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The sound of screeching and begging for mercy seemed to resound near his ears.

Mo Xiaofei's face became pale after calming down, then drew himself back involuntarily. He stopped as he bumped into the door of forklift that was raised in the air by a pneumatic elevator.

The falling Brother Quan and the students… They were bathed in blood and were on their last legs. If they couldn't be rescued in time, their life would definitely end.

Mo Xiaofei found that he was covered in a cold sweat. After finishing venting his indignation, he was shocked to see this sort of bloody spectacle in front of his eyes.

"No…they deserve it. I was just punishing their wrongs."

"Right! I was merely stopping them from committing other crimes."

"I didn't do anything wrong."

"This world is much too unfair, I'm not wrong…" Mo Xiaofei opened his mouth, eyes turned sharper and then mumbled to himself, "Yes… I am doing good!"

'Yes, since there are too many injustices happening in this society, then let me…

Take them all down!!!'

Old Chen's son had wandered around the back of the bun house. It was only until the bun house started closing that he reluctantly came in with two bags of presents.

Watching his son's well-meaning behavior, Old Chen only said a sentence. "Since you come back, then ask your wife and my grandson to come have a dinner together."

His son said that he would ask his wife to take his son there after work.

Old Chen requested Luo Qiu not to leave, then told his wife to buy more ingredients and cook a grand dinner. It had been a long time since they were so lively, therefore the aunt called Luo Dance to go together to the neighbor market after hearing her husband's words.

At this time, Old Chen was clearing up all the tools---rolling pins, flour sifters and the working table. Wiping them tirelessly again and again.

"You are… Brother Luo's son right?" Old Chen's son gazed at Luo Qiu for long and said, "You look like him."

Luo Qiu nodded.

Old Chen's son seemed to be finding some ways to alleviate boredom. Therefore he sat beside Luo Qiu and started chatting, talking about the life before.

"Your father was young in those days. He always rode his Jialing 70(bicycle) to the workplace in a rush and would buy buns here to eat on the way." Old Chen's son recalled that piece of history with a smile. "Your father said he couldn't find the same taste at any other place."

"Yeah, exactly." Luo Qiu looked at the only current worker---Old Chen, with a soft voice, "I don't know how the taste was like dozens of years ago. But the taste hasn't changed in this ten years."

Old Chen's son was called Chen Youjiu. He gave him such a name because he wanted his son could have(You) achievements(jiu).

Chen Youjiu was a studious man, who got into a big company after graduation. Then got married and purchased a new apartment later and then had a fat son.

Different areas in the same city meant the consumption levels differed. The poor or the wealthy had their own living areas. Chen Youjiu moved to the prosperous region of this old town to settle down. Watching Luo Qiu gazing at his father that kept working, Chen Youjiu felt embarrassed. They may be considered chatting but this was like a conversation between strangers.

They were actually from the same place, drank the same water and even used to eat popsicles sold in the same grocery store during the process of growing up.

Was the grocery store that sold us ice cream still alright?

Chen Youjiu had opened his mouth several times as he wanted to talk to Luo Qiu but found that Luo Qiu kept eyeing his father. This made him a bit puzzled.

"Brother Chen, how long have you not touched the items on the working table?" Luo Qiu asked him faintly.

Chen Youjiu gave a start and said without thinking, "Might be since I went to university. Taking into account the working period, it should be more than ten years in total."

"I thought so too," Luo Qiu said lightly. "I don't have a deep impression either but all I remember is that there was a person, who always be around uncle. To be honest, when I said that the taste was the same, that comment might have been too simple. There is some difference actually… It could be said, that the best flavor was during my childhood. When I came here for the first time with my father, he asked me, 'Does it taste good?'. And I said 'Yes'. He asked me 'Do you know why it's tasty?' I shook my head. Then my father said, 'Because it's made by a whole family, that's why it tastes good.' But I didn't understand at that time. It was during these years… that may be the time I realized why the flavors are different."

Chen Youjiu was stunned. He wanted to say something but didn't know what he should tell. Eventually, he blurted a sentence out of his mouth, "Individuals cannot go back to before after they've grown up."

Luo Qiu said suddenly, "It's a rare chance that today is so lively. I haven't had a taste of the buns which made by Brother Chen and uncle in a long time. May I have a try?"

Chen Youjiu had no idea how to answer this young guy. He shook his head and said, "I forgot how to make it because I haven't touched it for a dozen years, plus it's time to clean up everything now."

Luo Qiu showed a look of pity, "Well, that's right… but…"

He turned to Chen Youjiu, asking suddenly, "Hasn't your kid ever eaten the buns you made personally?"


Luo Qiu stood up and placed back the chair and starting packing up his own stuff, "I really do wish to stay for dinner but I don't think it's appropriate for me to stay here any longer."

Chen Youjiu intended to keep him being here; however, he couldn't say out those words in the end. Soon, Old Chen learned about Luo Qiu sneaking away but he didn't say a word.

The aunt and Luo Dance hadn't come back yet. Old Chen was smoking the tobacco pipe that had decades of history while sitting with his son upstairs. They stayed in silence for an hour.

Old Chen got up and walked into the room. He reappeared after a short while and passed an iron box to Chen Youjiu before explaining, "This is the land title."

"Dad?" Chen Youjiu eyed on his old father in astonishment. "Why are you…"

"There are some things that you cannot keep forever." Old Chen shook his head. "It's hard to live in the city. I'm getting older, so these are useless to me. Your wife is from the city and she hasn't been having an easy life these recent years. Nevertheless, since you started down this path from the beginning, then walk down it as you desire."

"Dad, I…"

"Have a good dinner later."

Old Chen bent his body and walked downstairs after he finished saying those words. Chen Youjiu held the iron box with a stack of documents in it. His nose twitched unaccountably, then stared at the old photos hanging on the wall in a daze.

Chen Youjiu's wife and his son came together in the evening.

Chen Youjiu didn't tell his wife the truth about him wanting to sell the house. Old Chen also didn't say anything at dinner. His son felt shy meeting the beautiful bun house sister.

The whole family was happy.

Not long after dinner, Chen Youjiu's wife went back home as it was getting late and her son had to get up early for school tomorrow. The aunt got held her grandson's hands, telling him to always come back for a visit if he was available.

Chen Youjiu's nose twitched again, looking at the shop sign which had been hanging for several tens of years and gazed at Old Chen, who had been smoking his tobacco pipe with his back against the others in the shop.

Somehow, the question that Luo Qiu asked before he left suddenly came to his mind, "Wait, wait for a minute. Mum, is tomorrow's bun stuffing ready?"

"Ah? Well, it's marinating now. Why?"

Chen Youjiu rolled up his sleeves but didn't feel comfortable. Therefore he simply took it off, leaving only his vest on and walked back into the kitchen. "I'm going to make a basket of buns for my son."

When it was nearly dawn, Luo Qiu appeared alone on the second floor of the bun house.

Old Chen was sitting on the old sofa and his wife was beside him, leaning against his shoulder with closed eyes.

Old Chen also had his eyes closed. His head was leaning into his wife's hair.

Both seemed to be fast asleep.

The small butterfly monster was hugging her knees and sitting against the wall. When she saw Luo Qiu's coming, she said, "The boss gave me some money. He told me not stay here any longer and find another place to live."

"It should be like this." Luo Qiu said indifferently, "Two people were dead in a house, so the third one, will definitely be suspected. The uncle thought you were an illegal resident that will be arrested once captured."

Luo Dance looked like she was recalling something. "Wait a moment, the uncle asked me to leave during the day because you would be here then. He requested me to deliver something to you."

The small butterfly monster rushed downstairs.

Luo Qiu glanced at Old Chen and the aunt, walking close to them. He caught Old Chen's hand and gently put it on the aunt's hand.

"They've joined hands for all of their lives, how can it be forgotten during their last moments."

The butterfly monster came running back soon with a bag in her hand, "The boss's son decided to make some buns but made a mess. He was even scolded by the boss during the whole time. It's weird. The boss was scolding so seriously but he seemed so happy during that time."

"And then?"

"Then the boss finally did it himself." The small butterfly monster's eyes opened wide, "He did it until late at night and, by then, the boss's grandson was already asleep hence didn't get to eat them in the end."

Luo Dance gave the bag to Luo Qiu, "The boss said, this is the taste."

Luo Qiu heaved a long sigh, grabbing it without saying. Then he reached to Old Chen's back, stretching out his hands and prepared to take away his soul.

Meanwhile, Luo Dance suddenly said, "Wait! Can you help me take a photo?"

"A photo?"

Luo Dance nodded, taking out a cellphone with an unknown brand which she treated as a treasure, "This is what the boss bought for me. He said I can make phone calls as soon as I remembered the contact information of my family. I dared not say my information they knew were all lies… I think, I think I'll no longer be able to see the boss and aunt anymore. So, so… I don't really know how to use it."

"Take a seat."

Luo Qiu nodded, taking the cellphone.

Luo Dance sat near the aunt, showing her pure white teeth for the shot.

As the light flashed, Old Chen's life through these dozens of years, stopped forever.

While Ren Ziling walked out into the dining room with a drowsy look and tired yawns, she merely saw several steaming-hot stuffed buns and a small note nearby.

"F*ck, where did this guy go so early?"

That guy, who had just set foot on the ground of Romania, was gazing blankly at a castle that was perfectly preserved.

"Well, we'll see the Impaling Duke again." The servant girl at the side said lightly.

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