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You will never obtain the soul by slaying someone yourself and only souls that are received through transactions can be tributed---The second rule concerning the transactions of the club.

If someone is malicious, the boss will have the right to wipe them out--- The tenth rule concerning the transactions of the club.

After the well opened, part of the stone stairs leading down to the underground could be seen. After waiting a while for the air inside to be ventilated, Jonathan walked in carrying an oil lamp.

The old steward stayed at the entrance. With a humble attitude, he said, "Masters and Misses, come in please."

Kista's look turned tense. He was the first to stick behind Jonathan and enter. All the others followed and went along the stone stairs behind him.

Whereas the steward didn't enter but waited at the entrance of the old well instead.

"There was actually such a basement in the old castle."

"Seems like it has been around for hundreds of years."

"Maybe even more than that."

The bottom was approximately 13 meters below the first floor. There was only a one-person-wide tunnel and 20-30 meters ahead, an iron door was set there, abounded with rust due to perpetual humidity.

Jonathan opened the door and everyone followed him.

This place was spacious.

It was constructed in a circular area, with 12 stone columns set at edges for support. This space was about 300 meters square and there were numerous similar figures carved on the circular walls.

The one dressed in old-style armor and holding swords in both hands… was a leader of the Ceaucescu Family from some previous generation. There also seemed to be many of the leaders' portraits of previous generations in the castle.

The strangest thing was a sarcophagus had been placed impressively on the podium of the 3rd level, at the center of the underground space.

Jonathan turned around suddenly, stepping into the doorway, then said calmly, "All of you sit down… don't speak, I'll be back in half an hour and then choose one among you all as the successor."

With this, Jonathan closed the iron gate, ignoring questions asked by these young ones.

The rule that handed down was to seal the devil at the cost of the descendant's soul. However, the time it could be sealed was limited.

Therefore their lives were calculated to find one with the longest sealing time. When the seal expired, the sealer's life would end.

Only those who were young and with a powerful soul would be able to obtain the longest sealing time. For the young, it meant to pick a descendant who was under 30.

As for the powerful soul…

During these hundreds of years, the devil had intended to escape from the seal. It cursed all the Ceaucescu Family. As long as those later generations with powerful souls got close, it would be easy to hear the devil's whisper or for the minor ones, they would be uneasy and see several freakish illusions.

The time was kept within half an hour because even if they could listen and see the devil they wouldn't go so far as to be affected. Of course, they were told to keep silent at the beginning, to prevent them from realizing the secret of selecting the successor among the chosen descendants. If they knew it before, they might pretend to meet the condition so that they could be the successor. All in all, the one with the most serious response would be the eligible successor---Over hundreds of years, the Ceaucescu Family had complied with this ancient rule.

Jonathan did it 30 years ago, and so did his uncle earlier as well.

They were compelled to do it this way. At the very start, the rule had been set due to his ancestor's anger; however, along with the endless pain that the devil was suffering, the whole Ceaucescu Family had no choice but to continue using this way.

Year after year, the infinite pain had accumulated, increasing the demon's resentment to the Ceaucescu Family. If the soul was not pure, it would have a bad effect on the sealing strength, which would give the devil the opportunity to flee. This would result in a fatal blow to the Ceaucescu Family.

After all, that trading place would only help them on the condition of obtaining a worthy transaction fee. Simply put, one gets what one pays for.

"Before the sun rises." Jonathan calculated the time silently.

Abruptly, sounds of footsteps came from the front. Jonathan couldn't help frowning… 'Who is coming? The steward? No, he shouldn't be here.'

In front of him, a youth with an old lamp appeared. Jonathan was shocked and wrinkled his brows, "Osmond? Why did you come here?"

Osmond said coolly while gazing at Jonathan. "You… don't want me to join?"

Jonathan frowned. "None of your business. Go back."

Osmond sneered suddenly. "Sure enough… some dark issues are hidden here, aren't it?"

"Get out!" Jonathan roared in a low voice. "This is not where you should come!"

"Why? Are you afraid that I would know about the matters you hide, those which are dirty, ignoble and even devoid of humanity?" Osmond walked close step by step.

Jonathan wanted to say something, yet a scream was heard from the gate direction… an angry scream.

A loud yell.

Jonathan's expression had a slight change and opened the door rapidly. There was no time to focus on Osmond.

The scene in front of him made him extremely frightened.

What did he see?

Several had fallen in a pool of blood… they were all female. Meanwhile, one fellow had been being pressed down on the ground by the rest…There was a dagger in his hand.


And going mad.

"Let me go! Let me go! Only the living person, can get the heritage of the Ceaucescu Family! You guys! Must die!!"

The young guy that was pressed down was yelling like crazy!

Jonathan thought it was inconceivable… Could it be said that the devil's whisper or illusion was so forceful that it made them lose their mind within a blink of eyes?

No… He could hear the low voice of the devil as if releasing mocking laughter.

It was not a trick, but… seemed like a wonderful drama he was watching! Jonathan could sense it… because he was the latest sealer!

Not only the one pressed on the ground, others also showed hideous expressions on their faces. As if they were all bewitched.

Red! Their eyes turned a demonic red.

"Crazy… Stop them!" Jonathan shouted loudly at this moment. "Stop them quickly! Who can do it… Kista! Kista!"

He was old. Now he gazed at Kista, who was lowering his head and maintaining silence.

"Do you want to die as well?" Unexpectedly, Kista raised his head, staring at his grandfather with hatred in his eyes. "What an evil-minded old man… Are you happy seeing all of us being buried here?"

"Kista, what kind of b*llshit are you talking about?"

"B*llshit?" Kista's eyes turned dark red and his body trembled, like those crazy youngsters, "I heard that… I heard that… A demon hides here… As expected, the secret of the Ceaucescu Family! As expected, your selfishness! You old fart's selfishness!"

"I don't understand what you're talking about." Jonathan deeply breathed, saying in a low voice. "Obviously you lost your mind as well but I need you to wake up, now!"

"Hahahaha! Osmond! Osmond!" Kista pointed at Osmond, who stood behind Jonathan, sneering, "There was definitely no event to select the successor! You've determined the successor before… And you asked us to come here, is merely for filling up the demon's desire by taking away our lives, as the ancient family instructions! And then, Osmond can easily gain everything belongs to the Ceaucescu Family!"

"I don't know what you're saying," Jonathan replied with anger. "I haven't even selected the successor!"

"No?" Kista sneered, "Do you still deny it? Then why didn't you ask Osmond to come? Do you think he's not a member of this family?"

"This is not what you should pay attention to. Now, stop everything that is happening here!"

Kista burst into laughter, "You dare not say anymore, right? You dare not speak the truth, right? You dare not say… that Osmond isn't your grandson at all! Instead, he's your own son, right? You don't dare to say that you got your daughter pregnant due to your dirty and perverted nature, right?"

"You…" Jonathan's expression underwent an extreme change. Suddenly he could not breathe and grasped his own chest in pain.

"You feel guilty, right? You are going to die soon, right? Because you will die soon, you made such a decision right? You knew… that Osmond is the most appropriate person! Nevertheless, you don't want him to bear the burden of the Ceaucescu Family! So you rather sacrifice us!"


Jonathan was not able to complete a sentence. He felt a heart-wrenching pain as soon as he started to talk.

"You're a vicious old man… I won't let my destiny be under your control!" Both of Kista's eyes turned entirely red. "I won't give up everything that belongs to me! The persons that should pay those debts… are you guys!"

With this, Kista rushed over to Jonathan insanely. A knife was hidden in his sleeve.

The knife then plunged into Jonathan's belly, then trembled.

Jonathan's pupils dilated, falling down on the ground eventually. He sensed the last of his life fade away rapidly and saw Kista turned around and pounce on Osmond.

Osmond was terrified in that instant!

"Well… how wonderful the sound is."

At the entrance, Ms. Puppet brushed her hair behind her ears and made a pose of listening carefully to the sound.

She looked back at Luo Qiu with a faint smile, "I haven't listened to such an amazing sound in so long."

Though they hadn't known each other for long, but Boss Luo had a feeling that he had just gotten to know her. Luo Qiu took a glance at the old steward who fell down by the side.

He witnessed the whole process where Osmond knocked him out before walking in.

His hearing abilities weren't as sensitive as You Ye's. However, from the puppet's slightly joyful expression, he realized something wonderful was happening inside.

"Let's go down to have a look."

'Just confront it directly if it's the seed of discord sown by the club hundreds of years ago.'

Just as he was thinking of this, You Ye turned her head a little bit. Luo Qiu also swiveled around once he felt something.

A nun was walking on the grass slowly towards them.

"Unexpectedly there are some other customers in such a desolate place," the nun said lightly.

Some information from You Ye about the Black Religious Congregation arose in Luo Qiu's mind. He stepped back to make way, saying calmly, "We are merely spectators for now, with no intention to take part in the matters happening inside."

The nun suddenly said, "Do you mean, whatever I do, you two will not react. Is that correct?"

Luo Qiu nodded.

'I'm just here for collecting debts…'

"But those words seem unbelievable…" The nun sneered. "Especially when said by the guy who hides the head but shows the tail."

Luo Qiu shook his head, planning to take action. Therefore, he made way for her to gain access to the path to the underground chamber.

The nun fell silent for a minute. She walked straightway to the entrance of the old well.

As she passed by Luo Qiu, she suddenly bent down into a half squat position; meanwhile, at this moment, the hemline of her nun robe rose.

The items hidden by her lithe and graceful legs were not silk stockings. Instead, it was a black gun case---a pistol was bound to it.

She drew it out.

These fluid actions had been achieved at an instant.

Watching this in close range, the first impression Luo Qiu had was… how cool.

Whereas the moment this nun drew out the silver pistol hidden on her leg and pointing at Luo Qiu with a lightning speed, it was also the instant flew out.

The reason was that, at the instant the nun pointed the gun towards Luo Qiu, Ms. Puppet from the club unleashed a side kick on the nun's body, making her fly into the air from the kick.

Just as Boss Luo sigh of admiration arose, another impression came crashing down on him as he watched the scene in front of him---'This nun, seems like a finch…'

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