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"What? It's Osmond?"

Master Kista, a member of the Ceaucescu Family, slammed the table in a rage, like a berserk bull.

The lawyer that had been bought off was revealing some information which was difficult for him to accept.

"Mr. Kista, this is definitely Master Jonathan's testament and it will be announced after his legal death."

"No way! He's just a brat of an eloped daughter! And the black sheep of the Ceaucescu Family! How could he be the successor and inherit 90% property of the Ceaucescu Family!"

"Mr. Kista, Master Jonathan has finished making a will under my witness." The lawyer shook his head, "The testament should be kept under wraps. I've already gone against my ethics… Please do not tell others that I've told you this. Just think of it as me returning the favor to you from before."

After these words, the lawyer left in haste.

Kista sat down again, his emotions difficult to calm down. Though several successors before were not the direct relatives of Ceaucescu; however, Kista flattered himself as the most outstanding one among the potential successors of this generation.

"The successor is actually a bast*rd…" Kista gritted his teeth.

A sinister expression like a viper flashed across the young handsome face.

"Yeah, you've contributed so much for the Ceaucescu Family but could finally only gain a mere 10% of the wealth… Furthermore, you even have to share it with others. Your grandfather is so biased."

Who knows when a young lady's voice come from the terrace of the room. Kista turned to look, it figured out there was a woman dressed like a nun standing there. Even the black robe couldn't hide her curvaceous figure.

"Are you a nun?"

This was the fourth floor of the castle. Kista was unaware how the woman came to the terrace… She might have hidden there before he came in and might have even heard the conversation between the lawyer and himself.

"Mr. Kista, who I am is not important…" The nun paused then said in a low voice, "The important thing is, don't you want to gain the wealth of the Ceaucescu Family?"

"Who are you?"

This was a woman that appeared suddenly dressed up as a nun. Furthermore, she was speaking about the subject of inheritance of a big family, rather than doing good deeds. What kind of joke is this?

"Mr. Kista, don't you long to know the real standard of how one is judged to be eligible to become the successor of the Ceaucescu Family?"

"You…" Kista frowned.

He worked out all year long and also learned the western boxing. In his opinion, he was a young and strong man, who needn't be afraid of this woman that seemed so petite. Therefore he squinted his eyes and looked at her. "…what do you know?"

"This story starts from long long ago…" a slight smile arose on the half-concealed face. "An ancient legend."

"Seems like the former master had an affection for his wife, right?"

When he thought about the origin of the Ceaucescu Family's seal, Luo Qiu sighed with emotion. However, he thought of another issue right away, "Is it because of the wish he made in the club resulting in him becoming a bloodsucker in the end?"

"Of course."

Luo Qiu frowned, "According to western legends, vampires won't age or die… Therefore, does it mean we can't ever collect the debt?"

You Ye said, "Vampires live on blood, hence they have to follow their instinct to seek out blood. Theoretically they can survive forever. That's why the Impaling Duke needs to be sealed, right?"

Luo Qiu gave a start.

He suddenly realized something.

The atrocious Impaling Duke had gorged himself on so much blood and became more powerful due to the war. Yet, if his body had been mutilated, throughout years… he would still die of 'hunger' eventually, wouldn't he?

"Did the club play a role in supporting those who killed the Impaling Duke?" Luo Qiu asked.

"The former boss didn't mention that." You Ye smiled. "Thus You Ye dare not random guess …but one point I do know."

"What is it?"

"The former master's wife at that time wouldn't be tempted without any reason." You Ye said coolly, "Among the 21 living black soul envoys, there is one who is on vacation. It came to this castle before."

The club's new boss fell into a long silence.

It entrusted to the Impaling Duke the powerful ability of immortality.

And it might have promoted the incident from the shadows. The incident that killed and caused the Impaling Duke to be dismembered.

A black soul envoy had come to this old castle…

The master's wife of the Ceaucescu Family had been tempted and drank the Impaling Duke's blood, which led to this tragedy.

The rule of the successor selection that was handed down from age to age…

The Impaling Duke would weaken and die some day. Before that, the club could constantly gain souls through the transaction for the purpose of sealing the devil from members of the Ceaucescu Family.

This was probably the tip of the iceberg among all the unknown and dark side of the club's history.

Luo Qiu shook his head, sighing with emotion. "The former boss is really good at doing business."

Yet You Ye asked, "Master, do you think it's inappropriate?"

Luo Qiu shook his head once more, saying indifferently, "That's OK, just that this lecture to came a little bit early to this newcomer …But it's good."

You Ye smile without uttering a word.

Luo Qiu took in the castle, as if absorbed in thought, before saying suddenly, "Who's the guy jumping about the castle?"

You Ye said, "Perhaps one with Black Religious Congregation… Good! They seem to have recovered after recuperation for hundreds of years."

Black… Religious Congregation.

At dusk, it drizzled.

Mr. Jonathan urgently gathered all of the young generation who were all under 30 years old.

With the support of the old steward, the white-hair Jonathan led 11 young people to the yard between the east and west wings stealthily.

They passed through the flower hedge, arriving at an old well in the center of the rose wall maze.

The steward received an old-fashioned key from Mr. Jonathan. He then approached the edge of the well and started searching. Finally, a keyhole was revealed after a brick was dug out.

After inserting the key and turning it, the sound similar to a millstone being rotated was heard.

All at once, the middle of the well cracked open and separated towards both sides. At the same time, Mr. Jonathan said calmly, "All of you walk in… and I'll select the successor among you all inside the well."

Hesitant looks emerged on everyone's face once the strange scene had been witnessed; however, the looks contained more yearning for the enormous family wealth of the Ceaucescu Family.

On the other hand, Kista frowned.

He found that Osmond was not shown here… Jonathan didn't call Osmond!

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