." You Ye propped her finger on her lips. "Well, apparently the Black Religious Congregation did a lot of advance preparations. Not only did they take all the property of the Ceausescu Family, they even managed to bring away the Impaling Duke's left hand. On the contrary, the drug with unclear ingredients could have been developed by the Black Religious Congregation."

Luo Qiu, who had said previously to leave the Black Religious Congregation' alone, didn't say anything. Instead, he gazed at the grayish white ball of light on his palm.

Based on the intuitive judgment of the club concerning the aspect of a soul's value, a grayish white one was an above-average level soul while the pink one was considered a high-grade soul.

The deal between the Ceausescu Family and the club could not be continued. As for the situation concerning the Impaling Duke's left hand, and how Osmond, Lamias, and the Black Religious Congregation would be… In Boss Luo's opinion, these would be the matters for another time.

Book 1 complete.

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