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"A trail caused by a strong impact can be seen on the spot. The victims' bodies are distorted which seemed to be due to several violent collision… Well, what kind of way did the assailant use to make a person become like this? And more than one of them."

Officer Ma scowled… The words above were not from him.

"Sorry, I'm late. Some screw-ups happened this morning. Several little cat burglars were thrown at the station's gate! Eh… Why is she here?"

The young police stood at Officer Ma's side, speaking in a soft voice, "Sir, we didn't dare to stop her…"

"Bu*lshit! You are all doing your job so why didn't you stop her?" Officer Ma snarled at him in a low voice.

The young cop couldn't help but answer, "She said she would shout indecent assault and…"

Officer Ma frowned again. "And what?"

"And… she said, no matter whether he believes it or not, Officer Ma would peel off all our skins is she really yelled that…"


Officer Ma was helpless and waved his hands, walking over to Ren Ziling down in the mouth, and said in a kindly manner, "Sister, my colleague in charge of obtaining evidence will come soon, are you…"

But Ren Ziling didn't even turn round. Instead, she was gazing at the dead bodies on the ground. One youth had dyed his hair golden, with a black viper tattoo on his naked arm; as to the others, who still wore school uniforms, they should be only high school students. "Little Ma, what kind of person do you think the murderer is? Because their appearances are so odd. Does a normal individual have such powerful arm strength? Hum? Why are you not speaking?"

Subeditor Ren who was finally willing to turn round to Officer Ma, saw his piteous look, before realizing, "Oh… I'll leave soon. I was just passing through here on my way to work!"

Officer Ma took a deep breath. Suddenly he caught Ren Ziling's shoulders, rotated her body and pushed her with a roar, "Get out!!!!"


Before she reacted, Ren Ziling had been pushed out of this garage by Officer Ma. Looking at Ren Ziling out of the cordon, Officer Ma instructed his subordinates, "Keep your eyes on her! If she dares to break in, just molest her!! Then write the review reports and do 20 rounds of physical training on the field!!"

After giving his orders, Officer Ma turned around angrily and stepped into the garage.

The young policeman became even more uncomfortable while looking at the Ren Ziling wasn't giving off a very pleasant aura. Therefore he implored bitterly, "Princess Ren, could you not push us on the spot? Please, we are only workers…"


As she 'greeted' this young cop with her middle finger, Ren Ziling received a phone call.

"Oh? You found the person? OK, I'll go there right now."

"Tribute successfully…"

After finish tributing Jonathan's soul, Boss Luo exited the third floor of the basement, then fished for an account book that didn't appear to be very thick in the basements first floor. He decided to start from today that he would check the account books.

He could sense that the scope of teleportation became larger and the time needed was also shorter.

Yet, the feeling of proficiency could still be felt by him.

On the way he went back to the hall, Luo Qiu was shocked to find a beige fabric sofa setting there.

He seemed to have seen the sofa somewhere before.

He shook his head, unable to recall it. However, there was one thing that he was clear in his memory---the clothes on a figure that had their back facing him behind the club's counter.

A nun robe?

It was exactly the same costume of the nun from the Black Religious Congregation at Ceausescu's castle. But the figure seemed to be… wiping the counter.

"You Ye?"

The lady dressed in the nun costume turned around. It was exactly Miss Puppet. You Ye lifted the black dress hemline naturally and gracefully, bowing slightly. "Master, what can I do for you?"

"Why are you suddenly…" Luo Qiu watched You Ye's costume confusedly.

He found that Miss Servant Girl seemed to adore dressing up with this period's clothes but never thought that she had such a wide range of interests.

"Because master seemed to be curious about the nun when we were at Ceausescu's castle." You Ye smiled, turning her body, the soft and light hemline dispersed naturally, which gave a more vivid tableau.

"Do you like it?"

To be serious, Boss Luo was obsessed with the cool action of Miss Nun when she pulled out the gun from the inside of the dress. Plus he was fond of the custom revolver due to the influence of his father; therefore, only took a few more glances at the nun costume.

"You made this nun robe?"

Luo Qiu didn't intend to cool down Miss Puppet's enthusiasm, so he skipped this topic.

" Yes." You Ye gave him a definite answer.

Luo Qiu smile faintly, 'A female will dress up for one who knows her beauty'… However, You Ye might only purely want to take care of the boss in every aspect. Nevertheless, if there was someone who would notice such details and try to satisfy them, why be stingy with his smile?

He suddenly remembered where he did saw that extra sofa.

"I should have more spare time during summer vacation." Luo Qiu suddenly looked at You Ye, saying softly, "How about going to Russia with me? I've never been there ever since I was born."


Accompanying Miss Servant Girl's smile, the club's doorbell rang again.

It was a man around 27-28, who appeared at the doorway with hesitation and astonishment.

"Old Mo, I've prepared breakfast. Reheat it when you want to eat it."

Mo Hongqi woke up early. At present, he was rushing to sculpt the customized wood carvings which his customers ordered. Suddenly, his wife outside the door asked, "Is Xiaofei out again?"

His wife was rather worried. "He didn't come back the whole night that day so I feel anxious. And these two days he's busy doing something, leaving early and coming back late… Old Mo, do you think our kid mixing with bad influences?"

Mo Hongqi laughed. "Give him some freedom, he's grown up. Don't you have any idea about the kid you raised, whether his nature is good or not?"

"Only you know him well, OK?!" his wife glared at him then went for work… Of course, her kid was the kindest in her mind.

Meanwhile, Mo Xiaofei was nibbling bread energetically. These two days, he was super punctual entering the classroom when it was almost class time.

This was because before that, he was patrolling the school.

"Seems like not many people do evil deeds in school… Hence, it's time to enlarge my range of patrolling."

As he finished up the bread, he threw the wrapper down randomly… the moment the ball of wrapper touched the ground, it suddenly shot up and fell into the dustbin nearby.

Mo Xiaofei smiled, 'This unfair society, let me maintain its justice!'

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